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SPLM Former Political Detainees and Members of the Civil Society Should not participate in the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU)

By Juma Mabor Marial

September 15, 2014 (SSNA) -- As peace talks in Addis Ababa resumes today Monday, September 15, 2013, the attention will be drawn to transitional arrangement with formation of the transitional government of national unity topping the agenda and as already is the case, the IGAD intention is to form an all-inclusive and a broad based government that would include the two warring parties, other political parties, other stakeholders and of course, the SPLM Leaders Former Political Detainees (LFPD), the intention here is to ensure that inclusivity means collective involvement and responsibility by all the south Sudanese stakeholders to implement the reform agenda that would be framed in order to circumvent future crisis.

This proposal is too noble to be censured and this is why so far, the peace talks in Addis Ababa have been carried out through a multi-stakeholder style so that those who would later participate in the transitional government are furnished with necessary understanding and talents over the issues that need to be addressed during the transitional period which is in all its design and spirit the best way of doing things. Now here comes the question of eligibility of who and who is not suitable to participate in the transitional government of national unity? The answers can emanate from any of us based on the perspectives and rationale as to why one thinks this or that other group has the right to participate in the TGONU but having the benefit and privilege to share these ideas with my readers, I would lead in giving my would not be so friendly answers and see how each of the citizen that comes across these views buy the idea.

For me, the intention of IGAD to include all the stakeholders in the transitional government arrangement is a brilliant and comfortable idea because, national affairs have to be collectively addressed with stewardship of all members of the society and it is because of this reason that I am buying the idea of all, except SPLM Leaders former political detainees and members of the Civil Society participating in the transitional government of national unity (TGONU). I have therefore in my opinion, accepted that, both the warring parties i.e. the government of the Republic of South Sudan (GRSS) and SPLM/A in the opposition must participate in the government of national unity on equal percentage no matter how small, the political parties must also participate in the TGONU, the youth, disables and women must be represented in the TGONU, But, the SPLM leaders former political detainees and the members of the civil society should not participate in the transitional government of national unity, why? Here comes the reason, one, I object to the participation of the SPLM former detainees in the TGONU because of the personal analysis of the status of these so-called former political detainees and my case against these guys are comprehensive in a way that if I were to give lengthy details about the short comings of each one of them, some of them would take it personal and I wouldn’t want national issues to take that trend as my intention has always been to contribute to the welfare of this country without any baggage of personal grudge.  That said, the reason why I wouldn’t want the former political detainees to participate in the forthcoming government are simple.

First, these people are of course veteran soldiers turned politicians and their contribution have made great positive  impacts in this country including the achievement of independence, they are as well the contemporary politicians that this country has and their participation in the country’s affairs cannot be easily downgraded, it is by virtue of their contribution to the freedom struggle that successively enabled them to form part of the government both in the government of national unity in Khartoum and government of southern Sudan since the inception of the comprehensive peace agreement in 2005, but it is also because of their consistent salvage in the government that has enabled them showed their true colours to the people of south Sudan by looting the meager resources from the people of south Sudan and establish their empires here and abroad, the former detainees if I am not wrong and with the exception of the one former governor that is with them were among the 75 government officials that were alleged to have squandered 400 million dollars from the citizens of south Sudan, other corruption scandals like the most recent Fire Safe Scandal were perpetuated by and had benefited some with them now, the cases of corruption are just a tip of an iceberg. The other case I have against these former political detainees is their role in the on-going crisis, when they were arrested here in Juba and some of them charged with treason, the sentiments in the streets of Juba as to their fate varied from one group of citizens to another, some said they were guilty as charged, others said they were innocent, others said they should be killed while others felt they should be castrated for having looted the country and lit the fire to kill the innocent civilians while they had hide their families far away in foreign countries. some of us who went to schools and learnt the rules of analysis said everything should be left to law to take it own course and we also added personal views that these are our brothers who had sacrificed their lives to bring this country to where it is today and therefore castrating, killing or even convicting them should be replaced with their release and forgiveness, our voices, although at the minority ultimately took precedent over all other wild voices and the guys were four after seven, released but little did we knew that their number would turned into a political party ( G11) or famously known now (SPLM leaders former political detainees).

The now SPLM/A in the opposition plus the members of international community where these guys had connections also gave the government sleepless nights by pressurizing it to release the detainees. Unlike south Sudanese (some of us) who had wanted these guys released because of their past good deeds, members of the international community who wanted the guys released thought that the arrest was not because of the alleged attempted coup but was entirely an attempt by the government to slab democracy and therefore, their detention was a straight forward case of war against democracy in Africa, the SPLM/A in opposition on the other hand were of the view that their comrades were put behind bars by a dictatorial government and considering them heavyweights in their opinion, the detained leaders have to be released as a precondition to start peace talks since their present on their side would add both national and international backing to their claim.

Although with lesser hope of being good old friends again, the government had also thought that by releasing these guys, it would groove two or even three important points, one, it would bargain the international community to it side that, yes, I can listen  and therefore, I have to be applaud for being a good listener, two, I can morsel and therefore, anybody who thinks they can do anything and abscond will not do it unless I have consented, this was particularly to the detainees and thirdly, the government had hoped that, these guys would be more appreciative and ask the government to allow them back to its side after they have been missed by a whisker. All these hopes and desires whether from the citizens like us who had thought after their release, the guys would be remorseful to the people of south Sudan and ask for forgiveness and be good boys, the international community which had thought after their release, the boys would be the champions of democracy in the country, the SPLM/A in opposition which had thought the guys would join them and make them strong through their Political constituencies in the country and international connections or even the government which had thought, the guys would come back and say thank you for forgiving us after the sins we committed against you were all wrong,  instead, the guys went out and attempt to outsmart the citizen, the international community, the SPLM/A in opposition and the government by declaring themselves a neutral group. The international community and IGAD bought into their idea because they thought this intention has been made in good faith, but the three groups, us the citizens, the SPLM/A in opposition and the government felt that, this was a first signature in the divorce papers between all of us and the so-called SPLM/A leaders former political detainees.

The reason the three groups accepted to sign these divorce papers is because, the political detainees thought they are the only gifted people in this country by first looting the country, agreeing with some in the SPLM/A in opposition to overthrow the government, remain behind after the coup failed and when arrested and released, betrayed their brothers in the opposition, failed to appreciate the government that released them and failed to show-case to the international community that advocated for their release that they are now part of the solution. They instead put themselves as the “clean people in all the crisis that have engulfed the country”. The intention here as is now realized by all the groups is that,  this people that have hurt everyone thinks  the leader of the transitional government of national unity should come out of their group. This is not my own assumption, you would all recall and agree with me that soon after their arrival in Addis Ababa for peace talks, the group convened a press conference and declared their position as being neutral and wanted to be considered as a third block in the talks, this pronouncement derailed talks for sometimes until their case was resolved and they were accepted as  third party to the peace talks, it is because of their insistent that open flood gates for multi-stakeholders style of the talks as IGAD wanted to provide a win-win situation for all south Sudanese stakeholders. Secondly, Pagan Amum out of his own desire and volatility came out with a paper that was also published in the public media outlining how he would resolve the crisis between the warring parties, his intention was quickly interpreted by some of the citizens that responded to his paper as being intended to putting himself as the interim president if and when the transitional government of national unity (TGONU) is formed.

Not only these, recently, and this is what has provoked me to share this opinion with the citizens, the SPLM leaders former political detainees published a forty three (43) page position paper, a paper that I named ‘SPLM Leaders Former Political Detainees Manifesto’ outlining or rather copy pasting the transitional constitution and other laws of south Sudan to tell people that whatever they had written is what should be done when and if the transitional government of national unity is formed. The language used there is a straight forward indicator of the fact that SPLM leaders former political detainees want to head the transitional government of national unity. Something they seem to express better in forty three (43) pages position paper than at the round table at the peace talks in Addis Ababa. The reason why some of us are convinced they want to lead the transitional government of national unity is that, throughout their statements in their forty three (43) page position paper, they have this common phrase of ‘WE’ will do this and that, when you put this paper together with that of Pagan Amum and shuttle diplomacy that they are undertaking, then you would immediately know that they are the one who want to be given the TGONU. then, the question that quickly comes to mind is, where were they for the last 10 years, of course some of them were governors, others prime ministers (cabinet affairs minister), all of them ministers, why didn’t they do all these things they think they can do now, what will be the magic to bring ‘We will do’, or was their first phase for corruption and establishing dynasties and now if given a second phase, they will do this and that for the people of south Sudan. I still haven’t gotten better answers for their “We will do” slogan and I need some help in that.

Again, recently when President Kiir and other IGAD head of states signed the protocol on transitional arrangement and Dr. Riek refused to sign the agreement, the group of eleven condemned in the strongest terms possible the unfairness of the protocol and made their grievances similar to those of the SPM/A in opposition which again, take us back to the drawing board of asking ourselves,  if they (SPLM  leaders former political detainees) have one reasoning or position with the SPLM/A in opposition, then why are they not joining hands and work together, the only impression one expected they should have made was to suggest solution on how the stalemate on the protocol would be resolved instead of repeating the same argument as put forward by the SPLM/A in opposition. Let’s finalize our argument about these guys later on in the conclusion.

Now why should the civil society not be part of the transitional government of national unity, simple again, although I know, most of the people see civil society as a gateway to politic, we have to be mindful of the future of this country, it is not strange that some few self-centered characters started as civil society activists but as soon as they are appointed to political posts, they immediately toss out the advocacy clothes and swear never to represent the voiceless, a boarder must be drawn here and now, the members of the civil society that are participating in the peace talks in Addis Ababa and those here in the country should not participate in the TGONU and this is because, the TGONU is not going to be business as usual, the politicians will head and manage it yes, but it also need a strong, independent and viable civil society to act as watchdog in the implementation of the reform agenda that shall be given to a blueprint. The civil society should be there to correct and supervise those who thinks looting the resources is what only replace violence, they civil society should be there to ensure that the TGONU delivers the basic services that the people of south Sudan have been denied for quite too long, the civil society should be there to ensure that all south Sudanese have the right to live and enjoy the fruits of independence of this country.

In conclusion, the SPLM leaders Former Political detainees have not captivated anybody with their tricks to come to power through the backdoor. Yes, their contribution to the freedom of this country is acknowledged, their reigns and political strength are known, their intellectuality and generational ability is also known but it is also fresh in everyone mind that, they have been in the government of this country since its inception, they have also looted enough from the citizens at the expenses of development and service delivery, they have mismanaged the affairs of this country through omission and/or commission, they have not repented and say sorry to the citizens that dies because of their political ambitions in this country,  they have failed to meet the expectations of the SPLM/A in opposition, they have disappointed the international community and they have declare useless the government that released them from prison and here they are, thinking that they know everything out of all these groups yet They have betrayed everybody that has done everything to ensure their release.

Yes, they are south Sudanese, they are still prominent politicians and they are still connected but no, they cannot be part of the transitional government of national unity because I am afraid, should they be return to the government, it will be business as usual, they will go back to their old quarters and do what they are known of doing best. These people should be left like any other ordinary citizen and let them go back to their people and ask for a fresh mandate and comes elections, they shall have the right to contest and if they wins, then, they can come back to politic. SPLM Leaders Former political detainees were supposed to bring solution to these crises but did they do that, no, they are busy scheming on how the mediators and international community should get rid of everybody and make them the caretakers of the transitional government of national unity. This is why I think, their conspiracy has now become crystal clear and therefore, they should not be allow to be part of the transitional government of national unity which is now the only hope for south Sudanese to bring long awaited and lasting reforms.

Juma Mabor Marial is a Trainee Advocate in Juba & reachable at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

IGAD has taken sides

By Dr.Peter Kopling

September 16, 2014 (SSNA) -- By her most recent move, IGAD has formally declared war on the South Sudanese people. IGAD has set in place the pretexts and justification of joining Museveni in his genocidal quest not only against the Nuer people in particular, but every single South Sudanese ethnic groups, including the Dinka people who have fallen victims to Kiir criminal machinery except for his inner clan mates.

IGAD essentially seeks to impose Kiir on South Sudanese by doing so:

A) IGAD is imposing a leader who has failed the last 10 years to unify the 64 tribes of south Sudan under his leadership making him the divider in Chief and a figure of disunity, but also he choose to lead a group of Robbers who have stolen from the nation’s treasury, he at least know 75 of them, he has their names on his desk and sat on it. IGAD wants more of the same, could it be because, these thieves invest the stolen moneys in IGAD member states such as; Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia etc., building houses and sending our stolen money for their wives and Children in these IGAD countries? It is common knowledge that the thieves favor these IGAD countries for money hideaways, thus making the IGAD countries beneficiaries of thieveries at the expenses and blood of the South Sudanese People.

B) IGAD is imposing a tribal imperialist who oversees the largest land grabbing in the history of South Sudan, by seeding his tribe all over South Sudan in other ethnic groups’ ancestral lands, with the approval of the tribally written interim constitutions design to protect his tribal interest and power at the expense of the remaining 63 tribes of south Sudan.

C) IGAD is imposing a warlord, making him the chief, war and unrest, instigator in the nation, paid by national money. Kiir recruited 15000 of his clansmen for the sole purpose of ethnic cleansing against the Nuer ethnic group with clear messages to the rest.

D) IGAD is imposing a liar on the South Sudanese people, making him the liar in Chief. Kiir desire to assassinate his political opponents chiefly Dr. Riek Machar, in the process he lied and unleashed his illegal militia, in Juba, killing by conservative estimates more than 3500 Nuer women and Children on the nights of 15-19 December 2013. Juba had never before, in her history, seen this many deaths of fellow countrymen in the hands of her own sons! Now as we know and the whole world acknowledges, including Musseveni himself, THERE WAS NO COUP ATTEMPT IN SOUTH SUDAN!! If this were the case then what was it? It was a criminal, genocidal political maneuver and ethnic cleansing by Kiir’s very own engineering, because the militia was his idea meant and put in place for this very purpose and the goals achieved in Juba for which Kiir has become criminal and should go to The Hague not remain in power.

E) IGAD is imposing a genocidal president on the South Sudanese people, making him the murderer in chief. As stated above, Kiir killed more than 20,000 fellow citizens during the course of the war in Juba, and other cities and villages across South Sudan. Kiir is using the state power and national resources and international coalitions with the blessings of IGAD to wage a tribal genocidal war against the Nuer, we must not loose sight of this fact; at the other end of Kiir’s and his coalition’s gun is a single tribe, the Nuer tribe, and the traditional thorn in the side of Kiir’s tribesmen. Kiir’s is carrying out ethnic cleansing in the cover of fighting rebels. It is Rwanda in actions in 2014, with IGAD’s and Troik nations’ blessings! Let us look at this critically; if you agreed, Kiir armed 15000 militiamen from his clans to later commit crime against the citizens, and if you agreed Kiir lied and fabricated unfounded coup attempt by Riek and later it is proven there was no Coup attempt against him, and if you agreed that Kiir’s Militia initiated the current genocide and killed more than 3500 innocent Nuer civilian in Juba in the nights of 15-19 December 2013, while in fact those he accused initially of Coup came from many tribes, then you must agree that this war is Rwanda in action and it is an ethnic cleansing of a single tribe the Nuer people and IGAD is helping him achieve it! 

Kiir has defied the call for just peace despite rampage death of fellow citizens, could this be because of, how can we forget when he declared, “This power I have belongs to you and they want to take it away, will you allow them?” and now we know it was Nuer he was referring to and how he is keeping the Dinka power by killing off the Nuer in pretext of fighting rebellions which was of his making because of his lies and desire to cling to power.

It must be highlighted that the Nuer never rebelled in the first place; the Nuer fought back and are fighting back an attempt of annihilations! The national and international army has been unleashed on them by Kiir. Without their abilities to fight back, they could have been wiped out! If there was anything that prevents further and greater genocide through out the Nuer land than in Juba, it was not Museveni’s UPDF which only made matters easy for Kiir and UPDF was and is partakers of his crime, but rather the Nuer's ability to fight back in self-defense!

The fact that the white army, a civil defense forces, carried out revenge killings is to be blame on Kiir! Had Kiir not unleashed death but rather exercise the power bestowed on him by the people of south Sudan, including the Nuer people, to protect them as the leader of the nation, Then there was going to be no need for a civil defense forces to take up arms, but he Kiir sought to achieved his evil plans by killing the Nuer people who never revolted against him to begin with, the quarrel was within SPLA ruling party, this has nothing to do with Nuer as it has got nothing to do with the other 63 tribes of south Sudan. This being the case, how can the Nuer achieve peace and healing as long as Kiir remains in Power? 

IGAD has added insult to this wound by imposing Kiir on South Sudan.

Kiir’s government has used and is still using the state and national resources to Lobby the world and buy out some of these IGAD leaders to keep him in power. He uses the argument that Dr. Riek Machar is unstable and unreliable because of his fights against Garang’s Dictatorship in favor of a separate South Sudan and a crime committed by the white army not Riek’s forces, in 1991.

Riek apologized for this crime not because he gave the order for the killings against Dinka Bor, but rather as the head of those in armed conflict against Garang, for the sake of peace, unity and healing.  Riek never was the head of the civil defense the so-called white army. The White army has always been a headless civil defense forces that come together whenever there is a threat to the Existence of the Nuer people, where absolute governmental security vacuum exist or failed to protect them. Due to this, Kiir’s worshipers argue that if Machar comes to power he will commit genocide like in 1991; this is how they garnered the American Support as well as Uganda’s boots on the ground. This is their selling point! IGAD now swallowed it! This yet is another lie well sold, contrary to the coup; most world bodies have bought into this one! Thus the only thing that function well in Juba is the propaganda machinery!

If we found it easy to accept Juba’s selling points regarding Riek Machar, How about Kiir and his Presidential guards, assembled by him, killing >3500 Nuer at onset of this conflict and Juba say was without the presidents order how comes we found it hard to believe the Nuer civil defense forces takes no order from anyone but themselves for the 1991 Bor Killings!  What a double standards!

Well IGAD, your man Mr. Kiir by this same argument he uses against Dr Riek Machar, he Kiir is not fit to remain in the presidency! He is minimally educated, inept leader, a thieve, a warlord, a tribalist, habitual liar, power hungry and a criminal ethnic cleanser, he has innocent blood in his hands! His sin is worse than any of Dr.Riek Machar’s, which the Dinka people only know!

In 1991, Machar held no elected position, neither the constitutional obligations, nor control over the White army to protect fellow citizen as Kiir now has!  Kiir beyond doubt has committed untold crimes against the people who brought him to power, no match to any crime committed by Machar in 1991. Kiir, therefore is a criminal who has lied and his lie has caused the death of thousands of his fellowmen, of all tribes not just Nuer. He unleashed unnecessary death, by his lies and power hunger on our Soldiers from both sides of the conflict; he is the author of this war and death! I do not recall the last time Machar ran havocked all over south Sudan causing death from Nassir to Nimule and from Kapoeta to Wau. there are tombs and skeletal remains all over South Sudan from Kirr’s actions something Riek Machar has not done! And now IGAD wants to impose this criminal on us?

I urge all South Sudanese to boycott IGAD and look somewhere else for salvation but at the same time get ready to fight IGAD should they join Museveni to deploy their forces of death in our sovereign land simply to keep their co- dictator and criminal Kiir in power to solely benefit them not us.

IGAD may be able to force the guns to fall silent, which I doubt, if the history of South Sudan is my witness and even if they miraculously caused the guns to be silent, they will never achieve peace in South Sudan as long as they keep Kiir in Juba presiding over the survivors and relatives of his ethnic cleansing. What South Sudanese needs more than gun silence and more even than peace is healing and healing is not possible as long as Kiir remains in power and at large.

Without Justice there is neither Peace nor healing! Healing which we need most shall never take place in South Sudan as long as the one who inflicted the injuries remain sited on the people’s neck. It is like asking a rape victim to remain married to her tormentor else shall face force! That is the message IGAD is sending and by asking the impossible from us, the South Sudanese people, IGAD has declared war on us, has taken sides and fellow Countrymen, we are on our own, be prepared for another long ride to liberations!

"He who maintains silence in the face of massacre is a murderer himself."

Dr Peter Kopling Josep, MD, lives in the Republic of South Sudan. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Throwing Children into Burning Houses: The Newest Tactic of Khartoum's Imported Janjaweed

By Eric Reeves

September 16, 2014 (SSNA) -- These two dispatches from Radio Dabanga speak for themselves; the foreign Janjaweed referred to may be from Chad, Niger, possibly even Mali.  This unspeakable barbarism---not without precedent---becomes yet another demonstration of the complete impotence of the UN/African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID).  The Khartoum regime denies UNAMID access to East Jebel Marra; the UN and African Union acquiesce:


Mother of girl "thrown into the fire" dies in East Jebel Marra, Darfur

(Radio Dabanga [EAST JEBEL MARRA / SHANGIL TOBAYA] 16 September 2014)                                                                      

The mother of a five year-old girl who burned to death in an attack by militiamen on Dobo El Jadida village in East Jebel Marra, died on Monday. Um El Kheir Saleh Hamed died on Monday, after entering into a shock, when she witnessed her five year-old daughter being thrown into a burning house by militiamen.

On Saturday, a group of gunmen “with foreign appearances” had attacked the village. They torched the houses, raped young women, killed three elderly villagers, and threw four children into the burning houses. The children all burned to death. The entire village was destroyed. A villager told Radio Dabanga that seven people sustained injuries, some of them seriously:

El Sheikh Ibrahim Khater (75)
Yousef Saleh Musa (52)
Fatima Haroun (50)
Hussein Ishag Omar (48),
Hawa Abdel Razeg (45)
Aisha Yahya (35)
Abakar Hamid Adam (35)

Displaced from the Naivasha camp near Shangil Tobaya, over the border with North Darfur reported to Radio Dabanga that the militiamen have been continuing their attacks. “The residents of Naivasha and Shadad camps do no dare to leave the camps anymore to collect firewood or go out to work. The traffic on the roads between Shangil Tobaya, Landa, Sharfa, and El Fasher, as well as other roads where animals are used as a means of transport, has come to a standstill.”

(Radio Dabanga [EAST JEBEL MARRA] 14 September 2014)                      

A group of militiamen attacked Dobo El Jadida village in East Jebel Marra on Saturday. The next morning they continued their attacks on villages in the area. Speaking to Radio Dabanga from a neighbouring village in East Jebel Marra, a listener reported that “militiamen in four Land Cruisers and others on about 45 camels attacked Dobo El Jadida village on Saturday.” “They clearly did not come from the area. They looked quite alien, as if they came from far away,” he noted. “The attackers surrounded the village, and began igniting the houses. While the villagers tried to flee, they seized some young women and girls, and raped them.”

“They also grabbed four children among the fleeing people, and threw them into the burning houses. Hawa Abakar Eisa (6), Maryam Adam Omar (5), Suleiman Haroun (4), and Mohamed Adam Ishag (3) burned to death.”  They also killed three elderly, who did not manage to escape on time: Abakar Ismail Ishag (80), Saber Salah Ishag, and Adam Abdel Rahman Yahya. After the entire village was destroyed, the assailants left, taking all the livestock in the area with them. The villager added that “on Sunday morning, these militiamen continued their attacks “northwards.”

Sources from Shangil Tobaya confirmed to Radio Dabanga that “a large group of militiamen in Land Cruisers and on camels attacked the area of Jebel Tara, the villages of Landa, Abu Hamra, Seira Kandarawa, and the area of the Tagali and Magali hills, north of Shangil Tobaya.”

“The Janjaweed assaulted the villagers in these areas, and stole their property and livestock. They also ambushed four commercial vehicles, and robbed the passengers of their all belongings, even their shoes,” one of the sources reported. The passengers were mostly displaced from the Shangil Tobaya camps, who returned from the market in El Fasher, capital of North Darfur.

Eric Reeves' book-length study of greater Sudan (Compromising With Evil: An archival history of greater Sudan, 2007 - 2012;; review commentary at:

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