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Mabaan Community in North America Joins Opposition, Declares Kiir’s Policy as ‘Destructive’

Re: Mabaan Community in USA/Canada frustrated with Kirr destructive use of power and declares our support to SPLM in Opposition

United States, May 5, 2014 (SSNA) -- It’s not a surprise for us Mabaan community in USA/Canada to conclude that our country under Kiir leadership becomes a failure’s state that are plagued by two structural disorganize, political identity fragmentation and weak national institutions that together preclude the formation of robust governing system by tribalistic minded leaders that severely undermining the legitimacy of the state and leading to political orders that are highly unstable and hard to reform.

In the light of political crisis caused by weak leaders that subjected our people to execution, violence and psychological harm; we the Mabaan Community in USA/Canada strongly denounce the government of Juba abuse use of power to massacre innocent people and drag country into unwanted war.  We strongly reject government of Juba ethnic extermination policies and declare our position to support SPLM in opposition because we believe in reforms. The government of South Sudan is not only an enemy of the people but a killer of hope and dreams of the people of South Sudan.

Political legitimacy that they claim is misinterpreted and it was up since Dec 15. He was not elected to kill and divide the nation based on regional and ethnicity. President abused power delegated by the people of South Sudan to commit genocide on his own people particularly Nuer ethnic in Juba and hired Uganda people defense force by the nation resources money to help him carried out atrocities on his own citizens; just for him to stay in power, and his action is a violation of 2011 expired interim constitution.

We believe that Kiir political fragmentation directly affect the capacity and aspiration of the people of South Sudan to create positive institutional environment system to encourage productive economic, political, and social development because it undermines the usefulness of traditional informal institutional system.

Destructive use of power undermine democratic transformation and good governance that overwhelmingly expected by the people of South Sudan. Corruption, nepotism and tribalism are the factors reduce accountability and distort representation of policymaking which compromise the rule of law and weaken government public administration system resulted inefficient distribution of wealth and services. This unwanted war cause fear, displacement of our people, and mass destruction of infrastructures that expose civilian to disease and famine.

In order for the people of South Sudan to have peace, security and sustainable development;  Kiir must step-down to pave road for peace, Ugandan people defense Force and JIM, SPLM-N must be out of South Sudan , and  urgent needs of Constitutional amendment. We are strongly rejecting the IGAD proposal to assign regional troops in the oil areas because they want to make South Sudan as another Somalia.

The use of foreign troops by the government to fight rebel doesn’t cover up big tattoo written on face of the wall that South Sudan under Kiir is a failure State. They must know that the way to lasting peace is through power of negotiation not bullet as government campaign.

In conclusion, we Mabaan community in USA/Canada strongly warn and condemn the notion of our commissioner to disarm and send out Nuer community who are living in Mabaan county because they are Nuer; such weak decision is an acceptable; Mabaan people have no problems with Nuer or Dinka, they have equal right, access and freedom like any mabanese to live in Mabaan county as citizen of South Sudan. We blame the new deputy governor of upper Nile state action to influenced Mabaan commissioner to order Nuer community to leave county and he will be held accountable for his unethical decision. We call commissioner to stop propaganda campaign and designate county as safe zone for all South Sudanese displaced by war regardless of their ethnicity. We are proud to be South Sudanese not tribes.

The statement is signed and released to media by Mabaan Community in Canada/USA Executive Committee, Ontario Canada:

Mark Eisa, Chairperson
Paulino Kiet, Deputy Chairperson
Phil B. Dan, Secretary General

Date: May 4, 2014

SPLA Captured Nasir and Bentiu; Rebels Warned of ‘Dire Consequences’

Addis Ababa, May 4, 2014 (SSNA) -- Combined forces of Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N), and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) have captured Nasir and Bentiu from anti-government forces just days after President Kiir agreed to meet rebels’ leader, Dr. Riek Machar.

SPLA spokesperson Philip Aguer told reporters that soldiers loyal to President Salva Kiir have taken Nasir from the opposition forces, adding that Juba also recaptured Unity State’s capital, Bentiu.

Aguer also denied that Sudanese rebels participated in the operations.

Rebels warned government forces

However, rebels’ source told the South Sudan News Agency that they were not defeated in both Nasir and Bentiu; asserting that it was a “tactical withdrawal”.

“We knew they [SPLA, UPDF,JEM, and SPLA-N] were coming, our intelligence agents alerted us long before they were sent to our areas, we made a tactical withdrawal, and we are going to teach them a lesson they will never forget”, an official close to the rebels’ leadership told the South Sudan News Agency.

“Just wait you will hear a different story soon. They are going to regret their premature victories and they will face dire consequences”, he warned.

Nasir is the Upper Nile State's most popular county and Bentiu is the capital of the oil-rich Unity State.

In a separate development, Unity State rebels’ commander Maj. Gen. Koang Chuol Ranley struck a similar tone saying his troops are not defeated and that Juba-backed forces will be punished soon.

Earlier this week, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned of “South Sudan Genocide” and called for a speedy peaceful solution to the conflict.

Peace talks are expected to resume next week in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

South Australian SPLM Chapter Defects to the Opposition

Date 2/05/2014


Revolutionary Greetings:

Adelaide, South Australia, May 2, 2014 (SSNA) -- We the members of the SPLM Chapter in South Australia would like to inform the general public that we changed our alliance to the SPLM in Opposition under the leadership of Cde. Dr. Riek Machar Teny. We are here by declaring that we do not support the present dictatorial government in South Sudan led by Salva Kiir.

We the executive members of SPLM Chapter in South Australia strongly condemned the ongoing political crisis that has resulted to mass atrocities, massacred and violation of other human rights in the country.

We wish to have effective and inclusive government of national unity that has a total commitment to protect the lives of all tribes of South Sudan equally.

The present government has opposed to all attempts to bring democracy to the SPLM and the government therefore, it does not represent the views of all the people of South Sudan as inspired to be.

The government that has Maras scared, persecuted its own people, arrested political opponents and brought division to the tribes of South Sudan is no longer legitimate to lead the nation as their government.

We would like to remind ourselves that the current government that has promoted tribalism and division that has brought resulted to the death of over 10,000 people and the displaced of over a million people to the neighboring countries such has Uganda,Kenya,Sudan and Ethiopia. It is clear as crisis that our country is occupied by the foreign troops from Uganda and the Sudanese rebel from Darfur and Blue Nile to attack its own people with cluster bombs and helicopters as proved by the UN reports.

We the South Sudanese community in South Australia strongly believe that Kiir government that and will not doesn’t protect and provide for the safety of its all the citizens no longer deserves to be in power, and should resign or be remove d by its citizens and international pressure and negotiate to allow an interim government of national unity that will forge lasting peace and stability in all parts of South Sudan.
We are here by asking other states in Australia nationwide to follow us and to join the SPLM in opposition to show our support for the opposition in South Sudan that is determine to bring democracy, unity, set healing and reconciliation and the rule of law to our country, which the present government has failed to do.

We the South Sudanese in South Australia in particular would like to extend our call and our solidarity to our brothers and sisters in South Sudan and other countries who are trying to end the tyranny of Kiir and his corrupt government.

Despite South Sudan’s oil wealth and financial support from the International communities, the Kiir government has failed to provide basic health, education, security and jobs for our people since independence.

Multi Billion of South Sudanese from the oil revenue has been stolen since Independence without legal investigation into the crimes or any charges to the alleged individuals. We all know that the Kiir government has failed to expose and correct its own corruption and exploitation of the South Sudanese people. This revenue should have been used for developmental opportunities to improve the lives of all citizens, provide services to South Sudanese people but instead it has disappeared into the bank accounts of some corrupt SPLM and other government officials. We want to end this corruption and exploitation of the South Sudanese people by supporting the SPLM in opposition and the creation of a new government of national unity and the removal of the Government of Kiir and his supporters who have bought only conflict, corruption and tragedy to our people.

Importantly, to really end this conflict, Kiir and his government must step down and a new government of national unity must be formed with all tribes and groups represented democratically and fairly under the rule of law, and free from corruption and with judicial independence. National reconciliation can only be achieved if these conditions occur as the present government has shown it is not able or fit to rule our precious country of South Sudan in the interests of all its citizens not just the chosen few such as Kiir and his supporters.

The way forward for South Sudan is to form a government of national unity with western help (e.g. UN & US) and an interim administration led by the UN to build strong governance structures that will promote and protect the rule of law, democracy and accountability. The new nation of South Sudan was never able to establish these governance structures and it is now paying the price for the lack of democracy and human rights violation that led to this conflict after the government became dictatorial and corrupt under Kiir and then turned against its own people with its attack on innocent Nuer civilians on 15th December in Juba, the introduction of Ugandan troops to attack its own people, and its arrest of political opponents and suppression of press freedom.

We must learn the lessons from the lack of democratic structures and accountability provided in our present constitution and judicial system and builds a more democratic and just future society with government and judicial structures to support this. South Africa after apartheid and in negotiations for majority rule made sure all the structures for democracy and the rule of law and protection of human rights abuse were included in their Constitution and governance structures and they have had peace since the ANC won government there.

South Sudan needs to adopt the same development of democratic governance that was achieved in post-apartheid South Africa that was led by late Nelson Mandela and other ANC leaders that established democracy, the rule of law and national unity in their country. This is a model that the New South Sudan should follow to achieve a lasting peace under a new government of national unity after the present conflict ends and Kiir’s government is removed. This process of nation building under an interim government of national unity needs to be fully supported by the religious leaders, civil society organizations, UN and the International Community.

This will help our country to achieve successful nation that will allows freedom, peace, unity, and stability, accountability and transparency that was the source of the great sacrifice paid by our great freedom fighters during the long struggle for our independence.

SPLM in Opposition
Adelaide, South Australia

Signed By:

John Chuol Muon: Secretary General: SPLM Chapter South Australia.
Contact: email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Stephen Gatkek Chan: Vice-Chairman: SPLM Chapter South Australia.
Contact: Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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