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Monday, Aug 03rd, 2015

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South Sudanese rebel leader arrives in Pagak amid tight security

Pagak, August 1, 2015 (SSNA) -- The leader of South Sudan’s armed opposition Dr. Riek Machar has arrived in Pagak where a third consultative meeting is expected to kick off tomorrow (Sunday).

The rebel leadership is anticipated to review, accept, amend,or reject IGAD-Plus’s proposed compromise peace agreement before Machar can sign or cast off the deal.

Before Dr. Machar arrived, security was at the highest; all roads leading to Pagak were blocked. Only UN, NGOs, and rebel government officials were allowed to use their cars.

The South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) has learned that Machar will have to really work hard to convince some of his military Generals who don’t want Salva Kiir to remain as the president under any deal.

Dr. Machar was welcomed by Military Governors, Generals, and civilians.

US loses ‘patience’ over South Sudan’s civil war

Juba, July 30, 2015 (SSNA) -- The United States’s Special Envoy to South Sudan, Donald Booth, on Thursday delivered a strong message to South Sudanese government saying the US has “run out of patience” over nearly two year old conflict, adding that regional leaders and the international community also run out of patience.

The message comes more than two weeks before the 17th of August peace talk’s dateline, and less than a week after US President called on South Sudanese rivals to “put their country first.”

Booth made it clear to the South Sudan’s warring factions that the US cannot keep supporting peace talks that have no end.

“I want to be very clear with you all: the patience of my country, of the region and of the other international partners has run out. Too many lives have been lost, too many millions of South Sudanese have been displaced and too many are at the verge of starvation and facing homelessness. The talks can't continue without end,” Booth told reporters in Juba.

“This situation can't go on any longer,” he added.

It is not clear what the US is intended to do if South Sudan's rival leaders failed to strike a peace deal by the proposed dateline.

IGAD-mediated peace talks collapsed in early March after South Sudanese warring groups failed to agree on power-sharing deal, security arrangements, among others.

Most South Sudanese believe that the US which engineered South Sudan independence from Khartoum’s regime, has not been vocal enough during the preceding peace negotiations.

Fighting broke out in December 2013 between different units of presidential guards after months of serious political skirmish between senior leaders of the ruling SPLM party.

At least two million South Sudanese fled their homes, hundreds of thousands fled to the neighboring countries, and tens of thousands of people have been killed, according to latest United Nations (UN) report.

South Sudanese rebel leader calls on his rival to resign, warns of uprising

Nairobi, July 8, 2015 (SSNA) -- The leader of South Sudan’s rebels on Wednesday issued a stern warning to South Sudanese President Salva Kiir, saying, Kiir must either resign by mid-night Wednesday or the rebel forces with help from civilians will remove him from power.

The call comes hours before Kiir’s current presidential term ends today at Mid-night (South Sudan local time).

“The SPLM [In Opposition] would therefore like to categorically declare the government of Salva Kiir, the National Legislature and the State Government and the State Legislative Assemblies as unconstitutional and illegitimate as of midnight of July 8, 2015. The SPLM/SPLA appeals to President Salva Kiir to resign from office and dissolve his entire government,” Dr. Machar told reporters in Nairobi.

Machar, who announced the warning in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, said Kiir is not for peace and that Juba has violated previous peace agreements even before they were signed.

“We don't feel like we have a peace partner with Salva Kiir,” he said

“Should President Kiir remain adamant and refuse to hand over power back to the people, then the citizens have every right to rise up and overthrow his regime,” Machar warned.

In his speech, Dr. Machar repeatedly warned that if Kiir remains the president, refuses to leave the presidency to give the people of South Sudan a chance to choose their leaders through elections, then the armed opposition will use its military might to topple him, adding that the citizens of the violence-wracked nation are feed-up with kiir’s one-man rule.

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