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Nuer community in Ethiopia adjourned an election for candidates’ debate

By Mekonen Tefere

Addis Ababa, October 26, 2014 (SSNA) -- In a four (4) hours video hot debate facilitated by electoral board and experts, the candidates faced hard talk from experts and audiences.

Denay Jock Chagor, a South Sudanese American facilitated the debate in a video connected event.

Mekonen Tefere, an independent journalist based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, investigates candidates’ and audiences view after the debate.  

On Saturday, 25 October 2014, the Acting Chairperson of [for] Nuer Community in Ethiopia - Nhial Wal Dap admits that the general election is adjourning to be held on Saturday, 01 November 2014. The election will kick-off by 10:00am-04:00pm and the result will be announced right after the voting.

South Sudan torn apart by man-made crisis in December 2013 and more than 188,000 Nuer are believed to be refugees in Western part of Gambella Region, Ethiopia.

In a separate interview, the Electoral Board Technical Assistant said that the video is used for future practical experience for other Nuer around the globe. 

Mr. Garwech Kewer Kong who is also a sound Engineer and Electoral Board Technical Assistant added that the video would soon be release on the YouTube after election.

The debate was conducted in Nuer Language and two questions were purposely debated in English to test the candidate’s potential in Foreign Language.

John Jekow Doluoth, David Kew Mathiang and Gatwech Koak Nyuon were known to compete for the presidency.

The Acting Chairperson Mr. Nhial Wal Dap added that the key positions to be elected are:

  • Chairperson
  • Deputy Chairperson
  • Secretary and
  • Finance

President will nominate the rest of the positions such as Information and others.

SPLM National Coordination Office in the United States Condemns Government of Salva Kiir for the Execution of 53 Government Nuer Soldiers

SPLM National Coordination office in United States condemns government of Salva Kiir for the execution of 53 government Nuer soldiers and abduction of a UN worker in Upper Nile
Press Statement
Date: October 19, 2014

October 21, 2014 (SSNA) -- The SPLM Coordination Office in the United States of America condemns in strongest term possible the execution of staunch Nuer government soldiers in Upper Nile State. Under the authorization and directives of President General Salva Kiir, the Chief of Staff General Paul Maloung Awan and General James Ajongo coercively ordered the lethal execution of 53 Nuer Soldiers in concealed separate locations around Malakal.

Likewise, the Nuer and Shilluk government wounded soldiers in Doliep who were denied of medical treatment also died in big number in Malakal after their wounded colleagues from other tribes were flown to Juba military Hospital. Early this year in April, some wounded Nuer government soldiers in Bentiu who were transported by army helicopter didn’t reach Juba hospital and were reported to disappear between Bentiu and Juba.

Another serious crime committed this week by Salva kiir’s SPLA soldiers is the abduction of a United Nation worker, Mr. Mark Diang at Malakal airport and ongoing murdering of Nuer civilians in Malakal town. The incessant evil actions of Salva Kiir and his soldiers will not only stain a permanent abhorrence between South Sudanese tribes, but also accelerates polarization and xenophobia among all 64 tribes. For the future miniature hope of reunification of South Sudanese, the US- SPLM Coordination office is gravely asking General Salva Kiir for an immediate release of Mr. Mark Diang to his family.

Consequently, it becomes crystal clear that Salva kiir Mayardit’s government is no longer a legitimate government of people, but a brutal totalitarian tribal regime which is addicted to the killing of Nuer tribes regardless of being loyal soldiers or civilians. It’s a matter of time when Juba will be a city of ghosts in the hand of Internal Security Director Mr. Akol Koor. Recently passed security bill will slaughter people basis on their ethnicity as it happened in Juba 2013.

The US SPLM Coordination is appealing to the international community to condemn President Salva Kiir Mayardit for carrying out a ruthless hateful ethnic execution of 53 Nuer soldiers and call for a swift full investigation. It’s crime against humanity for the president to killed soldiers who fought for him for the last ten (10) months without any committing violations. The illegal execution of Nuer soldiers in Upper Nile carried out by General Paul Maloung Awan and James Ajongo is another terrible event compared to the genocide of more than 20, 000 Nuer civilians in Juba in 2013. The government in Juba becomes more dangerous like the Ebola in West Africa and it need a bold decision to treat it.

We strongly condemn the denial and intentional misleading of a media by Deputy Governor Awer Dau and recently lured bribed Minister of Information who was in early January a member of the freedom fighter in America, Peter Hoth Tuach. There is no reason by anybody to be blackmailing the media while the families are mourning the death execution of their relatives back home in Upper Nile and America.

We are calling on all the remaining SPLA soldiers to escape Salva kiir’s executions in cool blood and just join freedom fighters in the bush in order to end the tyranny. You had better died in the frontline fighting for your freedom rather than being continuously executed by African Hitler call Salva kiir Mayardit in his graveyard. The more you abandoned Juba criminal, the more you safe South Sudan from shredding into pieces.

Finally, the SPLM Coordination Office in the United States of America has join the relatives of the executed soldiers in mourning their death and call on all SPLA soldiers, youths and South Sudanese people to repudiate Salva Kiir’s tribal government  and fight for a just peaceful peoples’ government. We also are calling for an immediate release of a United Nation worker, Mr. Mark Diang, and the international community to condemn a warlord genocidal president Salva Kiir for ordering the execution of 53 Nuer loyal government soldiers in Upper Nile.

SPLM Chapters Interim National Coordination Office-USA:

1. Cde.. Banak Mading Kueth-Interim SPLM National Coordinator
2. Cde. Jane Abucha -Interim Deputy National Coordinator.
3. Cde. Gatluak Puoch Kornyot-Interim National Secretary General
4. Cde. Mariano Mayuen - Interim Nation Information Office
5. Cde. Lam Mayang Hoth - Interim Advisor for Strategic Planning
6. Cde. Othow Kur Awang - Interim Advisor for Peace and unity
7. Cde. Thabor Deng - Interim Advisor for Public Relations.
8. Cde. Bol Deng Dei-Chairperson, Arizona State Chapter.
9. Cde. Gideon Abram-Chairperson, Colorado State Chapter.
10. Cd. Makuel Wie-Acting Chairperson, Nebraska State Chapter.
11. Cde. John Paulino - Chairperson, Texas State Chapter.
12. Cde. Peter Dokuoth Gak- Chairperson, California State Chapter.
13. Cde. Simon Puok Dak-Chairperson, Iowa State Chapter.
14. Cde. Simon Tonyik Nguoth Del-Chairperson, Tennessee State Chapter.
15. Cde. Kak Banguot -Chairperson, Alaska State Chapter.
16. Cde. Thok Timothy Tutlam-Chairperson, Minnesota State Chapter.
17. Cde. Gatluak Nyang Bidiit –Chairperson of Utah state chapter.
18. Cd. Julius Rombe Dima- Chairperson Missouri Chapter (Kansas City) state chapter
19. Cde. Achor Achor Dhel- Chairperson, South Dakota
20. Ruot Yut- Chairperson, North Dakota

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact: Thabor Ding @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ASSD: ‘South Sudan Needs Immediate Ebola Rapid Response Team’

Press release

October 21, 2014 (SSNA) -- The threat posed by Ebola calls for immediate and extraordinary measures from the Government of South Sudan to thwart additional catastrophes befalling our country. We at Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD) believes that our homeland is at risk and the sure way to fight this deadly virus, which ransacked the West African countries is by being proactive.

Given the poor infrastructures in the country, Alliance for South Sudanese in the Diaspora wishes to raise the following concerns upon the Government of South Sudan to as of immediate:

1. Put together with urgency 20 teams, termed “Rapid response team”, this team should consist of 20 personals each. The components of these team members should consist of a Doctor/Trained provider, nurses, hazard material handlers, and handlers of a diseased bodies, these should be in charge of burial not the family and relatives. Dead bodies should not be transported for burial at distant location than the city or village where the patient died.

2. Immediate allocations of a piece of land away from populated areas, near Juba and other major cities for quarantine all those infected with Ebola.

3. Set up Medical tents in such places for the treatment of those infected. These patients must never be treat at Juba Hospital.

4. Set up piece of land where clothes and linens that came in contact with the Ebola patient can be burned!

5. Establish additional quarters for the health care providers who care for Ebola patients to live and should not return to family and populated areas after exposures and treating Ebola patients and be quarantine at least 3 weeks.

6. Police forces that will ward and shield off any house or properties where someone fell ill, vomited, had diarrhea until it is decontaminated, such should not be inhabited for at least 3 weeks thus get enough decontaminating materials.

7. Set up a place where those exposed being monitored should be kept until they are symptoms free for 3 week.

8. The government should with urgency, placed orders and purchase protective gears healthcare providers in particular but all the members of the “Ebola Rapid response teams” can be trained to use, in addition buy disinfectant agents/chemicals. Orders also should be placed for “None touch” thermometers for temperature monitoring among healthcare workers, those suspected and new arrivals at the Juba Airport.

9. Develop a standard questioner if not already in place to include,

Have you been to West Africa the last 30 days?
Have you been in contact with someone with Ebola, being treated for Ebola or suspected to have Ebola or such has returned from Ebola region the last 30 days?
Are you a healthcare worker, Nurse, lab technician, clinic, and hospital worker or a physician?
Do you have nauseas, vomits, diarrheas or fevers or chills last 7 days

10. With much pain, we call upon the government to ban travel to and from the Ebola region for anyone to include national and foreigners. It will be a mistake to concentrate only on Africans, indeed if anything, the disease could be brought in by healthcare workers caring for Ebola patients in West Africa most who are European or American,

Whose coming directly from West Africa to our country should be regulated at this junctions else they could serve as portal of the disease to our country.

This last recommendation may seems exaggerations, but it is important to remember the most advanced country in the world, the USA with all her human capabilities, as well as her thousands of miles from West Africa, with seas standing between them, now have two cases of Ebola contracted in their soil after it was imported, escaping their rigorous screening science based methods. Therefore there is not sure screening method other than closing entry and travel to the affected regions! We in South Sudan cannot afford such a brake out for our capabilities are Zero! In our case, Prevention is not better than cure but it is the cure in itself!

Department of health and Communications
Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD)
Washington, DC office
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

About ASSD: ASSD is an umbrella organization for South Sudanese organizations and individuals advocating for peace, freedom, democracy, human rights, good governance and development in South Sudan

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