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Leaked: Panic Agendas of the Warrap Generals, Plots Against Equatorian Leadership, and Yet Again Obote Mamur

By Justin S. Kwaje

Juba, November 30, 2014 (SSNA) -- A senior army general within the government armed forces, under President Kiir revealed to South Sudan Liberty News (SSLN) correspondent, in an exclusive meeting in one of the hotels in Juba, that during a closed door session with senior army officers mainly from the President’s home state of Warrap and Bahr el Ghazal regions, during which the generals were instructed by the President to be vigilant and were directed by the President to immediately and careful plan an assassination against the national security minister Obute Mamur, as he is a heavy weight, in particular if the Equatoria region descends into rebellions as now they feared, imminent. The playbook has been seen with the Nuer rebellion!

Our informant revealed that the President is worried about the rumors of the uncovered secret military camps in Kapoeta, and now that of yet a new rebellion within Greater Equatoria.

The informant disclosed to South Sudan liberty news that Kiir’s worries stem from the fact that, the now suspected general, another heavy weight Equatorian general, Mr. Martin Kenyi is a close friend to Obote Mamur, therefore the President suspects kenyi would have not acted alone, the President alleged that Obote Mamur is the mentor of Martin Kenyi, if indeed Kenyi has defected as alleged by the government, then Mamur is implicated. As readers can recall, this is the second time this year, the warrap thugs are plotting against Mamur and SSLN is at the forefront in reporting it.

Given this government has proven beyond doubt it is blood thirst even to the point of killing women and children, we choose not to ignore any such information leaked to us by government insiders and informants!

Our source reports, during the closed door security meeting, the generals have tried to forged evidences to implicate Martin Kenyi, but the data did not add up to link him to any rebel groups, even then, they the generals are determined to patched together evidences toward elimination of Kenyi.

During the closed door meeting the President and his Warrap generals resolved as business order number one, given the growing threat of rebellions within the greater Equatoria, Mamur should immediately recruit more Dinka army faithful to bodyguard him, since at the moment, he is heavily guarded by Elite eqautorian army unit who are his longtime faithful.  The planed changed in the ranks of body guards to Dinka faithful is to make Mamur vulnerable to assassinations! The Warrap Generals are worried, that should war engulf Juba, Mamur who has surrounded himself with heavily armed Equatorians, who are also well trained with sophisticated armors, if they are not neutralized now, in the eventuality of any rebellions, they will turn their guns against Kiir.

Our informant further revealed that the same Generals under the directives of Kiir, held a secret meeting with General Johnson Juma Okot, AKA JJ Okot, another Equatorian heavy weight but Kiirs faithful and a staunch supporter, they sought him with the objective to use JJ  Okot to supply light and heavy machine guns to Acholi Panyakwara, Magwi and Agoro who are loyalist to JJ Okot, To exploit the uneasy relations between the Acholi Panyikwara and the Madi.

The primary objective is that the Acholi militia should be use to defuse any upraising in Greater Equatoria. The Acholi militia is to be paid, armed and encouraged to fight the Equatorians. They see the Acholi Panyikwara as their only loyalist in the Greater Equatoria. In this goal, while the Acholi Panyikwara fights the rest of the Equatorians, the government forces will concentrates in fighting the rebellions under the former vice President Riek Machar; this is a divide and conquered at its best.

What these Warrap generals do not realized is, it is only a handful, closely associated Panyikwara, close relatives of JJ Okot, who are favoring the Dinka because of the benefit Okot managed to amassed under Kiirs government from which he JJ Okot is the greatest beneficiary among the Panyikwara people but also perhaps the whole of Equatoria, while the rest of the Acholi has nothing to do with him and his handful Acholi group of Dinka faithful!

According to the general who asked for his identity to be concealed due to fear of his personal security and that of his family, President Kiir, in addition is very worried about the sitting governor of Central Equatoria State, Hon Clement Wani Konga. During the meeting they agreed that the SPLA should increase security surveillance around the residence of Governor Konga, to monitor his activities and movements, they also agreed to beef up security around the Governor’s house to ensured, in case of war engulfing Juba, the Governor should be the first target to stop the rebellion from expanding to Mundari land, and to create psychological warfare to other high ranking members of Equatorian in the armed forces from defecting.

Our informant also disclosed that there was a proposal to reshuffle the position of the vice President James Wani Igga with the Governor of Western Equatoria State, Hon Joseph Bakasero, in doing so, Western Equatoria will be kept in the governments camp justifying it by that James Wani is ineffective and not doing enough to recruit the Equatorians, simply because he has no influence among his people, the Equatorians, as such, the generals believe Governor Bakasero is the only influential person who will be use to convince the Equatorians including Martin Kenyi to rejoin the government.

According to our informant the debate about switching the position of Vice president ended in the air, as they could not reach an agreement, since there are Warrap generals who insist Wani Igga’s loyalty must be rewarded not tempered with, but his lack of followers and influence among Equatoria worries them, since in the case of an Equatorian rebellions, he is of no help for them.

Other agenda discussed included the position of the minister of foreign affairs, Dr. Benjamin Barnbas. Some of the generals see him as inactive and ineffective, and others suggested that he should be moved to the ministry of health while the current head of the ministry of health Dr Riak Gai to head the ministry of foreign affair.

Dr Riak Gai is seen by the generals as someone with vision and influence, if properly used by the government he, Dr.Gai will exert his influence in reaching out to many Neur. The generals sees Dr Benjamin Barnbas as someone with no influence since the Nuer do not recognized him as one of their own, given his mother is from Dinka.

Finally, our informant revealed, the generals urged the president to work hard in order to forge a peace deal with “the Nuer rebellion”, as they call it, given the now rumored “Equatorian rebellions” as they coined it, before they could link combined forces with the growing threats within the Greater Equatoria. They are keenly aware this could mean the end to their regime.

In the views of the generals, if a deal is quickly reached with “the Nuer rebellion”, then the Nuer army will be use to fight against the Equatorians whom they accused of waging a war of separations from the rest of South Sudan.

The generals further believe that if indeed the rumor of Kenyi’s rebellion is confirmed, they urged the president to launch an immediate media campaigns and project any rebellion in Equatoria as for Kokora and for break away from the rest of South Sudan in order to win the support of the Nuer, as per their views, they the Nuer have always fought for a united South Sudan and are now fighting for a Federal South Sudan.

My fellow countrymen, there you have it! As it is said, there is no smoke without fire! Again when it comes to this regime, we rather let you be the judge than we second-guessing our informants! We report, you decide.

You must be vigilant and alert, should the above leaked information be true, then it clearly reveals how the Warrap generals have no national interest other than tribal agendas. Should we forget Kiir’s own words? “This power I have belongs to you, they want to take it away from me, will you let them?” the answer from the Warrap generals by the above and as witnessed in December 15th 2013, is an emphatic NO, at all cost…they, the Warrap generals intend to keep Kiir in power for life, and will not hesitate to unleashed lethal means to eliminate whomever they see as a threat to their tribal dominants and survivals in the republic of South Sudan, this includes the killings of women and children to inflict terror and strike fears in the hearts of all who leave in this our great nation that deserves to exist free of tribal tyranny.

Heavy fighting erupts in Fangak County after government troops launched successful attacks

Addis Ababa, November 28, 2014 (SSNA) -- Heavy fighting between government and rebel forces broke out in Fangak County, Jonglei State, late Friday with both sides using heavy artilleries, the South Sudan News Agency has learned.

The latest fighting casts doubts on the success of the ongoing peace talks in Ethiopia.

South Sudan’s government troops launched successful attacks on rebels’ positions and took control over the administrative Headquarters of Fangak County, Phom El Zaref, according to the military Spokesman for the SPLA-in Opposition, Brig. General Lul Ruai Koang.

Koang said government soldiers have been shelling their outposts for days and that their forces decided to make a tactical withdraw, warning that the SPLA-in opposition is ready to retake all areas from government troops at any time.

“After three to four days of heavy shelling of Phom El Zaref, the Administrative HQs of Fangak County in northern Jonglei State by Government's Artillery and Riverine Units, our Gallant SPLA Forces under overall command of Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tangiye completed tactical withdrawal from the town centre and took positions at vintage points,” Koang said in a public statement.

Koang stated government forces deliberately set houses on fire, adding that the town that they burned down is mainly a Ghost town because all its residents left for their safety.

“Kiir's tribal army entered Phome El Zaref and deliberately burned all down all the structures which survived the un-proportionate and destructive artillery, mortar fires used,” he added.

On November 26, rebels’ positions in Fangak County came under heavy attacks from government forces stationed in Uluak on western bank of the White Nile in Panyikang County, Upper Nile State.

The spokesman for the anti-government forces also disclosed that forces loyal to South Sudan's Former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar, had inflicted heavy personnel and equipment loses on the government’s troops and capturing 300 different weapons.

Meanwhile, the office of the SPLA-Juba Spokesperson, Philip Aguer, has refused to comment on the new fighting.

Bor County Leadership-USA: “Removal of Bor County Commissioner is a Disruption of his Much Needed Public Services!”

Press release

November 26, 2014 (SSNA) -- Normal executive protocol or not, removal of Bor County commissioner is a disruption of his much needed public services during these critical times. The governor’s action has left the residents of Bor County in a state of consternation. 

But before we get wrap-up in the Juba’s state of affairs, it is important to acknowledge the distinguished leadership of Dr. Agot Alier Aleek. A medical Doctor by profession, Dr. Agot has served his community in various leadership capacities both in the Sudan and South Sudan. 

He is a man with distinguished public services records.  He once served as a deputy governor (2000-2005) of Jonglei during the Sudan second civil war (1983-2005). Despites the challenging nature of his appointment under the rigid Khartoum regime, Dr. Agot served the people of Jonglei with honor and compassion.  

After his tenure ended as a deputy governor, he was given another opportunity to serve as a minister of health until the warring (SPLM and NCP) parties signed a comprehensive peace Agreement on January, 2005. South Sudan gained self-determination and it was then that Dr. Agot decided to move back to the South. He then became an advisor to Governor Kuol on health and land issues respectively.

In September 2012, after South Sudan gains her independence, he was appointed a commissioner of Bor County by the former Governor of Jonglei, General Kuol Manyang Juuk. It was within his new capacity that Bor residents have felt his humility and dedicated self-sacrifice. He had touched and changed lives. 

We are all familiar with the calamity that took place in Bor during Riek Machar second rebellion. Thousands of Bor residents had perished and thousands others made homeless by Riek Machar’s warlords and militia.

Despites the daunting challenges presented by the war, Dr. Agot steadfastly stood with his people in the bush. He made sure that the wounded and the underprivileged were located and moved to safe haven. 

He continued the journey with them to Guol-yar displaced camp. There in Guol-Yar, Dr. Agot continued to uplift the spirits of the despaired Bor civilians and even more strikingly offered his medical services to the wounded and the sick. 

Many of our members who had visited Guol-Yar have told unique stores about how he continued to inspire performance in the displaced camp. We wished the governor had consulted the community before executing his executive order. However, Bor County members respect the governor’s decision.   Whether the decision was politically motivated or not that is yet to be defined. 

Logically speaking, the system of governance in South Sudan continues to defy public belief.  The president firing elected governors and the governors firing commissioners. Make you wonder, are merit factors such as good performance considered when making hiring and firing decisions?

Shouldn’t the Attorney general and the parliament be involved in such a decision making? What is the job of the parliament?  What is the office’s term (2 or 4 years) for the commissioners?  What if commissioners were elected? Would governors still have the authority to fire them without public consultation? 

These are rhetorical questions but the state of affairs in South Sudan defy logic.  On the end note, we the members of Bor County solute the outgoing commissioner for his outstanding services and we hope to see him serve our community at a difference capacity in the future. We would welcome the incoming commissioner as well and we would like to see him/her serving at the same capacity as Dr. Agot!

Written and signed by:

Bor County Leadership, USA.
Under the leadership of Mabior Achiek Chaw

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