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Hillary Clinton, Sudan, and the Policies of Equivocation

from The New Republic July 13, 2011

By Eric Reeves

July 13, 2011 (SSNA) -- In a recent op-ed in The Washington Post about the independence of South Sudan, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton offered a conspicuous example of the Obama administration’s policy of equivocation when it comes to the world’s newest nation and the country it split from last weekend. Namely, the op-ed disingenuously equated the Khartoum regime with its adversaries in South Sudan, in the embattled regions of South Kordofan and Abyei, and in Darfur.

The evident logic of such false equivalence is that it’s necessary to keep Khartoum engaged in negotiations: If "both sides," as Clinton refers to them repeatedly, are equally responsible for violence and for the failure to resolve outstanding issues like the North-South border delineation, then diplomacy will be able to exert pressure to compromise. Never mind that compromise--indeed, many compromises---have already been made by the South; the real problem here is that President Omar Al Bashir's regime has refused to live up to the agreements.

The disputed region of Abyei is a perfect example. Despite the compromises already embodied in the Abyei Protocol from 2004 and a "final and binding" ruling in 2009 by the Permanent Court of Arbitration, both Clinton and Scott Gration, the former U.S. envoy to Sudan, pushed last fall for South Sudan to "compromise" further on Abyei. This had the effect of convincing Khartoum that there was more to gain from further intransigence in negotiations, and the ultimate consequence was the May 2011 invasion of Abyei by Al Bashir'smilitary. Although the U.N. has said it will deploy Ethiopian peacekeepers to Abyei, Khartoum now exerts de fact military control over the region, and the population of indigenous Ngok Dinka has been forced to flee to South Sudan. The prospects for long-term security are bleak.

Clinton‘s take? "The violence that has flared in Abyei in recent months cannot be allowed to return and jeopardize the larger peace." No assignment of responsibility, even though the violence was clearly instigated by Khartoum and culminated in the seizure of the region in a period of just two days. This only works to encourage Khartoum’s conviction that, when the Ethiopian force leaves (assuming it effectively deploys in the first place), it will retain control of the region. President AlBashir more or less confirmed this in a much-noted interview with the BBC on July 10. He said Abyei will always belonged to the North, unless there is a referendum---long-promised to the region’s people, but denied because of newly contrived arguments over residency---in which voters choose to be part of the South. Of course, he said this referendum must include migrating Arab tribes who are loyal to the North and would thus almost certainly skew the vote in Khartoum’s favor.

Clinton also erred when she wrote, "One urgent step both sides must take is agreeing to a cessation of hostilities in the northern border state of Southern Kordofan, which started in early June." This is wildly misleading. The reality is that, after signing a vague framework agreement that had such cessation of hostilities as its key agenda item, AlBashir disowned the commitment, saying the "cleansing" of South Kordofan and the Nuba Mountains would continue. Those to be "cleansed," of course, are the African Nuba people. The leaders of South Sudan and the chief negotiator for the Nuba, former deputy governor Abdel Aziz El Hilu, are desperate for a true ceasefire and commitment to resolving underlying issues, but Khartoum has formally withdrawn from the talks.

We’ve seen plenty of previous examples of the Obama administration's policies and rhetoric of equivocation. For instance, after the devastating assault on Khor Abeche (South Darfur) in December 2010 by Khartoum and its janjaweed allies, National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer noted the many civilian casualties and thousands of displaced persons, but then went on to declare:

"This attack comes at a time that we are also seeing increased evidence of support to militant proxies from the Governments of Sudan and Southern Sudan. All Sudanese leaders have a responsibility to protect civilian populations---to do otherwise is unacceptable."

In other words, Hammer was flatly comparing more than eight years of genocidal predations by Khartoum-directed militias to actions that, while troubling, were of relatively little consequence. This is outrageous distortion---and an apparent effort at a soothing even-handedness meant to placate Khartoum. (It's also not clear that South Sudan has ever supported rebels in Darfur.) Given the U.S. response, it shouldn't be surprising that the North’s military campaign that began in Khor Abeche continues today.

Clinton and other U.S. diplomats should understand that being an honest broker does not necessitate accommodating genocide or other violence. Yet disingenuousness and diplomatic equivocation continue to be the hallmarks of the Obama administration's Sudan policy. Tragically, the consequences of this policy are coming into exceedingly grim focus.

Eric Reeves is a professor at Smith College and author of A Long Day's Dying: Critical Moments in the Darfur Genocide.

Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA: We are reprehensible to the unexpected death of Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol

December 21, 2012 (SSNA) -- To begin with, we would like to give our sincere and heart-felt condolences to Isaiah Diing’s family, his wives and children, siblings, and mother Rebecca Lueth Wel, the Spiritual leader and Pastor in God’s work, close relatives, and friends, Kongor and Twic East community. Therefore, as one family of Dinka Twic East, we feel the pain for the unexpected loss to the Greater Twic Community’s own son. This kind of unanticipated death hurts more than you know.  It is a big loss to the country of South Sudan as well as the world community for his unselfish work for the benefit of humanity.

First, we believe that Isaiah Abraham’s death was politically motivated because such kinds of death are not common in our culture. We believe in face-to-face confrontation where one can argue his point like most diplomats do. But this kind of act was a shock to the entire world, South Sudan as well as the people of the Twic East; we need due process and laws in order to prove the cause of the killings. In this case, we will wait for justice to take its course, as we always do. Dinka Twi East believes that an imperial and fair investigation is imperative.

We the Dinka Twi East people are known for our undeniable leadership style that is always fair and balanced to everyone through any extent of leadership it might be appropriate.

1. We are known for our humility, calmness, hospitality, transparency, non-violence behavior, care and kindness to everyone and our desire for mutual respect. We always believe in integrity and dignity of respecting others, and vice versa we demand that from our neighbors as well.

2. Historically, based on whole Dinka tribal history, we the Dinka Twic East people are known for our unselfishness and non-covetous behavior as historical records have shown. We have always acted this way with our neighboring tribes in the Jonglei State. This is what we represent as a people. Also we know that any others who have interacted with us can vouch for this behavior.

3. Our community is known for its law abiding attitudes. 

4. We strive to resolve any dispute by diplomatic means; however we recognize that this sometimes is not enough.

5. We will be diligent and deliberate in our pursuit of justice and the uncovering of the truth in order to bring to justice those who caused harm.

6. We are a respectful and dignified people who want peace with all our neighbors and wants harmony in the country.

7. No matter how our opponents might seem to test our will, yet we always prevail through any necessary way we can if it is our right.

8. Dinka Twi East people do not believe in cold-blooded or the spilling of precious blood of human beings in vain.

9. Our people love fighting that bear truth, if it is a truth based mission than we don’t stay away from spilling the blood for true cost.

10. We believe that this nation was founded by blood of the sons and daughters of South Sudan, who gave their life in order to bring back freedom of speech, worship, and establish our identity without fear or threats.

Secondly and more importantly, Citizens of Twic East Dinka, we need your calm during this challenging time of our people of Dinka Twic East test. Our spirit is being tested, as our reference to you all; most of you might be still remembering what happened to our people before, like these few memorable events in our land in in 1991. We the citizens of Twi Dinka or Greater Twic community at large just need justice to be done in regard to this case of Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol. Mr. President and Vice President, your Administration is going to carry this man death cross because both of you know how leadership works, and/or where often the buck stops! So no matter what, your current Administration or the SPLM party is responsible when it comes to the security of citizens of South Sudan, and should always be vigilant to protect any single life. Always the praise and the blame are going to hang-upon the current leadership in any case. As the community of law abiding citizens, we are not going to point-fingers to any tribes or regions. We believe our message here is simple and crystal clear about what we need from the current Administration in regards to Rev. Isaiah Diing’s death.  We also joint our voices to other communities in South Sudan to alert our government that the whole world is watching and testing you carefully when it comes to human rights violation; we’re no longer in the times when things were executed in the darkness of shadows.

We are a community that always admires justice the most than violent, however; if justice is not being respected by our opponents. It is our concept to use any necessary ways we can to deal with our adversaries. Anyway, for us to not overdue anything ASAP, we just call upon President Kiir Mayardit, Vice President Dr. Riek Machar and the entire Administration’s to bring culprit [s] to justice through any possible ways that is consistence with South Sudan nation’s Constitutions and code of laws. President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his Vice President Dr. Riek Machar, we need your Administration to hear our voices upon justice seeking concerning Rev. Isaiah Diing Abraham Chan Awuol’s death.

Signed by:

Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The rummaging for illusive catharses: Reconciliation in South Sudan

By Wani Tombe Lako

February 19, 2013 (SSNA) -- Since the SPLM/SPLA, as the ruling political party in the Republic of South Sudan (RoSS), has elected to conduct a national reconciliation process (NRP), in the RoSS, it must also come with clean hands and heart to this NRP. The SPLM/SPLA must not present itself to the peoples of South Sudan (SS), as an innocent and impartial peace umpire. The SPLM/SPLA cannot masquerade as an objective mediator, as among the various tribes, political groups, former and current armed groups, and such like in SS.

There are many peoples in the above said groups, who want the SPLM/SPLA, and through its various operatives, managers and leaders, to answer questions, and disclose myriad of information and facts, that shall allow them to move on with their shattered lives. Some individuals, in these said groups, have personally suffered, in the hands of the SPLM/SPLA, and through its various agents. Others are struggling with hurts and agonies, connected with painful memories, of their love ones, who suffered, and perished, due to acts and omissions, attributed to the SPLM/SPLA and its agents.

There are many instances of war crimes, crimes against humanity, mass killings, systemic rapes, and heinous tortures, inflicted on the peoples of SS, by the SPLM/SPLA, during, and after the non-international armed conflict (1983-2005), in which, the SPLM/SPLA was an official combatant, and therefore, bound by specific laws of war, within the ambit of the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949. In this regard, notice must be taken of the 1977 Geneva Protocol II Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and Relating to the Protection of Victims of Non-International Armed Conflicts.

There must not be an argument about, opening a Pandora Box. You either do a proper NRP, or just shut up, and let the peoples of SS suffer in silence. These heinous acts and omissions of the SPLM/SPLA, took place in Eastern Equatoria, Central Equatoria, Jonglei, Upper Nile, and Western Equatoria respectively. There must be total disclosures of facts, and admissions of responsibilities, for the purported NRP to have its positive and healing effects in SS. If the SPLM/SPLA is not ready to come out clean, and disclose all facts to the peoples of SS, then, this much talk about NRP is nothing but political nonsense on stilt.

On the other hand, the managers of this purported NRP must be clear about what is supposed to be the expected impacts and outcomes of this NRP. Many peoples in SS, including myself, do not honestly know, as to what exactly, is the SPLM/SPLA struggling to deliver to them, through this NRP. Does the SPLM/SPLA want to deliver justice, the rule of law, or just mere politicised reconciliation, or all of these? Some of the discerning peoples of SS want to know, the templates, texts and contexts, of this NRP. The SPLM/SPLA must not always treat the peoples of SS, like political kids, who are just interested in political candies as it were. This NRP must be properly interrogated to yield the beneficent results hoped for.

For example, what shall the government of South Sudan (GoSS), do, during this NRP, in order to reconcile with the peoples of SS? Yes, I mean reconcile with the peoples of SS! The peoples of SS are irreparably hurt, and they are agonising in pain due to the colossal misfeasance of the GoSS. I shall tell the GoSS what it ought to do, in order to reconcile with the peoples of SS.

The GoSS must make full disclosures about the 4 billion dollars stolen from the peoples of SS, by operatives, managers, leaders, and politicians of the SPLM/SPLA. The SPLM/SPLA is an actor, and legal person in SS. The SPLM/SPLA is vicariously liable for the acts and omissions of its agents. These SPLM/SPLA agents, misbehaved, and hurt the interests, of the peoples of SS, during their performances of public duties. There is an implied contract here with the peoples of SS, the employers of the SPLM/SPLA as it were. We need full disclosures and the return of our monies, nothing less and nothing more. The GoSS, or rather, the SPLM/SPLA, must do this, for the peoples of SS, to consider reconciliation on this issue.  

On the other hand, the various international organisations, as well as the representatives of various European and American governments in Juba, all these organisations and individuals, must assist the peoples of SS to reconcile. These individuals and organisations must convince their governments, to repatriate all illegally accumulated monies in banks, in their respective countries.

These European and American governments, and countries, know all about the facts, pertaining to the fat bank accounts, of former guerrilla leaders, within the remit of the SPLM/SPLA, who in a flash of CPA thunderbolt, became millionaires and billionaires. These SPLM/SPLA agents became so rich in a short period of time, due to outright theft of peoples’ money. You Europeans and Americans, cannot treat this as a fair game, in which, these SPLM/SPLA agents, gave themselves plenty of golden parachutes as it were, for exiting SS, when the place becomes unlivable. This is entrenchment of conflict in SS. Please, repatriate this wealth to SS, in order to engender reconciliation herein.

These European and American governments and peoples must understand that, the condoning of this theft of our money, by some in the SPLM/SPLA, is assisting and abetting disharmony in SS. You Europeans and Americans shall not be playing a positive role in this process of NRP in SS. These are issues which are dividing the peoples of SS into antagonistic groups right now.

These European and American governments and peoples, must not become hypocritical, and shield these looters of peoples’ wealth, by not disclosing and repatriating this illegal wealth, stashed away in their countries. Otherwise, the peoples of SS shall not take them serious as leaders and citizens of free world, a world founded on the pedestals of the rule of law, democracy, accountability, transparency, meritocracy, and all the niceties of universality of human rights; and all the liberal paraphernalia of modern governance.

The variables of societal polarisations and socio-cultural disharmonies are very complex in SS. In some places and countries, where various variances of NRP has taken place, such as in Latin America, Greece, Eastern Europe and South Africa, in these places and countries, the temporal versus actors elements, are rather unique. In these countries and places, there was a break with the past. This delinking with the past regimes, gave the successor governments, some advantage of being able to wane the system from the heinous past; albeit in relative terms.

In these examples, the situations involved former governments, and those who suffered under these governments and regimes. In SS, the SPLM/SPLA is in power, and most of its conducts contribute towards the production of various variables which engender disharmonies and polarisations in SS. In fact, it can be argued that, the SPLM/SPLA government in Juba is like a production line of recipes, for societal disharmonies and polarisations. It is like putting out fires with kerosene.

There is complete absent of State responsibility in SS. The SPLM/SPLA government in Juba has failed to control various non-state actors, and some state actors, who contribute to enormous societal disharmonies and polarisations. For example, the issue of ubiquitous land grabbing in Central Equatoria is one mammoth variable of societal disharmonies and polarisations. The SPLM/SPLA government stood by, with folded arms, looking the other way, while state and non-state actors indulge in land grabbing.

The issue of land grabbing is one of the vital issues that must be carefully tackled in this purported NRP. This issue had polarised the peoples of SS to the extent that, it is among leading factors which could cause civil strife in SS, with a possibility of developing into armed conflict. There is systemic and forceful resettlement of Central Equatoria by other South Sudanese, with the encouragement of the SPLM/SPLA government in Juba. Any self-respecting participant in this NRP must honestly address this issue. It does not matter whether you are an American, European, or South Sudanese, to ignore this issue is to miss the whole idea of NRP, within the remit of Central Equatoria peoples and tribes.  

Let us not rummage for universal catharses through Europeans, South Africans, and Americans. Their interests in our reconciliation are refreshing; however, their mere presence in Juba is not the panacea. The SPLM/SPLA government in Juba must be sincere with itself. It must not bury its head in political sand. The SPLM/SPLA must not just wish for peace and tranquility in SS. The SPLM/SPLA is one main factor in terms of instability of SS. Peace, security, and harmony in SS turn on the quality of governance and leadership by the SPLM/SPLA, and not on the peoples of SS. The peoples of SS, are, but, human persons, trapped in SPLM/SPLA comprehensively disharmonious network of variables of instability.

The author is Professor of Social and Rural Development and Lecturer in Laws. He can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

President Kiir should step down in peace

By Peter Gai Manyuon

December 6, 2013 (SSNA) -- The autonomy of South Sudan came from a background of civil war which might not be forgotten by the generations to come, many people have been lost during the liberation struggle and most children have no parents at the movement and above all, the death was caused by the issue of looking for “Freedom” from the most known dictator of the Northern Sudan.

More so Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed on the 9th of January 2005 in Naivasha Kenya, Referendum was conducted where 99% of the South Sudanese voted diligently for the separation and on the 9th of July 2011, South Sudan was pronounced as a new Republic in the horn of Africa and the world at large ,gave recognition to the South Sudanese people.

Hence, looking above all those issues that South Sudanese people participated in, can you tell me Kiir can be President and he had failed to restore peace and harmony among the people of South Sudan by observing the democratization process, like respect for the rule of law and human rights? South Sudan as the new Nation had turned to be a Country rule by orders and decrees that just incite people in one way or the other. Where on earth will you find a Press Secretary can be appointed using a Republican decree?

Based on my experiences and my visitations to other Countries, I never heard one day that, Mr. so and so was appointed by a decree as  office manager or Press Secretary. From this snap shorts I would say Kiir is Incompetent, corrupt, tribalist and a dictator who deserve to be push out from the power by the use of ballot papers and using intelligentsia which had good strategies accompanied by serious monitoring and evaluation from the people of South Sudan.

We all know that General Salva Kiir Mayardit came to power after the death of the late Hero Dr John Garang de Mabior in 2005 up to date, other people thought Kiir cannot be a leader one day by then and other viewed him as a person with a good luck in  him, however in 2010 election he was challenged by Dr Lam Akol Ajawin who was the flag bearer of the Sudan People Liberation Movement for Democratic Change (SPLM-DC) and President Kiir was a flag bearer of Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) and Kiir was declared winner due to the collusions that he made with Dr Machar and James Wani Igga and other South Sudanese politicians by that time because him alone lack diplomacy and good approach to the entire publics of the Republic of South Sudan, his image had become useless to the public’s because his repetition alone is taking back the politics of the new nation.

President Kiir of the Republic of South Sudan should give power freely because he had lack leadership skills and approaches in him; the party has lost its vision because no convention that took place up to this movement.

Moreover leaving the power like the way Mahahad Gadafir was handled in 2010 in Libya will not be good to the President Kiir therefore his only way is to step down peaceful and charged with the killing of the late Isaiah Abraham who was killed by his security agents and he never brought the culprits in to book.


Incase Kiir step down from the power; he will be investigate for the serious corruption that had become motto in his government beginning from 2005 to date, because the 4 million dollars that had been lost during his regime will be ask one day by the entire citizen of South Sudan even the International Communities will be at the neck of the Republic of South Sudan.

The issue of insecurity that had taken almost many people from 2005 to date will be also counted to him and therefore, he will be question by the International Community due to the killing of the late Isaiah Abraham which is in all books globally.

In conclusion, I don’t wish Mr. President to quit power like the way former African Leaders leave the power beginning from Charles Telar and Muhammad Gadafi of Libya who’s his death disappointed many in the Sub-Sarah Africa at large.

The author is Independent Journalist who had written articles extensively on the issues of Democratization, Human rights: he is currently lives in Nairobi Kenya; you can contact him through; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SPLM Tactics of Scaring Away Voters in Southern Sudan

By Dr. James Okuk

March 26, 2010 (SSNA) -- These days after having realized that many voters are not on their side, the SPLM failing leaders and panicked supporters resorted to treacherous tactics of scaring away the people in Southern Sudan, especially in the states and counties where the SPLM popularity was proven to be minimum than expected by the sleeping and incompetent candidates in Juba and other capital towns and villages of the Southern Sudan. Their aim is to see to it that the polling dates on 11th – 13th April 2010 does not find the SPLM-DC’s and independents’ supporters existing in the designated electoral constituencies because their votes are already foreseen to be negative against Salva Kiir and his handpicked candidates with their so-called running mates.

After the surprising support that the majority of Southerners have shown publicly for Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin and his team of Southern political parties and independent candidates because of their sincerity in the path for genuine democratic change, the elections-fevered SPLM leaders and supporters started to move around gossiping and telling the people to leave and go to Northern Sudan or neighboring countries to avoid a bloody war that is coming in April. “Kiir and his group shall never leave the government power even if they fail elections… and Dr. Lam and his team shall never be allowed to sit in government offices in the South if they beat SPLM in the ballot boxes because the bullet boxes shall be commanded to maintain the status quo,” some top leaders and supporters of SPLM have been heard telling the public.

Other bad SPLM elements (accompanied by some indiscipline SPLA soldiers), and who were part of voters’ registrars, have also been seen moving here and there these days threatening the people to throw away their voting cards because in April whoever will be found with such cards in his/her possession shall face a torturing arrest and other punitive measures accorded to traitors by the liberators of the people. Even some of them took away the voters cards from the people they demarcated as non-SPLM supporters. To some extent, so far and so bad, some people have thrown away their voting cards in order to avoid any bad thing befalling them when April arrives. Some of these scared people were heard saying: “Why do I risk getting tortured or killed because of being a voter; to hell with the voting card so that I can live in peace and carry on my daily activities without fear from the SPLA torturers…”

Yes, as far as the survival-rule is concerned, these scared people of Southern are right though their attitude is harmful to the germination of democracy in Southern Sudan at this important early stage. But they are not to blame because theirs is only protection of their dear bones and lives against the SPLM scaremongers and killers of democracy in the South. Something must be done urgently so that the fear is removed from the voters’ hearts before it is too late. Let the SPLM eliminate them and this shall get into history as the sacrifice and public ransom paid for changing from guerilla dictatorship to civilian democracy.

In the first instant, this evil tactics have been taken lightly but now at this later stage when it has been discovered that the whole fiasco is a fabricated schedule from the above authorities in the South, it has to become a moral duty to diffuse it on an alertive mode. Scaring the people not to vote for their leadership choice is not very different from rigging the elections by filling the ballot boxes with ghost votes. An empty ballot box counted in a constituency with many supporters of a popular political party or an independent candidate is useless and a terrible blow to democracy compared to a filled one by fraudulence, at worst cases. Some of us are even tempted at this moment to say that it is even a lesser evil if the SPLM scaremonger tacticians opt for rigging elections with more ghost names than denying the people to vote in their very constituencies where they have been registered. 

Please the scared SPLM leaders and supporters, rig the elections if you found yourself a loser in the democratic transformation path in Southern Sudan, but leave the people alone to enjoy the peace of their settlements. Don’t scare the people away with your lies and threats!!!

Surely, the South Sudan shall fall with failed SPLM leadership because it is not the nature of elephant to fly, and thus it is a waste of time to teach it how to fly. Most of the leaders at the top leadership hierarchy of SPLM today have never passed through school of democracy and have no experience how the game is supposed to be played fairly. That is why the panic has been the ruler of their hearts and minds. Even though they were courageous and gallant fellows on the gun during the war time, yet, the process of democratic transformation has proven them cowards of the people's power; alas!!!

Fellows who try to hoodwink the public that SPLM is still a child, and thus its dictatorship must be tolerated till further notice in 2011, are playing with the dictates of human civilization in the South. Toleration when tribes are killing each other internally and externally exacerbated by the SPLM bad politics of hegemony, where corruption spree is legitimized shamelessly, is so devastating to be tolerated by a people who want to liberate themselves from former Northern oppressors in order to form their own Southern country in near future.

SPLM bad leadership must go if genuine change has to come in the South Sudan for a better future of a new nation. Five years is enough to evaluate and judge bad leaders from the good ones. The South can do better without necessarily being ruled by the current incompetent president and company who don’t want to quit as they failed badly.

Thus, it is high time for the National Elections Commission (NEC) and international observers, including the United Nations Mission in the Sudan (UNMIS) to note this bad act of emptying the ballot boxes before time in the areas where the SPLM has lost popularity and credibility. Let’s not joke with democracy or mock it because the consequences shall never be desirable even to the very SPLM scaremongers’ tacticians. God save South Sudan from SPLM badness!!!!

*Dr. James Okuk is a concerned Southerner for genuine democratic change in the beloved country-in-the-waiting, reachable at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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