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Help Yourself: A Political Football Match on the Palm Tree

By Deng Mangok Ayuel

August 10, 2013 (SSNA) -- Since the former Vice President declared his candidature to challenge the President in the fight for SPLM chairmanship before he was sacked, South Sudanese, especially opinion writers began voicing their thoughts comparatively on elites of the SPLM for the fight of party’s top seat, which is not the case in this piece. I don’t base my opinion on mixed ideologies. We shouldn’t mix country affairs with party politics. South Sudan is for everyone regardless of political colours, tribe and states and President Kiir, Dr Machar and Pagan are political family. If they have problems among themselves, it is the work of SPLM to solve its internal tribulations.

As a young nation, our leaders should be politically united and focus on the success of this nation. The SPLM as the bridge and the ruling party should be paradigm in political cohesion and nation building. And if the SPLM as an elephant has a problem itself … who can solve its problems? When an elephant roars in the forest, the lions and other animals usually hide because it is going to be the bad day if the problem started with the biggest animal.

The SPLM is strongest and big, if a man, could be  larger than life, composed of bigger and simpler elements than ordinary men, a gigantic historical figure during his own lifetime, superhumanly bold, strong, and imaginative, one of the two greatest men of action his nation has produced, an orator of prodigious powers, the savior of his country, a legendary hero who belongs to myth as much as to reality, the largest human being of our time, to borrow words from Isaiah Berlin

As politics is for politicians and the Republic of South Sudan is for us as its citizens who voted during the referendum, our leaders should also recognized their efforts, energy utilized and millions of lives lost in order to become a nation. Should our leaders at all level of government be Museveni, Mugabe or el-Bashir alike? I am not a fan of any politician because political tribalism seemingly at the wrong angle of truth. It’s like regionalism. When politics is tribalized, regionalized, democracy looks ugly.

Who doesn’t want to be a leader in this world? All of us do, but chance and patience determine any desire. As democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people, I am not writing to support or criticize any aspired politician from any party in South Sudan who is willing to lead the nation in the 2015 election. It is too early for me to count my eggs. I am only behind the SPLM, but lead us not into temptation. When there is opposition within the same room, others may start a quarrel as part of complication in order to worsen the nature of the problem. This is the case with some comrades!

If we wanted to teach the world about our political cultures as South Sudanese, we should be together and consult ourselves as family before making any decision. The current political skeleton of the ruling party can’t easily be changed by any aspired politician who wishes to lead before convincing its leadership to give go ahead, political blessing from the party. How many years stipulated in the transitional constitution for presidency?

In the time of need – a real time, political alternatives evoke exceptional circumstances impulsively, and the political equation may consequently make U-turn from its X and Y methods to acclimatize chauvinism, dogmatism to avoid sidelining with the sons who wanted hook the father in the same political engine which shall be the lost to others.

Any failure in our country goes to everyone. We shouldn’t point fingers at leaders only. Who is doing what to his/her elastic limit in South Sudan? And who thinks he is the best among others? Some of the CPA tycoons are currently in troubles, our economic shattered, rebels have been killing people in Jonglei and the innocent school head teacher and his deputy were recently gunned down by unknown gunman in Lakes State, Rumbek. The problems are everywhere in the country, you see!

In our society, leaders seem to be equal in their doings – bad and good at the same time. And among these leaders, there is no single leader who should claim to be the best among the messy masses – no leader should claim political paradise before public judgment. When a farmer, for instance, you should look for tools, seeds before rainy reason, have long views on fragile climate before accusing the rain makers for intensive rainfalls. Now that the cabinet is born with fresh ministers and their deputies, it is believed that the ministers shall not fall into the same holes dug by the predecessors.

Deng Mangok Ayuel lives in Aweil, South Sudan. He can be reached via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Telar Deng should apologize publicly to our beloved President due to his critics in 2008

By Peter Gai Manyuon

August 2, 2013 (SSNA) -- The importance of the Internet is that it keeps information for us to refer to when changes happen. This is what happened recently in South Sudan, when the president appointed minister, the man who had once accused him of blatant dictatorship and lack of focus. But who am I to complain? He was already an advisor anyway? But such a continuous elevation is a bad picture for some of us in this country. If the president continues to reward people who abuse him then we shall be made think that this is the only way to power. Should it not be the other way around?

I did not sleep for some times since the formation of the new Cabinets. Why? It was because of irrelevant issues that Hon Telar Deng said about the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM), especially to the person of President of South Sudan when he was in Khartoum. If you read Sudan Tribune (quote) you will find that he has talked many bad things about the President. On the grounds of his previous lack of faith in the government of the SPLM, citizens of   South Sudan citizen do not expect  that he (Telar) will be given that sensitive position in the government.  

Based on his critics to our leadership in 2008 where most of the people gave about fifty comments on Sudan tribune website analyzing what Telar Deng exposed to outsiders as some things very terrible to be aired out but it is ironically pleasing that he was one of the person who have come again and begun loving the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) more then President Salva Kiir who is the Chairman of the leading party in South Sudan.

He mentioned a lot of things about Government of South Sudan (GOSS) before the Independence especially to the current government and most of the facts are also on recorded on the Sudan Tribune websites. They were things that are done internationally regionally , individually are captured in the database for future consumptions of the citizen and that is one of the importance of Journalism, and to your information, you can log on www.sudantribune (NB: quote the real page of the article, not the home page of the website) website for more information about what the current Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development of the Republic of South Sudan said.

The title that is on Sudan Tribune Website right now stated that “Expelled Sudan SPLM Official accuses SalvaKiir of Dictatorship “that was published on Monday   24, February 2008 when he was in Khartoum by then. He continued mentioning the following things;

Just read with care dear countrymen and ladies for you to analyzed if he can be given that position in South Sudan government.

He said there is no democracy in the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) and they were never democratic to start with and that was quoted by AKhir-Lahza

“The chairman is now the center of everything in the SPLM since he is the one who expels people from the movement and the army without consulting with anyone in the political bureau he added.

Telar Deng along with AleuAyieny, the former state minister of interior, were expelled from SPLM’s political bureau and the national assembly as well as the SPLM’s membership in general as of December in a decree issued by Kiir.

The chairman’s decision was taken on the grounds of the report by the investigation committee that was formed to investigate Telar Deng’s statements in which he accused some SPLM members of plotting to topple Salva Kiir and Aleu Ayieny’s repeated statements in which he accused the Ugandan government of being complicit in the death of the SPLM’s former leader, John Garang.

But Deng said in the interview that he did not meet with the investigation committee though he said he appealed the decision.

The former SPLM official said that the two main reasons for his expulsion because he said that the Secretary General Pagan Amum “does not respect Salva Kiir and gives him no consideration”.

Deng said the second reason is that some people around Kiir told him that the chairman and the nominee for the secretariat “cannot be from the same region [Bahr El-Gazal] because other SPLM members won’t like it so you have to expel him so as not to jeopardize his chairmanship”.

“The SPLM chairman has no right to expel or suspend any member; this power is vested in the political bureau” he said.

Deng said that his expulsion is in line with other non-democratic practices inside the SPLM.

“There are things happening inside the SPLM that cannot be imagined. There is a General in the SPLA named BertoMamul who has been imprisoned for over a year and a half with no charges being brought against him. There is also Queen, John Macor and Martin Macway as well who have been detained without investigation or charges or prosecution” he said.

“The purpose of these bogus accusations and non-genuine trials is to reshuffle the cabinet and bring in new people which is what happened” he added.

Deng also noted that there is a power struggle within the SPLM between different factions.

“There is an ideological struggle between those who believe in new Sudan as a strategic direction for the SPLM in the context of getting rid of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP)” Deng said.

“Nowhere in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) does it mention anything about the new Sudan. The CPA is an agreement to end the war and achieve peace and democratic transition” he added, but when looking at this critically that mean he was not ready for the Independence for the Republic of South Sudan.

He further accused some SPLM figures of seeking an alliance with Northern opposition parties to weaken the National congress party (NCP).

“Why should we go to the Northern opposition parties to discuss the CPA? If we wanted to change the agreement why did we sign it in the first place? Why don’t we just sit down with the party who we signed the agreement with?” he said.

He further asked “Where would YasirArman, Malik Agar, Mansour Khalid, Deng Alor, and Luka Biong go if the South decides to secede? They are all communists and all of the people in the SPLM Northern sector are communists with only one southerner present” he added.

Deng said that the SPLA units are hungry and “they are trying to provide food for themselves through their rifles. When they are hungry they create this anarchy we are witnessing”.

On the economic front Deng said that “there is no development in the true sense of the word”.

“There are roads and hotels inside Juba and nothing else. This is contrary to the vision of Late Dr. John Garang who said that he will move the city to the countryside. Currently it is the other way around” Deng said.

“There are no roads in the countryside or services or goods or water or health or schools. The legitimate question is that where did the oil money that add up to $3.5 billion go? Why wasn’t the government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) able to get assistance from other countries?” he asked.

“There are phony jobs that exist in the south that are in excess of what is needed and their salaries are higher than anywhere in the world. The junior officer in the south is paid $4,000 monthly and there are commissions with managers who do nothing with an army of employees such as commission for combating corruption and human rights” Deng added.

Deng also accused the SPLM leadership of having multi faces on the issue of unity or secession from the north.

What I have seen, our beloved President is really a good person in some extent, he sometimes compromise about certain issue but this issue of Telar is beyond the obvious, and he does not deserve the position due to his critics to our beloved President General Salva Kiir Mayardit. If the Sudan Liberation Movement (SPLM) have good laws in placed, he should be taken to court of law due to his bad abuses about the party leadership under President or otherwise another person should be appoint again to avoid complains from the audiences because many people are really analyzing what he did in 2008 that is why some times keeping records is very important for the benefits of the generations to come.

The author is Independent Journalist who writes for Juba Monitor as a Columnist and can be reach at, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Analysis of the current appointment of the National Ministers in South Sudan

By Peter Gai Manyuon

August 1, 2013 (SSNA) -- According to my own reasoning and the way I am analyzing the current political arena of the Republic of South Sudan and more so, the appointment of the National Ministers excluding the Vice President of the South Sudan is so complex and interesting to the nation that also need political commentators like me to have a words that might be of importance to the Country like South Sudan. I thought the President General Salva Kiir Mayardit was supposed to be wise enough in his appointment process but to make it worse, he appointed some people who have no good background in their communities, I don’t think whether these very people Mr. President appointed will do the needful to him, I mean in term of his campaign for the party leadership and the candidature for the President of the Republic of South Sudan in 2015 coming, most of them are liabilities that have no values within their constituencies a cross the Republic of South Sudan believe me or not this is the matter of truth and legitimacy from my point of view.

My dear elites class, I hope  you will agree with me in one way or the other ,you might dispute this but realities and facts must be conceptualized, scrutinized and evaluated for the direct benefits of the citizen of this nation unless otherwise we are just citizen with no says in any formation of the government in this Country.

The newly decrees of Mr. President that have form the government by appointing the Ministers and their deputies with exception of the Vice President which was supposed to be the first to be appointed indicates that, he will not make it by any mean to become the President of this great Nation in one year and half remaining due to the reason known to him and his Political advisers who have advised him wrongly that is why he has form the government full with people with no good backgrounds and people that have no market or influences  in their societies.  

Apart from only six currently appointed Ministers , the rests are very weak in term of speaking, convincing, advocating, free from corruptions complications, most of the people in this Country now testified that the Government of South Sudan was not looking at the good people but looking for the wrong people that might take away public funds and resources in this Country  and this is an indication that, our Presidential advisors does not want our beloved President to come back to the leadership again, to me am looking at the Presidential advisors as people who are against our beloved President in reality. What is the basis of person having two positions when there are very many intellectuals, competences, energetic people that were left I think due to unknown reason? But need justification from the right body that the President of the Republic consulted when forming his cabinets on Tuesday evening.

Viewing at the position of Ministry of Justice which is currently going to be run by the Presidential Legal Advisor and the Minister at the same time Mr. Tilar Ring let me called him that way because am not sure of his qualifications, whether he is a Lawyer by Profession or he is professional in other disciplines in Education. “You cannot put your two legs in different ways”  that might be interpreted by intellectuals as self-lobby for many positions by those who are really nationalists ,facts must be said no matter what might be the circumstances in any scenarios other people might view at my augment.

Truly speaking what shows that, people of South Sudan are really keeping their motto which is justice, liberty and prosperity for all? Is there justice, liberty and prosperity for all in the appointment of the newly Ministers in South Sudan?

To me is not logically for him to have two positions within the nation because other people specifically the citizen of South Sudan will have a doubt with the President of South Sudan as the new Nation likewise bringing someone who is an elected Governor to be the National Minister when he was not remove first from his position, many people are asking what a political situation is South Sudan going to at this stage? To me am not against their appointment but they are supposed to be removed first from their positions which they were holding before taking over the newly positions to avoid mistrust within the President himself alone as individual person. Am not legal expert to make a lots of quotations about the Constitution on who to be appointed in the right positions but am expert in analyzing politics, analyzing self-interest that might occur and following International Journalistic way of educating, informing and entertaining the audiences with factual issues that are so relevant to for citizen consumptions.

Now days what is very importance is personal integrity and the ability to do the needful to the people of South Sudan as the nation then  holding many positions that might help you as the person alone excluding the citizen interest who vote warmly for the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan through referendum processes. I have too much love for the President but due to wrongs advices that are coming in, we should advice our beloved President because logically and realistically, we cannot go far that way.

The author is the Independent Journalist who writes for the Juba Monitor Newspaper as the Columnist, you can contact him through; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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