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UK-based Milio International Limited “Donates Humanitarian Aid to South Sudan”

For immediate release:                                 5th May 2015

Headline: Milio International Limited Donates Humanitarian Aid to South Sudan

London, May 5, 2015 (SSNA) -- Milio International Limited, a British company, has successfully delivered its first donation of humanitarian aid to the Republic of South Sudan. The donation, transported by trucks from neighboring Kenya, includes vital food supplies, cooking oils and mosquito nets.

The delivery, hoped to be first of many, included over 5,000kgs of vegetable oil, 11,750kgs of rice, 8,000kgs of sugar and 300 mosquito nets. Milio International Limited funded and arranged the delivery in order to alleviate human suffering in parts of the country and support those most in need. 

John Hart, the Chairman of Milio, is currently in Juba and commented that “with Milio’s existing commercial presence in the area, we endeavor to create and facilitate sustainable solutions to provide sufficient humanitarian aid support across South Sudan, where we recognise the challenges which lie ahead for the young state.  Milio’s strategy is to be reliable, trustworthy, effective, long-term partner in South Sudan and as such it is an important personal and corporate goal that we show real commitment through effective leadership with actions of relevant support.  I hope very much that the actions we have taken will lay a path for corporations and individuals to support the social responsibility carried by all of us. ”

Note to Editors:

Milio International Limited is an international oil and investment company, with presence in various countries around the world. Milio has a focus on large-scale fuel, logistics & infrastructure and is expanding its presence across the East Africa region, including South Sudan.

Further Information:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Address: 67 Grosvenor Street, London, W1K 3JN, United Kingdom
Further Information:

Peace Ambassador urges UN to speed up the relocation of South Sudan’s Refugees from Lietchuor Camp as rainy season starts

By Mekonen Tefere

Addis Ababa, May 5, 2015 (SSNA) -- Peace Ambassador Gatwech Koak Nyuon who was speaking at special invitation from one of the Ethiopian Church on Sunday, May 3, 15, told the Ethiopian congregations that he is very worried about the refugees’ status who are currently residing in Lietchuor Camp near Gambella, Ethiopia. He mentioned that the current manmade crisis in South Sudan victimized elderly people, women and children in particular.

“Elderly people, women and children did not choose to come to Refugee Camps but were directly forced by a manmade calamity and fled the war for their safety. Therefore, warring factions must refrain from attacking each other’s and focus on finding a solution on the table,” Gatwech said.

Eye Radio quoted US Secretary of State in an interview in Kenyan Capital Nairobi on Monday, May 4, 15. “In very practical terms, I announce today that we are putting five million dollars into the effort to develop a justice and accountability system for what is happening in South Sudan,” said Kerry. 

Opposition Military Leadership claims that they have been closely monitoring the Government’s forces matching toward Jonglie State in order to attack Greater Akobo of Lou Nuer with target assault on Yuai and Akobo Counties.  

Peace Ambassador Gatwech warns the warring factions to respect Humanitarian Laws, civilians and NGOs’ vicinity from any attack.

“NGOs are independent entities which support neither party in this crisis, you must respect them!” He added that innocent civilians should not be targeted because who ever win this senseless war either by bullets or peace would still need civilians to stand with him. Gatwech directly referring to both President Salva Kiir and Machar whose forces had been fighting since December 2013.

The report published by some media last week stated that the host communities in Lietchuor are cautious or not in favor for refugees to be relocated from Lietchuor to Jewi, just 18kms away from Gambella Town. The refusal by host community is connected with benefit.

Peace Ambassador appreciated the roles played by Ethiopian Government and UN for protection and assistance they have been providing to the refugees. He dismissed that host community has nothing to do with refugees’ affairs and insisted that the UN is tirelessly working on survey to set the new Camp before the relocation kick-off. Therefore refugees need to be happy for the new home.

“We are in a very bad situation, we need to be relocated to any dry place, and we don’t need to be in a wet Camp like last year.” A Junior School’s Teacher said on the phone from Lietchuor.

Martha Nyamach Gatluak who is pregnant said that she is worried because the very first rain that rained on May 2, 2015 had destroyed her tents.

“During the rain, there was water all over my tent.” She said.

Two days ago Peace Ambassador wrote on his social media, stated “UN should start relocating refugees who are currently in Lietchuor to Jewi as planned since the refugees are nearly to flood soon.” He further added that it’s good to rain in South Sudan for citizens to start planting some crops and it’s also good for civilians’ vicinity to be mud so that warring factions have difficulty to attack each other’s.

Many refugees give-up and declare that if the UN will not relocate them to another place they would rather surrender themselves to the enemy back in South Sudan.

Meanwhile Peace Ambassador urged the warring faction to consider the negotiation as the best option for the sake of innocent citizens who are facing the cultural shock, diseases and trauma in the Camps. He appeals to the IGAD, TRIOKA and other blocks to push for peace so that civilians are saved from death.

Gatwech also extended his condolences message on recent killing of Ethiopians by ISIS in Libya and Yemen as well as xenophobia of South Africans on Ethiopian brothers last weeks.

“I ask your kindness to accept my deep condolences on our innocent brothers and sisters who had been directly targeted by enemy of peace in Libya, Yemen and South Africa. For you are the cornerstone of Africa…I recommend that you remain united as true Africans and fight the enemy of peace together with peace lovers.” Gatwech added that he is so pleased for Ethiopian culture for they are fearful to Heavenly God.

South Sudan’s rebels on “high alert” as government troops prepare to launch simultaneous attacks in Unity and Jonglei States

Juba/Addis Ababa, May 4, 2015 (SSNA) -- South Sudanese rebels has announced that government troops and their unnamed foreign allies are preparing to launch coordinated assaults against their forces in Unity and Jonglei States, adding that the SPLA-IO is on "high alert," ready to counter any attack from Juba.

The new warning comes a week after the two rival factions engaged in a fierce battle in Unity State.

On Monday, the armed opposition sent an ultimatum to government, saying Juba soldiers must prepare themselves for “serious consequences.”

In a press statement seen by the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA), the rebels said the SPLA-Juba faction and its foreign allies have been planning for military revenge attacks against the SPLA-IO and Lou Nuer areas after last week government failed attempt to retake Unity State oil fields.

“Our forces are on high alert…in unity and Jonglei states where SPLA forces are being monitor for their advancing move from Gatdiang to attack Lou Nuer Local defend forces (LDF).” the SPLA-IO statement reads in part.

“They are on the same move to attack Mayandiit and Leer in Unity state through Lake state.” The statement added.

The rebels also asserted that 3T-55 government tanks were captured by the SPLA-IO in Bentiu fighting, resulting in “a blame-game and a fiery confrontation” between Juba’s top military Generals. The armed opposition also disclosed that Juba has also lost several T-55 tanks during last month fighting between Johnson Olony’s Shilluk fighters and government soldiers in Malakal.  

Government soldiers abandoned their positions in Upper Nile State

The Office of Spokesman for South Sudan’s rebels also revealed that troops of the government of South Sudan have left their outposts in late April and went to two new military locations run by Juba.

The rebels claimed that the SPLA-IO intelligence division has confirmed the sudden departure of government forces, adding that the withdrawal began on April 22nd and completed on the 24th of April.

The SPLA-IO said the evacuation was a result of an increasingly volatile situation and fighting in Upper Nile and Unity States. The rebels also suggested that Juba forces may have left because of what they described as “pressure and threat from forces of the SPLA-IO.”

“This is to inform the public in the entire country of South Sudan that SPLA/Juba faction made force[d] evacuation[s] in several places in Upper Nile on 24/4/2015 due to the pressure and threat from our forces.” the statement revealed.

The rebel military Spokesperson also announced that the SPLA-IO is set to occupy Baliet, Galachiel, Pom,  Attar,  Kaldak,  Cannal,  Khorpoluth, Doleep, Obel 1, Obel 2, Obel 3, Obel 4, Wechtungkeernyang, and Tunja military outposts recently vacated by government troops.

The SPLA-IO further warned that its forces have completed planning for the last 48 hours and that they are ready for any action.

Government soldiers are currently stationed in Akooka and Maluth, according to the press statement obtained by the SSNA.

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