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Salva Kiir dug his own grave and it is our mutual duty to bury him

By Chol Awek Wek

February 6, 2014 (SSNA) -- It has been nasty and fretting Chrismas and New Year ever for the young and fragile nation to taste following the well planed genocide against Nuer civilians on 15/12/2103 in Juba by Kiir and his associates. The incident came after a failed plan to disarmed Nuer soldiers deployed as Presidential guards at Jabel barrack in Juba and later fabricated and manipulated by Kiir to implicate his political rivals calling it a coup attempted.

Others views this as tit for tat method used by Kiir associates to eliminate Nuer tribes in revenge of 1991 Bor incident which Salva Kiir has got no business about it, others believed this as work of disgruntle politicians who are vying for position and took advantages of this as political survival under regime of Kiir. Not forgetting others regional allies such as Museveni and Kenyatta who played deadly hand ball in this game by contributing financially and logistically in support of dictatorial regime lead by Kiir to favour the way for their personally interest/benefit in South Sudan not the regional interest as Museveni claimed for. The conflict was designed purposely to assassinated Dr Machar as person and as well as his kinsmen by Kiir masterminded by Museveni to block any democratic change in the region. The move couldn’t surprise anyone as the matter of fact that, dictator Museveni turns to be black horse in East Africa and prosecutor the same time eliminating any good fruit leader with the heart of uniting Africa and introduce rule of law and democratic system.

Unfortunately, the conflict didn’t goes as per their expectation and couldn’t distinguished the target instead implicating the incumbent president as the proverb said” what goes up come down” with the fact that, Kiir and his associates have narrowed their minds to Dr Machar tribes as the only an obstacle to their business which they lastly realized when it’s too late for them to refrain. It’s a surprised to every human being to believe that, the massacre was masterminded by Museveni because of his personal gain and implemented by Kuol Manyang Juuk the defence minister who is not fresh from school, but well aware of the past and the consequences of this war which will absolutely be put upon the incumbent. According to UN report on South Sudan conflict, over 7500 innocent civilians were murdered in cool blood under the leadership of Dictator Salva Kiir Mayardit in Juba and 289 cases of sexual abuses/rapes mostly in government control areas excluding rebel control areas. Other independent report indicated that, Ugandan soldiers hired by Salva Kiir to committed these atrocities were single out to be the most culprits in many government control areas especially in big town such as Malakal, Bor and Bentiu where hundreds of thousand innocent Nuer seek refuge in UNMISS camps.

With all these crimes exerted by social corruption committed by Salva Kiir regime in Juba, the matter seem to have sent clear signal to the whole nation as well as international community to pay good attention and record right from day one to the last day and hold those with the conspiracies in this mess responsible including Kuol Manyang and Information Minister Makuei Lueth who happened to be the driving wheel in Kiir cabinets. Although Kiir as a person may insist by fabricating the matter calling it a coup attempted not knowing that, he has dug his own grave and others folks waiting with wide smile as it is their mutual duty to bury him. South Sudan is bigger than individual interest, hence the culprits will regret and wish if they were to predict the future (fool think that way) and refrain the first.

The author is concern South Sudanese living in Capital Juba and can be reaching through his This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Kiir shouldn’t be deceived by Nuer disgruntled Politicians

By Chol Awek Wek

February 6, 2014 (SSNA) -- It is exactly One month following the massive Nuer massacre best known as black month for Dinka militias loyal to Salva Kiir to celebrate and calling it holy month and enjoy full chrismas mark by plenty of slaughtered Nuer corpse displayed all over Juba street, while their opponent mainly relative and well wishers are mourning for the love once murdered at the cool blood in Juba. Kiir declared night curfew after the lull of 24 hours to favour way for his militias to collect all the corpse of innocent Nuer civilian mainly women and children and thrown them into river with the sense that, his secret will not be disclose to avoid further investigation and accusation of killing base of ethnicity.

It is more worse than ever and complicated, when digging the secret behind this killing whereby disgruntled Nuer politicians who have lost the ground and no longer being trust by entire Nuer in their respective constituencies because one or another tend to be the keys figures behind this mess for this period. These include Dr Riek Gai, James Kok Ruea, Nyadak Paul and Dr Nguen Manytuil who claims to be more popular than Dr Machar in Nuer land. It is well known to everyone that, it wasn’t President Kiir plan to carry out such a cowardice act as President Kiir is always characterise by his braveness and patriotism.

It has given Machar more chances and credit to defeat all these betrayers in Nuer land and none of them will gain momentum as far as the politic is concern. One might insist and keep fire burning for his/her survivors not necessarily the right person to walk with as the matter of fact that, some politicians like Barnabas Marial and John Kong are like flag following wind direction and careful of their daily meal. But others always disagreed with me on the issue of Marial discriminating him and calling him fox hunting for food which I do agreed in some points.

I do feel like sharing my thought with any Kiir closer friend who has idea on how President feels right now to those who deceived him?? Was it emotional decision from President to remove powerful vice President or he was under influent of any substance?? Was it intend plan for President to waste our resources, buying a lot of weapon, hiring Ugandan air force to fight on behalf of national army when he was the causative agent??

All these mess are masterminding by some individual and they should carry on their own cross not Salva Kiir as they thought. They are accountable and they must pay for it.

The author is South Sudanese living Juba and can be reaching by sending email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Insanity of this war is mistaken by South Sudanese

By Chol Wek Wek

February 6, 2014 (SSNA) -- After the lull of 12 days house to house killing against Nuer tribe in Juba by militia mainly from Salva Kiir Tribe (Dinka), my neighbours who happen to be mainly from greater Equotoria start asking me some silly question such as; why are you fighting King Salva Kiir Mayardit?? And others start laughing at me and the corpse lying all over the streets of juba mostly Meyer Sava best known as 107, Jabel Suk and Gudelle where thousands of Nuer were murdered in cool blood by their cousin Dinka who were armed by Salva Kiir and his groups to carry out this Barbaric act.

It wasn’t my own making nor the deceases I said to them; But South Sudan is not ready and will not and never be the kingdom of Dinka or rule by king no matter what. Others continue asking me, do you think you will defeat them? Why is it only Nuer taking that risk? Why don’t we leave the power to Dinka since they are the only men in South Sudan?

Nuer as a tribe have sacrificed their blood to save the life of million South Sudanese from the hand of Dinka who claims to rule South Sudan for fifty years under SPLM and other fifty years under any party building the kingdom of Jieng. This is not the first or second time for us to opposed their rubbish mentality and ideology which they lastly realized and result today as genocide against Nuer in Juba. This is the right time for all South Sudanese to correct the mentality of guerrilla which one tribe claimed to have liberated the Country. Today Dinka are fabricating to international against Nuer pouching all unnecessary evident diverting the reality on ground and calling it coup attempt, but tomorrow the same thing will be apply to whoever wants the change.

Ugandan too, have contributed tirelessly in this genocide by providing logistical support to Kiir Militia including military tanks, Gunship and F15 to terrorist Nuer civilian who are seen carrying western mentality for democratic. Minister of information Mr Makuei Lueth was quote saying Nuer must leave South Sudan in SSTV which was my surprise of such statement release by national figure in public. Another Ugandan businessman was telling me, if Nuer as a tribe doesn’t cooperate with Dinka then, Ugandan will facilitate Jieng smuggling of guns to Uganda to do the same thing in Kampala. Dear readers, what is the connection between South Sudan affairs and Maseveni interest?? To me and my colleagues who share this assay with me, conclude that, the insanity of this war was mistaken by many South Sudanese calling it Nuer and Dinka and others call it coup attempt by Dr Riek Machar. This war is to liberate this Country from what so call Jieng corrupt Kingdom.

I also appeal to the international community who are siding with propagandas and fabrication of Kiir and his group calling this a coup attempt without any prove and continues killing Nuer civilian in Juba and others government control areas to date to reversed their mindset and give pressure to Kiir to stop feeding Nuer with dead bodies of Nuer victim in Juba. Turning blind eyes to this genocide committed by Kiir and his Dinka fellows will take this Country into civil war.

The author of this article is the concern citizen living in Juba South Sudan and can be reaching at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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