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South Sudan Foreign Minister Denies Drop in Oil Output

Khartoum, December 30, 2014 (SSNA) -- South Sudanese Foreign Minister Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin has denied reports that South Sudan’s oil production has dropped sharply due to the ongoing war in the country.

Marial who is now in Khartoum for an official visit to mark the 59th anniversary of Sudan’s independence was interviewed by the South Sudan in Focus and declared that the oil production has never stopped for one day.

"It's only the Unity fields where the workers were withdrawn because there was a threat of more destruction there, but the oil has been flowing.  It has never stopped for one day,” Dr. Marial told South Sudan in Focus.

“There is no fighting in the oil areas. The oil has been flowing since December 2013,” he added.

However, economists and oil experts disagree, stating that South Sudan oil production has fallen from roughly 250,000 barrels per day to 160,000 barrels per day after the war broke out, according to the United States Energy Information Administration (USEIA) website which was quoted by the Voice of America.

The government of South Sudan depends heavily on oil revenues and many regional experts warned that the young nation’s economy could collapse without warning.

The price of crude oil has plummet, forcing the government to look for ways to finance its war against the raging rebellion.

In May 2014, South Sudan borrowed $200 million from a Chinese company and delayed repayments on domestic loans, putting the young nation’s economy viability into question.

South Sudan Government Peace Talks Secrets Exposed

Juba, December 28, 2014 (SSNA) -- South Sudanese President Salva kiir Mayardiit on Sunday (South Sudan time) convened a secret national security meeting with his top government officials, the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) has learned.

Kiir and heads of his security bureaus discussed ways to deal with any resistance; the alternatives include systematic suppression of media, government critics, and opposition groups, among others.  The conference also chooses military option as the only viable mean to defeat the ongoing rebellion if rebels reject government peace offer.

The meeting, which was chaired by President Kiir, attended by senior military, intelligence, and security officials was held at J1 headquarters of the SPLA and lasted for more than four hours.

During the meeting, President Kiir talked about the importance of having a strong security agency, and quickly brought up the name of the internal security as an example.

After the gathering, a four point’s resolution was then passed.

In the declaration, the Internal Security, a branch of South Sudan’s National Intelligence must closely work with the Ministry of Interior to crash what they described as “internal dissents”.

Gen. Paul Malong Awan, the Chief of Staff of the SPLA-Juba was tasked to deal with the ongoing rebellion including any external threat. Gen. Malong is also instructed to work with few unnamed Ugandan military officers and to not sleep until the rebellion is crashed.

The resolution further disclosed that South Sudanese government will only accept peace if rebels agreed to Juba proposal and declared opposition demands unacceptable.

The national security declaration also asserted that if the anti-government forces and their political leaders reject government proposal, then, the only option is to defeat them militarily.

After the meeting was concluded, all the representatives of agencies in attendance were told by President Kiir to immediately implement the resolution, warning that any failure will not be tolerated.

SPLM-in Opposition in the United States to Hold Leadership Training Workshop Next Month

To: All SPLM US Chapters Leaders
From: SPLM-USA National Secretariat Coordination Office
December 25, 2014
Press release

Subject: SPLM Chapters’ Leadership Workshop Training

Dear SPLM States Chapters,

United States, December 25, 2014 (SSNA) -- The SPLM National Secretariat Coordination Office in United State is delighted to notify all SPLM Chapter leaders across the US that your National Secretariat Coordination Office has organized a leadership workshop training for you and your staffs. This workshop training will be held on Saturday, 31th January, 2015 in Omaha Nebraska.  

As our country is currently facing a severe leadership failure in the hand of a genocidal incompetent president, we the SPLM- Resistant Movement have to make sure we train our cadres and ourselves so that we lead the Federal Republic of South Sudan by uniting all tribes, deliver basic services and development to the people. We must bury totalitarianism, corruption and nepotism in all forms.

Every Chapter leader has to inform his/her staffs about the invitation to attend this remarkable leadership training and put it to schedule. We also invited the followings; SPLM Youths League, SPLM Women League, SSRRA Humanitarians, Religious leaders and civil society leaders.

God Bless you all and our people back home!

Sincerely Yours,

Leadership Workshop Organization Committee

1. Thabor Deng Ding – Committee Chair
2. Stephen Lam Mayang- Deputy Committee Chair
3. Othow Kur Awang- Member
4. Simon Tongyik Nguth dahel- Member
5. Makuel Wie -Member
6. Bol Dey Loal- Member
7. Thiel Kier Wuol- Member
8. David Mai Tang- Member
9. Simon Puok Dak- Member
10. Gai William Wie- Member
11. Nyaduer Girwath- Member
12. Robecca Nyakier – Member
Thabor Deng Ding, Committee Chair
SPLM National Secretariat Interim Advisor for Public Relations
Email(s): This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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