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Letter to the European Union on Behalf of the Voiceless South Sudanese

By Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

July 13, 2014 (SSNA) -- For the last eight years, I have watched my country, south Sudan, become what I never imagined it could be, because good men kept quiet and did nothing, while most sought profit from our pain as you to now.

In my country, I have seen President Salva Kiir Mayardit retain power and control for its own sake. The dictatorship I have seen has devastated the aspirations in millions of innocent souls whose only sin was to be born in south Sudan in these time. That is hugely unfair.

I have seen millions of my brothers and sisters being denied their inalienable right to self-determination most can never live up to their full potential and pursue their dreams without limitation because their “liberator” has become their oppressor.

I have met war veterans/wounded heroes/heroine, despondent and hopeless; because what they truly sacrificed their livelihoods for has been usurped twisted and adulterated to secure the vested material interest of a few. Our leaders have claimed entitlement to political power through the sacrifice of the sweat and blood of our veterans that can never be countenanced.

I have watched old men and women, now pensioners, reminisce about the past with a twinkle in their eyes, while they remain disillusioned about a future they once imagined. Their wishes of an old age characterized by their dignity and security have been demolished because of the greed and selfishness of the same people you now have exonerated from their responsibility in propping up a dictatorship. That is the truth.

I have seen little Nuer children in the IDPs camps getting used to being poor and playing in the mud not out of choice, but because they happen to have been born in these times and are oblivious to the fact that they deserve better. We owe them much.

Poverty breeds poverty

I have met many of my brothers and sisters who left their motherland and must brave the unfriendly, harsh conditions of life as refugees in Europe, the United States, Australia, and Canada and in Eastern African countries. I know they all wish that one day they could be back home where they belong; that one day a man or woman who understands that all of us are born equal and entitled to equal opportunity, freedom and the right to pursue happiness in their own country will rule in south Sudan.

My country south Sudan will never live to its full potential and we all know why this is so. The wealth of our country has been usurped by those who claim to have liberated us. The values of our society are shameful.

My country s.sudan has all its need; it has the resources which you desperately want, event at the expense of us achieving our dreams. It has all the human capital and capacity to surpass many African countries and yet today, we must import what we eat and survive on a dollar a day.

Today, our graduates sell airtime at street corner, ride on Boda-Boda or choose to stay drunk with cheap alcohols to while away their time and soothe the pain of unmet expectations. Their dreams have been deferred.

At times, I sit and wonder what south Sudan could have become. I know that we are much more that what those in SPLM in Juba can dare to imagined. We still hold fast on that dream that we saw in 2005-2011 at our independence. It has been delayed not because it was unrealistic, but because those we gave the responsibility to create that dream has cheated us.

I expected more from you, European Union, a union founded on the basis of opportunity, freedom and justice for all. I imagined that you would want for us what you want for your citizens. I was wrong.

The choice made by you to ease sanctions on SPLA and Rebel Generals and those responsible for our nightmare cannot be justified or supported by those of us who know that this government of south Sudan neither cares for its people nor is it accountable to them and feels responsible for their development.

Of course, we cannot blame you Europeans for the circumstances that we have been complicit in creating. We have created our own dictatorship through inaction and fear. However, we expect unwavering commitment by yourselves to the principles that hold your European nations together: Equity, Peace, justice, freedom and prosperity. We were wrong.

Africa is weak and it business as usual for them. This is while they quietly compete with us and seek to gain advantage, from our economic decline while they quietly encourage our current political leadership to stay on the course which they have chosen.

A course only informed by their vested interests which continue to limit our opportunity; a course that disrespects our aspirations and limits our potential as ordinary citizens of south Sudan; a path that has cost lives and has resulted in hopelessness, poverty and regression; a path which you Europeans continue to justify in your wishes to get in south Sudan. That is wrong.

Your targeted sanctions do not contribute to our freedom and achievement our hopes. Your humanitarian aid is much appreciated and I know that you continue to have concern for the poor and sick and the hopeless and the hopeless. For that I am grateful. However, we need you to support the Resistance forces who are fighting for change, democracy and federal system of governance then to gives us handouts. We need your moral support of uprooting this dictatorship more so now then ever. We need you to strengthen our people so that they may fight for what is right. That is the thing to do.

Let this letter force these truths into your minds: south Sudanese will never be free as long as president Salva kiir remain in power; my country will never be free until we have a leadership that respects and is accountable to its people; its will never be free until it has leadership that puts south Sudan and its people first, not too many sanctions or millions in humanitarian aid will change these facts.

The people come first!!!

The author is a student of political science living in Cairo- Egypt. He can be easily be reach through his Email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The Brainlessness in South Sudan: The Ungrateful and the Notorious Gangs

By Gabriel M. Tor

July 11, 2014 (SSNA) -- Though, I am saddened like never before in our fragile lives and stories. I am mourning but not mourning the dead, whom I sincerely respect, the fallen poor comrades in uniforms and civilian clothes, but inside my heart, I am mourning our brains’ disaster of the South Sudanese and leadership brainlessness in Juba and across the Diasporas and the actual lack of true patriotism to the nation among South Sudanese people. Just to borrow, Marol Deng’s prophetic vision in 2010, during George Athor Deng Dut’s insurgency. Mr. Deng said, “I am not morning about the dead, but the brains we have”. People were sending their condolences to the fallen comrades and their families, due to a violent fire confrontation between Kiir’s SPLA and Dut’s defected SPLA armed forces from South Sudan army, who were agitated by Kiir’s government’s what’s!!

There will be no fear of all the bad things we do to ourselves or the disasters we encountered if we have the change of hearts and honesty in us, to be able to pass the right judgment regarding any situation at hand, which we gravely lack at the present time, including the young ones and scholars of the nation, who are seen as hope of the nation’s future. So bad for S.S. survival.

Blaming Salva Kiir and his GOSS is not a justification of rebellion nor is it a support to Riek Machar’s rebel camp, but a better narration of where things had gone wrong in the Country in the first place. Asking Kiir to step down is not an authorization to put Riek in power, but a dose of peace and calm to both government and oppositions. Both men are an open grave for the nation: Kiir beating his chest for a Country he can’t defend – that’s a military failure, while decreeing a coup he can’t pass through politically and domestically. This is a politically failure. You (Kiir) have people in your government who rolled their eyes inside out, throwing hate speeches around, like a kid’s ball; with reckless hatred and divide drive.  This shows political and social failure in the Country. Dr. Machar also failed to be an alternative to Kiir, because his arm forces fight on a tribal base, killing vulnerable civilians and foreigners living in the Country where they occupy, looting properties from individual businesses as well as of the nation and non-governmental organizations, and destroying the nation’s developmental infrastructures . This is far from a fake promised democracy.

Disrespecting our men and women in military service

The widows and orphans of South Sudanese fallen comrades in military uniforms have been abandoned and are living a life that shows they have been thrown to wolves, after huge sacrifices which their fellow kith and kins in the role of honor had given their lives for without reservation, because they believe, their loved ones; whom the left behind could be honored and taken care of as they did for their country South Sudan - dying as martyrs so the nation could be free and dignified.

What I heard and saw in 2014, with South Sudanese orphans and widows living in Kenya, Uganda and S. Sudan are humiliating for the families who are the victims of our freedom liberation struggle. These folks should be paid a big respect by shouldering the care of those left behind with no one to care for. I found families, who once lived in big cities or towns in East Africa because their loved ones: Their partners, fathers, brothers, mothers, and sisters, sons and daughters were still on active duty defending the nation, but whereas they were gone, the salaries were cut without remorse by Kiir’s government and this forced kids of the fallen comrades out of towns, where they were going to school, because no one could pay for their rent and school fees.

Do you know where next, do these kids of our heroes and heroines live?

The kids are forced to live under unspeakable condition in the cattle, displaced, and refugee camps in the East African region or in remote villages in the Country; where they live without school or good roof under the sun and the trenches of sandstorm and muddy floors, where mosquitos and cholera are in rampant epidemic. So, where in the world would a government that call itself functional, deserted the kids of our fallen comrades in arms – to just notice the reason that the bread providers have gone and no longer provide for their loved ones.

Would GOSS not organize and continue the support to our widows and orphans, whom their husbands and fathers never return home, or were wounded on the line of duty for the sake of their country they love and defend very much with their own lives.

Propaganda of baby nation - How Old Is South Sudan?

South Sudan is not as old as you are or have been singing all along. S. Sudan is not 3 years old Country but 9 years old Country that you got lost in it wealth’s consumption and theft, then you forgot to count. Start counting from 2005, the interim period, because here S.S. people had gained a complete power of ruling themselves as a nation as well as earning billions of dollars from the Country’s oil wells. The 2011 was just an official breaking away from the North.

Ungrateful and Notorious Gangs

I had a chance in February, 2014, to travel a route I trekked over 20 years ago as a child. I took the bus from Lokichogio, Kenya through Nadapal, a Kenyan/South Sudanese border town, riding through Narus, Kor Napodpod and Loyoro to Kapoeta town. The first journey ended in Kapoeta on one of the nights. On my next day’s journey, I took another bus trip through Torit to Juba. All these buses trips, I was blamed for risking my life by friends and relatives, because of the notorious gangs in those bushes. On my way to Juba, I was riding with my fellow Country comrades in full uniforms, who were also travelling on that same bus and the conversation began between those in civilian clothes and those in military uniforms.

“Being in the South Sudanese military does not worth it: 1, the pay cannot make you raise a kid or help you help yourself stand on your two feet. 2, the payment takes between 3 to 6 months without being paid, while you have a nation to defend, a family to feed and yourself to look after” said one civilian passenger. One of the guys in uniforms responded, “We don’t do it for money but for the love of our country”. All these were made in response to those who have sought employment in personal businesses, private companies or non-governmental organizations working in the country. According to Apostle Paul, no one is denied the milk from the cows that one takes care of. So why is South Sudan starving their people? When those with squandered billions of dollars are never asked or even ordered to return the money stolen for the past 9 years for a 9 years old nation. And the theft of money and other national wealth is a daily service to those in Kiir’s government of self-service. What future are we trying to build for the country South Sudan and individual builders?

When I hear S. Sudanese delegates from both sides, taking a break from peace talk in Addis Ababa to go finish their crates of beers, because of lame blames, that so is so and such; to kill time and people back home is so shameful and brainless – a disgraceful demeanor in our people leadership.

It’s not about what have they said or done? It's all about what did we do to ourselves, our lives and our interrupted progress in life, it’s about what can you do to your poor Country, where leaders are killing, dividing and starving their own people to death. It's about leaders who steal, refused an office appointment to someone who disagrees with them in opinion, or corrupt the national wealth and constitution for their own ego and folly. You don't have to compare yourself with someone to be victorious or a winner!! You have to stand alone, firm and clean for the love of people, but not lust of money and office.

Unreadable South Sudanese Brain or Events

When Telar Ring was accused of academic fraud on how he gets his degree and other corruption ingredients in public service, after close examination by the Country’s representatives in charge’s evaluation, regarding president Salva Kiir’s nomination of Mr. Ring, in 2013 as the Country’s chief justice.

Ring was denied to be the Country’s chief justice by the parliament, due to his tainted nature of leadership. Kiir came around and picked the same Ring for presidential legal advisor and Kiir threatened to send the country’s lawyers homeless, should they reject Ring as Kiir’s presidential legal advisor nominee. Looking at how the values and integrity of South Sudan is going down the drain, the advisors would be greatly blamed for driving the nation headless. Quality advice is seen in how people are being led. Ring is a bad mirror for South Sudan leadership and South Sudan scholars with grain of wisdom know this very well. So there is need to mourn for the brain in S. Sudanese leadership.

You heard his Grace, Daniel Deng Bul, who is part of Peace talk in Addis Ababa being called rebel, because he disagreed with S.S. government’s version of what caused the war and how to solve it, while really rebels like David Yau Yau are called brothers  among other praises and given a heroic welcome during his return to Juba in 2014, after almost half decade of his armed forces’ killing innocent civilians and members of the Country’s security forces, raping women and abducting South Sudanese children in Jonglei State. So, what is South Sudanese’ definition of “a rebel?” and to millions of South Sudanese’ citizens’ disappointment, S. S. government did not appreciate nor spare George Athor Deng Dut’s life, a man whom his achievements are far greater than that of Riek and Kiir combined during the decades civil war, due to his bravery that saved millions of South Sudanese lives during the 21 plus years of North-South Sudan’s war.  Dut, after his disagreement in 2010 election in Jonglei State gubernatorial election and Kiir’s involvement and favoritism at the State level on who is to lead a particular State.  There is need to “mourn the brains we have”.

Juba’s flame in December 2013 was not a surprise to many, though it came so soon, because Kiir’s government is a trouble inviter. Many South Sudanese locals and religious staff had the vision of Juba being on fire. Visions from South Sudanese citizens shows Juba burning and those who carry those visions and dreams started telling their stories and initiated an approach to the top government officials but they were brand named as prophets of doom or ignored all together, but when a Nigerian Joshua tell his youtubed version of what was awaiting unknown Country in East Africa, that was not Kenya nor Uganda, S. Sudan VP and Kiir’s wife rushed to Nigeria to hear Joshua re-telling his vision, while we ignored our prophets at home who have the same or better prophetic vision of what had engulfed S.S. So, there is need to “mourn the brains we have” because these brains will still do more damage to ourselves and the Country. Juba authorities talked to Joshua after Dec. 2013 incident, whereas the ignored advices and visions told to them before Juba’s Dec. 2013 violence.

Almost everything South Sudan government and its supporters are doing are so unappreciative, insulting and disgraceful to the sons and daughters of our martyrs, whom their fathers and mothers died protecting the rights and integrity of S.S. and also to friends across our borders and around the world and UN who took charge of our feedings and security over the decades. We could think and do better than this ya Junubeen. We must change, or not hope for change to come.

The author can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Interim or Transitional Government formation in South Sudan

By John Clement Kuc


July 10, 2014 (SSNA -- Interim Government or Transitional Government is a care taker Government that should be set up at national and states level in South Sudan for a specific period of time to carry out certain agreed programs by all the parties to the current crisis


The formation of the Interim Government especially in our case, we need a kind of inclusive national Interim Government that includes all of the stakes holders taking into account regional ,gender balances and at all the level of the government in South Sudan.

The program of this Government among others

1. To implement the peace agreement signed between the parties in the spirit and letter.  

2. To running day to day service delivery to our people.

3. To oversee the people’s driven Constitution making process.

4. Resettlement of the displaced persons and returnees.

5. Making reconciliation and building of confidence among the affected people by this war and making sure that those who committed human rights abuses are to be held accountable for their actions.

6. Prepare for the general elections.

7. To reform the three branches of the Government, the executive, the Legislature and the judicially, with aim of stamping out the corruption in these institutions and especially the judicially to be credible in order to handle the post elections cases or disputes and handling cases of human abuses in the country.

8. Creating sizeable and building an inclusive national army without political or tribal affiliations and banned of the sectarianism in the army.

9. Police and other security agencies should be professionally trained and disciplined.

The author is the former Judge of the Court of Appeal in South Sudan; he can be contact on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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