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Press Statement of the President of National Youth Union

March 13, 2014 (SSNA) -- The ongoing conspiracy against me was not a new thing. Since my appointment in 2011, there was a lot of roar from certain ethnic community who see themselves as right people for every public office in South Sudan. It was real a tribal greed and lust for power. When Dr Cirino was appointed Minister of Youth, there was serious and heavy pressure on him to remove me from office but due to his patriotism and national stance, he resisted my removal and supported me and my team to continue doing my job. The conspiracy started to come up again when Nadi Arop, the current minister of Youth was appointed, huge pressure was mounted on her but she ignored and continued to support me until 15 December 2013 when the current crisis erupted in Juba. I had to escape Juba to save my life.

On the 14 January 2014 exactly after the thirty days since the conflict erupted in Juba, I received an email from the Minister of Youth office asking my where about and to report myself immediately to Juba and discuss Youth Crisis Initiative according to the mail. I responded by saying, I cannot return to Graveyard Juba after I escape the death narrowly from fellow comrades and countrymen who were hunting me down like an animal simply because am a NUER. I concluded by saying, we will meet in the near future, if we all survive this deadly war. The Kiir government in Juba has lost legitimacy and has no jurisdiction whatsoever to remove me from my position as Youth President. This government which had massacred and continue to killed my people in cold blood in Juba, Malakal, Bentiu, Jonglei and elsewhere in the country have no legal stand to exist.

Since December 15/2013, Kiir and his cabinets have lost the legitimacy to exist in any form. It has become too deform to be reform. This country through one man greed and lust for power was destroyed beyond repair. I don’t recognize the illegal dismissal by genocidal and criminal government who massacred my people and continue to do so in a broad day light. I will continue to represent the youth of this great country who share the view of inclusive process of governance, democracy, equality, justice, accountability, transparency, freedom of speech and association and wider reforms on constitution, judicial, electoral, security, economic and land.

This war was impose on us by dictator Kiir who have totally abandoned the values we fought for against the Khartoum successive regimes to establish democratic, prosperous and just society for all south Sudanese. The struggle for justice, freedom, democracy and inclusive South Sudan will continue no matter how long it takes, we must stay the course. This is a war between evils and good. We must defeat this evil and deadly cancer of tribalism, corruption, intra-communal fighting, and weak leadership of Salva Kiir. Those who continue to serve this bloody and genocidal government have to share the burden and the heavy price for these heinous crimes. I call upon the entire youth of South Sudan inside and outside to continue the struggle for justice and liberty until we defeat this tribal and warlord government of Salva Kiir from power.

Long live South Sudan. Long Live the Youth of South Sudan .
Victory to the masses.
Puoch Riek Deng
President of National Youth Union.

Press Statement on the Ethnic Cleansing in Malakal and Chollo (Shilluk) Villages in Upper Nile State, South Sudan

March 12, 2014 (SSNA) -- The tragic bloody events that engulfed the Republic of South Sudan since the 15th of December 2013, have destroyed lives and properties and caused massive displacements of civilian population, mainly in the states of Upper Nile region ( Upper Nile , Jonglei and Unity). Towns were devastated and some razed to the ground. As the war turned more tribal between the Nuers and the Dinkas, it was ironic that nowhere has the suffering been more severe and deadly than among the Chollo people. Many of them were killed in cold blood in ethnic targeting and their villages were torched by the marauding rebels, in a nutshell, Chollo Kingdom is undergoing ethnic cleansing. The government did not provide the required protection and was reluctant to help them defend themselves.  They are caught in a situation they were not party to. Practically, they are left on their own.

In the view of the events above, we, the undersigned members of Chollo Community in diaspora ( The U.S.A, Europe, Canada and  Australia ) condemn in the strongest terms possible these heinous crimes committed against unarmed civilians in Malakal and Chollo villages.

The barbarity of these atrocities and the consequential human suffering is almost beyond belief and comprehension of any civilized person, as reported by Ilya Gridnefff of the Associated Press, February 27,2014, Malakal, South Sudan , and we quote:

 'House after house has been burned to the ground. Hospital patients have been shot by armed rebels while lying in their beds. Dozens of corpses litter the streets.

 "This is about revenge now. There is no humanity here," said Col. Jan Hoff, an officer in Norway 's army who has served in Afghanistan , Iraq and Syria .

 South Sudan , he said, is the worst he's seen.

"It's absolutely horrific," Hoff said this week as he led a heavily armed U.N. convoy through the streets of Malakal, the capital of oil-producing Upper Nile state.'

We, therefore, appeal to the United Nations Security Council and the African Union to hold the perpetrators of this ethnic cleansing responsible and accountable for their crimes.

We likewise urge the United Nations to deliver humanitarian relief assistance to the people in Malakal and Chollo villages who are in dire need of the relief.

Furthermore, we urge the United Nations Security Council to take immediate action to bring peace and security to South Sudan before the government in Juba and the rebels could turn the whole of South Sudan into genocide killing fields.

Signed by Chollo (Shilluk) Community in Diaspora:

1. Michael Kalakon
2. Revd Francis Chan
3. Dr Tino Nyawello
4. Michael Tipo
5. Kwol Deng Farag
6. James Odhok Chol
7. Charles Othur
8. Jwothab Wanh Othow
9. James Abol
10. Bumano Awin
11. Michael Jwok (Kwanyireth)
12. James Chol Nyapal
13. Margrat Amum
14. Catherine Yomon
15. Mojwok Gordan Ajawin
16. Samuel Oshem John
17. Simon Pio
18. Moses Lwal Abudhok
19. William Ator
20. Jino William Kak
21. Julius Kur
22. Yusif Otien
23. Othow Kur
24. Rwada Keir
25. Fabio Amum
26. Peter Opach
27. Romi Analjak
28. Veronica Chol
29. Justina Nayic
30. Fawel Onigiti
31. Revd Dr Jon Burnham
32. Mrs Erin W. Owings
33. Kay Greer
34. Monica Mayek
35. Dak Awet
36. Suzana Deng
37. Chol Kudit Afaj
38. Orito Olami
39. Achwil Mayik Ayiik
40. James Wastino
41. Peter Ayul Tipo Ajang
42. Othow Kudit Chaliker
43. Otien Otong Ayiik
44. Mano Ayoker
45. Wilson Nhail
46. Simon Kur
47. Anthony Kwol
48. Dr Joseph Kucburo Ajang
49. Peter Fashodo Ageng
50. Gabriel Gwang Ajang
51. Karlo Kwol Akol
52. Ojiango Abar Dingmejok
53. Julius Hakim Deng
54. Okuc Peter Awol Ajal
55. Michael Olwak Godying
56. Akic Adwok Lwaldeng
57. Lam Arop Yor

The Worsening Humanitarian Situation in Juba

Press Release No: (1)

Addis Ababa, March 12, 2014 (SSNA) -- The SPLM/A-Humanitarian office has been following the situation of 705,800 Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) across South Sudan. The situation remained volatile in Central Equatoria, Upper Nile, Unity andJonglei. The IDPs population in various UNMISS camps across the country continue to suffer from harshenvironmental conditions as well as direct threat from Government security forces and militias loyal to SalvaKiir. The governement snipers, militias and security forces continue to relentlessly target our people invarious UNMISS camps found in Juba, Melut, Bor and Unity and those moving about their businesses. Thevulnerable civilians that the government displaced into bushes in Unity state are fearing to return homes as the government embarked on civilian targeting. Therefore, their situation is deteriorating since they are subjected to harsh environmental calamities due to lack of shelter, prevalence of mosquitoe vectors and other deadly insects and reptiles biting them in the bushes.

On the 3rd of March 2014, a new clash erupted again in Juba between the Commandos and Tiger battalion on salary issues putting the lives of people in both UN camps at risk. After this incident, many have lost their lives and continued to be targeted by Kiir militias. Now that the rainy season is approaching; the UN camps across South Sudan have witnessed serious shortages of food supplies, sanitation and health services. This will result into serious and deadly malaria, typhoid, bactarial diseases, pneumonia, bloody and watery diahorrea. Over fifty(50) people scramble for one toilet and bathroom making it more easy for bactarial dieases to spread quickly. The shortages of health services and sanitation in the UN camps continue to pose serious threats to our innocent people. The most affected will be elderly people, children, lactating mothers and pregnant women. The malnutrition and lack of feeding is also posing another threat to these vulnerable members of IDPs.

The SPLM/A in oppositon appreciates and continues to support the UN Mission in South Sudan and the good work they are doing to provide protection and security to our people in all war affected zones. Had it not been because of the presence of UNMISS in South Sudan, a genocide of large magnitude similar to 1994 Rwanda genocide would have been committed against our innocent people. The few lives that have run to UNMISS for protection in Juba, Bor, Bentiu could have been finished and killed by government regular security forces and Gelweng or Dootku Beny militias in Juba. The Humanitarian Liason office in Addis Ababa welcomes the UNMISS plan to decongest the two UN camps in Juba by opening another site that will host 10, 000 IDPs. We also welcome the aid agencies’ response to the IDPs displaced by the government forces in Panyijar County at Ganyliel in Unity State. We call upon UNMISS and all aid agencies to step up their efforts and address the worsening situation in UN camps across the country. We also call upon UNMISS to provide security escort to those going to town in Juba looking for food stuffs to support themselves inside UN camps. We call upon aid agencies to deliver humanitarian assistant to 3.2 million affected South Sudanese.


Puoch Riek Deng
Public Relation Officer
Humanitarian Liaison Office
Tel.: +251 922726624 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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