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The Nation Under Kiir Mayardit is Only a Joke!

By: Gatkuoth Gatjiek

December 17, 2014 (SSNA) -- Having ruled South sudan since 2005 after the painful demise of SPLM founder Dr John Garang Kiir appeared more dictator after hour an hour. kiir"s leadership projected by a terrible junk bone that breathes tribalism like while fire. He badly surround himself with die-heart elites he refer to as comrades during the struggle, most of whom advisers, ministers and Generals who fought hard during the sudanese civil war. Suppose, having fought the war and seen what it takes certainly one would have a firm driving formula to deal with it rather than to make it a taboo and renege on positive things to do with the national concerns.

Those mouthpieces around kiir could tell nothing rather than to conspire against Riek machar and the Nuer, the former vice president who stood firm during the CPA implementation process, he was a bridge between the NCP in the North and the SPLM in the South. Machar should be accredited to a lot of scores that without him would all have beee in vain and remain reminiscence of history. He had to deal with Post referendum issue, Abyei protocol, general elections process and beyond. Among others was the LRA issue, one of the stricken cases to be attended to and Machar unequivocally did that without mincing words. Now Western Equatoria is secure and safe out of LRA. No appreciation at all and instead the old folks resort to traditional politics which is divisive and much depends on the past so that the like minds of tribalism could gather as "birds of the same feathers fly together". Today the nation is swimming in an ocean of blood due to political struggle which he kiir planned as a ploy to get rid of his rivals and to promote his longer rule.

It was an in-joke when he surprised the world by having him dissolve the whole of his cabinet and thrown all of his former colleagues in to a bin. No doubt that an inkling of some kind was a head. Kiir plays like never been a liberator. The liberty, prosperity and freedom remains only on the SPLM logo. Sometime later on the true inky days took shape, gun shoots could be heard from all over the city. kiir created a fake coup which even a child would never get convinced. The whole world never bought the idea carried out as a song by foregin minister Dr Marial Benjamin, no body bought it except disgrace and embarrassments thereafter.

A coup which is often known being led by generals in the army end up in South Sudan led by civilians and politicians lying on their beds.

South Sudan under kiir mayardit is only a joke! A new country in the world that would have been properly managed economically, politically, culturally and religiously ends up being rowed by an intruder. Americans like the term Alqaeda so much, they fail to see the Alqaeda of South Sudan. No wonders that world run only after an interest as it’s the case with Uganda that interferes in the internal affairs of the nation and no one condemns. Could it be colonization in disguise or a forceful occupation as it was the case of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and the like by the UPDF?

If kiir will continue with playing games as he is currently doing, a penalty Kick will be given and a goal will be scored. UPDF is not a blockage to opposition but instead increases the appetite for kiir's defeat if an option is open for military victory in the battle field. No one is accredited to play with the nation as others watch by, thousands of the innocent souls lost will never be recovered neither kiir will benefit out of their disappearance but instead shakes his chair that he want to rule for years. He is in fact shoots himself in the head not on foot as wrote by Dr Adwok Nyaba. If there might be a chance to get back the souls lost, kiir would run barefooted to make sure that the innocent souls are back and that all is readjusted in place like never happened because he is regretting his decisions which he miscalculated politically and mathematically incorrectly.

Succinctly, South Sudanese masses are sick with kiir's skills of leadership, they are neither what they mean for independence South Sudan nor what they mean for their votes, and they need a change. Therefore, kiir must go, no one needs him as he sits in the palace, he is an intruder an AlQaeda who cheats and capitalizes on the suffering of the nation's future, young men are fighting his war. Dividing them on tribal bases to ensure his political tribalism and hold on to power. The corruption, killing, massacres and raping which replaces the SPLM logo are now kiir's achievements. Therefore, the nation is shying away from Salva kiir and demands a final throe to his shameful rule.

The masses will be in jubilation and give a joyous welcome to kiir's exit after all transpired should there be any move involves his quit of power be it force, peace or his free will.

The author is a Vice chairman and information Secretary for SPLM/A-Kuala Lumpur Chapter. Views expressed here are his personal views and not necessarily represents the views of the Chapter in Kuala_Lumpur. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Warap and Jieng Presidency in Juba to celebrate its only one achievement, the carnage of Nuer Civilians

By Thiang Geka

December 14, 2014 (SSNA) -- In his word, Jieng [Dinka] Presidency’s Mouthpiece, Mr. Ateny Wek Ateny, last Thursday announced that the South Sudan; Jieng Presidency was/is organizing celebrations in which all Mony-Jiengs behind KIIRACY will congratulated [indirectly]the President for having killed successfully over twenty thousand [20,000] Nuer civilians in Juba last year. “We will celebrate the one year anniversary of the crisis that was erupted in mid-December last year in Juba”. The author, Thiang Geka; never witnessed anything like this on earth, only in a Mony-Jieng led-country [South Sudan] that a country President to come out and celebrate the death of his own citizens he had massacred. The Jieng Presidency’s number one achievement and the very objective which ninety percent if not all Jieng Elders and Intellectuals embarked on after or even before South Sudan’s Independence in 201, was how they could do what they did in 2013.

A new nation turned Jieng tribe Presidency, in two years of Independence did privately train Gelweng, Dootkubeny, etc, ignite a civil war, ordered and massacred tens of thousands of civilians in Juba. This is the only achievement by Jieng Presidency. Massacring over 20,000 thousands Nuer civilians in COLD BLOOD is a big mistake! In speeches delivered during the third anniversary of South Sudan Independence 2014, by Warap-Jieng led South Sudan Government officials, described South Sudan in 2014 as the most secured, successful and free country as ever before. You can imagine. Is South Sudan now a free, successful and secure country? They (Jieng) said, a free South Sudan is this country where Riek Machar’s group has nowhere to be seen in a national decision making platform.

Practically, Warap and Jieng’s main objective was only to work hard after Independence, to get rid, in full or in part, of anybody or group which might want to contest or try to oppose all Jieng-motivated decisions in South Sudan. Look, the time the whole world and the rest of all South Sudanese had been seeking ways on how the new nation should be brought up, Warap; Jieng council of Elders and intellectuals on the other hand were busy preparing for a new civil war.

How to loot from national funds and reserve monies in order to help them later, as had happened, in buying mercenaries from different countries against the wellbeing of our own country, South Sudan. Therefore, if a country President like Salva Kiir, can kill its own people and at the same time celebrate their death as victory done by the Presidential office he was elected into by the same citizens, then South Sudan must prepare itself, for something else. The Presidency should mourn and commemorate over twenty thousand [20,000] innocent lives of South Sudanese civilians massacred in Juba instead of celebrating their deaths.

Thiang Geka can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

South Sudan Massacre turned one; the world still watches the scene

Jesus or Mohamed will not rise to save our lives, if you have power to help save life of innocent children, you are their savior of the time and they will praise you for that.” K. Y. Tutkuay

By Kuach Tutkuay

December 14, 2014 (SSNA) -- In all my writings—be it about the situation in South Sudan or elsewhere—I am fond of expressing my sentiment and frustration about the plight of civilians to the world leaders, this is because I holds in me the belief that the world is one body and whatever affect one part of the world affects the whole world. The crisis in South Sudan has claimed thousands of lives and the hostility has not yet ceased, as the dry season is coming there are speculations that the warring parties may involves in large-scale military operations to crash the other. This will obviously perpetuate the already volatile humanitarian situation.

As of today, a poor widow is mourning her son who was dragged out of the house and deliberately killed while in other sections of the society some people are dancing happily in commemoration of a triumphantly foiled coup de etat. In one hand is the massacring of innocent civilians, in the other hand is the failed coup. These are two realities that would take an Athenian’s deductive argument to descend which is true. As Mahatma Gandhi quoted, “false does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become false because no one sees it”. Many findings—including that of the Commission of Inquiries, the Enough Project and the UN HRW reports—have indicated that civilians were killed indiscriminately in South Sudan. Having obtained and read all these documents, we are still void of finding a way forward.

The conflict in South Sudan is a tribal war although the warring parties try to divert this fact. Many reports also indicated this fact including the Human Right Watch Report. Sometimes it is quite cumbersome dealing with such situations because one may end up favoring one at the expense of the other. I don’t know what theory exist about tribal war but I would say its solution may not be necessarily rewarding one of the tribes. I would argue that, in such circumstances, a “zero benefit” may work better, that is to say reward none of the parties to the conflict. Some people might mistake my stance for supporting the political detainees or the G10; I am not in support of their leadership either because they participated in one way or the other in the genesis of the ongoing destruction in South Sudan.

Obviously things will get worst in the dry season, and there is only one way to save lives of innocent civilians in South Sudan—declaring the country under the UN Trusteeship Administration as was the case for East Timor and Kosovo. I am saying this out of desperation because it is quite a bleak situation; for the country to get back to normalcy under the same leadership is impossible. South Sudan has disintegrated beyond re-unification under its current leaders and a mere sanction will not help bring it back together. These leaders have lived most of their lives as rebels fighting for freedom from Khartoum, as such, they are used to committing crimes against humanity without being held accountable. Sanctions or ICC is not a threat to them because none of them knew what it is to be indicted at the ICC, they thought it is like the Kangaroo court in Juba where one judge himself and declare innocence.

Civilians will be happy to live peacefully and harmoniously regardless of who leads them than to be maimed at will for a leadership wrangle they had nothing to do with. The Dinka and the Nuer are socially closer than any other tribe in South Sudan. Speculations that these two tribes hate each other are mere lies. It is personal greed imposed on them to kill each other. Kiir was elected by 63 tribes, how can that leadership be protected by only one tribe? Protecting it from whom? Are they not the same people who voted for him? It is quite misleading to say “come and protect our leadership from so and so”. This is quite a political empty-mindedness because when a leader has nothing to offer, he creates chaos to make a reasonable excuse for failure.

We may threaten or impose sanctions; we may even force the two rival factions to accept power sharing—if at all they will be willing to compromise on the powers of the president and Prime Minister—but none of these will help the local civilians. As good as my opinion is concerned; either of these will only worsen the hostility and the suffering of the civilians. Supporters of these leaders will disagree with my opinion of a UN trusteeship; they may be citing national sovereignty of South Sudan as a basis for their argument. Well this is already under question since the very sovereign government targets it civilians on tribal line. Humanitarian workers were killed base on their ethnicity. Where is that sovereignty we are talking about? Anything that claims life of one of us is a menace we should not tolerate, with or without sovereignty.

My appeal to the world is that, Jesus or Mohamed will not rise to save our lives, if you have power to help save life of innocent children, you are their savior of the time and they will praise you for that. We are living beings and, I believe, our lives also matters and we deserve to live like any other human. Why would it not bother you when we are dying? Why would it be none of your business when women and little children are being killed deliberately? Please come to our rescue!!

The writer could be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or @kuach444 on Twitter.

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