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The Second Annual Nuer Community International Convention’s Recommendations and Resolutions

December 10, 2013
Press Release
The Second Annual Nuer Community International Convention - Recommendations and Resolutions 2013/USA
United States, December 10, 2013 (SSNA) -- The Nuer Community Development Service (NCDS), Inc. USA called for its 2nd Annual Nuer Community International Convention to address and deliberate on the following topics; namely Unity, Peace, Development, Social Integration and the political future of the Nuer people in South Sudan. The NCDS Leadership formed a commission tasked with the responsibilities to organize and solicit funding for the convention. The commission got to work and implemented worldwide strategies and invited Nuer Community members, faith based groups, political leaders and friends of the Nuer Community throughout the world to convene in Omaha, Nebraska USA from Thursday through Saturday, November 28 – 30, 2013. As a result of the three days discussions, presentations, and community general sessions, the following recommendations and resolutions were reached and passed by the General Assembly of the NCDS; namely:
  • Peace and Unity among the Nuer
  • Development and Empowerment
  • Youth & Children
  • Women
  • Health and Education
  • Businesses
  • Leadership
  • Reduction of NCDS Annual Membership fee
  • Leadership term limit to 2 years per term with maximum of 4 years
  • Establishment of the Board of Directors (3 years term) with primary responsibility of mobilizing resources.
  • Social Integration (Relations to the mainstream society wherever Nuer may be)
  • Establishment of NCDS, Inc. USA Annual Convention
  • Political future of the Nuer people in South Sudan
  • Modernization of the Nuer Language
  • Establishment of NCDS office in the United States of America (physical address)

The convention was well attended with representation from the following continent or countries, namely: Africa, Canada and the United States of America. The Commission Leadership thanked attendees, speakers, presenters and the NCDS, Inc. USA Leadership for entrusting us and for their belief in collective leadership to move our community forward in the quest for justice and fair application of the rule of law in our beloved country, Republic of South Sudan. The details and elaboration of each category are filed with the NCDS, Inc. USA leadership to be presented in the upcoming Inaugural address of the Newly President-Elect in early January 2014.

The Commission Leadership congratulates the NCDS President-Elect, Mrs. Nyanguok Gatlou Riek for her hard won victory in ascending to the NCDS, Inc. USA top leadership. Given the historic nature of this election, the commission equally thanked the Nuer Community members for leading the way in fulfillment of basic rights that “all men are created equal” regardless of gender or backgrounds and this proves that Nuer Community is and will always lead the way in democratic transformation and implementation of fair and free society.

A special thank goes to the Commission Team for their diligent and commitment in making this year convention a success and fruitful. For information, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or on our website at

Thank you!

Department of Information and Public Affairs
Office of the Commission
The 2nd Annual Nuer Community International Convention 2013/USA
Nuer Community Development Services (NCDS), Inc. USA
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thiang Nuer Youth Association: ‘The youths are the backbone, strength of every nation’

PRESS STATEMENT: For immediate release
Date: 08/12/2013

"The Youths are the backbone, strength of every nation worldwide and when the Youth have decided the nation has decided."

Juba, December 8, 2013 (SSNA) -- Likewise, Jonglei state's Youths are therefore part and core of this notion or national obligation to protect this nation from external threat instead of thinking about destabilizing the community internally. For this reason, there should have been an immediate need by Jonglei State people especially the Youth to build trust, peace and confidence among themselves notably now.

As we write this initiative press statement, Jonglei State has already ranked as one of the most insecure state among the ten states of South Sudan. Where deplorable situations had/have been happening before or after the CPA, during its implementations (2005-2011) as well and even after South Sudan's Independence, in 2011.

These deplorable situations include the killing of innocent people, children, elderly, loss of properties/resources caused by cattle rustling and David Yau Yau rebellion among others. Without disputing this fact, the less-informed Youths in remote areas in the state have a lion share in instigating damages and indiscriminate departure of human lives in the state on regular basis.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon us, all the well-informed Youth members who are living in Towns and Cities to advice the grassroots brothers, who used to raid other (their) people cattle for personal interest. We always could hear spontaneous news that Greater X's Youths have attacked Greater Y's village(s) with a death toll reached hundred people, sometimes thousands of people and subsequently thousands of cattle raided. Thus, we the Thiang Nuer Youth of Fangak County would like to come up and call upon all Jonglei's Youth Associations Leadership from other ten counties to re-visit their purposes, broad objectives, visions, and missions. By generating means, start doing everything possible to end grassroots Youth fatal activities in the State!

Mutually, define Youth future life/legacy in Jonglei state. So that there will be a chance for us to invalidate blames for insecurity being put on the Youth in Jonglei State by the world: "The Youths are the source of insecurity in Jonglei state!" To practically demonstrate, that the Youths of today are the backbone/strength of the nation and the Leaders of tomorrow as well, so this notion won't be achieved unless we can contribute and start doing it now not in any other time.

Intentionally, we the learned Youth in Towns and Cities as cited earlier on should think twice now and collectively begin generating some strong measures to end those shocking events. Call for meetings and conferences! One of the recommendable strong measures we can adopt is general "forgiveness" by all sides (Greaters' Youths) no matter how much damage—wounds caused by the previous condemnable actions. This directly must go to some of the most warring three Greaters namely, Pibor, Akobo and Bor remote areas Youth. That language of forgiveness is a best way to save the lives of our innocent fathers, mothers, children, and our common interests as well as the image of the Youth in Jonglei State. Because no nation like ours emerged just from hatred-oriented country, Sudan, could copes with its affairs without complications in building it.

However, what makes everything to end/address pitfalls—or people always resorted to, as overall solution is "General Forgiveness." Which certainly warrant comprehensive consent by all Youths from Greater Bor, Greater Akoba, Greater Pibor and Greater Fangak levels at the first place and then to the state level. To say together as Jonglei State Youth and Intellectuals" Let bygones be bygones" and start promptly influencing our respective grassroots Youths to arrest the situation by immediately embarking on "Youth Initiative for Peace and Reconciliation" in Jonglei State with the support from our Governments, local, state and even national Government.

The Thiang Nuer Youth Association (T.N.Y.A), Fangak (South) County of Thiang Nuer is bordered by Lak Nuer in the North, Jagei Nuer in the West, Gawaar Nuer in the South and Padang Dinka of Pigi County in the East. The basic ambition of this Association (T.N.Y.A) concerning peaceful co-existence as stipulated in its constitution, one of the objectives, Article 4(6)(8) is to promote and initiate Peace among Greater Fangak Youth in particular, create linkages and promote socio-cultural solidarity with other Jonglei State Youths and South Sudan Youths in general.

Therefore, the Thiang Nuer Youth entire membership in South Sudan and the Association's Leadership in its Headquarters, Juba, is hereby calling upon the Greater Fangak Youth and Jonglei State Youth to embark on reconciliation initiative process and open a new chapter despite the terrible past events. Once more, General Forgiveness and Youth initiative for Peace in Jonglei state should be an excellent way to start our Youth initiative life, on the right path.

We hope positive understanding between the Youth in Jonglei State will follow this statement in order to break current communication barriers, so, we keep in touch!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all South Sudanese and wish our nation a prosperous year, 2014.

Long live the South Sudan Youth Support!

Long live Jonglei State Youth Initiative!

Long live General Forgiveness and Unity!


Manyun Guek Biliu, Chairperson
Thiang Nuer Youth Association (T.N.Y.A)
Juba, South Sudan
Contact: 0959002614/0956291219 or Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

SPLM-USA Mourns the Death of Nelson “Madiba” Mandela

United States, December 7, 2013 (SSNA) -- As the public did on that fateful day of December 5, 2013, the SPLM – USA National Secretariat learned with grief, the passing of Mandela, a man of principles, an icon, example of all examples, and merciful. A rare breed in the African continent and indeed the world, Mandela has demonstrated that you can do the unexpected and achieve results with timeless significance and impact. With his resolve and perseverance, he was able to lead South Africa, the rainbow nation, out of apartheid, one of the worse discriminations in human history – essentially changing that country and the continent for good.

Though expected, for he has been battling the illness for sometimes, neither we nor the world, were prepared for his departure because it is unlikely to see a human being of his caliber to ever walk this earth.

To this end, we want to send our heartfelt condolences on behalf of the SPLM-USA and the South Sudanese in the US, to the immediate family of the late Madiba, the South African government, the people of South Africa and indeed the world.

We must know that the best way to remember him and preserve his legacy is to not only praise but practice what he preached and stood for.

Long live his legacy
Signed: SPLM-USA National Secretariat

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