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Brig. General Gatwech Puoch Mar’s statement on his defection

Press release
10th April 2015

Re: Joining the SPLM-IO

Addis Ababa, April 10, 2015 (SSNA) -- It is with great resolve and confidence that I am hereby declaring my intention to add my efforts to the people’s movement the SPLM/A-IO under the able leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny. This comes after a long time of trying to push for badly needed reforms from within the country. I realized that this is not leading anywhere.

Under the current dictatorial regime in Juba, the country is facing a catastrophic leadership paralysis. This regime no longer represents the interest of the vast majority of the people of South Sudan who are longing for an inclusive process to enhance good governance, democracy, equality, justice, accountability, transparency, freedom of speech and association and wider reforms on constitution, judicial, electoral, security, economic and land sectors.

I am appealing to the people of South Sudan to rise up and reject in totality a dictatorial Regime that has totally run out of ideas to meet the aspiration and the basic needs of the long suffering people of South Sudan. I appeal to you not to settle for a regime that has become morally bankrupt, desperate and visionless and willing to cling on to power at any cost.

The gross mismanagement of the affairs of the country of 64 Nationalities can [no] longer be carried out in the name of Dinka Nationality or in the name of Bhar el Ghezal Region by a few political and military elites and cronies linked to Salva kiir’s inner circle.

The current state of affairs in the country is shameful to any proud citizen of South Sudan and it must brought to an end by all means necessary.

The SPLM/A-IO is the best vehicle currently at the disposal of our people for which we can expeditiously arrive at a free and democratic country. Let us join hands in backing the people’s movement (SPLM/A-IO) so that we promptly establish a free Federal and Democratic Nation that respects and protects the rights of all its citizens regardless of their ethnicity, religion or gender.

Nuer Community Nebraska Chapter to hold a meeting rally with the delegation of Nuer Council of Elders tomorrow


Dear Nuer Community members in Good Live/Omaha/Nebraska,

Omaha, April 10, 2015 (SSNA) -- This is to notify all of you that the local Nuer Community in Omaha will hold meeting rallies with the delegation of Nuer Council of Elders this coming Saturday as stated above. This will be an opportunity for each and every one of you especially those who didn’t make it to the convention to ask questions as you wish and to personally talk to the delegations. They are well equipped with all information concerning the current political crisis in South Sudan. Therefore, we are encouraging everybody to attend this rally to boost the morale of our community.

WHEN: Saturday, 04/11/15
TIME: 12:30PM
WHERE: Venue: 10710 Corby Circle, Omaha, NE, 68164

Arrival time in Omaha will be [this] Friday evening

The delegation comprises of:

1. Rev. Hon. Mathiang Deng- Head Delegation
2. Legal Advisor Hon. Juestice Yien Wutroal Lam
3. Representative to Rwanda Hon. Bol Gatkuoth

For any question, please feel free to contact:

Pastor Simon Hoth Chuot - 402-452-7848 and
Peter Jal Yual - 402-203-5950


Mrs. Nyanguok Gatlou Riek –NCDS president
(515) 771-3560
Mr. David Wangkor Machar-NCDS vice president
(320) 237-1646
Mun Nam Koak-NCA&CMC chair
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
(515) 402-8292
Thabor Deng Ding-NCA&CMC secretary
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
(515) 771-8054

SPLM-in Opposition in the United States condemns parliamentary move to extend president Kiir’s term

United States, March 25, 2015 (SSNA) -- The SPLM/A-[in Opposition] Mission to the United States of America condemns in the strongest terms possible the recent passing of the bill by the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) on the 24th of April, 2015 that amended the 2011 transitional constitution of South Sudan and extended the term of office for the embattled, genocidal and anarchist president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, for three more years until July 9, 2018, while his current atrocious term in office is coming to an end on July 9th of this year.

The SPLM/A further decry this unjust and illegal move by the disgraceful parliament to extend its sitting term, and that of a bloody dictator who has brought more death and destruction to his people; without regard to prioritize peacemaking as a foremost objective to bring the country back to normalcy.

This unfortunate measure has further validated the popular belief of the masses that the current parliament is weak and subservient to the clueless leader. In essence, this parliament has betrayed the entire people of South Sudan by aiding Salva Kiir to remain as president of the country beyond the constitutionally stipulated time frame. And by enacting this unpatriotic amendment to the constitution, this parliament could share the culpability of the crimes committed, and future crimes that will be committed by this fascist under this bill.

Therefore, The SPLM/A calls on the people of South Sudan to reject and continue to resist this irresponsible act that has the potential to protract the current civil war to the detriment of the ordinary people of South Sudan, who do not deserve to suffer any longer under this president of doom.

We call on IGAD, AU, EU, the UN, and the USA, as well as, the whole international community to amount pressure on the government of South Sudan to prioritize peace instead of its militaristic tendencies that are bound to further plunge the country into the abyss.

The SPLM/A wishes to assure its supporters and the entire people of South Sudan that it will leave no stone unturned in its quest for a genuine peace in the country, and to rest-assured that the SPLM/A would not abandon them to dictatorship and want on misrule.

Signed by:

Directorate of Information
The SPLM Mission Office, USA

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