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Members of the SPLM Western Australia Chapter Join Opposition; Demand Federalism

Press Release


“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”  ― Desmond Tutu

Perth, Western Australia, July 13, 2014 (SSNA) -- Dear SPLM compatriots, cadres and fellow countrymen/women. The future of our children and the country we so painfully fought for, for more than fifty years and claimed the lives of millions is at stake. Beginning with the repugnant massacre of Nuer civilians by Salva Kiir and his cliques in December 2013, the SPLM government under Kiir continues to commit unimaginable atrocities one after another on a daily basis.

We have seen and heard the cowardice execution of more than 100 innocent Nuer children, women and elderly committed by the SPLA government forces disguised in civilians clothes in Bor IDPs compound on April 17, 2014, the targeted killings of shilluk soldiers allied to Gen Oliny in Malakal who were targeted for protesting the 4 months unfair delays of their salaries, the daily disappearances of prominent Equatoria youth leaders in many parts of Greater Equatorian states killed for being vocal on federalism and recently the execution of two unarmed Equatorian brothers summarily executed in Maridi by the government forces.

As if this is not enough, the government under SPLM of Salva Kiir continues to suppress and detains its own innocent citizens with impunity, refuses to allow them safe movements because they appear to be Nuer in a Dinka dominated Juba or secretly disarm them because “they cannot be trusted” (in the case of Equatoria young men disarmed in SPLA and police units).

These despicable acts committed by the same felonious government who plays victim and aggressor at the same time do not only qualify as war crimes, the criminals, perpetrators and instigators who directly contrived such actions ought to be severely punished and fast in an international court of law in order for justice to return to South Sudan. Entrusting Salva Kiir government who orchestrated the current mess to provide justice for victims of such crimes is an injustice itself. If Salva kiir allowed 100 of the criminals that mercilessly massacred thousands of Nuer in Juba to break free, he cannot be trusted to bring any meaningful justice. A criminal cannot be the judge, prosecutor and executor for his own crimes.

Compatriots, we refused to uphold neutrality in time of despondency, massive loss of lives and destruction caused to our innocent South Sudanese by the government in the name of few desperate and power hungry individuals who have systematically organised the killings of our innocent South Sudanese through fabricated ‘coup détat.’

South Sudanese suffered long enough under an oppressive regime in Khartoum and to see them suffer again under another wanton killers in Juba is regrettable, inexcusable and condemnable. That’s why, we the undersigned members of our historical movement in Western Australia have decided to no longer be part of the hideous genocidal leadership of comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit. South Sudanese deserve to reap their successive fight for secession instead of being oppressed and killed to keep one serial killer and dictator in power. They deserves to live in peace, harmony and together rather than being divided along tribal lines by few cliques and patronages who think that other owed them something.

Compatriots, our defection to the opposition might not have come quickly enough as many wanted it but there’s no lateness in thwarting a criminal on the course for purging and eliminating particular ethnic groups. Kiir after inheriting SPLM leadership from our hero Dr Garang appeared to be admirable and humble advocate for South Sudan’s secession and forged our national unity for just that. A much needed unity at the time, which he singlehandedly severed in December last year forcing our beloved country into an immature state collapse.

Fellow country men/women, we refused to be silent when our country is dwindling down the drains at rapid speed. At times like this when national agenda should have been about development rather than about bribery and suppression to keep an incompetent leader on the top, we declared to join the opposition to bring about much needed change in the country. This way, the faith of our people on our historic SPLM party will be realised and the national unity forged and restored through grass root reconciliation.

Fellow countrymen/women, its cynical and overly disparaging to often see Salva Kiir boastfully claim to be “the elected president” of South Sudan when the election he contested for was for the government of national unity in which North Sudan was a parcel of, not to mention that the election was held during interim period and not in an independent South Sudan. We’re here to tell the world that Salva Kiir was not elected but mandated to lead the country through an interim constitution. Moreover, being elected doesn’t give one a license to kill people at will and walk unpunished.

Compatriots, the recent index of failed states that ranked our country as number one didn’t surprised anyone at all unless you’re living in the grim world currently Salva Kiir lives. We knew that this crisis was bound to happen through Salva Kiir’s mismanagement of our country when he singlehandedly removed democratically elected Governors, dissolved an entire cabinet and appointed his clansmen into the higher positions without remorse. But it’s not late to reverse the ranking, and that’s why we call on every South Sudanese to distance themselves from Salva Kiir’s repressive, repugnant and tribal leadership to save South Sudan from him and his puppets.

Fellow countrymen/women, had we had a better system of governance, this crisis could have been avoided because Salva Kiir’s dictatorial predispositions that brought us into this mess could’ve been isolated federally. He wouldn’t have a chance to train a personal army with millions of South Sudan resources nor would he have a power to remove democratically elected Governors. We therefore add to the call of SPLM-in-Opposition for a federal system of governance to be embraced and strongly urge all the South Sudanese to do the same. The call for federalism was long overdue given the complexity in ethnicity and regional expansiveness of South Sudan. Moreover, we’re here to clarify to the public that this call for federalism wasn’t initiated by the SPLM-in-Opposition or Equatoria people alone as Salva Kiir’s government attempts to suggest. South Sudanese have been yearning for federalism since the Juba conference of 1947. We, the two communities in Western Australia endorse this renewed call to rescue South Sudan from the wraths of dictators and serial killers like Salva Kiir whom might emerge in the future. Moreover, instituting a federal system of governance will also prevent land grabs by one ethnic group currently witnessed in Juba as people will see their own states as also useful and livable.

In conclusion compatriots, the current South Sudan crisis has regrettably shaken the core of our existence and tough choices are needed to be made in order to pull us back together once again. We the defected chapter members waited long enough to see that Salva Kiir, the leader who led us for 8 years show leadership and do an honorable thing by resigning to save our beloved country. But Kiir continues to refuse to heed to these voices of wisdom and continues to instill violence after another so as to remain in power. He’s still pointing fingers at wrong subjects for his self-destruct, and his recent speech on our 3rd independent anniversary clearly exposed his cloudy mindset. We call on other communities and particularly the Dinka community to take this call for a leadership change to restore unity and trust among ourselves. The crimes that Salva Kiir and his groups committed by justifying a fake coup squarely lie on him and his few cliques and don’t represent his whole tribe. We call on every South Sudanese to join the call to remove Salva Kiir who immersed our once united country into unfathomable bloodbath. The social fabrics that bonded us together to achieve the referendum has been broken. Our abundance resources enshrined on our national anthem have become one man’s (Kiir) properties for use to suppress and kill us and to bend our much-needed unity. We call on all South Sudanese to rise up and tell Salva Kiir that enough is enough, we want our South Sudan back, we want our rights back.

Salva Kiir must go!
Long Live South Sudan!
Dr Riek Machar Oyeeeeee!
Long Live SPLM-in-Opposition!

Undersigned: Defected Members

1.       James Kai Nien
2.       Thaker Tuany
3.       Simon Changkuoth Tut
4.       Peter Kueth Nyang
5.       Thomas Oguek Thok
6.       Mat Ghac Lual
7.       Michael Biel Nhial
8.       Peter Pal Kong
9.       Simon Bandak Bak
10.   Rhoda Nyalok Rambang
11.   Ghac Bhar
12.   Nhial Pal
13.   Martha Nyakuiy Tut
14.   Gatluak Bath
15.   David Gatkek Tap
16.   Simon Gatluak Golong
17.   Thomas Reath Duop
18.   Peter Kir Rik
19.   Nyapuoch puka
20.   Martha Malual
21.   Samuel Makuach Riek
22.   David Chop
23.   Jafer Lual Kuek
24.   Samuel Reat Khot
25.   Peter Pajok Deng
26.   Peter Chuol Thor
27.   Jal yar
28.   Isaac Thok Reath
29.   Gabriel Gatluak Koak
30.   Tut Gatluak
31.   Martha Nyawiech
32.   Gatluak Gatjiek Wic
33.   Mary Nyawuor Guor
34.   Martha Nyabuor Riek
35.   Gatwech Reath Thoan
36.   Doup Tet Mut
37.   Michael Mai Makuach
38.   Titus Thanyang Yat
39.   Reath Mathiang
40.   Thomas Ruot Koak
41.   Koang Buom
42.   Gatkek Kuany
43.   Nyaruot John
44.   Mary Nyakhor
45.   Bol Chan
46.   Chorokok Kuon
47.   Baziel Gatluak
48.   Chuol Pajock
49.   Lam Gai
50.   Commander Kuony Tual
51.   Lony chuol Tut
52.   Both Kuzot
53.   John Koang Joak
54.   Martha Nyanen
55.   Simon Deng
56.   Maget Malual
57.   Mary Chuoy
58.   Nyaruach Nhial
59.   Mayen Leu
60.   Nyapak Ruach
61.   Nyabang Gatkuoth.
62.   William Deng
63.   Nhial Lual
64.    David Makuei
65.    Duop Reath

Nuer Youth and Students Association in Egypt: We stand for federalism

Press release no: 02
Date: July 11, 2014
Place: A. R. Egypt

Subject: NYSAE; We Stand for Federalism

Cairo, July 12, 2014 (SSNA) -- The NYSAE understand that Federalism is a system of government in which the sovereignty is constitutionally divided between a central governing authority and constituent political units such as states or provinces. Federal system will entail devolution of power from the national to the states government and that does not mean division of the country but only division of powers from within the government.

Federalism is the ultimate option

Since when the idea of federal system was raised by the leadership of the SPLM/A – in Opposition, the Nuer Youth & Students Association in Arab Republic of Egypt has been debating on the advantages and the disadvantages of having a federal state.

We subscribe that every state has political & economic problems peculiar to the region itself. State government representatives living in proximity to the people and mostly from the same community would have a better understanding on the local challenges that faces the community and they will offer unique solutions to them.

For example, traffic congestion in Torit, Eastern Equatoria state is a problem that can be best solves by the state authority or local government, keeping local factors in mind rather than by somebody living in the country's capital Juba.

Federalism is a system practice by developed & developing countries

Presently, federal system is being exercise not only in the first world nations such as US, Australia, and most of the Scandinavia countries but also in developing countries like Mexico, India, & Brazils contemplating a change in the governing set up of the nation, some countries like Sri-Lanka and Philippines are intently scrutinizing its advantages. In an ideal world, a centralized government is great, its provide equal opportunities for every citizen.

Some the leading countries with an ideal (literate) citizen & government centralization is good but in the reality its susceptible to graft corruption, monopoly, cronyism and more due to the fact that human nature (human can't be satisfy) is to go above everyone else & succeed.

As soon as the state takes upon itself the task of planning the whole economic, the problem of the due station of a different individuals and groups must indeed inevitably become the central political problem. As the coercive power of the state will alone decide who is to have what, the only power worth having will be ashore in exercise of this directing power. There will be no economic or social questions that would not be political questions in the sense that their solutions will depend exclusively on who wield the coercive power, on whose are the views that will prevail on all occasions.

We the members of NYSAE strongly oppose & condemn the current government lead by the dictator Salva Kiir Mayardit and his cabinets; we reject any system that gives all authority to individual.

South Sudan government is "decentralized" but in real sense the national government in Juba has a wide-range of powers over the states, local government even counties and payams. For instance four out of the ten states governors were appointed by president while it is the citizens to elect them.

Dear Patriots and Citizens of South Sudan

The NYSAE is calling every single one of you to take charge & determine a decision that you don't look back to again. We the NYSAE are advocating for any state to manage its own affairs separately without national government’s interference.

The demand for federalism should not be misinterpreted by few individuals who stand on the way to obstruct the implementation of federalism. Federalism doesn’t mean to separate tribes from their respective states, we don’t mean such maim act of selfishness we are of good called for new system which will enhance a new way for permanent peace, reconciliation and services delivery.

Hopefully south Sudanese will all embarked on the called for federalism once and for all.

Long live Republic of South Sudan
Long live Citizens & nationals of South Sudan.

Signed by:

Zechariah Gatnog Mahar, Chairman
Gatguat Tap Gatluak Thob, Secretary General
Cairo, Egypt

Former SPLM Official Blasts President kiir; Accuses Him of “Serious Failures”

Denver, July 8, 2014 (SSNA) -- The newly defected Former Chairman of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Colorado Chapter Gideon Abraham has expressed his anger against Kiir’s government, saying anyone who is close to party’s elites in Juba knows that the alleged coup was a well planned political tactic by Kiir in an attempt to get rid of his political adversaries.

The disclosure comes just days after Abraham declared his defection to the opposition.

In an official statement obtained by the South Sudan News Agency, Abraham criticizes Kiir’s leadership for what he calls ‘total failure’ of management and accuses him (Kiir) of turning “simple party leadership dispute” into an unnecessary war.

“The simple party leadership dispute that could be resolved peacefully has been turned into a full scale civil war in the country by Salva Kiir”, Abraham said in the statement.

The former top SPLM official in the state of Colorado in the United States also said that the current crisis has created deep division between members of the ruling party.

“The SPLM members are now divided: SPLM pro-government, SPLM-IO, This division is not only in South Sudan, but also in SPLM Diaspora”, he observes.

Late last week, members of the SPLM all over the state attended a meeting in Denver, Colorado, where Abraham switched his support from the SPLM-led government to the SPLM-in Opposition headed by the South Sudanese Former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar.

Below is the full text of the press statement


Colorado SPLM State Secretariat (Chapter)
Denver, Colorado
Press Release
July 7, 2014

Colorado SPLM State Secretariat (Chapter) Defects to SPLM in Opposition

On July 5th 2014, the Colorado SPLM State Secretariat held its first meeting after the current crises in our new country, South Sudan.  The meeting came during the visit of former member of South Sudan National Legislative Assembly (SSNLA), Hon. Reath Muoch Tang to Denver, Colorado. The meeting was attended by a large number of South Sudanese Community members from various states of The Republic of South Sudan. Hon. Reath explained to the members the root cause of the problems in our country. And it has become clear that there was no coup in Juba. Salva Kiir instigated this war in order to consolidate his power.

The genesis of the current crisis in South Sudan is known to all; it was an SPLM party dispute, but it took wrong dimension, and became a national problem. Thousands of lives were lost as a result of what could have been solved in a peaceful way. The simple party leadership dispute that could be resolved peacefully has been turned into a full scale civil war in the country by Salva Kiir, and the SPLM members are now divided: SPLM pro-government, SPLM-IO, This division is not only in South Sudan, but also in SPLM diaspora.

After the December 2013 incident in Juba —where thousands of people lost their lives— Pres. Kiir’s administration tried their best to convince the public and the world that what happened was a military coup, but failed to provide convincing evidence to support that claim. To those of us who are close to the leadership in Juba, we know very well that what happened wasn’t a coup, but rather a ploy by the administration to silence those who were critical to the chairman of the ruling party. Now that everything has become clear to the public due to the government’s failure to provide sufficient evidence to prosecute the SPLM members who were arrested due to false claims, the allegation of a supposed ‘coup’ is history. President Museveni was the last to dismiss the claim.

With the division in the party, and being an SPLM member, I have to identify myself with one of these groups. Due to the government’s indiscretions of false accusations to silence critics, and even going as far as to accuse them of an alleged coup –which would have put them on death row— I and those who are with me refuse to identify ourselves with such a government. Thus, the only option is for us to identify with the SPLM in opposition. As of now, we pledge our full support to SPLM-In-Opposition under able, competent and visionary leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny.


Gideon Abraham
SPLM-in Opposition

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