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Dr Riek Gai Kok’s dangerous political ambition

By James Gai Tot Deng

November 21, 2014 (SSNA) -- This is a piece of an opinion authored to bring to light how dangerous in the political arena is Dr Riek Gai Kok. For those of you who do not know him,,Riek Gai is the current Minister of Health in the cabinet of Salva Kiir( aka Kuethpiny Atem) and had served in many political posts when he was a diehard NCP cadre. The guy began as a Captain in the SPLA in-charge of medical supplies in Kapoeta soon after finishing his military training from the SPLA school of Political Ideologies and war strategies at Bonga in Ethiopia.

When the movement split into Nasir and Torit factions respectively, he joined the Nasir faction and rose rapidly to the rank of commander and was appointed to the NLC membership, the second highest decision making body after INEC in the Akobo Convention in 1994 .Those accelerated promotions were predicated on educational qualifications and most importantly against Justice John Luk who had a shaky working relationships with Dr Riek Machar. Riek Gai was reported to have had a hand in the arrest of John Luk in 1993-94.

He was among those who persuaded Dr Riek Machar, not with the best of intentions, to sign the political charter in 1997 with Khartoum Government which culminated in the conclusion of Khartoum peace agreement. Subsequent to that, he was appointed as a governor of Jonglei State and served two terms. When the Khartoum peace agreement was ratified by a Republican decree no 14, Dr Riek Machar formed UDSF, which became the political wing of SSDF as the South Sudan Defense Forces later became known. Behind the scene, Riek Gai, who is none the wiser, and given his natural lust for power, defected to the NCP and was appointed Deputy Secretary General.

Through wits and witches, he rose to become Deputy NCP Chairman and in-charge of Southern Sector. Riek Gai who is known for being a self-seeking politician with a sense of ego-centrism, fell out with many NCP leaders in the persons of Dr Nafie Ali Nafie and Ustaz Ali Osman as well as all the Southern politicians in the North. He was hated to death and he was spared only by Omer Al Bashir who, out of humane sympathy, made him to stay in the political hierarchy of NCP. He vehemently contributed in the falling out of Turabi and Omer Al Bashir. It is worth mentioning that he was siding with Turabi in the first place, but because of his betrayals and cowardice, he changed side to Omer Al Bashir and was the first to congratulate Omer Al Bashir when Turabi and his aides were thrown into Kober prison. He was crowned as one of the golden boys in the NCP epicenter to the extent that he was married off an Arab lady who later separated from him because of his being polygamous and inconsistency.

Riek Gai on several occasions used to utter political rhetorics that he would never coalesce with the Dinka under any circumstances and the author is today baffled to see the guy licking the boots of Salva and at one time seen addressing the Dinka in Rumbek in a broken Dinka language during the inauguration of Mayardit Women's hospital, a signal of allegiance to Salva and the Dinka.

With the signing of the CPA leading up to the Independence, he was brought to Juba by Dr Majak Agot, then the Deputy Director General of NISS in Khartoum to reconcile him with the SPLM leadership and most importantly Salva Kiir. Later on he stabbed in the back the same Majak who accommodated him in a very expensive Juba Regency Hotel behind John Garang International School where he is still residing up to now.

Being very good at manipulating people and a consummate liar by nature,he managed to infiltrate the Presidential camp using small boys around the President. The author has been informed that he was one of those who advised Salva Kiir to sack Riek Machar on false testimony that he has no popularity in the Nuer territory. It later turned out that the President was tempted by these power hungry and self-fish Nuer politicians and now regretting.  Riek Gai and company are responsible for the lives and properties lost because they misled the President through blackmailing and dishonest manipulations. I pray that the souls of the innocent Nuer massacred by the Dinka Gelweng on orders of Salva, do not forgive them to enjoy the flavours of life.

He is on record on several occasions that the Dinka are killed by the Nuer forgetting the fact that the killing of the Dinka where it happened was a reaction by the Nuer who had to avenge for the death of their beloved ones. Informed sources said that he was behind the sacking of Gen James Hoth and Maj.Gen Mac Paul respectively and that he is now advising the President to unify the two security bureaus and appoint only one Director-general who would definitely be the current DG of Internal Security Bureau.This is also a ploy by the same Riek Gai to sideline Maj.Gen Duoth Guet. The other intention of Riek Gai is to make sure that the Lou Nuer land is invaded by the Dinka militias. He was heard one time saying that there would be no peace in this country if the government does not occupy the Lou territory. He mistakenly thought he would win the trust and confidence of Salva when the Lou Nuer land is occupied by the Kiir’s militias. When Salva reached an agreement with Riek Machar on the power sharing matrix, he said it was a betrayal by Kiir for accepting to agree with Riek Machar.His calculation was that if Riek Machar comes back to Juba,he would not find a place in the government.There are rumours that the frequent stalling of the peace talks are his making.

How can Riek Gai, who has failed to manage even his own house, boasts that he is a responsible person who can rule others? He is nowadays confusing the public by whitewashing buildings in the JTH that he is vigorously working. The Public health Lab was built in 1974 and I wondered how the President could accept to be misled by officially opening it with a wide media coverage amid ululations by poor Equatorian nurses and hospital workers. Who would buy such lies from Riek Gai and the like minded?

It is now a public knowledge that Riek Gai is not on speaking terms with the caretaker Governor just because he wants to manipulate Dr Joseph Monytuil on how to run the State, something which has never been heard of. Their area of differences was because Monytuil refused to appoint some disgruntled and naive Unity State boys who are close to Riek Gai feeding him with lies and gossiping. The man is famous for favoring people with little educational backgrounds and who specialized in manufacturing lies and who are indeed sycophants and nincompoops. He has built a personality cult around himself consisting of a coterie of uneducated and semi-literate chaps and idiotic security informers. Riek Gai has no permanent friend because he is unprincipled especially when it is something to do with politics. The President must be careful of this tricky politician otherwise he will find himself in hell. Who would fail to believe that Riek Gai did not win the 2010 general election? He made it to the National Assembly through tricks and maneuvers by the Gadiang group which was headed by Kuol Manyang with the membership of Atem Garang, Malual Mabur, Philip Thon, Professor Lual Achuek Deng, Majak Agot and himself.He is not getting along with any of those mentioned who were in fact his saviors now because it a common knowledge that when the guy is having power, he becomes unfriendly.

His godfather Tellar Ring Takpiny Deng who was a conduit between him and the President has now been posted to Russia on an Ambassadorial job.The author wonders what is his plan B regarding how frequent he would be seeing the President?

When he was appointed to the Ministry of Health, there was a great hope things would go right but to the contrary what he is now doing does not live up to the expectations of the people. A case in point, that is, the appointment of the medical council which is consisting of Dinka and submissive Equatorians and denial of the rights (arrears) of the Hospital staff which led to the strike. It was nothing but an attempt to prove himself more capable than other ministers and for him to shine in the public eye especially to those who do not know him well because the guy is very good at worshipping masters.

The writer is a political commentator .He can be reached This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Michael Makuei Lueth: A Propagandist of the year in South Sudan!

By Peter Gai Manyuon

November 18, 2014 (SSNA) -- Before going further, I would like to bring in to your attention about who Makuei Lueth is in South Sudan context since the liberation struggle until today. Makuei was born in 1947 from unknown place and his education was in University of Khartoum in 1975 where he studied a Law that is outdated due to current globalization and intellectuality.  Lueth worked as a Legal Counsel and as a Judge before he joined the SPLM/A, where he progressed to the rank of Commander (Brigadier General) but no one is sure about his ranks at the movement. During the civil war he also served as the SPLM/A’s Secretary and Commissioner for Legal Affairs, the position he got due to the fact that, he is from Bor native under the leadership of the Dr. John Garang De Mabior. Before assuming his current post Lueth served as South Sudan’s Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Constitutional Affairs as well.

Michael Makuei Lueth was a leading member of South Sudan’s team of negotiators attending 2012 talks on post-partition issues between Sudan and South Sudan. He is a member of the government’s “special select” committee tasked by the cabinet to educate members of the general significance of the deal which the two sides had signed in September 2012.

Hence, after evaluating the name (Lueth) I found out that the meaning of the name of the Minister and Spokesperson for Government of South Sudan is a lie. Absolutely, Minister of the Information and Broadcasting in the Republic of South Sudan Mr. Makuei Lueth is a number one propagandist and big lies in the newest nation and he as well destroyed the government of Salva Kiir Mayardit by his lacks of good public Relations and communication techniques. The gentlemen is known globally, as the insider who cooked for the massacred of the Nuer civilians in Juba and that is why in most of the reports Hon. Michael is number one among the people who will be taken for trial for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide of the civil population that will calls for his indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) after the all scenario is put to an end by the both parties of the conflict.

Since the eruption of the conflict in South Sudan on the 15th of December 2013, a Lawyer that completed from Khartoum University have never talked about something that could bring together South Sudanese citizen in one way or the other but what he (Makuei) is good at is to preach hatred and incitements among the same Nationalities and tribes.  Each and every South Sudanese is aware that, Hon. Makuei Lueth is a useless human being on earth that has contributed to the messes going on in the Republic of South Sudan. His influences in advocating for the killings of Nuer civil population is acknowledged internationally and regionally by world leaders. I don’t know whether Makuei will deny all interviews that he carried out with media, internationally and regionally and all the sound bites will take Makuei to International Criminal Court (ICC) like most of the African leaders that are having cases in Hague.

On the 17th of April 2014, he (Lueth) managed to incited the youth from Bor South in Jonglei state to massacred the civil population that was in United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) camp in Bor. After he (Makuei) was asked by the Journalists, he said what take the civilians to UNMISS compound with military uniforms. A question, which was justified as baseless and primitive in nature by the South Sudanese and the International Community due to the fact that, all those in United Nations shelters are civilians with no guns.

Hence, if someone contextualized , visualized and internalized Makuei Lueth ideology, what might come to person mind? Is Makuei normal upstairs or sick mentally? Is Makuei informed legally or got a degree with shortcuts.  Basically, i think Makuei is among the South Sudanese who have made academics suicide? All those that, have not gone for primary and secondary education, lacks intellectual capacity to lead the Country which consists of various elites from different disciplines and backgrounds.

However, what takes Republic of South Sudan back is due to illiterate rates among the communities, if there was a good education within the leaders in South Sudan, then things would have been good and absolute for the betterment of the citizens.

What I have noted, in any gathering which both parties of the conflict agreed on some terms and conditions, he (Makuei) is opposite in disputing the fact or what his boss President Salva Kiir Mayardit said or agreed upon. To remain you my people, the Inter-Government Authority on Development (IGAD) gave a proposal to the two warring parties in Addisa-baba where Makuei was denied access to the meeting by the IGAD body due to his characters that have weaken President Salva Kiir Mayardit Government. In the side of the government, it was only the President, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Chief Negotiator for the Government Nhial Deng Nhial and on the opposition side; it was Dr Machar, Dr Dheu Mathok and one other. After the meeting of the two parties that they agreed upon to bring lasting peace to the nation, Makuei immediately address the media and begin saying that, no any agreement reached by the two parties. Have you seen the contradictions of a Lawyer of 1975? What a disgrace?

Surely, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting is against the peaceful co-existence of the South Sudanese people and the only recommendation is for the President to sacks him immediately before, he bring down the  government of Salva Kiir Mayardit, which I presumed is being favors by the regional body and part of the World. Government should bring in someone who can use intellects in answering the questions from media fraternity.

In conclusion, Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth has spoiled the integrity of the people of South Sudan Internationally, regionally and nationally. His lacks of good public relations and communications techniques have act as insults to the South Sudanese people in one way or the other.

The Author is Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan and a Former Senior Reporter for Citizen Television (CTV-Juba). He can be contact on or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Military or Civil Rule, Which One Is Applicable To South Sudan?

By Tor Madira Machier

November 16, 2014 (SSNA) -- The term 'military' could be a very pleasant one used to refer to a segment of any given society. In reality, rulers some time tends to commit a number of mistakes based on a false assumption of what is known as the 'MILITARY RULE'. This is what has been hampering all our attempts to develop a democratic nation in South Sudan over the past three years beginning from July 2011; instead of working to establish a solid and sustainable democratic pillars, the Militarism regardless of its ideological beliefs is undermining the process by manipulating the rule of law to serve its interests.

Many pro-military politicians do their utmost to obtain an influence and control over the army for the aim of coming or continuing in power. At the end of the day, however, they end up misunderstanding the purpose of governing.

Being a military influential should not be used as a mean for popularly useless pro-military politicians to issue laws that serve to design and build a state that fulfils their personal rather than popular interest. Some of them consider military support or influence as their turn to exercise, but in many cases they abuse the power.

Because his voice is so loud, the militarist tends to overreact; its members hear themselves more than they hear opponents. In a dictatorship ruled country like South Sudan, a country that leans beyond dictatorship, you can hardly hear the voice of the opposition and instead you repeatedly hear the voice of the oppressors and its echo (Dictators).

Since the formation of the Government of Southern Sudan in 2005, Southern Sudan radios and the 2008 launched SSTV ( both public and private ones ) has been playing an essential role in promoting dictatorship ideals and mobilizing the citizens to support pro-government politicians who support and justify the policies of the government under president Salva Kiir Mayardiit ignoring the indisputable fact that a good portion of the South Sudanese people simply disagrees with them. Members and representatives of this opposition are never allowed to present their arguments.

A large portion of society tends to be biased towards the ruler not on account of his ideas and policies but for the sake of becoming affiliated with him and there by acquiring access to illegal benefit and that they would not legitimately otherwise obtain.

President Kiir supported by his elites is trying to advocate and aupport the concept of the 'ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION' and that the South Sudanese should raly behind him in support of his policies. In essence, this concept is invalid. In any particular nation across the globe, there are always citizens and politicians who are for or against the ruler. The president must keep in mind that a large portion of society exist that while it certainly loves its country is never the lest averse to his policies.

Salva kiir was a legitimate president of Southern Sudan and not the modern Republic of South Sudan, but any way let us assume his legitimacy.

Nevertheless, Mr Kiir is now facing new challenges from both within his supporters and his opponents. He has personaly executed the plans to massacre the Nuer people in Juba and continue to marginalise his rival tribes and political opponents and rather than promoting the country's needs, his supporters who attempted to criminalise anyone who disagreed with the president are looking to be rewarded by realising their personal aspirations.

Given the reason that South Sudan is going through difficult and hard transitional time and that the fact that the country has split into two major camps, that one of Salva Kiir which is promoting and advocating for military dictatorship and that of Dr. Riek Machar whose primary responsibility is to establish a free and a Democratic Federal Republic of South Sudan, we must to be sensitive and responsible for our country. Attempting to build and born a state based on the slogan that 'ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION' while the president use under a dark corner the concept of 'RULE FOR LIFE' is a misguided approach. It would be far better to ensure that the government policies have some degree of concensus rather than the president take over completely the political and the economic policies.

Since the president in the absence of the parliament has the authority to issue laws, the president would be well advised to limit these two laws (the laws that regulate the economy and political atmosphere of the country) that genuinely and urgently needed by the people. The president should only issue laws on which there in concensus so that they are ensuring that they do not favour or strengthen his political status.

The recent National Security Bill which sparked off widespread controversy and subsequently condemned by the president's political supporters is a clear example of the unwise abuse of power( PLEASE NOTE:THAT I AM NOT ADDRESSING THE ISSUE OF THE LEGITIMACY OF THE PRESIDENT'S AUTHORITY TO ISSUE LAWS IN THE FIRST PLACE ).

The concept of military rule is here in South Sudan understood as a winner's concept where the obsolute ruler is allowed to extend his authority at the expense of the people at large and of his opponents to herein I refered to as losers. In my view, South Sudan does not need winners and losers among its people. We just need to build a successful democratic nation wherein every citizen feels and believes that he/she is responsible for this country and has a challenge in the nation-building-process.

Tor Madira Machier is a South Sudanese student pursuing Law Degree at the University of Ain Shams in Cairo, Egypt. He can be reached at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or his twitter account: @TorMadira

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