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SSANSA condemns shoot-to-kill order for violators of curfew in Juba

Press Release

Juba, July 8, 2014 (SSNA) -- We condemn the shoot-to-kill order for violators of curfew announced by minister of Interior of South Sudan on Monday. We consider the order as inappropriate as it can easily be manipulated to expose innocent civilians to the threat to death in the hands of law enforcement agencies.

“The order fundamentally threatens the right to life of all citizens. If it becomes absolutely necessary to have such a curfew, the government should amend it such that the penalty for violation of the curfew shall be an arrest rather than death. This would give an opportunity for suspects to defend themselves and allow the police to gather evidence to ascertain any guilt”. Said Robert Marial, A human right activist from Lakes State, Member of SSANSA.

This order was reported to have been issued by the minister of interior on Monday, July 7 in response to the rising level of crime and violence in the capital Juba. It stipulates that anyone found to have violated the 8:00pm curfew should be shot with the intention to kill. The minister was quoted to have said it was endorsed by the council of ministers the previous month.

“This order is illegal in strict sense because the constitution of South Sudan presumes every citizen is innocent unless proven guilty by a competent court of law. Much as, law enforcement agencies are allowed to use lethal force, such usage are normally a last resort and in extreme cases, where a suspect poses direct threat to life or serious injury of a law enforcement agent or people around. So, the mere fact that a person is moving at night doesn’t pose any threat that would warrant any application of lethal force.” Said Geoffrey L. Duke, SSANSA secretariat Team Leader

Under the order, the police essentially have the power to execute without any verdict from a judge. The inspector General of Police attempted to clarify the order that it only applies to criminals. However, without any measure involving the court to establish the guilt of any suspect, such an order exposes all residents of Juba to the risk of arbitrary killing. Moreover, moving out at 8:00pm does not necessarily make one a criminal. It takes time for entire public to be aware of such an order, thus, without being accompanied with a reasonable level of awareness creation; the order is likely to result into killing a big number of people.

“Such an order cannot be implemented in South Sudan at this time as it will encourage further lawlessness within the security sector. It raises risks of wholesale victimization to unimaginable level. Policemen can shoot anyone before 8pm and claim they violated the curfew. Someone can be shot in their house and pulled out to the street and reported to have violated the curfew. There is no accountability measure in the order to deal with such risks.” Said Louis Kanyara, Program Officer at SSANSA

Therefore, we call upon the government of South Sudan;

  • To issue an official order to nullify the current shoot-to-kill order without delay.
  • If deemed necessary, adopt a curfew that is considerate of human rights, and which can be applied in conformity with national and international legal frameworks guiding the use of lethal force.
  • To ensure similar orders are circulated officially and through relevant channels as verbal orders carries with them high risks of misinterpretations and similar orders coming from different sources causes confusion to the public.

For more Information;

Contact: Geoffrey L. Duke
Telephone: 0921362254
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

South Sudan Action Network on Small Arms (SSANSA) is a nation-wide network of civil society organizations from across the 10 states of South Sudan working to reduce and prevent gun violence in South Sudan. The network was formed to facilitate civil society actions to make communities safer from gun violence by preventing and reducing the illicit proliferation and misuse of Small Arms and Light Weapons in South Sudan.

Nasir Community Association of Australia Wants Eastern Nuer MPs to Resign

Nasir Community Association of Australia Inc
P.O.BOX 7156, Dadenong Vic 3175
CAN: A0041339B
ABN: 44356884214
Press release
Date Tuesday 17th June 2014

Subject: Demand for Eastern Nuer MPs from Upper Nile State to resign from National and state Parliament

This letter is directly address to all Nuers MPs from National and State parliament of South Sudan, particularly in Upper Nile State.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Victoria, July 7, 2014 (SSNA) -- On behalf of Nasir Community Association in Victoria, Australia, the Nasir Community Leadership in Victoria (release) this statement for the first time since the fighting erupted on 15th December 2013 in the Capital Juba South Sudan, when President Kiir accused Former Vic-President Dr Riek machar for plotting a coup and which has been denied by Dr Machar and international Community including Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

This letter is directed to Upper Nile Nuers MPs both in National and State Parliament. According to our knowledge, your job as the members of Parliament or as law makers is to represent the views, advocates for development, services, rights protection of the people in your constituencies foremost,as well as the entire south Sudan nation ,yet now it turn out that the people you represented in two parliaments were massacred in Juba on the 15th December 2013 and you have been silent since December until now. This implies your utter incompetency and failure to provide duty of care to your people. We believe, in case you have lost insight like your executive part of the government, your in-action and silence regarding events of December is subversion of duty and is an act of collaboration, assistance and support to the violent, brutal, physical torture and killing of unarmed Nuer civilian in December and thereafter. Until now none of you MPs denounced or criticised the government for it irresponsible and deplorable action which resulted in the loss of thousands lives of our people who voted for you to represent us in parliaments, instead you campaign and supported the government which has killed your people. Then, to us it means you denied our people their rights and hence lost trust from the sons and daughters of Upper Nile Nuer citizens.

The leadership of Nasir Community Association in Victoria, Australia Inc. chair person Mr Tut GatLuak Witchthiel ,remind you for this, government legal responsibility is to fulfil its duty of care for the protection of its own citizen rights and delivering of their basic services such as food security, health care, education and jobs opportunities.

Now as a matter of fact you are engaged in, activities misrepresenting facts, propagating lies about the December events evolution and consequencies , mobilizing Nuer citizen to go back to Juba where members of their relatives have been killed in act of genocide by the same dictatorial , and tribal government in Juba under your right watch .

Therefore the Nasir Community Leadership in Australia officially asks all Nuer MPs from Upper Nile to:

1-tender their resignations letter immediately to president Kiir. Also for the first time,

2-Publicly apologise to your constituencies for your direct and indirect involvement in their relative demise in JUba

3-Publicly denounce government crimes, continuation of violent and presence of mercenary forces in the country and drainage of little financial resource and corruption

3-Help file report about human right violations and acts against humanity and ethnically targeted crimes committed against Nuer in Juba and other cities by tribal criminals under command of the president kiir and his security agencies.

4-call for immediate voluntary step down of the president Salva Kiir.

The parliamentary members are Honourable Mr Kueth Chuol, Mr Gatwach Lam Pouch,Mrs Nyagoa John Jock and others.

The reason why, Nasir community Leadership in Victoria, Australia call upon all Nuer MPs from Upper Nile States to resign from Kiir Government is because he has killed our people and therefore, he is no longer a legitimate president of Republic of South Sudan for his directs involvement and organising a tribal army from his own state and carried out the massacred in Juba between 15-19th December 2013 by targeted only one tribe.

Nasir Community Leadership declared its support to SPLM in Opposition, because government led by Salva Kiir Mayardit is no longer a legitimate government that will bring peace’s in our Country.

Nasir Community also support the peace’s process initiated and hosted by IGAD and we have urged the rest of south Sudanese community to support the peace’s process.

A gain, Nasir Community Leadership in Australia, demanded the two warring parties to respect the cessations of hostilities agreement signed on 23rd January and 9th May 2014 between South Sudanese Government and SPLM in Opposition and fully support the implementation of this agreement.

President Kiir must step down in order to give South Sudanese people a chance to be a peacefully Nation again.

South Sudan Government killed thousands of ordinary Nuer civilians who neither have any political affiliation with government nor opposition, therefore the roots cause need to be addressed and those who are found alleged to be involved in to the killing of Nuer Civilians in Juba must face justice from both sides.

The killing of innocent unarm men, women and children from Nuer tribe indicated that Mr Kiir will never be accepted by the people of South Sudan to lead them again. If president Kiir claimed that he was an elected leader, why did he commit an atrocity against the people who vote for him? And more importantly, even though he was an elected leader, he has got no right to kill any ordinary citizen of south Sudan regardless of their ethnicities.

In this case, it is clear that President Kiir has lost trust and therefore he must step down for the sake of peace and stability in South Sudan.

And to restore peace and stability, President Kiir must go and federal system which will be inclusive and accommodate every citizen in South Sudan need to be installed.

Another important issue is to review South Sudan 2011 transitional constitution, so that each state in south Sudan will manage its own affairs with no or constitutional interference from federal government.

People of South Sudan need federal systems because it will address the roots cause of problem, killing of innocent men, women and children in Juba on15th December 2013, including corruption, tribalism and system of governance. It will also address the Lack of development in some states, distribution of wealth and deliver of Social services to all South Sudanese people.

Nuer MPs and Army Generals, it was very shameful seeing all of you involved campaigning for Salva who and executed his premeditated lies plan intended to terrorise Nuer off leadership aspiration and killed your people. We understand that, you are ,and will always be self serving leaders who don’t uphold moral responsibility ,corrupt in its all spectrum Hence the Great Nasir community ,you all know well, boldly mark your name in the Hall of ,and live with , shame for your entire life.

Individuals name like Hon-Gatwech Lam Puoch, James Kok Ruei, Simon Kun Puoch, Nguan Monytual, Gen-Hoth Mai, Gony Beliw, Charles Lam, Nyadak Paul and Dr Riek Gai Kok and the lists go on.

Some of those were educated in the West and should be more responsible, and aspire for good governance but elected to have done the opposite, hence should feel more ashamed more than anybody else and do so for your entire life not only that but for supporting a criminal man like Salva Kiir who never been in the classroom as student like you. He lacks working knowledge of structure and function of government and the complexities involved make him even more dysfunctional and confused.

The president uneducated, hence incompetent, he resorts to tribalistic system, receive tribal advise from illitrate kinsmen, understandably, he could easily comprehend and This means he could commit attrocities, and become corrupt like what he did, because he doesn’t know about the goodwill of the people,and he should govern for the people.

He was honoured for his seniority in military arms to lead the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) after the death of Late Dr John when the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed between North and South Sudan in January 2005.

And again, he was honoured by his fellow comrades from Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) to go for an election and won the big no without even campaigning in Sudan general election 2010.

Now he exploited the privilege, forgets his basic responsibility and instead declared war against the people of South Sudan who voted overwhelmingly for him. Again he dishonoured the trust and should voluntarily step down before shamefully forced downed by the masses of the south Sudan people.

From this time onward, it will be known in the history for some of the Nuers are selfish and betrayers and other s will be known for their bravery and can anytime put their lives at risk for the protection of their own citizens.

Long live people of the south Sudan, long live revolutionary movement for south Sudan democratic change (SPLM -in opposition).The goal determined, working together brings success.

Thank you very much,

CC-Mr. Tut Gatluak Wicthi
Chairperson of Nasir Community Association in Victoria, Australia
CC-Mr.Gatwech Mamor Kuan
Secretary General of Nasir Community Association in Victoria, Australia

SPLM Colorado Chapter Defects to the Opposition, Denounces Kiir’s Government

Denver, July 6, 2014 (SSNA) -- South Sudanese in the state of Colorado in the United States have met this Saturday with Hon. Reath Muoch Tang, who was a Former MP in the South Sudan National Legislative Assembly to debate various aspects of the ongoing political crisis in the country and the fate of the world’s newest nation.

In a packed room, where the meeting took place, the South Sudan News Agency gained an exclusive access to the meeting hall where political shots were fired from every corner of the room.

The gathering was organized by the SPLM Chairperson Mr. Gideon Abraham and South Sudanese community leaders and Activists.

Hon. Reath Tang talked about the historical background of the conflict, how it began and reasons behind it. Many people asked Hon. Tang questions about the skirmish, what he thinks, and what can be done to find a permanent solution to the conflict. Heated debates were also exchanged, a small number of participants were critical of the approach between the two warring factions being used in peace talks in Ethiopia.

In the assembly, the participants discussed in length the brutality of the crisis and how the two warring parties should resolve their differences. The community members also noticed divisive ideologies that are being used by both sides of the conflict.

Again, the meeting was coordinated by the Chairman of the ruling Sudan people’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party, Mr. Gideon Abraham with help from local South Sudanese Community leaders.

“You can disarm my people [South Sudanese] in frontlines, you can disarm them anywhere you want, but my people are well prepare and ready to fight for their rights”, Gideon Abraham warned.

“President Kiir started the problem and now it is going back to him”, he added.

Robert Odeki, an active community member who attended the meeting reminded the viewers about the importance of unity and lashed out at the government. He also stated that the people who are currently running South Sudan only care for themselves.

“[South Sudan] really needs change, and we need to understand the fact that…you know, our country has more than 60 something tribes. If we wanted to be a country, like what we have fought for before, then, we need to call ourselves only South Sudanese, rather than calling ourselves based on tribal lines, and rather than making appointments in the government based on tribal lines”, Robert Odeki said in the meeting

South Sudanese in Diaspora have been complaining of being treated unfairly by the government when they go back home to try to help develop their new country; some even called government’s employment policy “an anti-intellectual stance”, and Mr. Odeki has more to say about it.

“Our country is based on tribalism, nepotism, and nothing else. If you go from here with your degree, they will said we did not liberated this country with degrees, we liberated this country with guns”, Robert noticed.

Meanwhile, Thokhat Khor Wiu, one of the leaders in the community who helped organized the event took aim at President Kiir's policy, linking him (Kiir) directly to the December 2013 killings in Juba and urged all South Sudanese Communities to unite against Kiir’s government so that federalism can be attained.

“The great State of Colorado must join Dr. Riek Machar to defeat Salva Kiir and establish Federalism in the South Sudan. The Juba genocide which was committed by Salva Kiir himself and his body guards was one of the worse genocide which has ever been committed against the South Sudanese by any leader since the creation of the world. Kiir must go…we must work hard days and nights to stop Salva Kiir from killing more South Sudanese”, Thokhat Khor Wiu, told the South Sudan News Agency.

After the meeting was concluded, the SPLM Colorado Chapter Chairman, Gideon Abraham, asked attendees to stand up and come forward. After all onlookers stood up, the room was in silence, everyone was eager to hear what the chairman had to say.

In a few minutes, Mr. Abraham came to the podium, dropped his head down for about a minute then, dropped a bombshell.

“From today onward, I and my team have decided to join the SPLM-in opposition, our country is in critical situation created by Kiir. I am now officially announcing to you that I am no longer with Kiir’s SPLM”, Abraham declared in front of the mass followed by a thunderous applause from the audience.

Colorado has one of the biggest South Sudanese communities in the United States and politically active. Many South Sudanese politicians have visited Colorado in the past, including Former SPLM Secretary General Pagan Amum Okech, Ambassador Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, and many other high profile politicians.

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