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Fighting Resumes in Fangak County: UN Spokesman

Addis Ababa, December 5, 2014 (SSNA) -- The Spokesman for the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), Joe Contreras, said heavy fighting between South Sudan’s warring factions has resumed on Tuesday in Fangak County, Jonglei State.

Contreras admitted that the fighting has been going for more than a week. The UN Spokesman also stated that IGAD’s monitoring team has been on the ground as part of its peace monitoring mission.

“The fighting has been going on for over a week there,” Contreras said.

Contreras also called the latest fighting “the most sustained fighting in a single location since May,” according the Reuters News Agency.

On November 28, the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) has reported heavy fighting in Fangak County with both sides using heavy artilleries after government forces launched successful attacks on rebels’ positions.

There is a widespread fear that fighting could escalate even more during the dry season.

Two Years on Without Justice: SSHURSA Commemorates Isaiah Abraham’s Second Anniversary, Pays Condolences to the Family and Calls on the State to do Justice

Press release: For immediate release: 5 December 2014

Cape Town, December 5, 2014 (SSNA) -- 5 December 2014, marks two painful years without justice for the family of late Isaiah Abraham since his assassination on 5 December 2012 in Juba, South Sudan. Failure by the state to do justice is an attack on South Sudan’s Constitution 2011 and the universality of human rights. The South Sudan Human Rights Society for Advocacy (SSHURSA), in solidarity with the family and all human rights defenders, continues to remember Isaiah Abraham’s death. Today, remains the darkest day in the fight against dictatorship, abuse of rule of law and human rights by the state. Isaiah Abraham to the end of his life, was at forefront, challenging the evils destroying South Sudan. His courage remains our strength.

On 3 January 2013, the former National Minister for Infornmation and Broadcasting Barnabas Marial Benjamin announced that the government of South Sudan had arrested suspects over the murder. Two years on; no justice has been done. The state’s silence violates rights to fair trial under article19(4) of the Constitution. SSHURSA continues to raise these questions:

Who killed Isaiah Abraham? Who sent the killers? Where are the suspects? When are they going to be tried?

SSHURSA calls on the government of South Sudan to bring to justice the allegedly arrested suspects. Despite unfulfilled promises, the family of the late has been waiting without justice as the state continues to remain silent. Let justice be done for Isaiah’s family. SSHURSA also calls upon the public to continue condemning evils that are consuming South Sudan. The country should return to values for which South Sudanese sacrificed their blood. SSHURSA members pay deep condolences to the family of Isaiah Abraham. We pledge to continue standing by them till justice is done. SSHURSA urges all South Sudanese human rights defenders, civil society members, journalists and advocates for a democratic and human rights abiding South Sudan, to remain courageous and carry on the late’s spirit.

For more on this press release, contact SSHURSA’s Executive Director: Cell: +27 749 707 905. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,Cape Town, South Africa.SSHURSAis an incorporated non-political and non-profit making national human rights organisation, founded by South Sudanese lawyers and Law Students on 5th June 2007 at Law Development Centre (LDC), Makerere, Kampala, Uganda. In South Sudan, its operations started since 2009, with its headquarters in Juba and co-ordination offices in other states. Its vision: a democratic and human rights abiding South Sudan. Its mission is tomonitor, document and publish human rights status in the country. It also trains general public on human rights, constitution, rule of Law, Transitional Justice and international humanitarian law. Its advocacy is geared towards creating an informed citizenry that ensures justice and good governance-oriented South Sudan. For more, see its website:

South Sudan Ranks Most Corrupt Nation

Juba, December 4, 2014 (SSNA) -- The Republic of South Sudan has been ranked as one of the world’s most corrupt nations by the Germany-based corruption watchdog, the Transparency International.

In its report entitled, Corruption Perceptions Index 2014: Results, South Sudan is listed fifth corrupt country. On top of the list of most corrupt countries are Somalia, North Korea, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

The report also listed countries scores from 2012-2014. Based on the scores, South Sudan’s scores in 2013 and 20014 are 14 and 15 respectively; the 2012 score is recorded as “not applicable”.

The Transparency International ranking is based on how money influences elections, bribery, backroom dealers, among others.

South Sudan has been seeing rise in degrading by international organizations since fighting erupted in Juba last year.

In June, The Fund for Peace, a US-based research institution named South Sudan as the world’s most fragile state, citing fractured leadership, chronic instability, and the growing ethnic nature of the violence in the country.

The young nation also has a history of ethnic rivalry and social barriers.

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