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Rebels’ delegation visits China as fighting resumes

Addis Ababa, September 21, 2014 (SSNA) -- South Sudanese rebels have sent an advance team to China for what they called an early procedure designed to prepare the ground for their leader expected trip to China in the near future.

The visit happens more than nine months after fighting erupted in Juba late last year.

The Official Spokesperson for the top leadership of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A-in Opposition), James Gatdet Dak, has on September 20, 2014, released a press statement announcing the visit.

“SPLM/SPLA Delegation Heads to China, our delegation of SPLM/SPLA led by the Chairman of External Relations Committee Dr Dhieu  Mathok Diing has left Addis Ababa for Beijing on Saturday evening”, Dak said.

The rebels’ team also includes Hussein Mar Nyuot, the Chairperson for Humanitarian Committee, Dr. Richard K Mulla, the Chairperson for Justice and Human Rights Committee, among others.

The Spokesperson also revealed that Chinese government has invited the leader of the SPLM-in Opposition, Dr. Riek Machar, and that Machar will meet the leadership of the communist nation, China.

“The main purpose of the visit is to prepare the ground for an expected visit of our Chairman, Dr Riek Machar Teny, who has been invited to Beijing to meet the Chinese top leadership. They will hold bilateral talks with officials of the Peoples Republic of China and try to forge mutual understanding”, Mr. Dak added.

South Sudan’s rebels have on many occasions accused the Chinese government of supplying South Sudanese government with deadly weapons.

Heavy fighting has resumed in the oil-rich Upper Nile State with both sides accusing the other of ceasefire infringements.

Peace talks between the warring sides have been continuing in Ethiopia; the negotiations lead to little or no success with fighting still raging.

Texas SPLM Chapter Members Defected to the Opposition, Described Kiir-led government “Dangerous”

Texas SPLM-in Opposition Chapter
Texas, United States of America

Date: September 15,2014

From: The Texas SPLM-in Opposition Office       
To: South Sudanese Worldwide

Press release

Dear Fellow South Sudanese,

Texas, United States, September 20, 2014 (SSNA) -- In the last eight months we have been on the trail of the tragedy that stroked our country in December 15, 2013 to reach an informed decision. We did our homework to know the causes of the tragic event and concluded that there was no coup, but rather a “Consolidation of Power” and a conspiracy to block Dr. Riek Machar from contesting the presidency in 2015 and purge the rest of his group from political activities.

The coup was a “Bloody Lie” but the innocent Dr. Machar was demonized all over the country and the world by the President and his government. What was Dr. Machar’s crime? Was it asking for reforms inside the SPLM Party or asking for Democracy?! The bloody lie brought foreign troops into the country to kill South Sudanese. The fabricated coup cost the South Sudanese people especially the Nuer community tremendous suffering and loss of lives in the thousands.

Since the Bloody Lie, the country had been in crisis and the crisis has become a national concern and no longer limited to Kiir and Machar, or Nuer vs Dinka. Instead it is now a fight against the dictatorship of Salva Kiir and his henchmen. The lack of confidence in the government and the loss of trust among the people of South Sudan are now endangering the unity of our new country. The establishment of dictatorship and Somalization of South Sudan is in the making. Like Somalia, tribes in South Sudan are arming themselves for survival and self-defense. Instead of our government creating a peaceful environment to help South Sudanese people outgrow tribalism and promote “One nation and one people” as they like to say on SSTV, the government is turning the clock back to “Tribal South Sudan”. Sadly, the President of the Republic of South Sudan himself, asked the Dinkas of Lakes State to not fight among themselves but rather to fight their enemy, the Nuers!!!

We the members of the SPLM Chapter in the State of Texas have been hoping and praying since 2011 for the SPLM-led Government of South Sudan and the SPLM Party to improve and reform to realize the dreams of the patient people of South Sudan. We have been the apologists and been hoping against hope, but we can’t continue doing this anymore. The Kiir-led Government and Party are becoming dangerous and are endangering all the gains that South Sudanese had achieved through huge sacrifices.

We are hereby denouncing the leadership of Salva Kiir and pledging our allegiance to the SPLM-in-Opposition under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar, our hope for a Free, Just, Federal and Democratic South Sudan.

Why shift allegiance?

The indomitable people of South Sudan waged a half century “Liberation War” at a huge cost of 3.5 million martyrs for Liberty, Justice and Dignity. We did not sacrifice so much to replace a master with another master, nor an oppressor with an oppressor. We did not come this far to put up with a self-centered genocidal government that exterminate anyone perceived as a threat to its hold on power.

Under the leadership of Salva Kiir, misgovernment and excessive crimes are committed against the people of South Sudan including murder, torture, rape, looting government coffers, robbing properties of minority groups with an unprecedented impunity. Nobody is safe or beyond the reach of the National Security forces. Night break-ins, armed robberies and killings are in play every night.

The SPLM elites are making themselves rich by looting the government coffers. The SPLA commanders and their armies of bodyguards are terrorizing the citizens and violently grabbing ancestral lands from the defenseless villagers. Their reason, “we liberated you so we can do with you as we wish”. Real freedom fighters shouldn’t expect to be paid or rewarded for their principled stand against injustice. If freedom fighters are to be paid, how about starting with our martyrs who paid the ultimate sacrifice? All these crimes are happening under the leadership of Salva Kiir and he is doing nothing about it.

We the new Texas SPLM-in-Opposition Chapter will be the voice of the defenseless and suffering people of South Sudan. Our voice will be capable of conveying the true wishes of our masses without being intimidated by Dictator Salva Kiir and his security apparatus.

We will stand and pursue the following to the bitter end:

1. Liberty, justice, equality, dignity, and the unity of South Sudanese people.
2. Forcing Salva Kiir and his followers to step down and make way for the formation of an Impartial and Representative Interim Government.
3. Establishing a Democratic Federal System of Governance. A path for a just, secure, law abiding, developed and peaceful South Sudan where the agenda is controlled and dictated by the people.
4. Respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms of the individual, tolerance and coexistence of the culturally diverse South Sudanese tribes.

Despite the current horrendous crisis, the suffering people of South Sudan will prevail over Salva Kiir’s Dictatorship. We the SPLM-in-Opposition will rise to meet this national challenge and shall become the guiding model for the rest of Africa. When we said a “Liberation War” we meant every word to the letter – we will fight to be free or die trying. It is divine, “Good will always conquer Evil” and justice will prevail in South Sudan.

Long live the indomitable people of South Sudan!

Long live the Federal Republic of South Sudan!

Long live the SPLM-in-Opposition and its Leadership!

May God bless Dr. Riek Machar with wisdom and courage to lead South Sudan out of this dark tunnel!

The struggle continues, and victory to the people of South Sudan!


1. John Paulino Lado, Chairperson
2. Gatjang Matai Deng, Deputy Chairperson
3. Alphonse Kenyi, Secretary General
4. David Mai Tang, Deputy Secretary General
5. James Ruach Dual, Secretary for Finance
6. Alice Oreste, Deputy Secretary for Finance
7. Charles Deng, Secretary for Information and Mobilization
8. Daniel Lolik, Deputy Secretary for Information and Mobilization
9. Mary Juma Sestilio, Secretary for Women Affairs
10. Mary Lungu, Deputy Secretary for Women Affairs
11. Gabriel Shallbreak, Secretary for Youth Affairs
12. Mele Becu Pitia, Deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs
13. Paul Biel Bichiok, Secretary for Crisis Management

Thiang Nuer Youths support the SPLM/A-in Opposition; demand the root causes of South Sudan’s current armed conflict to be addressed first

September 19, 2014 (SSNA) -- This is to inform the media houses and the International right bodies that the Arms which are now in the hands of warriors Nuer Youth or White Army came as result of those more than 20,000 civilians’ carnage in South Sudan by Salva Kiir’s militias. And defend against the obvious possible extensions to Nuer residential remote areas like Greater Akobo, Nasir, Bentiu and Fangak. Yes there are some hundreds Nuer Youth—White Army child soldiers members but from 17 years of age and above who are currently fighting alongside the SPLM/A—Resistance Movement.

However, the notion that those members who are defending and fighting for their people (South Sudanese) rights, should be exempt from services; would be a premature thinking. The first thing to note here, in the first place should revolve around the basic reason as to why these young patriotic warriors decided to wage a just war. They are there to halted well-planned annihilation against their ethnic group and now decided to find a final solution to neocolonialism by a clique mistreating all South Sudanese people. Read letters written by Puk Goar on 14 April 2014, one of those young fighters and understand why these young fighters took up arms. Without the strong resistance exerted by the SPLM/A gallant forces supported by these youths—the White Army against the UPDF, Dootku Beny militia, JEM, SPLA-N and SSLA our people in Greater Upper Nile would have been slaughtered by the UPDF and all foreign allied forces.

Our say on the six round of talk currently underway in Ethiopia: The Thiang Nuer Youths are standing behind and support the SPLM/A under the wise leadership of Dr. Riek Machar on the National programs the Resistance Movement is fighting for. Especially, the demand for basic reforms in all public institutions, federal system of governance and more importantly the need to address the root causes of the conflict before the formation of the so-called Transitional Government of National Unity.

Addressing the root causes of the conflict is what we wanted, before any other thing else. We would want to know why our people in their thousands were killed—more than 20,000 Nuer civilians in Juba. This is what the Association’s leadership; the Thiang Nuer Youth Association (TNYA) stands for. Therefore, on behalf of the Nuer Youth Union and on behalf of Thiang Nuer Youth Association (TNYA) I would like to reiterate one thing: All decided members of the White Army (WAR) particularly those at the age of 17 and above must continue in the WAR services until the killer of those more than 20,000 Naath innocent slaughtered children, women and elderly is finally held responsible and all South Sudanese people are totally freed from the current state of oppression.

Bol Tut
Secretary for Information and Public Relation
Thiang Nuer Youth Association (TNYA)
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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