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Exclude Salva Kiir from power; or else the masses will continue to parish at his perilous mists

By Mayian Tot

November 27, 2014 (SSNA) -- Since December 15th 2013, South Sudan has been at war with itself –and by far, it continues to be a battlefield’s graveyard’ –embroiled in a dangerous perilous, characterised by wholesale destruction, massacre and ethnic cleansing.

These abyss state of affairs are brought about by the tyrannical authoritarian dictator who wield absolute power and has since abuse these constitutional vested powers dangerously. Only to misrule, mismanage and plunged South Sudan into this bedevilling perilous.

Instead of upholding national interest, service delivery, good governance, promoting democratic values as the core foundations for nation-state building by allowing democratic spaces to exist so as to conducts free and fair leadership competitions within the SPLM, initiating reforms within the governmental institutions to fight these grand-scale corruption, widespread land grabbing and mitigate insecurity etc.  

Rather, the tyrannical dictator descended the nation into bloodletting and brutal violent supported by Uganda’s forces, JEM, SPLA-N among other mercenaries and individuals militias as are the only means to prolong and maintain his authoritarian dictatorial grip on power and to retain an ethnic-dominated regime.

Salva Kiir, together with his regime’s collaborators and the so-called born-to-rule elites are using state machineries’ and brutal violence to maintain an ethnic control regime of their [own] and a nation-state dominated by themselves and for their own benefits.

These ethnic elites control and dominate all nation-state’s vital institutions. They control the government and all the strategic military positions such as Minister for Defense, Minister for Interior, military’s intelligent, and Army chief of general Staff among others. These state's powers of the said strategic military positions are used by the elites and their collaborators to institutionalise violence. 

They brought foreign mercenaries’ and allied with local militia, thus engineered to exterminate the Nuer people and to subjugate, marginalise and dominate other ethnic groups by the barrel of guns. 

Of gross human tragic, this tyrannical regime in Juba is a creator of brutal violent. It continue to survive on violent, and is maintained through the applications’ of vicious violent. Unleashing itself as a butchering machine –for South Sudanese to exterminate themselves. 

Since December 15th to date, Innocents Nuer civilians, women, children, men and the aged’ became the first causality and the main victims to the ongoing conflict. Other ethnic groups are also dragged into the perilous  mists through their militia allegiances, monies, proxy and divide and rule tactics’.

Therefore, for [a] meaningful peace to be realise, this authoritarian and dictatorial regime in Juba must be destroy completely. Its machineries must be lay to waste and its system burn-down to ashes. Because its system constitute a curse to South Sudanese people. Since December 15th 2013, its policies continue to rest on wholesale destruction and brutal violent.

South Sudanese masses ought to understand that any peace proposal that allows Salva Kiir, the chief architect of the December 15th Nuer Massacres to leads the Transitional Government of National Unity is an open invitation to more death and destruction. 

The current bedevilling conflict that continue to devastate many innocent lives is of his creation.

Before its onset in December 15th, Salva Kiir frustrated and curtailed all avenues for free leadership competitions, democratisation and meaningful reforms within the SPLM ruling party. Rather then allowing democratic values to take roots in the SPLM and indeed throughout the nation-state’s institutions. Instead, he opted for bloodletting and ethnic cleansing.

In 2013, Salva Kiir mobilised, recruited and trained a 15,000 private army of personal militia mainly from Greater Bahr el Ghazal. These militia forces he later armed and deployed to Juba under the guise of [Presidential Guards] and are, mainly responsible for December 15th door to door ethnic massacre in Juba.

Salva Kiir dictatorial reign continue to sow unimaginable sorrow, death and destruction to innocent people of South Sudan, and to bestow him with enormous executive powers to leads the IGAD propose Transitional Government of National Unity –South Sudan would continue be a tragic death graveyard.

Repeatedly as stated before, this dictatorial regime in Juba survive on violent and has made South Sudan territorial integrity into a regional graveyard. Uganda's mercenary forces are brought to partake in the perilous mist as well as the Sudanese mercenaries such as JEM, SPLA-North etcetera.

South Sudan nation continue to stand at a dangerous cross-road facing many dangerous perilous ultimately because of incompetent leadership.

Diseases are threatening, hunger is looming and ruthless impunities are perpetrated. All these are but tragic realities. 2 million civilians have been displace as refugees to the neighbouring countries. While 96,708 civilians are currently being protected by UN peace keeping force in various UNMISS Camps and their general conditions are dire and appealing. 

Justice, freedom and equality will never be attained and realise so long Salva Kiir remain in power. Only, these horrendous impunities will continue to persist. The root causes to the conflict will not be address. Wrongdoers and perpetrators to December 15th will never be brought to book and the issue of justice and accountability will never be touch.

Ostensibly, any IGAD proposal that seeks to put Salva Kiir at the driving seat to leads the Transitional Government of Nation Unity with all the powers conferred on him by the said proposal and in conjunction with the Transitional Constitution of this nation shall accelerate and fuel the cycle of violent and bloodletting.

Kiir must be excluded from wielding enormous executive powers. Reduce him to ceremonial president or else the masses will continue to perish at the perilous mists of his creations.

To make it plain then, any peace proposal that seeks to retain the current system in Juba is not acceptable and must be treated as such. Because, South Sudan, under the incompetent leadership of Salva Kiir, is a complete bedevilling nightmare and a regional battlefield graveyard. It’s a nation of have and have not, and a nation with no development and instead, the state’s resources are plundered by state’s official ruthlessly, grand-scale corruption is at its peak, land grabbing is widespread, security sectors are repressive, parliament is rubber stamp and national army are used for lynching and to perpetuate massacre and ethnic cleansing.

With such incompetent leadership at the helm, peaceful coexistent will never prevail. Instead South Sudan will continue to be a war theatre, a regional proxy battlefield and a death ground.

Therefore, the struggle must continue to dismantle this tyrannical dictatorial regime and liberate the masses.

Mayian Tot is reachable via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Diplomats crossing to Opposition: What does it signifies to the World?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

November 23, 2014 (SSNA) -- In a diplomatic principle, Diplomats are understood to work in a profession that requires specific skills and capacities that not everybody has. Thus, their profession is widely accepted as an exclusive job with loads of privileges to assist its main duty to pursue national interests abroad. In a good sense, a diplomat is defined as “an official whose job is to represent their government in a foreign country.” In a cynical sense, a diplomat is often described as “an honest man” sent abroad to lie on behalf of his country.

According to the “principal-agent” theory of diplomacy, a diplomat is the agent who is assigned with certain tasks delegated by the principal. The principal refers to the state or those who rule the state and thus own the right to set the national agenda.

However, after the crisis emerged in Juba on the 15th of December 2013, some of the Diplomats that were representing the Interest of the Republic of South Sudan crossed to the Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM/IO) under the Leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny and some of them have been replaced already and other are not yet replaced.

Surely, the crossing of the diplomats to opposition is a very big concern to the government because; some of the diplomatic relations that might not work well in this scenario will be regarded as result in the abandoning of the positions within government officials who were send abroad for special mission and they have failed to accomplish the tasks.

Moreover, some diplomats cross to the opposition in late hour due to looking for positions since the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) have proposed to the two warring parties of the conflict to form the Government of National Unity that will accommodate all the parties involved in South Sudan.

The crossing of former South Sudan ambassador to Geneva, Ambassador Lumumba Stanislaus and Henry Dicah Odwar, a former MP that have defected to SPLM/SPLA in opposition, as well provoked the diplomatic relations. What does it mean at this stage? And as well the defection of the deputy head of Mission of South Sudan to Ethiopia David Dang Kong that I crossed on the Media on Friday, what does it signifies at this movement to the people of South Sudan?

Well, for those who crossed to the opposition early in January 2014, they might have their own vision and mission that they want to accomplish in one way or the other but the question is, what of the one that are crossing now? Is it because they have smelled something coming out or what is interests behind? What information will they say to the opposition that will bring down the government when the current crisis and situation is almost to come to an end by God grace?

The Author is Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan. He can be contact on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or He is currently doing his Research for the award of his second Master Degree in Public Relations and Media Management on the Influence of Propaganda on Diplomatic Missions of South Sudan.

Dr Riek Gai Kok’s dangerous political ambition

By James Gai Tot Deng

November 21, 2014 (SSNA) -- This is a piece of an opinion authored to bring to light how dangerous in the political arena is Dr Riek Gai Kok. For those of you who do not know him,,Riek Gai is the current Minister of Health in the cabinet of Salva Kiir( aka Kuethpiny Atem) and had served in many political posts when he was a diehard NCP cadre. The guy began as a Captain in the SPLA in-charge of medical supplies in Kapoeta soon after finishing his military training from the SPLA school of Political Ideologies and war strategies at Bonga in Ethiopia.

When the movement split into Nasir and Torit factions respectively, he joined the Nasir faction and rose rapidly to the rank of commander and was appointed to the NLC membership, the second highest decision making body after INEC in the Akobo Convention in 1994 .Those accelerated promotions were predicated on educational qualifications and most importantly against Justice John Luk who had a shaky working relationships with Dr Riek Machar. Riek Gai was reported to have had a hand in the arrest of John Luk in 1993-94.

He was among those who persuaded Dr Riek Machar, not with the best of intentions, to sign the political charter in 1997 with Khartoum Government which culminated in the conclusion of Khartoum peace agreement. Subsequent to that, he was appointed as a governor of Jonglei State and served two terms. When the Khartoum peace agreement was ratified by a Republican decree no 14, Dr Riek Machar formed UDSF, which became the political wing of SSDF as the South Sudan Defense Forces later became known. Behind the scene, Riek Gai, who is none the wiser, and given his natural lust for power, defected to the NCP and was appointed Deputy Secretary General.

Through wits and witches, he rose to become Deputy NCP Chairman and in-charge of Southern Sector. Riek Gai who is known for being a self-seeking politician with a sense of ego-centrism, fell out with many NCP leaders in the persons of Dr Nafie Ali Nafie and Ustaz Ali Osman as well as all the Southern politicians in the North. He was hated to death and he was spared only by Omer Al Bashir who, out of humane sympathy, made him to stay in the political hierarchy of NCP. He vehemently contributed in the falling out of Turabi and Omer Al Bashir. It is worth mentioning that he was siding with Turabi in the first place, but because of his betrayals and cowardice, he changed side to Omer Al Bashir and was the first to congratulate Omer Al Bashir when Turabi and his aides were thrown into Kober prison. He was crowned as one of the golden boys in the NCP epicenter to the extent that he was married off an Arab lady who later separated from him because of his being polygamous and inconsistency.

Riek Gai on several occasions used to utter political rhetorics that he would never coalesce with the Dinka under any circumstances and the author is today baffled to see the guy licking the boots of Salva and at one time seen addressing the Dinka in Rumbek in a broken Dinka language during the inauguration of Mayardit Women's hospital, a signal of allegiance to Salva and the Dinka.

With the signing of the CPA leading up to the Independence, he was brought to Juba by Dr Majak Agot, then the Deputy Director General of NISS in Khartoum to reconcile him with the SPLM leadership and most importantly Salva Kiir. Later on he stabbed in the back the same Majak who accommodated him in a very expensive Juba Regency Hotel behind John Garang International School where he is still residing up to now.

Being very good at manipulating people and a consummate liar by nature,he managed to infiltrate the Presidential camp using small boys around the President. The author has been informed that he was one of those who advised Salva Kiir to sack Riek Machar on false testimony that he has no popularity in the Nuer territory. It later turned out that the President was tempted by these power hungry and self-fish Nuer politicians and now regretting.  Riek Gai and company are responsible for the lives and properties lost because they misled the President through blackmailing and dishonest manipulations. I pray that the souls of the innocent Nuer massacred by the Dinka Gelweng on orders of Salva, do not forgive them to enjoy the flavours of life.

He is on record on several occasions that the Dinka are killed by the Nuer forgetting the fact that the killing of the Dinka where it happened was a reaction by the Nuer who had to avenge for the death of their beloved ones. Informed sources said that he was behind the sacking of Gen James Hoth and Maj.Gen Mac Paul respectively and that he is now advising the President to unify the two security bureaus and appoint only one Director-general who would definitely be the current DG of Internal Security Bureau.This is also a ploy by the same Riek Gai to sideline Maj.Gen Duoth Guet. The other intention of Riek Gai is to make sure that the Lou Nuer land is invaded by the Dinka militias. He was heard one time saying that there would be no peace in this country if the government does not occupy the Lou territory. He mistakenly thought he would win the trust and confidence of Salva when the Lou Nuer land is occupied by the Kiir’s militias. When Salva reached an agreement with Riek Machar on the power sharing matrix, he said it was a betrayal by Kiir for accepting to agree with Riek Machar.His calculation was that if Riek Machar comes back to Juba,he would not find a place in the government.There are rumours that the frequent stalling of the peace talks are his making.

How can Riek Gai, who has failed to manage even his own house, boasts that he is a responsible person who can rule others? He is nowadays confusing the public by whitewashing buildings in the JTH that he is vigorously working. The Public health Lab was built in 1974 and I wondered how the President could accept to be misled by officially opening it with a wide media coverage amid ululations by poor Equatorian nurses and hospital workers. Who would buy such lies from Riek Gai and the like minded?

It is now a public knowledge that Riek Gai is not on speaking terms with the caretaker Governor just because he wants to manipulate Dr Joseph Monytuil on how to run the State, something which has never been heard of. Their area of differences was because Monytuil refused to appoint some disgruntled and naive Unity State boys who are close to Riek Gai feeding him with lies and gossiping. The man is famous for favoring people with little educational backgrounds and who specialized in manufacturing lies and who are indeed sycophants and nincompoops. He has built a personality cult around himself consisting of a coterie of uneducated and semi-literate chaps and idiotic security informers. Riek Gai has no permanent friend because he is unprincipled especially when it is something to do with politics. The President must be careful of this tricky politician otherwise he will find himself in hell. Who would fail to believe that Riek Gai did not win the 2010 general election? He made it to the National Assembly through tricks and maneuvers by the Gadiang group which was headed by Kuol Manyang with the membership of Atem Garang, Malual Mabur, Philip Thon, Professor Lual Achuek Deng, Majak Agot and himself.He is not getting along with any of those mentioned who were in fact his saviors now because it a common knowledge that when the guy is having power, he becomes unfriendly.

His godfather Tellar Ring Takpiny Deng who was a conduit between him and the President has now been posted to Russia on an Ambassadorial job.The author wonders what is his plan B regarding how frequent he would be seeing the President?

When he was appointed to the Ministry of Health, there was a great hope things would go right but to the contrary what he is now doing does not live up to the expectations of the people. A case in point, that is, the appointment of the medical council which is consisting of Dinka and submissive Equatorians and denial of the rights (arrears) of the Hospital staff which led to the strike. It was nothing but an attempt to prove himself more capable than other ministers and for him to shine in the public eye especially to those who do not know him well because the guy is very good at worshipping masters.

The writer is a political commentator .He can be reached This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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