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Bor County Leadership-USA: “Removal of Bor County Commissioner is a Disruption of his Much Needed Public Services!”

Press release

November 26, 2014 (SSNA) -- Normal executive protocol or not, removal of Bor County commissioner is a disruption of his much needed public services during these critical times. The governor’s action has left the residents of Bor County in a state of consternation. 

But before we get wrap-up in the Juba’s state of affairs, it is important to acknowledge the distinguished leadership of Dr. Agot Alier Aleek. A medical Doctor by profession, Dr. Agot has served his community in various leadership capacities both in the Sudan and South Sudan. 

He is a man with distinguished public services records.  He once served as a deputy governor (2000-2005) of Jonglei during the Sudan second civil war (1983-2005). Despites the challenging nature of his appointment under the rigid Khartoum regime, Dr. Agot served the people of Jonglei with honor and compassion.  

After his tenure ended as a deputy governor, he was given another opportunity to serve as a minister of health until the warring (SPLM and NCP) parties signed a comprehensive peace Agreement on January, 2005. South Sudan gained self-determination and it was then that Dr. Agot decided to move back to the South. He then became an advisor to Governor Kuol on health and land issues respectively.

In September 2012, after South Sudan gains her independence, he was appointed a commissioner of Bor County by the former Governor of Jonglei, General Kuol Manyang Juuk. It was within his new capacity that Bor residents have felt his humility and dedicated self-sacrifice. He had touched and changed lives. 

We are all familiar with the calamity that took place in Bor during Riek Machar second rebellion. Thousands of Bor residents had perished and thousands others made homeless by Riek Machar’s warlords and militia.

Despites the daunting challenges presented by the war, Dr. Agot steadfastly stood with his people in the bush. He made sure that the wounded and the underprivileged were located and moved to safe haven. 

He continued the journey with them to Guol-yar displaced camp. There in Guol-Yar, Dr. Agot continued to uplift the spirits of the despaired Bor civilians and even more strikingly offered his medical services to the wounded and the sick. 

Many of our members who had visited Guol-Yar have told unique stores about how he continued to inspire performance in the displaced camp. We wished the governor had consulted the community before executing his executive order. However, Bor County members respect the governor’s decision.   Whether the decision was politically motivated or not that is yet to be defined. 

Logically speaking, the system of governance in South Sudan continues to defy public belief.  The president firing elected governors and the governors firing commissioners. Make you wonder, are merit factors such as good performance considered when making hiring and firing decisions?

Shouldn’t the Attorney general and the parliament be involved in such a decision making? What is the job of the parliament?  What is the office’s term (2 or 4 years) for the commissioners?  What if commissioners were elected? Would governors still have the authority to fire them without public consultation? 

These are rhetorical questions but the state of affairs in South Sudan defy logic.  On the end note, we the members of Bor County solute the outgoing commissioner for his outstanding services and we hope to see him serve our community at a difference capacity in the future. We would welcome the incoming commissioner as well and we would like to see him/her serving at the same capacity as Dr. Agot!

Written and signed by:

Bor County Leadership, USA.
Under the leadership of Mabior Achiek Chaw

Rebels accuse Ugandan air force of “unusual flights”; warn of ‘serious consequences’

Pagak, November 26, 2014 (SSNA) -- The military wing of the South Sudanese rebels, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-in Opposition (SPLA-IO), has accused the Ugandan air force of conducting strange flights over its territories. The rebels said their military counterintelligence division started monitoring Uganda fighter jets from the moments they left Kampala for Juba.

The accusation happens as rebels prepare to start their consultative conference in Pagak, Maiwut County, Upper Nile State.

“Between November 10-19, agents of our military counterintelligence division on the ground had informed us of unusual military activities both in Kampala and Juba. Then, on November 23, four Su-30MK2 fighter jets left Entebbe military airbase for Juba International Airport,” a senior General of the SPLA-in Opposition in Pagak told the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA).

The rebel General said Uganda's fighter jets have been acting recklessly and that the suspicion was quickly confirmed soon after military jets of Uganda landed in Juba.

“Less than six hours after they landed on the far east of Juba's airport, two jets took off and headed to Bor. There, the same jets began their unusual journey to our territories,” he said.

"When they left Bor, they headed to Malakal. Then, after we spotted them they changed their flight route and headed to the direction of Unity State, and then they make a quick U-turn and headed back to Jonglei state”, he revealed.

“I can assure you…we are 100% sure that Juba regime is seriously ill and it is being treated in Kampala by Ugandan military doctors,” the visibly furious rebel General added.

The SPLA-IO General warned of “serious consequences” if Uganda continues what he calls “fishing tactics”, asserting that the anti-government forces are capable of deliver crushing blows to any aggressor including Uganda air force.

In December 2013, Ugandan Air force Bombed Rebel Bases in Jonglei State. Uganda denied any involvement.

However, a report by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) later confirmed that Uganda has used cluster bombs against rebel forces.

On the 5th of November, documents of the Ugandan military war plans were leaked the SSNA; the transcripts disclosed that Uganda has completed its war plan against South Sudanese rebels. The documents further revealed that Kampala, Juba, and unnamed countries of the Great Lakes Region are poised to launch a major military offensive against the rebels in either late December or early next year.

The Uganda People's Defence Force (UPDF) is currently fighting alongside South Sudan’s government soldiers against forces loyal to South Sudan’s Former Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar. Rebels have on many occasions called on Ugadna to withdraw its military from South Sudan.

Sudan asks Darfur rebels to join old peace deal in Addis Ababa

Darfur News Update by Radio Dabanga (19 - 25 November)

November 25, 2014 (SSNA) -- Peace negotiations on the conflict in the Darfur region between the Sudanese government and two of the main rebel movements in Darfur started in Addis Ababa on Monday. The rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Minni Arko Minawi (SLM-MM) immediately handed the mediating African Union panel their vision for a comprehensive solution to Sudan’s political and other issues. Speaking to Radio Dabanga on Monday, Minawi accused the government’s delegation of “political propaganda”, through saying that the negotiations in the Ethiopian capital only concern a cessation of hostilities. “As leading mediator Thabo Mbeki said at the opening ceremony on Sunday, this is the start of a political process that resolves all the issues of Sudan,” the rebel leader repeated. During this speech, Mbeki emphasised the necessity to search for a comprehensive peace in Sudan (audio file). Last week, the chairman of the AU High-level Implementation Panel revealed that the track for peace negotiations on South Kordofan and Blue Nile states will be “synchronised” with the track for Darfur. These talks with the rebel SPLM-N are currently adjourned.

The leader of the government's delegation, Amin Hassan Omar, said on Sunday that the Doha peace agreement (2011) should be implemented to lay a solid foundation for durable peace in Darfur, and called upon the JEM and the SLM-MM to subscribe to this agreement. “But the peace talks in Addis Ababa could be the ground for a comprehensive solution,” said JEM’s chief negotiator, Ahmed Tugud Lisan. He claimed that the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur, signed in May 2011 by the Sudanese government and the Liberation and Justice Movement, and by JEM-Bashar in April 2013, “no longer applies”.

The Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel Wahid El Nur has refused to take part in the Addis Ababa peace talks. “Personally and morally, I cannot go to this opening session, while my sisters are being raped in Tabit and killings still continue in Darfur, Nuba Mountains, and Blue Nile,” El Nur told Radio Dabanga last weekend.

Unamid office shut-down ‘not owing to rape investigation’: Sudan

Internally displaced people in Darfur stressed that troops of the UN-AU joint peacekeeping mission (Unamid) should not leave the region before they are replaced with alternative forces to protect them. Unamid confirmed that Khartoum had sent a verbal request to put an exit strategy from Darfur in place, days after the government blocked Unamid from sending a second investigation team to Tabit. The village near El Fasher, North Darfur, is suspected to have been the scene of a mass rape of many -“about 200”, according to a village elder- women and girls by Sudanese soldiers on 31 October. A Unamid spokesman has stated that such an exit strategy is already considered in UN Security Council resolution 2173.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga for the displaced population, Hussein Abu Sharati, the spokesman for a Darfur refugees association, accused Unamid of having “a clear lack of care towards the displaced”, but still feared that civilians will be targeted more in case the peacekeepers withdraw. Sudan has already shut the Khartoum-based human rights office of Unamid, calling the bureau outside Darfur “a violation of its mandate”. The Foreign Ministry explained that it is not a “restriction because of the spreading of false allegations about a mass rape in Tabit”. “We are trying to return ... Unamid to its mandate,” under-secretary Abdallah Azraq said. Last Friday, Azraq told the press that any re-investigations of the mass rape “is a humiliation for the state and a violation of the sovereignty of the state”, despite calls from the UNSC and the UN Secretary-General. The special prosecutor for crimes in Darfur, however, went to Tabit last Thursday to investigate the allegations. The government also escorted reporters to carry out inquiries that same day. Most reporters were identified as working for state-owned media.
After interviews conducted by Radio Dabanga with victims, health workers and elders in Tabit confirming the incident, Unamid sent a verification patrol on 9 November. It was accompanied by armed forces, security officers and police. The mission said in a public statement that it had not find any evidence to prove the rape allegations. According to an internal UN field report, however, the villagers seemed intimidated by the Sudanese forces and did not answer to questions freely.

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