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Bul Community in Diaspora condolence message to lat Gen. Paulino Matip Nhial family

Dear lat Gen. Paulino Family in the Republic of South Sudan:

August 23, 2012 (SSNA) -- Your Community in diaspora was deeply saddened to heard about the tragic death of our beloved father, hero and the son of our nation, lat Gen. Paulino Matip Nhial. Our community knows how difficult this terrible moment is to you right now. Bul Community members in Diaspora are here by offering you their deepest condolence message about the untimely death of the lat Gen. Paulino Matip that has shocked the entire nation of the Republic of South Sudan. However, Bul Community in diaspora want to let our community in Africa at large and the Republic of South Sudan know that you have our greatest sympathy about this untimely death of lat Gen. Paulino Matip Nhial

We all know that, lat Gen. Paulino’s death is not an easy thing that can be handle by most of us; because he has been an “inspirational iconic figure” in our lives for so many years. But there is nothing that we can do about what has happen to him, if we could stop it, he should not have been sick in the first place, because we need him more than ever at this time to enjoy the fruit of his hardworking after we have achieved our independence. Our entire Nuer community in Diaspora is now mourning with you, sharing the same pain of his death that you have been through since you have heard the news, not Bul Community in Diaspora alone is mourning. We all know that, lat Gen. Paulino was “not only a good father to you (his children and his wives); he was too a good elder in our Nuer community, a good visionary leader in our society, a good peace loving person in our nation, and a good General to his Commanders as well as his Soldiers”. He will always be an inspirational figure in our nation at large for the generations that will comes.

As our community comprehended lat Gen. Paulino’s past and present actions, he was not just a symbol in our nation; he was more than a gentle soul and a wonderful person who was always kind and considerate to everyone in the Republic of South Sudan. Lat Gen. Paulino Matip Nhial has never turned his back away from his people, he would always do anything to help people that are in need and this made him a delightful father, son and a great hero in our society.

In conclusion, our community in diaspora knows how much we will miss lat Gen. Paulino, but we would like to encourage everyone to remain strong, dedicate your strength and the strength of the beloved family he has left behind. As we know that lat Gen. Paulino Matip’s momentary will not only leave a void in our lives, but he will always be in the hearts of those who know him well from his past and present actions. Through our memory of him at this moment, lat Gen. Paulino will always remain in our hearts and our community will always include father Gat-Nhial and his beloved family in our daily prayers. May God rest his soul in peace, bless and strengthen his wonderful family during this tragic time and forever. There is no word of comfort that we can say to ease your pain that you the family of lat Gen. Paulino is experiencing right now, but as a good Christian family who have strong faith in Christ, we will ask you to turn to our shield of Hummer our Bible, please read (John11:25 – 26); because we are sure that “our lord is close to those who are broken-hearted and will save those who are crushed in spirit” (psalm 34:18) as we are right now.

Sincerely thoughts and deepest sympathy,

Signed by:

Bul Community in Diaspora: Australia, Canada, United States of America, and United Kingdom. You can also visit us at: or  contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Fangak County Commissioner Accused of Incitement, Favouritism, and Systematic Displacement

The Republic of South Sudan
Jonglei State, Fangak County

From:  Thiang Community in Phom El Zeraf – Fangak County

To: the office of the Minister of Local Government, Jonglei State

Subject: Petitioning the commissioner: The case of Old Fangak Payam!

Fangak, August 10, 2012 (SSNA) -- Reference to the meeting held on 24/07/2012 between the commissioner of Fangak County and the members of Thiang community in Phom El Zeraf, against the rumours that were going on for some time, below are the excerpts and points discussed with the commissioner during the aforementioned meeting that took place in Phom. The said meeting was precipitated by the rumours that were heard by the Mareang community members regarding Old Fangak Payam and its surrounding bomas, with the commissioner allegedly saying that Thiang should no longer be considered inhabitants of Old Fangak Payam. As a result, the Thiang community sent a five-member committee to meet with the commissioner so as to ascertain facts as opposed to relying on rumours and ear-says.

The committee from Thiang community met with the commissioner on 24th of July, 2012, and the commissioner bluntly told the five-member committee that Old Fangak Payam is not your Payam and you should keep your hands off from claiming it. He mentioned in the meeting that the Payam, which was previously in Old Fangak, will now be shifted to Toch Boma; which will change its status from Boma to Payam. When the committee inquired about the fate of those people from Thiang community residing in the surrounding Bomas at Old Fangak and the school that was built in Wangchot Boma with the CDF funds, he literally told the members that if you want, you can remove the school located at Wangchot and go with it. He went as far as suggesting the removal of the tomb of late head chief, Duol Riik Tutroal from Wangchot. The Thiang community committee members were outraged and alarmed by these words coming out from the commissioner, who was supposed to maintain peace and unity amongst the people of Fangak instead of dividing the people by causing havoc and friction by making these outrageous remarks. When the committee heard this, they disagreed outright with the commissioner about the issue of Old Fangak Payam being shifted to Toch Boma. We told him that we were fully aware of the local government records that only recognize Old Fangak Payam as being for Thiang community in addition to Mareang Payam. Therefore, we only know Old Fangak Payam to be our Payam; and not Toch, as being preached by the commissioner and his cohorts. 


SPLM-DC accuses Juba of irresponsible oil deal with Khartoum; says it was poor concession

Date: 9 August 2012

More Facts Emerge About The Raw Deal on Oil

Juba, August 9, 2012 (SSNA) -- We issued a press statement on the 6th instant explaining that South Sudan got a raw deal from the agreement on the transport of its oil through Sudan, due to poor negotiation from our side. Since then more facts that consolidate our position have emerge from none other than the SPLM leaders themselves.

In a press conference held by the Chief Negotiator in Juba published by Sudan Tribune website on the 7th instant, he stated that the oil production will resume in September and that the rate will be 180,000 b/d rising to 190,000 b/d over several months. This will mean that our estimate in that press statement which was based on 200,000 b/d will go up.

The second to speak was the Vice President of the Republic, Dr Riek Machar, who said that Khartoum actually got $40 per barrel when it had asked for only $36 per barrel! See how generous our negotiating team was. This amount excludes the cost of cleanup and recovery of oil wells which experts estimate would cost not less than $20 billion. His remarks were reported by the Sudanese journalist, Alsir Sidahmed in the internet.

In the words of the Vice President of the Republic South Sudan has become “the biggest donor on earth to a single country, Sudan”.

We applaud the Vice President for his courage to speak out and call upon other government officials to follow suit in exposing the facts on the oil deal so that our public is informed about the extent of rip off our delegation in Addis Ababa landed South Sudan in. These are national issues which transcend party lines.

Department of Information,
Juba, South Sudan.

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