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South Sudan’s rebels deny receiving weapons and ammunition from Khartoum

Addis Ababa, June 4, 2015 (SSNA) -- South Sudanese armed oppostion has denied reports that most of its weapons and ammunition were airdropped to them by Khartoum’s regime in 2014.

Early this week, Conflict Armament Research (CAR), a UK-based military research institution which investigates weapons trafficking in active conflicts around the world, released a report, saying it found evidence which showed Sudan’s government supplied South Sudan’s armed opposition with weapons and ammunition.South

Sudan’s rebel Spokesman, James Gatdet Dak, on Thursday refuted the report, saying the military research group failed to take into account other useful evidence.

“We want to make it clear that even if the descriptions indicating sources of the weapons were to be true, this does not necessarily mean the weapons were delivered directly to our forces,” Gatdet, said in a statement.

Gatdet said when war broke out in late2013, South Sudanese national army (SPLA) divided itself into rival groups with some units joining the rebellion, adding that the rebel forces also managed to captured weapons and ammunition from government troops.

“When the crisis erupted in December 2013 the army began to split right from the national capital, Juba. In some areas as the fighting spread to states, forces that joined the opposition also managed to take weapons and ammunition with them. In the course of fighting, our forces have been also capturing weapons and ammunitions including tanks from President Salva Kiir’s government,” Gatdet explained.

“For those who may not know it, South Sudan government buys weapons from Sudan. They also buy others from China as revealed last year when a consignment of $38 worth of weaponry were shipped through Port Mombassa of Kenya destined for South Sudan,” he revealed.

The rebel Spokesman criticizes CAR's report, saying seeing a Chinese or Sudanese manufactured weapon shouldn’t be used as evidence because the SPLA-IO has been seizing sizable quantities of weapons from Juba’s regime.

On Tuesday, the rebel military command of the SPLA-IO dismissed as “baseless” the CAR’s report and threatened to expose names of people it described as “foreign professionals with academic hoods” who are acting against its armed struggle against Juba.

Greater Twic East Youths of South Sudan-USA statement on the SPLM/A-IO’s 21 states proposal

Re: The Urgent Release Press from Greater Twic East Youths-USA

June 3, 2015 (SSNA) -- First of all, we would like to congratulate our citizens in our motherland of Greater Twi East area, Jonglei State, South Sudan and many places they are dwelling now. We are so proud of your perseverance and calm over the on going crisis in our new nation. We are not forgotten you our people and our Twi people land that brought forth an outstanding individuals who are always shines wherever they are. Starting unique with Dialect we have, the vast Toc/Nile River side we have, the natural height we have [e.g: Manut Bol from Western Twi Dinka and Marondit from Eastern Twi Dinka], and many other suitable things we gained from this land. All these distinguishable things are our God given stuff to us, and we have to retaining them through any means possible. Please stay safe and God be with you all our citizens. Please learn Twi people history here:   

Secondly, the main concentrated point of our today press is to re-kindle ourselves in regard to what we believe we have already responded to in July 19, 2014. The first protest letter to SPLM-I-O link is here:

What positive thing we got from the SPLM-I-O in regard to our first protest letter about their 21 States formation that did suggest, the Twic East, Duk and Bor Counties should be under their new State suggested “Bor State”. Well, within short period later after they [SPLM-I-O] heard over voices through that protest letter. Immediately, the SPLM-I-O changes the suggested name to “Jonglei State” whom we were absolutely desired to be; due to the name Jonglei inclusiveness in anyway when it comes to these identifiable Sub-tribes of Hol and Nyarweng Dinkas of Duk County, Eastern Twi Dinka of Twic East County and Bor Dinka of Bor County (100% Sub-tribe of Jonglei Dinkas who is a solely owned name Bor, either it is in Bor County, Greater Bor Community, Bor North, Bor South, Bor Central, Baai Boo, Mading Bor, BorTown, Bor Nyie-e/Nyieth, Bor Alier, Bor Complex [Malek Academic], Bor State, Bor State Civil Hospital, Bor Civil Hospital, Bor Alier and so forth]. All these prefix-names or suffix-names to “Boo/Bor/Boor" are for one Sub-tribe of Dinka that residing in Bor County. Citations: Will, C. A, The Upper Nile Province Hand Book: a report on peoples and government in the Southern Sudan, 1931, New York: Oxford University, Press, 1995; Howell, P, Lock, M & Cobb, S, The Jonglei Canal: Impact and Opportunity, Cambridge: UP, 1988, p.206; Sudan’s Blood Memory: The legacy of War, Ethnicity and Slavery in South Sudan by Stephanie Beswick.

Our previous protest letter in part also clearly stated that: “If you the oppositions have putted our County of Twic East under Bor State suggested name, we say to you the SPLM-In Opposition to scrap that kind of unilateral idea of naming any new States without consulting populace would be deadly wrong, and could be troublesome. Because it is no longer old days where an individual can just go and name any communities by himself/herself. This is 21th century. Also, the name Bor is 100% for Bor County people alone, and not Twic people name. For instance, if we were part of that name, our county must have not been named Twic East County, period. Please just hear our voices of democracy calls you the oppositions in which you the opposition’s fighters are fighting for justice. That means nobody or community has to be wrongly forced against their right or will anymore if we really believe in democracy manner of justice.Headquarter might be Gadiang or any place in middle they join group might choose later on. Warning to any Dinka Twi intellects or citizens that will signed on to any names or State in which we the majority of Greater Twic East Community people don’t considered as our really ancestor’s Twi/Twic or any party we don’t want to join will pay consequences. ”

Thirdly, would be one of the few points from our previous protest letter, in which the SPLM-I-O didn’t address for whatever reason they might have. Specifically, this part here from our previous protest letter: “Also, we want our County of Twic East to be with Duk County, Ayod County if our neighbors would be able to accept our calls for us being under one State. And if these two Counties accept “Jonglei State name” to be our new State name. We would be fine with that, and if these two Counties decided that our three Counties should have another name they see is good to be inclusive name, will be alright too with it. This time we reject our alliances with Bor County. They better join other parties in the area or them having their own State. Moreover, just in case Duk County and Ayod County rejected our alliances. We think it should be better for our Greater Twic East Community to remains in current status of Twic East County.” We are still waiting for your answer, fellows. Democracy system respects citizens voices rather than few authorities’ voices.

Fourth, this controversial part from the article here: . “The new Jonglei state will now comprise mainly of the Greater Bor counties of Duk, Twic East and Bor.” We know this sentence was not written by any person from the SPLM-I-O. It was written by individual [s] from Bor County where many of it citizens love write an irresponsible histories that have no ethical standards of history.

Finally, we don’t recognized your [The SPLM-I-O] appointments of what you guys called the Governor of Jonglei State who goes by the name, ‘Alier Samuel Ateny Lueth’ whom we believe the guy is not from our Community of Greater Twic East. As his name has demonstrated already, the guy could be from Bor County of Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth and Mr. Malaak Awien [Ayuen]Ajok. For instance, the name 'Ateny’ is well-known originated from Bor Dinka people ancestors’ root name, [citation: Dinka people history] and not Eastern Twi Dinka people ancestors’ root name at all. Again, if the man did hail from Eastern Twi Dinka community in whatsoever, his name should been ‘Le-e/Leth’, In Twi people Dialect means the same as ‘Ateny’ Bor Dinka Dialect. These two words are having the same meaning but differ when it comes to these two Sub-tribes Dialects’ spellings constitute. Furthermore, we want you, the SPLM-I-O to re-shuffled your appointments by creating ‘Bor State’ and then Mr. Alier Samuel Ateny Lueth should be the Governor of Bor State, we think that is the right place for the man to enjoy his new Governorship post.

When it comes to our Greater Twic East Community, Jonglei State in which you guys have already created should be the right State latter when we got our feed back from our neighbors citizens of Duk and Ayod Counties whom we requested to join us in previous protest letter. Just in case down the line our neighbors wouldn’t be able to join us to be Jonglei State communities of difference backgrounds. The, why not the Eastern Twi Dinka couldn’t accommodate its own State Statue like Jonglei State you guys have suggested? Our community alone has a sizable population than people think. So people need to know that, we have a big population residing outside our Greater Twic East land, and many of these citizens are die-hard to their motherland. It is just a matter of ongoing conflict situations to come to end, and we believe the majority of Eastern Twi Dinka citizens around the world would present themselves back to their motherland whenever peace residue itself again in our new nation. Please check out this:

N/B: We don’t want that guy to come in our Greater Twic East area until our voices been addressed as we were intended them. By the way, we are still suspicious about article though if it was truly released by SPLM-I-O. The article did appear in other Media sites. We will continue to monitor it, but we have to response to it.


This information was validated by Greater Twic East Youths of South Sudan-USA and Twic East Community of South Sudan-USA
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Greater Bor Community in the United States to hold the 6th annual conference in September

The 2015 GBC-USA annual conference/Awak de Michigan to be held in Syracuse, NY
September 4-7, 2015
Syracuse, NY

For Immediate Press Release

June 3, 2015 (SSNA) -- Dear Greater Bor Community members in the United States of America and our friends, we are here to inform you that the 6th annual conference/Awak de Michigan this year’s thyme “Unity is strength.”

We ask all people to plan to attend this great event. On this year’s Awak de Michigan, the community leadership will present the constitution and bylaws as well as announce the changes in the strategic goals and programs. The stake couldn’t be any higher. Therefore, all are encouraged to come.

Awak de Michigan is instrumental in bringing people together to socialize and meet again and therefore, fostering our unity. It is a great opportunity for us to inspire each other and go back with energies that keep us going until the next Awak de Michigan. Therefore, it is an important event that deserves investing in to attend. There is no election this year but the office of GBC-USA will be changed in the next year’s Awak de Michigan (2016). You may find out in this year’s Awak whether the sitting president is planning another run or not.

Below is the breakdown of the Event Programs:

Saturday, September 5, 2015:

Community Leadership (County, Payams, Bumas, States, Spiritual and elders) will sit for a Meeting: Here, the GBC leadership will give reports on progress, challenges to overcome and the way forward. The meeting time will be 8am-11:30am. All the leadership mentioned about is strongly encouraged to attend. Thank you in advance for your commitment to the wellbeing of our community and nation.

The General assembly or community at large will sit for a meeting. Community leader’s questions section, keynote speakers and elders will give keynote addresses on several topics, i.e. social, economic, political, and cultural. The meeting time will be from 12 noon-6PM. Thank you all in advance for your continued support to this leadership and your commitment to this community and our nation.

After Meeting-Party: It is open to the public. NB: admission fee is $10.00 by the doors. It is also advisable that you take in with you an additional $10 to $20.00 in order to enjoy the party to the fullest. You will enjoy performances by some of our own community artists and entertainers. One of the artists who will perform at the event is Akur Jok Deng.

There will be light refreshments as well. It is all going to be a fun time; no talks, nothing less than funs. NB: All South Sudanese are invited to come. The time will be 8pm-3am. All proceeds go to the Greater Bor Community-USA for its operations and development.

Sunday, September 6, 2015:

The Conference will end with Prayer Services at a Church and Awak (dance) at 4pm at a park.

Monday, September 7:

Depart in peace and we may meet in your cities or if not, we meet again next year at the next Awak de Michigan.

Again, come one, come all.

Signed by: The GBC-USA leadership

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