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Is it Cowardliness or Orphanage of South Sudan, or is the President Suffering from Coup-Amnesia?

By Gabrial Pager Ajang

April 30, 2014 (SSNA) -- If there is anything that I have learned about Juba government, it is that government is run by COWARD. And if you are a coward, Mr. President Politics isn't for you. Our government had no confident at its core leadership and that continues to exacerbate panic and anxiety in its executive. The president has accused Oyai Deng Ajak one time, Majak D’Agoot Atem six times and Mac Paul one time of coup d’état, and when facts were examined, there were no evidences that supported allege allegation. This fear is caused by insecure people who run their mouths in the government and who do not know what exactly they are talking about. It is done by members that were rejected by Dr. John Garang during liberation struggles.

I think cowardliness is increased by people who are determined to destroy South Sudan or people who do not know how to help run the national government. They feed Kiir with nonsenses. They have told kiir that “solution to South Sudan’s problem should not be imported.” Well, what can we do when our government does not trust anyone to solve its problems? The South Sudanese government do not trust (USA, UK, Norway for instance) countries that helps South Sudan to gain its independence. And the people are faced with immense problems and challenges. This government of South Sudan had made mistakes after mistakes, and creates problems after problems. With these evidences, can this government of South Sudan bring peace to her country without help from foreign countries? And who will solve our problems, when the government rejected diverse opinions of our citizens?

However, President must be a person that holds up core principle of leadership and basic standards of governance, and stops pays attention to criticism because it distracts you from delivery of services to nation and solving grave problems that are facing our nation. I think the president should be real president of South Sudan, and starts denouncing this empty rhetoric from cabinet ministers. These ministers that threaten former political detainees are entrenched in their failures and wallowing in desperations.

They have threatened to rearrest former political detainees if they continue talking, and run their mouths. Besides, gets this logic, political detainees were arrested because of their talking, and the Special Court found now sufficient evidences that support attempted coup, and the government knew it was losing a case. Therefore the president order the minister for justice to breach judicial proceeding, and prisoners were released. Now, these freed prisoners are told by minister for information that claims to have a law degree that he will arrest them if they continue talking. I will not dig down cabinet resumes but this abhorrence speech warrants attention!!!

I think the former political detainees can be granted the civic life of democracy by participating in interviews, movements, and building bonds of trust among citizens, and by participating in the political process that fuels form of good government that could serve its citizens betters.

To conclude this paper, based on the records of the liberation struggles, Tilar Ring, Makuei Lueth, Aleu anyieny cannot question patriotism of Pagan Amum, Oyai Deng Ajak, Maja D’Agoot Atem, and Deng Alor Kuol. It is that clear and simple. Former political detainees are threatened because South Sudan is an orphan, and the country is run by the dead president. The president is morally dead, if he is alive, than he must reverse course and looks for peaceful sequential political resolutions to problems.

Gabrial Pager Ajang teaches political Science and History at Career College, former Nebraska legislative assistance and passionate advocates of responsive government that observes rules of laws, and guarantees citizens protection; as an important principle of democratic government. Besides, he is specialized in Public administrations and policy. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Bor community has to recourse its stance from Kiir’s government

By Butrus Ajak

April 28, 2014 (SSNA) -- The baseless rhetoric getting strewed on the net that Bor community is being set up by ‘Bor officials’ is rubbish and unfounded. I will not prevaricate, but get down to business. The truth is, Juba’s government bears blame for setting up Bor community and leave it to her own fate.

Bor community was, and still is made the Biblical sacrificial lambfor Republic of South Sudan (RSS) regardless of heraltruistic and animatedly supportfor the government.In the year 91,political disagreement within the SPLA/M took a tribal dimension, several generations of Bor people, about ¾ of its population to be exact were slain helplessly.Notwithstanding, the political fallout had nothing to do with Bor people. Arguably, Bhar-el-gazal people have different views on Bor people.

I had had numerous heated deliberations at Footscray social gathering place with Bhar-el-gazal boys and all they said, was: “THAAN COL BOR, THAAN YE ARIOC, A PAN DEN PAL NUER KU BEER”Direct translation of this clause reads: ‘Bor community is coward community, it has left its territory to Nuer and Beer’. In addition, Muoranyar Maker, a rebel oriented Bhar-el-gazal gentleman I met on social network (Facebook)shared the same idea and the following are pukes he spewed about Bor community!

“You guys (Bor Community) seem strong and aggressive on the web when your beloved community repeatedly risks undergoing major serious image distortion. You need this aggression beyond website boundaries and face your real enemy. You need to depend your homeland, at least to assure your ‘mothers their labour is never went in vain’. What is the acceptable justification do you give by having your populations protected elsewhere” Writes Muoranyar. 

This paper is informed by this outrageous nomenclatureBhar-elgazal boys have on Bor community. As Bor son, I set out to write and challenge this misleading and groundless fustian. Bor community is never coward, keep reading!

In the year 1991 Riek’s forces invaded Bor and uprooted civilians and occupied all towns right to Mangala in Central Equatoria. The situation reigned out of control, all the SPLA commanders were there and no one dared to face Riek’s forces. In fact most were even busy crossing borders to Uganda or Kenya. The SPLA/M Torit faction soldiers were demoralised as no one determined to take a lead. Son of Bor community,commander Lazarus Kuol Manyang restored hope. He stood tall and did what a man could do in such dire situation. He sent out an order that asked all Bor soldiers and able bodies to report to his station urgently. In his opening speech he said: “We got to fight Riek’s marauders with will all our hearts and might, and that nobody should look back once in frontline or else, he would be that should remain back and leave the men to do the fight”.

Gen. Kuol led the fight, flanked by another Bor’s son commander Bior Ajang and our UppernileDinka brother commander late George Athor Deng. Riek’s forces didn’t stand a chance. Actually, what happened then is a history and could be explained best by Riek and BolKoang and the remnants of White Army in that particular showdown. Riek’s forces were culled by Bor community to only rise again in 2013,that Gen. Kuol has gotten old see how this fight is being fought as of now.

If this is not bravery, what is it then? How would our mothers (Bor community mothers) who bore such sons be sorry for bearing soldiers of this splendid? 

Juba’s government is to blame for Bor destruction and mass displacement in the following ways:

In 2013 &2014 respectively, Bor Community is caught up impromptu again. President SalvaKiirMayardit being an autochthonous Dinka of Bhar-el-gazal went into political gridlock with his then deputy Dr.RiekMachar, a Nuer native. The political deadlock deepened and on that vendetta and fateful night of Dec, 15, 2013 hell got loose.Nuer civilians were reported by independent actors such as UNIMISS and Right groups that,Nuerwere targeted and killed. This targeted killing was executed by presidential guard, infamously known as Tiger, and Tiger is populated by only DinkaBhar-el-gazal, specifically where president hails. Bor Community was never part of what happened.

Leadership stoush went on for several days in Juba until Riekslipped out of Juba. He rushed to his homeland and mobilised his year 91 militia known as White Army and Bor was invaded for the second time. About 5,000 or sowere killed, and several thousands displaced.Awkwardly, president Kiir has not upto now uttered a word of condolence to the victims of his bad leadership!

From the look of political things, it is crystal clear Juba’s government had an organised sinister plan about Bor community. Juba’s government installed Peter GatdetYaka, a top-class terrorist and political prostitute as headof division eight right in the midst of Dinka Bor.

And according to reliable sources, it is clear Gatdetwas deliberately brought to spy and silence Bor Community on suspicion that Bor yearned to take Garang’s leadership back anytime if not given a close guard.

The same government disarmed Bor community more than twice making the communitymuch more susceptible to her lawless neighbours who remained armed to the brim as I write.

Third, gov’t failed to aptly come for community’s rescue when Gen. GatdetYaka killed Gen. Ajak Yen and drove to Bor-town with armoured mounted vehicles shooting indiscriminately at anyone they saw in Bor-town.Juba’s gov’t failed again to militarily flank the enemy and take the war to Nuerland.

Instead at the time Bor was captured president Kiirordered Borcommunity generals both retired and active to go and liberate their town, forgetting the marauders are coming for his head, and seat. Majestically, Bor sons volunteered their souls to protect Kiir’s leadership, though general Jongroor and Chol didn’t make it back to Juba,this is what we in Bor call heroism! They have fallen decently. Even Bor sons who went for a visit from US, Australia and Canada never abstained to join; amongst them are Mac Achuek Mac (RIP), who left his young family in Australia and AkechMakueiDiing (RIP) left his young family in Canada. They took part in war and lost their souls depending elected leadership from being forcefully taken by force.This is what bravery isMuoranyar!All these forfeitswere happening at watchful eyes of Bhar-el-gazalsons and yet they remain denial to give credit where it belongs.Well, Bor got to claim it by themselves.

But questions remain, how would Juba’s government initiated war becomeBorcommunity war? How would Muoranyarand his community boys miss this glaring fact that the war started by Kiir and Riek and if they were to own it, then it is for Bhar-el-gazal and Nuer? I took this upon myself because Muoranayarand his boys avowal was never an isolated one, they have repeatedly been saying it and other communities have adopted it too, that Bor is coward. It is a white and flaccid lie. Bor is never coward and this position can be attested by those who shared war trenches with Borsoldiers including SalvaKiir. During those tough years, it was common prevalence when war loomed,lotsof officers from Bhar-el-gazalfelt sick and fighting could be postponed or assigned to some officers.Bor officerswere never of this sort.Such fearless Bor commanders dead and the living are as follows:

Commander Majok Mac Aluong (RIP), commander AnyaarApiu (RIP), commander Alier-wala (RIP), commander GeuAtherkuei (RIP), commander Deng Kudum (RIP), commander MadingKudum (RIP) these are brothers, commander Abraham Jongroor (RIP),comrade MakuacAjoot (RIP), commander Deng Aguang (RIP),commander Makor Lual (RIP), commander AwanChol Lual (RIP),commander AkoiMakethDeu (RIP),commander MayenAkuak (RIP), commander MajokAyom (RIP), commander JokReng (RIP),commander Arok Thon (RIP), commander George Gai Garang (RIP), commander Deng Leek Deng (RIP), commander Deng-akutnhom (RIP), commander AyuenMabior (RIP), commander Bior Ajang, commander Kuol Manyang, commander Peter WalAthiu, commander Gabriel JokRiak, commander Wilson Amoc-Arab aka Deng Kuoirot, commander Deng GarangBeny, commander WuorMabior, commander MawutWuoi, commander AtemManyokMabior, commander Mayen Deng Lual (Mayen-adit), commander MajakAgoot, commander MalualAyom, commander Muhammad Sadiq aka PiliphAwuou Leek, commander JokAriing, commander Maker Thiong, commander NyangJook, commander AkechLoi, commander Garang NgangAbui, commander ManyangAgook, commander MathiangAluong, commander MalonyAkau, commander AlierNhial, commander AtemAguangand list goes on. It is worth noting these were only officers and Bor foot soldiers were countless.

If coward is what Bor is,the above gentlemen could have never made names in the revolution history. Second, if Bor is that low, why was it vitally pertinent one of her own was rushed in at catch 22 period, at the moment SPLA/SPLM scaffoldings were failing apart? This alone dictates Bor is not what Muoranyarand his boys want their readers and listeners to believe. Belief it or not, Bor Community is a linchpin of Kiir’s government and any other government that will come.

If this is not bravery, what is it then? How would our mothers (Bor community mothers) who bore such selfless sons be sorry for bearing soldiers of this calibre? 

I am making all these points to empathise our mothers have actually given birth to heroes and not the other way around. Just assume Bor community was fighting to liberate Bortown from Jallaba, the aforementioned heroes would have not fallen in the way they did. In fact, most of them fell liberating your towns. If anything, Bor community have contributed more than its population, this in turn says much more about Bor community’s bravery. If we were to fight Murle or even the entire Nuer in the way we took the revolution war up on ourselves, I tell you we would be in better position to secure and protect our territorial borders from any external aggression. There are a lot more pretty good evidences to suggest these men were a cut above the average soldiers.

Message to Bor leaders at home, and abroad.

First thing first, Bor community has to separate powers. Monopoly of powers has destroyed our community and this has to stop forthwith. I understand those of Justice MakueiLueth, Deng Dau and RueiPuot are doubling up, as politicians and community representatives. This takes away community interest. Politicians are politicians and community has to be led by community representatives not politicians. Community representatives are people who will present common people interest.

Tough time calls for decisive action, this is to say Bor Community survivability has to be approached with foresight prudence and I think politicians have done all they could do and community is crumbling down. This is a ticklish moment, Bor Community has to recourse its political stance from Kiir’s government, this requires join forces from community representatives, youth leaders and politicians. This community cannot have it both ways, standing for a government and at the same time being labelled names by the same government it respects and protects. Bor community is being scornfully mocked as if the war was of herown. It doesn’t have to be this way!

I know Bor community can be mocked because it has no numbers, but I am very sure we can swing, and bolster any elections results.For this, I am calling on our young leaders to act, especially our young leaders in the person of Madol Chie Anyang, the Bor Youth Leader in Australia, Deng LuethMayomAyiik, the Bor youth leader in USA, and those at home.

I suggest you really burry our differences deep and let’s start sending delegates home for sensitization and consultation with our people. Let’s consolidate and solidify our conformity as this will assist in denying our opportunists within and outside the wherewithal to downtrodden Bor community vulnerability.  

Nuer, Murle and Dinka Bor community have lived with vengeance against each other, particularly cattle rustling and no community has ever disposed each other. What is it this time?Juba’s government has invisible hand in Uppernile’s predicament. Thanks Deng Lueth, I came across your following witty call for Bor community.

“Dear Greater Bor People, by now, each and every one of you should have a very clear understanding of this conflict in South Sudan. It has affected us beyond description. However, we must remain resilient and do what spares our love ones who are still alive and the future of our community and country. Therefore, we must understand that:- We are part of Upper Nile region not Bar-el-ghazal region – Lou/GaweerNuer are our neighbors; we cannot scoop our land in Jonglei and move it elsewhere for safety. We must, together with all communities in Jonglei, find ways to peacefully co-exist together.SalvaKiir government does not care about Bor communities – chronic insecurity in Jonglei prior to the conflict and government was not doing enough to fight it”

Good on ya comrade Deng Lueth. Precisely, what you have narrated is exactly what it is; all you need is to take it to another level. Boryouth leaders in diaspora have to have a task to dialogue with Nuerleadership and find some commons ground for our communities. It is time our people understand these egoistic politicians have, and are continuing destroying our communities. It is we the common men who are hit the hardest. Leadership can never be obtained through aggression or killing people so as to stay or usurp power. 

In recap, Bor community survivability lies in her hand. Old politicians are not helping the escalating situation. I suggest Bor youth leaders take a lead and implement change, or else the ripple effects of this political strategy will be the nail in the coffin of Bor community. More and more mass migration is yet to come. This is a world of allies and this community cannot afford to have allies who never care about its existence. It was understandable when this community suffered because of Garang’s leadership in 90s, how about now?

Bhar-el-gazal community needs to know you can’t have two at the same time.If you choose to stay put to power, you got to depend it then. Cowards is when you have four states at the time of budget allocation and have those who can’t persistently depend the gov’t when war strikes. It is about time Ngok Lual Yak community and Bor community can never accommodate Bhar-el-gazalmess anymore.

Finally, by the look of shambolic politics in RSS, especially this loosely talk without ethics both in media and on the street, it is obvious citizens of congruent feeling with me will feel ashamed for doing everything they can to make sure the elected government stays in power until its tenure elapse.

Butrus Ajak is a health professional who resides and works in Australia. He holds MPH, MHP &BBus from various universities in Australia.

The New Chapter on the Journey to Peace

By Abraham Deng Lueth, B.S. and MPA


April 26, 2014 (SSNA) -- Our nation has been put to test by the devastating conflict that is ripping the country apart. To go direct to the point, I want to begin by thanking President Kiir Mayardit for releasing the four political detainees today. Deep in my heart, I knew that President Kiir was not the cause of their detention and throwing of our country into the mess we are in today.

However, because he is the leader and had his best chance of rejecting the bad deeds that were planned and executed against our people, he fully bears the yoke of who to blame. His great courage (which was way overdue) to releasing the G4 has a saving factor for our nation.

The crowd that stormed the court room and its compound earlier today comes from all works of life in South Sudan. The people who cheerfully lifted up on their shoulders some members of the G4 did not just hail from their respective communities but from all walks of life in South Sudan.

If there was a doubt in any South Sudan government official’s mind that the citizens were losing it day by day, then it must have been cleared today. South Sudanese people know that the government was deadly wrong to put these people in prison. The people of South Sudan know that there was no coup.

Dear fellow citizens, we cannot change the past but we can surely shape our present and future. The war in South Sudan must end. To end it, all South Sudanese must learn the following songs and they must be the only ones that we all sing.

Ending of the crisis

It is imperative that the crisis be ended immediately. The words of Pagan Amum today sent a very moving spirits across all sorts of waves in the conflict. It was a message of peace and it was indicative of what him and his colleagues could have done if they were released during the early days of the conflict. President has set his foot on the right path and he must continue to push for ways to resolve the conflict. Dr. Machar, on the other, must also mimic what Juba did today. He must put down his guns. The sounds of guns must be silenced. We want to hear only war of words and eventually, soothing words.

The political detainees, the G4 and G7, will have very critical roles to play in this process. They are the bridge or liaison between the government and rebels. The government, rebels and all people of the world must use them wisely to help successfully bridge the two warring parties.

Last but not least, South Sudanese people must be awaken and actively involved in the process of ending this crisis by holding people accountable who make the process of successful cessation of hostilities impossible.

Military families (any family with a son or sons fighting in the frontline of this senseless war) must organize and start taking charge of their own children’s lives by holding accountable leaders who are sending them to harm ways on both sides.

All other South Sudanese civil society organizations must start to organize rallies for peace and sensitize our people around peace, unity and truth and reconciliation. I don't mean that they rally and sing President Kiir's name like the previous, irresponsible, rallies but to call on both Kiir and Riek to stop the war and sit down and talk.

Truth, peace and reconciliation among our people

The process of truth and reconciliation must begin now. It starts with recognizing what was done wrong by both sides and focusing on what can be done right moving forward from this point now. Therefore, both sides must send people to the peace talks, who are willing to say to each other, yes, that was done wrong by my party and we are willing to change things for the better and vice versa.

The manhood or bravery that is being portrayed by people on both sides of the conflict is primitive and cannot help the nation of South Sudan to recover. The momentum that the release of the G4 set in today must not be misused. The language of peace must be what is sung by all people and institutions. The rhetoric of beating up more war or intensification of war is uncalled for.

Therefore, both President Kiir and Dr. Machar must instruct their military leaders to slow down military operations and give dialogues in Addis Ababa a chance. The two leaders must know that there is no military solution to this conflict. They must know that when they send their forces to fight each other in the name of defeating each other, they are not fighting each other, individually, but rather, making those armies fight each other! More military operations are just simply meant to destroy our resources and loss our precious lives of the armies on both sides and civilians.

Unity of our people

The need to unite our people is urgent. The nation is polarized communally and regionally. This is a very dangerous situation that must be corrected very soon. There should be no marginalization of any people or region in this country. Doing that defeats the very purpose of fighting the Arabs in the first wars. Pumping chests up and calling or boosting about how one group of people is historic, brave, own the government, peace-loving and etc is an act of primitiveness and backwardness. We must be all proud of our country and be united by our citizenship.

If the president feels that no one else can protect him better or fight the war better other than having to put in place of power his Dinka tribe men, then that is a very bad sign. The latest appointment of Malong Awan and Marial Nuor are welcomed with mix feelings and the South Sudanese people must monitor the behaviors of these individuals and the institutions they will lead. It is my hope that they will work hard to prove that they were not appointed to protect a man and a leadership but to work for the nation and its people.

Abraham Deng Lueth is a Community Support Specialist at Truman Behavioral health Emergency Department in Kansas City, Missouri, United States; he is the President of Greater Bor Community-USA. He previously worked as a critical care laboratory technician and conducted an independent undergraduate biomedical research project which was published in the Plant Science Journal in 2007.

Disclaimer: The information in this article reflects that of the author and does not represent any organization that he is leading.

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