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An Uncivil War

By “Papa” Maury Clark

December 21, 2013 (SSNA) -- The conflagration in South Sudan has lost any relationship to the cause of the conflict, if any such relationship ever existed. Centuries of petty inter-tribal warfare now drive the emotions on all sides. Any modern sense of proportion is destroyed by weapons that kill without the necessary personal contact of hand-held knives and thrown spears. Death may be immediate, but the combatants are less likely to be splashed by the blood of their victims as they fall. 

No matter the cause, all action is direct and personal now without any consideration of a long-term result. When these circumstances prevail, nobody cares about the future, let alone an hour from now. Add to that the ironic blood fury of crowd psychology and any sense of proportion, right or wrong, ceases to exist.  The bloodletting becomes the raison d'etre, and "To hell with the consequences!". I have seen good people caught up in this kind of fury who would stand immobilized in shock were this not to involve themselves personally. Bodies of dead civilians fallen in their streets and homes are NOT the basis for a strong foundation upon which to build a successful free nation.

The most probable result, barring international intercession, is killing to the point of exhaustion by both sides.  That exhaustion then carries further risk. Third party intervenors may then step in to fill the vacuum that is left. If we are lucky, those new leaders may calm both sides, and allow common sense to reassert dominance. If the nation is not so lucky, the new leadership will exploit the surviving combatants, as well as what remains of the country to their own personal benefit. Josef Stalin and the Soviet Russian exploitation of East Germany, the Balkans and Crimea following World War two comes to mind.

The diaspora, and those few level heads remaining in South Sudan, must be prepared to assert a role in reaffirming the constitution, and the rule of law.  Individuals who may be seen as partisan to one nation or another will likely doom themselves and South Sudan to failure. Reality probably dictates that peace-keepers need to arise from the smaller nations- the Bari, Shilluk, Anwak, or others not seen as favoring one tribal agenda over another. And it may take many such leaders in succession before the nation regains its footing. Most certainly successful new leadership will NOT evolve from the SPLM or anyone partisan to either the SPLM or its combative opposition. Neutrality brought on by necessity will likely be the genesis of any successor.

President Salva Kiir, you screwed up and this is the result. Whether accurate, or not, you appeared to favor your own Dinka over all of the other nations of South Sudan. You failed to quickly, and decisively prosecute corrupt appointees, thereby leading outside observers to believe that you, yourself, were also probably corrupt. That coin has two sides, and soon dominant rulership may fall to your Nuer opponents. Should that be the case, the nation must ask this question: Is new leadership dominantly comprised of the Nuer nation now in power because of the need to reassert the rule of law, or is it there simply because it is their turn to grab what it can? If the latter turns out to be the case, the Republic of South Sudan faces a bleak, repetitive future.

The very last thing the Republic needs is partisan support of either side. Those of you in the diaspora have all lived long enough in the free world to have witnessed successful democracies. We must STAND TOGETHER in support of the free Republic of South Sudan that was won by the blood of all of the individual nations of that country.

I, for one, am weary to the point of despair of losing family and close friends on both sides to blind hatred and greed.

Papa Maury Clark is a former advisor to the government of South Sudan, retired investment banker/broker, as well as a Called and Commissioned Deacon in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Northwest Washington Synod. He served under Bishops Appointment as pastor of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Maple Valley, Washington in 1990 and 1991, and also served four years on the Synod Council and he has been deeply involved with the people of South Sudan since 1996.

South Sudan: Forgetting Elections to Getting Referendum

By Dr. James Okuk

April 11, 2010 (SSNA) -- With all the manifestation of unfairness and tactics of blocking freedom-for-others by the SPLM/SPLA in Southern Sudan, the April general elections slightly missed the abortion disaster and got born lamely at last. Of course some of us are happy to see the life of these lame elections than abortion, which could have made the 2011 referendum for self-determination of Southern Sudan a casualty of leadership incompetence. But bravo to the CPA dictates and international/regional pressure on the SPLM to respect the schedule of the elections as the National Congress Party (NCP)’s partner and President Omer Al-Bashir has shown the whole world without wavering. This is great even if not the greatest yet!!!!

At last, and despite the SPLM confusions of disorganization here and there from within and without, the people got allowed to practice their secret right of choosing their best leaders even though in an atmosphere fêted with fear of Salva Kiir’s lost to Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin after counting of the casted votes in the South. Dr. Lam himself has been denied by Kiir’s undemocratic directives to cast his vote in the South because by the time of voter registration he (Dr. Lam) was still banned to go to the South to practice his constitutional democratic rights. However, after intense pressure on Kiir and the group, Dr. Lam was allowed at the last hours to take his campaign trail to the South but under some confidential restrictions and harassment by Kiir’s supporters. See how unfair is the April elections on Dr. Lam’s civic rights.

Any way, thanks to Dr. Lam Akol and his team of Southern political parties for accepting to play the elections political games on unleveled ground in the South for the sake of safeguarding the 2011 referendum and waking Mr. Salva Kiir from his political slumbers with blunders. If at all there are people whose complaints would have been justifiable for boycotting the elections, it would have been Dr. Lam Akol and his Southern allies (including some of the independent candidates) whose political activities were obstructed by the SPLM in the South under the pretext of fake reasons of militia-lization and NCP-lization.

However, the very man who fears much now is Mr. Salva Kiir because of possibility of not making it to resume officially the duty of the GoSS president who automatically becomes the SPLA Commander-In-Chief after taking the oath of office. This fear of lost is terrible for Mr. Kiir because it shall be a big lost for the kingdom he has been building up for himself in the South, surrounded by shameless parasitic thieves of public rights, the corruptists. I hope the elections campaigns has taught Mr. Kiir some tough lessons and perceptions he has never had conceived in his life as a leader of Southern Sudan, thanks to Dr. Lam’s courage.

It was so laughable to hear and see Mr. Kiir calling for “change” in his electioneering slogans when the very target to be changed was supposed to be himself for the sake of making Southern Sudan a free zone from bad omens that befell her in the last five years of CPA era. Will Mr. Salva Kiir be capable of the change and will the hopeless situation that crept in during his rule in the South become a source of good hope again for the people? I give a benefit of doubt.

The only credit that makes me to agree with Mr. Kiir and some SPLM leaders, so far and so good now, is their unwavering stand on conducting the referendum in time as agreed in the CPA document.


Ongoing Aerial Assaults in Sudan Against Civilians and Humanitarians: An Update

Dissent Magazine (on-line), July 25, 2011

By Eric Reeves

July 25, 2011 (SSNA) -- Since my report and data spreadsheet on aerial targeting of civilians and humanitarians in Sudan were released on this blog on May 6, 2011, the Sudan Armed Forces---at the direction of the National Islamic Front/National Congress Party regime in Khartoum---have not only continued their onslaught in Darfur, but have begun a massive, ethnically targeted military campaign in the Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan, including sustained and extremely destructive aerial attacks on civilians. Khartoum has also engaged in military actions in very tense border regions, including Abyei and the northern border of oil-rich Unity State (South Sudan). The latter actions have included repeated aerial bombardments within Pariang County, which have displaced thousands of Southerners. Ominous reports---from the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), from Malik Agar (leader of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement in North Sudan and Governor of Blue Nile), from satellite imagery, and from regional sources---suggest that the southern regions of Blue Nile State (North Sudan) may also soon become a war zone.

In Darfur---increasingly a parenthetical subject in discussions of Sudan---several attacks in a three-day period in May killed and injured dozens of civilians. On May 15 Khartoum's warplanes bombed the town of Labado and the village of Esheraya in South Darfur, killing thirteen and wounding many more. Reuters reports that on May 17 the village of Sukamir was bombed, with casualties unknown. Bloomberg News reports that the targets of the May 18 bombing included the civilian villages of Umm Rai and Hashaba in North Darfur; ten civilians were killed (Baashim village was also attacked). The powerless UN Mission in Darfur (UNAMID), led by Nigeria's feckless Ibrahim Gambari, was prevented by Khartoum from investigating these atrocity crimes, as it has been so many times previously. Information about such aerial attacks, including the names of many victims, comes much more often from Radio Dabanga, the essential news clearinghouse for Darfur. Radio Dabanga estimates, on the basis of UN figures and its own, that some 140,000 people have been newly displaced by aerial and other military violence since mid-December 2010 (this comports closely with an aggregation of data from the UN and humanitarian organizations).

Now, the regime's June 5 assault on South Kordofan---following its May 20 - 21 military seizure of the contested Abyei region---has concentrated aerial firepower with extraordinary ferocity on the Nuba people of the region, especially in the Nuba Mountains in the center of South Kordofan; some seventy bombing, strafing, and helicopter gunship attacks have been confirmed in the last six weeks, but reports from the ground suggest that this vastly understates the actual number. An internal and unreleased document produced at the very end of June by human rights personnel of UNMIS gives a general sense of the scope of aerial assaults on civilians:

"Since the eruption of the conflict, the SAF has carried out daily aerial bombardments into the Nuba Mountains and in several towns and villages populated by Nubans. The consequences of these bombardments on the Nuban people and in particular civilians, including women and children, are devastating. They have resulted in significant loss of life, destruction of properties, and massive displacement." (UNMIS Report on the Human Rights Situation During the Violence in Southern Kordofan)

The Nuba are a large and indigenous group of African tribes who have had the temerity to resist Khartoum's campaign of Arabism and Islamism (although a significant number of Nuba are themselves Muslim). The Nuba became strong supporters of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army in the 1990s, and for this reason were targeted by Khartoum for genocidal destruction. A fatwa was issued by Khartoum in January 1992, bringing a military jihad and blockade of humanitarian relief that came perilously close to exterminating the Nuba. Julie Flint, an expert on the region, has estimated on the basis of her research that "in the early 1990s, regular Sudanese army troops and paramilitary Popular Defense Forces killed 60,000–70,000 Nuba in just seven months." Many hundreds of thousands were killed, otherwise succumbed, or were displaced from their fertile lands---some of the richest in Sudan.

I have supplemented the Excel spreadsheet of May 6 to reflect all confirmed aerial assaults in Darfur, Unity State (South Sudan), and South Kordofan (North Sudan) through July 15, 2011. The total number of confirmed attacks exceeds eighty. The attacks in the Nuba Mountains have been confirmed by (highly limited) UN investigations, by journalists who have now reported from the remote Nuba Mountains region (including photographically), by massive photographic evidence from the ground, by satellite imagery from the Satellite Sentinel Project, and by the Nuba themselves. It is impossible to confirm all these latter reports as fully as might be wished, but with so much redundancy among all the reports, there is no reason to exclude Nuba accounts.

The consequences of this indiscriminate aerial assault are evident everywhere: people have been forced to abandon their villages and lands at the height of planting season, fleeing to caves in the mountainsides; humanitarian access to the Nuba Mountains has been shut down; a great many Nuba have been killed or wounded. Evidence strongly suggests that hundreds, perhaps thousands, have been killed directly or as a consequence of the bombings and the lack of relief aid. Tremendous numbers of people have been displaced, and the peculiarly static UN figure of "73,000 displaced" is simply an estimate based on what can be surmised from the highly constrained UN presence in Kadugli (capital of South Kordofan). Abdel Aziz el-Hilu, former deputy governor of South Kordofan, has estimated on the basis of preliminary data that the figure is closer to 500,000, and at least it very likely exceeds 250,000.

There are many reports of house-to-house arrests and summary executions of Nuba in Kadugli during the early weeks of the onslaught, typically on the pretext of their having "Southern sympathies." Roadblocks reminiscent of those in Rwanda during the spring of 1994 have also targeted Nuba, who are arrested or executed. Often these people are simply trying to escape, especially to the South. There is now compelling satellite photographic evidence of mass graves, and the UN cannot account for some 7,000 Nuba who were in their protective custody until compelled by Khartoum's Military Intelligence to leave for Kadugli Stadium. They have not been seen since their forcible removal from the UN security perimeter.

But the aerial assaults are what will destroy the Nuba, if Khartoum succeeds in its genocidal ambitions. Nearly all the relief groups that haven't already left will have to withdraw, particularly those with expatriate workers. It is presently the rainy season and the widespread loss of shelter is particularly dangerous, but it will be the loss of next autumn’s crops that will bring the Nuba to the verge of starvation. If this planting season and crop-tending are disrupted by continuous aerial bombing and rocket attacks, starvation will be an inescapable reality. Such starvation in the 1990s compelled many Nuba to seek out Khartoum's "peace camps,"where receiving food was contingent upon conversion to Islam. Those who refused where often tortured, mutilated, or killed. Memories of the "peace camps" run deep among the Nuba.

Khartoum is making good on its demand that UNMIS withdraw entirely from North Sudan after secession by the South on July 9. This removes the last vestiges of yet another failed and extravagantly funded UN peacekeeping mission---the last international presence that might be able to confirm the scale of human suffering and destruction in the Nuba Mountains. The United States and others have objected, but Khartoum is not listening.

Absent a robust international response that is nowhere in evidence, the most likely course of events will be a continuation of the present pattern of civilian bombings in Darfur, South Sudan, and South Kordofan. But war might easily expand significantly following recent international recognition of the new Republic of South Sudan (whose UN membership became official on July 14). Since Khartoum has been the conspicuous aggressor in all reported military violence, the international right of self-defense by South Sudan has significantly new meaning. This is especially true since the Khartoum regime is clearly supporting militia groups in the South that have only one goal: to destabilize the region through attacks on civilians. This can be seen in the example of Peter Gadet, a dangerous military leader in Unity and Warrab states who has repeatedly changed sides during and after Sudan’s twenty-two-year civil war.

Once war begins to expand, there is simply no saying where it will end. After much talk about how war was too expensive for either side, Sudan pundits are now speaking of more ominous possibilities. There will be enormous pressure on Juba, capital of South Sudan, to aid the Sudan People's Liberation Army/North, both in the Nuba Mountains and in Blue Nile State (in the North), where there has been a major but underreported military build-up by both sides. Soldiers from both the Nuba and southern Blue Nile fought shoulder-to-shoulder with the SPLA in the South; these regions have already been excluded from the self-determination process that was laid out by the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement. It is doubtful that Juba will let their compatriots down again. As Salva Kiir, the President of the Republic of South Sudan, declared on independence day, July 9, 2011, "I want to assure the people of Abyei, Darfur, Blue Nile, and South Kordofan that we have not forgotten you. When you cry, we cry. When you bleed, we bleed. I pledge to you today that we will find a just peace for all."

It is unclear all that this implies militarily. What we may be sure of is that Khartoum's conduct of war will continue to include systematic, widespread, and ethnically targeted aerial attacks on civilians and the humanitarian resources upon which they depend.

Eric Reeves has published extensively on Sudan, nationally and internationally, for more than a decade. He is author of A Long Day's Dying: Critical Moments in the Darfur Genocide.

Anonymous Group Emerges in South Sudan, Warns of More Leaks

Unanimous Undercover Group Sources: The Jonglei State, South Sudan’s affairs being leaked to public

The other ten Counties: Akobo County, Nyirol County, Uror County, Pibor County, Pochalla County, Ayod County, Pigi County, Twic East County, Duk County and Fangak County

Juba, January 31, 2013 (SSNA) -- [Edited] Peoples from above mentioned ten Counties are often being mistreated in Jonglei State headquarters, BorTown. Gov. Kuol Manyang Juuk has been silent, not doing anything about what his people has been doing toward people of other counties in BorTown since he (the Governor) took office in 2008. It is no secret that people are being killed in cold-blood, a murdering style. One incident even though it happened before he took office of governorship. Prior was the incident “in 2006 when people (murle sick people) were killed in Bor Hospital. Among those killed was Nyacho-Payam Administrator.” Up to now these kind of cold-blooded murders are going on in BorTown. Peoples are dying in miserable ways, according to undercover groups on the ground.

Worst of all, the Dinka Bor of Bor County are become even more discriminative to their own sub-tribes of: Dinka Hol, Dinka Nyarweng, Dinka Twic, Dinka Paweny, Dinka Atar, etc. This discrimination by Dinka Bor (Bor County) towards other Dinka sub-tribes of Dinka Twi (Twic East County), Dinka Nyarweng and Dinka Hol (Duk County), Dinka Paweny, Dinka Atar,etc (Pigi County). The undercover group says it is being fueled by these two disputes: Identities within (Dinka Hol, Dinka Nyarweng, Dinka Twic and Dinka Bor), and of course, the death of a person whom many people considered as their hero, George Athor Deng.

Since Gov. Kuol took office in 2008, there had been many incidents whereby cows from Dinka Twi (Twic East County) are being identified in Dinka Bor (Bor County) area. Yet, Gov. Kuol Manyang had been silence about the issue. Also, before Gov. Kuol took office in 2008 from former Gov. Philip Thon Leek. There was a murder of people from Dinka Hol and Dinka Nyarweng (Duk County) in BorTown. Some people among these communities consider the incident as a set-up by Bor County leaders to bring in Gov. Kuol Manyang so that their ideal of marginalization or indirect colonization of other tribes would be able to work freely without them being fear from other opponents whom they are trying to marginalized. They believe Gov. Kuol Manyang, who is their own son will chase away other sub-tribes’ from standing against their cover-up mission or discriminations against in Jonglei State works.

According to some sources from undercover group as good citizen for their people, the Gov. Kuol Manyang is being suspected as he might have knowledge about all these indirect mistreatments of other Counties’ people in BorTown. However, there was a time Gov. Kuol did intervene when some people from his Bor County trying to fire people from State job as their way to discriminate others, according unanimous undercover group reports.

The South Sudan unanimous intelligent source do claim that, the last year looting of cows from Mading Adiang of Ajuong Payam, Twic East County in which the cattle were returned later was the attack made by group of people from Bor County. The message also stated that, the Bor County group did invite Pibor County people to join them in looting of cows from Twic East County. Unfortunately, the Pibor County group did refuse to go for the looting plan, so the Bor County group went alone to Ajuong Payam.

Based on the same group of the undercover, Twic Dinka people had been complained to Gov. Kuol about their cows being taken by some citizens from Bor County. They usually go and identified and when they go and tell Gov. Kuol Manyang, there often be no response from Gov. Kuol Manyang. Also, last year the Youth office of Twic East County was attacked and everything was taken away from the office, yet there had been no charges been brought against the attackers in BorTown.

The unanimous intelligent source has confirmed that, the highway of Jonglei State name was being used as “Pibor” to sound like Bor name as everything has to be named Bor as their dominant symbol of their pride over others.

The demolition of Marol Market in BorTown which was occupied mostly by other Counties businessmen, was viewed by some citizens of Jonglei State as an intentional act by former Bor County commissioner. This one incident, there was no compensations to those businessmen who were illegally removed.

Many people from BorTown are complaining that there is discrimination in recruitment process in Dr. John Garang Institute of Science and Technology against other Counties’ students.

The unanimous intelligent source says that, the peopel of Dinka Bor (Bor County) have dominated the intelligent branch of South Sudan due to manipulation that was made by Mach Paul during the recruitment period of when the intelligent sector was formed and at the same time when South Sudan was still under Sudan. As it has been claimed, it is the reason why many people in the intelligent Department of South Sudan are mainly from Bor County, the undercover group as the work of Mach Paul to not have many people from other communities or tribes to join Intelligence Department Services.

Vice President Dr. Riek Machar apology in Juba in 2011 duing a ceremony which was organized by the Awulian Clan of Dinka Twic is right now being considered as it if the ceremony was created or organized by Bor County leaders. This is an attempt to try to demote what the citizens of Twic East and Duk Counties have done because people of bor county see them as different.

The agenda being forwarded right now in South Sudan’s government to divide Jonglei State into two States of: North Jonglei State and South Jonglei State according to this message, “The state is too large and is yet to be divided into North Jonglei State (NJS) and South Jonglei State (SJS) pending approval of the South Sudanese Parliament (Wikipedia).” This idea is not being liked by these Counties’ citizens who are having many chances to share South Jonglei State when that idea becomes really thing: Pibor County, Duk County, Twic East County, etc. According to undercover analogy, this is really really bad idea towards the above mentioned Counties. Because these Counties people are already incurred many abuses in BorTown from Bor County citizens. Pibor County people problem with Bor County people is based on long history of conflicts between the two. Dinka Twi, Dinka Nyarweng and Dinka Hol are now become enemies to one another due to their issues of identities messes. These sub-tribes of Dinka are already suffering in BorTown. They are being mistreated by Bor County citizens. For instance, many of them are being discriminated at State level jobs and Dr. John Garang Institute of Science and Technology. Especially, the discrimination is being applied to anybody who is against Dinka Bor name plus whoever doesn’t speak Bor Dialect. Furthermore, the idea behind division of Jonglei State is also being caused by the idea to demoting Gadiang from being built as next new capital of Jonglei State. Behind it too, it is being association as another way to destroy interests that might brought forth the sub-tribes of Dinka Twic, Dinka Nyarweng and Dinka Hol and others to be beneficial in new capital of Gadiang. The only advantage here for Pibor County, Twic East County, Duk County and whoever might be joining South Jonglei State if it is happen is still to consider the agenda of Gadiang as being the future capital of South Jonglei State. For instance, many people from other ten Counties had already avoided going to BorTown due to insecurity of their lives and other abuses there. As warning from Unanimous Undercover Group to President Salva Kiir, it is better to scrape this idea of Jonglei State divisions because it would even cause more problems than already known problems.  

Also, according to unanimous sources of intelligent; during the time of former Governor Thon Leek. The mess that did take his Duk County people lives at the time he was still at office of governorship, the incident was a made up to give chance to their own son, who is currently; Gov. Kuol Manyang Juuk. The idea behind this was to allow Bor County people to promote their agenda of dominance without fear because Gov. Kuol Manyang will protect them or he will not prevent them from doing anything they want.

Another ideal that been discovered by undercover group within Jonglei State and South Sudan as whole, Gov. Kuol Manyang have appointed every deputy of every Counties of Jonglei State from his own County of Bor. So the undercover group do questioning this, is it a law or something else being created in Jonglei State only?

Some sources of undercover group have recognized that; there are possibilities whereby most of the problems in Jonglei State are being created intentionally by some people from Bor County so that the state of Jonglei has to be divided into two or more in their favor of BorTown to continue as a State capital. In addition too, the reason is to allow Jonglei State people resources go to the building of their own homeland of Bor area. Plus it will also be their security advantage too.

Many citizens of Jonglei State had been questioning why more security forces had been kept in BorTown area and not being deployed over the vast areas of the State being affected the most within whole Jonglei State?

According to undercover group, every looting happen in Jonglei State has been spotted it is not Murle tribe alone, there are certain group people from Bor County who are also being considered as being part of the cattle raiding game in State, and Gov. Kuol Manyang wouldn’t able to condemn the group wrong doing against others. Even there are rumors from citizens in BorTown been saying that, people are being blood-cold murdered every now and then in BorTown and yet Gov. Gov. Kuol doesn’t say anything.

Recently, according to unconfirmed yet intelligent sources, the Dr. Majak Agoot has joined the game as well in project to divide Jonglei State into two States. Also it is being said, Dr. Majak is trying to destroy Twic East County by taking part of it and join it with Bor County to make One County from the mixes of two sub-tribes of Dinka tribe. According to majority of Dinka Twi people, they don’t like these ideas at all, either they are just allegations or true claim; again the Dinka Twi people don’t like these ideas to come to existence.

Also, the undercover group has discovered something wrong with people who are responsible for South Sudan’s map that was released on June of 2012 (SPLMTODAY website). There are many complains had been raised by citizens that there are some Towns’ names, villages’ names, and Payams’ headquarters names that are missing, and also there are some areas where map is not accurate based on analogy of the 1956 South Sudan’s map. So the undercover group is calling South Sudan’s government to makes some investigate about this case, and let those people be accountable for their wrong misrepresenting of the nation map.

Undercover group had learned that too; the Marol Market in BorTown was target intentionally by former Commissioner of Bor County because it was being occupied by many other Counties Shopkeepers. These Shopkeepers were told that they will not compensate.

Unanimous undercover group have learned that too, many citizens from Bor County don’t like somebody saying, “The Gov. Kuol Manyang should have been fired already like former Gov. of Lake State, Eng. Chol Tong Mayay”. Their replied often, “The firing of Gov. Kuol Manyang would be a disaster to President Kiir Mayardit leadership”.

The undercover group has learned that as well, the ideology from Bor County peoples are trying to do anything to spread their dominant agenda might have already penetrated into President Kiir's Administration. As the warning to President Kiir from undercover group, the President has to be attentive enough in his leadership in regard to any destruction.

Somehow as suspicious information from undercover group account reports, the death of Rev. Isaiah Diing Chan might have been done by Bor County intelligent personnel who are working in South Sudan’s government. These intelligent groups are having linking agenda with their sub-tribe of Dinka Bor who eager to spread their ideology to dominanate others. Furthermore, the undercover groups are saying that, these suspicions can only be proved relevant or non-relevant only if President Kiir released the actually name (s) and the tribe of the suspect (s) to public.

South Sudan Ambassador to US has been spot lighted by undercover group. And this is the case against the Ambassador; the Ambassador has tried in 2012 to give away one employee job that was given to that person in South Sudan before even that person arrived to the United States to come and start his job. The undercover group complains of Ambassador posting of that person position to many South Sudanese in the United States who had completed their higher education degrees for interview. After the Ambassador has posted the position; many South Sudanese who are dwelling in the United States went for interviews. These candidates were using their own money flying from long distances, plus others drove their cars from long distances for the job in which the employee is already there. Not that only, all these people lost lots of money at the time each and every one of them was rushing to Washington D.C. for the job interview  As recommendation from unanimous undercover group, the government of South Sudan needs to investigate the matter in case there might have been ethical violations made by the Ambassador in the United States.

On this issue of identity crisis, among these sub-tribes of Dinka tribe, the Kongor Clan of Dinka Twic (Twic East County) has been caught up on this issue. Based on unanimous undercover group intelligent sources of cover-up investigations, most of the denying of the Dinka Twic from Kongor Clan are usually being associated with Pan-Bior section of Kongor Clan (the former Chief Ajang Duot section) and few from the other two divisions of Kongor Clan. Some of these people are still holding-on to their old leader (Ajang Duot) who has part in identity problem. Ajang Duot and others from Kongor Clan did place the name Kongor as District name above Twi name on the map during his time of leadership as being Paramount chief of Dinka Twi (Twic East County). In addition too, based on some sources of intelligence from Dinka Bor (Bor County) side, there are people who are not even happy with Ajang Duot. They claim that, “Ajang Duot in those days of his leadership did try to impose the name “Kongor” to Bor Dinka (Bor County) people as well, but it didn’t work because his idea was identified by Dinka Bor (Bor County) intellects and leaders. And that might be the reason why some scholars from Bor County did reverse the attempt by imposing their name Bor too to other sub-tribes of Dinka through one way or another.” Furthermore, there are people from Kongor Clan who are still not happy in Twic Dinka name acceptance even though they know they know history very well. So they are rejecting Twi name due to Twic people refusing them to let their name “Kongor” becomes the Diocese name of Twic East. To confirm the claims, the Kongor Payam Church’s representative didn’t vote in 2009 when Twic East name was blessed as Twic East Diocese. The name Twic East was approved by four Payams of Twic East County plus other areas outside Twic East County representatives. 

Some of Kongor Clan leaders in South Sudan’s government and other areas have been accused of intentionally changing of Kongor Payam name headquarters which is originally known as “Pawel” to just “Kongor” which is their Clan name. Unanimous intelligent sources noticed that and ask some questions from citizens why the “Pawel name” was changed to “Kongor name”. Some citizens from Kongor Payam and other parts of the Dinka Twi are having some suspicious questions on that matter. Furthermore, according to unanimous sources, there have been a suspicious attempt from Kongor leaders to even try to changes the headquarters of Twic East County name which is “Panyagor” to just “Kongor”. However, right now that agenda might have been converted to “Pawel” name.

The undercover group have identified that; there are some scholars from Kongor Clan of Dinka Twic (particularly Pan-Bior) who have involved themselves in this scheme as well. Part of their missions is being associated with their rejection of Dinka Twic name because they think the whole Dinka Twic has to be called by their Clan name, Kongor.

Thank you all.
Signed by: The Unanimous Undercover Group of South Sudan

This article was a collected effort by Unanimous Undercover Group of South Sudanese who had been volunteered in monitoring of Jonglei State affairs for quite sometimes now. They are around the globe, Jonglei State, South Sudan, Africa.

We will never ameliorate under the SPLM authoritarianism

By Akic Adwok Lwaldeng

March 11, 2013 (SSNA) -- It has been the toughest year since we become free from Jallaba, more people are struggling to cope with rising situation in our beloved country, many are feeling the pain and disappointed about incompetent Government in Juba. At a time when some of our citizens are travelling back to neighbourhood country for safety, our country has been ruined by our selfish leaders Oyee. Eight out of ten says they are worried about the instability in the country soon.

Everyone knows that shutting oil down was wrongly and madness , no plan B, hoping that Sudan Government will collapse, oil revenues were spent unwisely, and some revenues went to individual bank account, it is disgrace by ruling party to misuse the power for their selfish ends.

I do not know any country in this world where stealing is as cool as in our country, in the a couple of years coming if we  are still under this corrupted regime, we will have probably the highest density thieves in the whole East Africa maybe Africa. Today there are more thieves in this government including some MP's in the National Assembly (JUBA) than before. Then the time of General Joseph Lagu and Molana Abel Alier if I have not mistaken.

Stealing and deceiving or cheating is the most of the awful things in the human history and it's a sin. However, I was brought up in the tribe where they consider that any act leading to dishonestly are prohibiting, i.e. you and your family will be denounced as evil in the community even people will create a songs in your family name and not that alone but no one will marriage from that your family, nevertheless nowadays you can find some of my fellow tribe men/women, in this government are collaborating with dark hands and thieves in other side of communities where stealing and others evil act are legitimate for them. It is regarded the strength

What is the source of this moral decadence that has permeated our society? Take a look at the top of the nation, we have a President and Vice President whom is never let any opportunity go bye, they are reminding us that they are there to destroy our National wealth, which both are the champion of corruption. And null leadership character.

How we define corruption in this dispensation, I do not know. But the international community has put us at the extreme point of corruption index in the world. Forget World Bank and IMF, that the same organization has found that the overwhelming percentage of this corruption takes place in our country unbelievable. However, corruption to the Presidency is only when money is transferred to personal account.

Remember that President, and some of his friends bought houses outside of our country at over Million dollars. Assuming that he/she did not spend a penny of his salary since he started earning a living, there is no way he/she could have saved such money those days, even taking into consideration the alleged bank loan. How has that loan been repaid?

Think back, a former Finance Minister, he is a closed friend of our President. He embezzled closed to a billion dollars with his cohorts. This money was meant for infrastructures and paying local and national services in the country.

He was arrested before he escaped the prison, yet our President, did not fire or discipline him, not only that last year 75 ministers and officials SPLM/A stolen our public funds with no shame. And our President, he allegedly instructed that they will be trial in the future nothing happen until present. We know that our president has been as silent as the lamb. These fellow thieves they will be quietly investing theirs loot money on the properties outside of the country.

As South Sudan continues bleeding, an overwhelming percent of the best brains in the land are abroad. There is more intellectual living overseas than are in South Sudan. At home half-baked and semi-illiterate are ruling us and ruining the country and they do not have any clue in the international politics and economy.

Given our resource we should plan on launching satellites, instead our leaders go to shrines to swear to alien deities. I know some of them go to black magic that convince them that if he/she can kill and harming their fellow human beings that will be the only way forward for continuation of ruling them.

South Sudan may be the one (depending on which information you choose) greatest oil producer in our continent (Africa), yet South Sudanese is listed as one of the poorest country on earth. But individual South Sudanese are among the richest people in the East Africa according to the BBC, reports.

In short this current government concept has destroyed our society, therefore we, as community should say with loud voice that enough is enough we can’t go further. Or we will start honouring corrupt and thieves of rich faithful with various titles each title dotted with specified amounts. The only qualification for such honours is nothing other the bank account of their own and their children. Rather such honour should goes to the humble heroes widows and widowers, who work hardly daily to barely scrap a living. Again missing from such lists are hard working honest, whose only disqualification is their bank account.

Finally, I am certain we will not give-up or dampening the spirit of our unity that will help us to discover the true meaning of the country. As the wise man says the greatest gift which you can give to your people is unity and solidarity and it is cost nothing. All that will not come through if current thieves SPLM, Oyee regime is still ruling us.

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