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Tuesday, Aug 04th, 2015

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South Sudan Artists’ Association in Ethiopia to launch peace concert in Akobo next week

Addis Ababa, July 28, 2015 (SSNA) -- The office of south Sudan Artists Association in Ethiopia (SSAAE) is hereby announcing to the public that it will be launching peace concert next week in Akobo.

Akobo is adjacent to the Ethiopian border and it is one of the most peaceful counties in the rebel control areas and is inhabited by majority of IDPs who were displaced by the conflict in Bor, Malakal and Unity State.

Paul Ruot Bayoch (AKA - Paul B), the secretary of the association revealed that the event is being organized in concert with the currently established Indigenous Knowledge Center (IKC) in Akobo to boost citizens morale in their quest for peace.

“As we’re hoping for peace to come to the young nation in the next round of talks, its essential to boost citizens’ morale and to restore hope for peace they have lost in the past rounds of peace talks which failed to bear fruits”.

Khor Deng Jang (AKA- Khor dj), the chairman of the association is urging all the warring parties to put the interest of the nation first and negotiate in good faith in the next round of peace talks to be held next week in Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

“I am hereby sending clear message to the warring parties. We want peace, no for war. We need peace to come to south south this time. Enough is enough. You put the interest of the nation first. We’re for peace and we want you to negotiate in good faith. Peace is what we long for and we need it right now!.”

BulBul Dojiok (AKA- LTD), the deputy chairman of the association is urging the international community to exert more pressure on warring parties.

“We, citizens of south Sudan, almost lose hope on international community; we’re finishing ourselves in your watch. You’ve never taken any tough action which can pressure both warring parties to sign peace agreement. Rather, you opted for targeting sanctions which shall never bring any tangible result. Stop barking like a toothless dog. We’re tired of you. We want you to fully pledge to make sure that this agreement is signed”.

Chuol Yien, one of the organizing team and member of the Indigenous Knowledge Center (IKC) said the peace concert will be used as the official launching ceremony for the IKC.

The invitation is extended to international and national NGOs operating in the area, Church leaders, local authority, women association, traditional authority, trade union, Akobo Youth Association and to all residents of the county.

The ceremony will be officially opened by the commissioner of Akobo East County under the SPLM/A-IO Hon. Tut Chot Rial.

Messages of peace will be delivered and famous local artists of the area will be performing thereafter. The prominent artists invited include Paul B, Deng Maroal, Jock Badeng, Gatruop Yian and many others.

The concert will take place on Saturday, 08/August/2015 and the Venue is commissioner’s compound. Time is 1:00 PM to 6: 00 PM.

For more information, contact SSAAE's Secretary, Paul Ruot Bayoch, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Dok Community Association’s statement on Unity State atrocities

Press release
Date: 24/07/2015

Ref: Serious Atrocities Committed by the government of Salva Kiir and its Allied militias of Bul to the people of Lich state (Unity); Rubkona, Guit, Koch, Mayiandit, Leer and Payinjiar.

July 24, 2015 (SSNA) -- In the light of the above mentioned subject, we, the Dok Community Association in Sudan, do hereby condemned in the strongest term possible the SERIOUS ATROCITIES committed, which include gangs raping young girls under 15years of age, burning a human being alive (i.e. children aging between 2 to 5years and elderly citizens), abduction of children, destruction of  properties and looting of cattles, mass displacement of the people and burning of all the local villages to ashes.

Salva Kiir's government and its allied militias on the people of Unity State, during their recent intensified offensive against SPLM/A – IO in May and through June and July 2015. It is with a grieves concerns that, those SERIOUS ATROCITIES, committed are beyond human description and measures that, they are of a cowardice and barbaric in nature, that were thought not to be executed by any government or organization claiming to would have been elected by the same citizens whom it is committing barbaric acts against!

It is very unfortunate and painful that, salva Kiir's forces and its ALLIED MILITIAS of Bul, claimed to protect the civilians, yet they (Kiir's forces) are committing SERIOUS INHUMAN ACTS, for instant, gathering civilians (small children and elderly) and being ran over by a war tank, gathering young women in one hut after gang raping, and set them on fire!

Dok Community Association has recalled that, it is not the first time for these Bul militias to implement the policy of committing atrocities in the State's Southern Counties; in 1998 -1999, These Bul militias, carryout ABDUCTION OF YOUNG GIRLS AND WOMEN, BURNING ALL VILLAGES which resulted to MASS DISPLACEMENT and also LOOTING CATTLE in Southern Unity State Counties;(Koch, Leer, Mayiandit and Payinjiar).  In 2014, they committed gang raping and destruction of MSF's Health Facility, with the help of foreign mercenaries such as; JEM and SPLM – N, in Leer County.

Therefore, we, the Dok Community Association in Sudan – Khartoum, are hereby:

Urging the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, The IGAD countries except UGANDA, the AFRICAN UNION, UNMISS, UNITED NATIONS SECURITY COUNCIL, TROIKA PARTNERS, and all the NATIONALS, REGIONAL and INTERNATIONAL RIGHT GROUPS, to condemn the so called government of Republic of South Sudan under Salva Kiir whose term as president expired, and its all ALLIED MILITIAS and to investigate the crimes being committed and bring the culprits and perpetrators before a well-recognized court of law..

We also urge all the sons and daughters of Dok, in all their different political and military affiliations, to take bold decisions, either individually or as group, to condemn Salva Kiir's regime and its ALLIED MILITIAS of Bul, for the SERIOUS ATROCITIES they committed on our community and act now!

Furthermore, we as a community, from different parts of Sudan, recommend and want UNMISS to foster a civilians protection, to establish a BASE CAMP in Leer, for IDPs from Koch, Mayiandit and Leer, and another BASE CAMP in Payinjiar County.

Signd by:

Mr. Majak Dieu Gatbuok Mok
Chairman of Dok Community Association in Sudan
Bentiu, Lich State, South Sudan

SPLM-IO Youth League in Egypt to conduct the 9th of July “RED CARD RALLY”


Cairo, July 8, 2015 (SSNA) -- On behalf of the Youth League Chapter in the Arab Republic of Egypt(Cairo), the south Sudanese communities from the three greater regions of the Republic of South Sudan are ready to conduct the 9th of July RED CARD RALLY.

The chairman of the chapter comrade Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut and the General Secretary, Zechariah James Machar had conducted very many fruitful meetings with all the south Sudanese community leaders and they have invited both the local and international journalists to attend and air the rally to the global citizens.

The rally will take about three to four hours, all the leaders from the three regions of the Republic of South Sudan will be speaking in the rally, they are calling out for the president kiir, national legislative assembly members, governors and the states members of the parliament to step down because their legal legitimacy terms in their offices have constitutionally over.

Puot Tap Riak
Chapter press secretary in the office of the Youth League's Chairman

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