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Monday, Aug 31st, 2015

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August 17, 2015 peace deal is the last hope for South Sudanese citizens

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” –Martin Luther King Jnr.

By Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

August 13, 2015 (SSNA) -- That is what we South Sudanese who want to create a better future for all regardless of tribe, gender or political affiliation must firmly believe in and hold onto especially in these times of discontent and hopelessness.

Martin Luther King, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi among many others before us were right for there is nothing more meaningful and edifying indeed than the pursuit of the achievement of the common good for humanity because out of that we become more and can only live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Of course, I watched the demonstrations carryout in different states in the country, the people protest against the IGAD Compromise Peace Agreement. Stating some areas of disagreement, the angry citizens express thy views on what seem not to favor them and I certainly felt that change is in the air. The Word of God remains powerful and relevant. Freedom is coming so get ready!

However, my message is that our freedom can only be created by us South Sudanese and nobody else. Certainly not by SPLM because they have sucked dry the blood of our hopes and dreams for quiet too long and to this day continue to suck our country dry of its wealth and potential. But as the Bible tells us, these dry bones shall live!

There is no political or social system that is based on exclusive entitlement and privilege to power can survive forever especially in a society that is pregnant with unmet aspirations and dreams which have been deliberately suppressed. No nation can remain under bondage of a few forever and South Sudan will rise. Something has to give.

It is therefore our responsibility to create that South Sudan we imagine.

It may tarry, but by God’s grace we will get there.

I think that for now we must focus on what we want to create and banish all imagined political divisions and petty disagreements. South Sudanese all want the same things. ‘PEACE”.

Unity against tyranny is our only hope. So for a moment, let us forget our past mistakes and stop labeling each other, but come together for posterity.

The attainment of freedom is never a comfortable journey, ask those who fought the Sudan People liberation movement (SPLM) but are now marginalized. It involves pain and sacrifice.

It involves the pain of having to embrace those who yesterday oppressed or killed us. It also involves the pain of standing hand in hand with our brothers and sisters who have seen that SPLM’s formula of power was never designed for their advantage, but for the power and advantage of one man and his cabal.

There is also the sacrifice of having to waive our personal ambition for the greater good. There is the sacrifice of others of their lives for ours. That is the ultimate cost of freedom.

My view is that the Republic of South Sudan needs healing and that healing cannot be led by our politicians, but by civil organizations and our churches.

Our challenge is to create that opportunity when change comes in 2015, 2016, 2017&2018. However this change will only come by us rejecting those amongst us who are focusing at personal gain.

I actually laughed out loud at the arrival of some political party leaders at the event.

Fast cars, drama and multiple bodyguards — what a joke! That to me is one big challenge we face. Some of our political leaders really like to behave like little gods in public — what if they get into office? We’ve got problems.

Yes, we certainly can come and reason together. There is no logical reason why SPLM-Juba must stay in power beyond 2017.

So in 2017 I predict and declare that we shall all gather in the John Garang Mausoleum Grounds yet again and announce the birth of a Federal Republic of South Sudan significantly different from that Republic of South Sudan which started there in 2005-2011.

Yes, we can rise again and these dry bones of 10 years of tyranny and oppression shall surely live again!

All in all the mass population need PEACE now not tomorrow.
God bless South Sudan!

I have spoken my words and may the gods of the land hear my voice……………………..

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is Chairman of SPLM-YL Chapter in Egypt; can reach him through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Compromise Peace Agreement is Fairer

By John Adoor Deng, Australia

July 27, 2015 (SSNA) -- The recently published document by IGAD Plus on South Sudan conflict resolution, call the Compromise Peace Agreement, is finding its home with many South Sudanese peace lovers. The document has explicitly defined, divided roles and powers at all level of the expected government of national unity. It has too; provided parameters that would guide the accountability and has in its mechanism to curb bad governance in the expected transitional government. For example, all decision-making in key institutions such as the presidency has been matrixed, and thus things like previous unsubstantiated non-consulted decrees shall as a result of this new matrix, ceased.

Secondly, the document had spent out a provision to observe transitional justice through the establishment of Hybrid Court for South Sudan (HCSS). This court, according to this agreement shall hear all cases of atrocities and human right abuses committed during the 19months in South Sudan conflicts. As an international monitored and funded court, it will act lawfully unlike other African courts where offenders go without being given penalties they deserve. Apparently, this court will be unique and forceful in all matters presented.

Thirdly, the most contentious issue (the two armies' narrative) has been well spent in the agreement. The agreement postulates that the assembling, screening, re-organization, disarmament and demobilization of all military forces must be done within 30 days counting from the day, this agreement will be signed. It is also stated that all capital cities will be demilitarized and that only 260 soldiers will guard the president, 195 soldiers with the First Vice President, and I guess couple of soldiers will be spin to vice president.

Fourthly, fairness has been awarded to the most affected states of the greater Upper Nile region. There shall be specific funds accorded to these states for development and reconstruction.  Although, we South Sudanese have killed ourselves virtually for nothing, we can still swallow our bitterness to one and another and embrace this peace. In my view, this is a good peace both for suffering masses and ruling elites. The United Nations, TRIOKA, European Union, China, and the IGAD countries have recorded their inputs into this agreement. We can call it a world gave peace to South Sudan. The sceptics have no points to convince us against this peace unless they wanted South Sudanese just to kill and finished themselves for no good reasons.

There are no reasons to resist the call for peace and tranquillity in South Sudan. We have suffered enough and worse in the recent conflict. We cannot afford to remain fighting an unwinnable war among ourselves. Millions of homes, schools, hospitals have been destroyed in unimaginable scales.  I, therefore, appeal to the negotiators on both sides to accept this peace unreservedly and the joyous of peace back to the Republic of South Sudan.

The Author, John Adoor Deng, is a member of South Sudanese Civil Society Organisation in Australia.  He is a periodical commentator on South Sudan issues, conflict, governance and reconstruction. He is reachable by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Pagan Amum is a South Sudanese Liability of the 21st Century!

By Peter Gai Manyuon

July 21, 2015 (SSNA) -- The newly reinstated Secretary General of Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) Comrade Pagan is a born again in corruption malpractices. Corruption has routes in his blood even though South Sudanese complains day and night, nothing will manifest at all.  The latest investigative report indicated that, Pagan is having four (4) accounts in foreign Countries; two accounts in United States and two accounts in Swish Banks. If there is need for verification am very ready to expose his corruption for the betterment of my fellow South Sudanese masses. Am a human right defender, it is my right to talk on behave of the voiceless South Sudanese who are looking for social services like roads, hospitals and schools.

On 23 July 2013, South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit issued a Presidential Decree suspending Amum and forming a committee led by James Wani Igga, to investigate Amum for alleged misconduct. Amum was accused of mismanagement of the party, financial irregularities and insubordination, including opposing Kiir's decision to suspend former Finance Minister Kosti Manibe and former Cabinet Minister Deng Alor on corruption charges.

All accounts are having money for the Nation that Comrade Pagan looted from South Sudan. All the four accounts are full of dollars that were supposed to be use for development of South Sudan as a Country. It’s well known by many audiences across the Country that Pagan is a South Sudanese who was brought from nowhere by late Dr. John Garang during the liberation struggle and now he is the parasite at this particular period of time. What a great disgrace?

The total amounts of dollars that got lost from the end of seventy five (75) corrupts individuals in South Sudan is equal to 4 billion United States of America dollars.

If you convert that amounts of dollars in to South Sudanese Pounds, it could reach to billions and billions of money. Practically can Pagan Amum be in the top Leadership of the country when he embezzled country resources for personal benefits? What a disgrace to President Kiir Leadership?

It’s well documented both internationally, regionally and locally that Comrade Pagan Amum, the current reinstated Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) is a South Sudanese Liability of 21th century. It’s absolutely recorded that, he is a leading figure in the corruption cases among the South Sudanese politicians who happened to be listed.

Amum has been a Secretary General of SPLM as the party since 2005-2013. When he (Amum) was sacked due to corruption cases and misbehavior in the ruling party, he was lobbying for interim government while he is aware of his wrongdoers.

Since the crisis emerged in 2013 up to earlier 2015, Pagan Amum has been in forefront advocating for the removal of President Kiir and his entire cabinet where he described the current leadership as “worse government on earth”, government of thieves and he (Pagan) is among the thieves, moreover number one thief in the Country. Very Interesting!

He has been meeting different diplomats from United Kingdom, United States, European Union and Eastern Africa Countries advocating for him to be the alternative for the regime change in the Republic of South Sudan which he failed miserable.

Recently, Pagan when to Juba and got reinstated due to Arusha agreement that was signed between the former G10, SPLM in government and SPLM in opposition.  obviously, there was no option for Amum to survive politically since he failed to convene the International Community to lead the Interim government which he tried very much and he was denied the chance due to his records where he choose corruption as his mission and vision to move on with life in this 21th century.

Interestingly; according to the sources that were there during the liberation struggle, Secretary Amum never fired a bullet one day because the man is a coward naturally and Dr. John Garang realized his weakness and made him a small boy who use to carry mattresses and bags there after he was called a Garang boy of that time up to date.

Even thought what might be the case Pagan, will never get Presidency of South Sudan unless he re-turn the millions of dollars he had stolen from the people of South Sudan. God of South Sudan is watching at Pagan seriously and therefore he might not accomplish his wishes in politics.

His being in President Kiir government again will lead to disappearance of some millions of cash any time from now, because it’s an ideology within him to take money like that in the Country.

Historically, Amum was born in a greater Lou-Nuer area around Waat of Nyirol County of Jonglei state around January 1959. His family moved to Malakal after his grandfather, chief of the Ubuar people, died and Amum's father was asked to take over the role. His father went from being a clan chief to later being paramount chief and president of the court.

It was through a great man from Lou-Nuer who gave prophecy about the birth of Pagan Amum because the mother of Pagan took decades of years without getting conceived.

The late father of Pagan Amum Okech was a police man who was station in Waat by the government of Sudan by then. His being good to the Lou-Nuer community at that time lead to his blessing to have the current Pagan who is known as the only South Sudanese whose blood is full of stealing the resources of the land.

Surely, according to the well research findings since 2010 by International Community, Pagan Amum made use of his position as the Secretary General to take millions of dollars to foreign countries for his own investments and benefits.

It’s a very big insult to South Sudanese communities for Pagan to be reinstated as the Party Secretary General.

The Author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan.  Follow him on tweeter @ Peter G Manyuon.

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