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Our Hero, a Veteran of Koryom Battalion has left us

By John Adoor Deng, Australia

July 20, 2015 (SSNA) -- While still mourning for my beloved brother Abraham N. Deng who passed away on Sunday 12th July 2015, I would like to take courage beyond mourning to shade light on his national contribution and how he died agonising for the country he fought hard. Abraham Ngon Deng, who was nicknamed in his military, might as Chau- ku -Jo hoou, meaning pouring/releasing bullets with loud sound during battles, Abraham Ngon Deng died in Juba surrounded by his children, wives, brothers, nephew and cousins. 

On family level, we lost a brother, father, uncle who cares for all  and who followed the footsteps of his great father Deng Ngon Deng Mayen, who was well-known  for courage, bravery and for sharing his wealth with all people especially the needed in the greater Bor and beyond. As a family that holds Christian values and believe in God almighty, we have the comfort of Holy Scriptures that make death a thing beyond our human control. We have been taught to believe that God dictates who to bring to the world, and He solely decides who to take back on His timing. It is very painful to my young children to have lost their uncle whom they only knew of the phone conversation, but rarely on physical appearance. However, spiritually, we still have a chance to meet him in the heavenly realm.

On the national level, my elder is a hero; he fought the war that brought the independence of the Republic of South Sudan.  As a newly married man, my brother left his young family to join the rebellion in 1983.  He was made an artillery holder, a gun known as 46 and fought in numerous battles.  He survived thousands of battles and ambushes around strategic towns in South Sudan. He was wounded on several occasions, Abraham would only take a few days off to have the wound healed but returned to battles.

Until 2005 when peace was signed, Abraham Ngon Deng was well valued in the army but after the peace agreement. Abraham was laid off from active military, transferred to the police service, demoted from his rank just to award few militias and former NCP converts that were integrated into their unit.  He tabled his complained to relevant authorities, but nobody took an interest in his petition. When he realised that he was neglected by some of the senior colleagues, he fought the war with, during the struggle, my brother joined the unit of wounded heroes and accepted low rank. This is the unit where his death met him.

I can in this respect, say that my brother died agonising for the country he fought hard to liberate.  He did not found the respect he deserved for the sacrifices he made during the liberation struggle. My brother’s case is icebergs of the greatest suffering our heroes continue to face in South Sudan.  I may recall John Garang‘s prophetic statement when he said:

“Our blood will be shed because I hate oppression and marginalization of our people, but I will not even enjoy the fruits of this struggle. There are people sleeping comfortably right now, they don’t know the hunger or the sound of a gun. After our job is done that generation will take over; they will cut a large piece of land with pangas and sell it cheaply for a bottle of beer (Dr John Garang De Mabior, speech 1992).”

This is true of my brother story; he shaded much of his blood, but only those who were enjoying themselves elsewhere are now the kings consuming national resources like fire. If South Sudan has to be a country of fair goes, it must render services to all people that deserve the services including or great heroes and heroines.

The Author, John Adoor Deng, is a younger brother of late Abraham Ngon Ngon. He is the author of soon to be published a book, entitle:  The De-Ethnicization of South Sudan Politics in the 21st Century. He can reaches by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

South Sudan: The Land in desperate need of Leadership change

By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

July 16, 2015 (SSNA) -- Whether we want it or not, change will always come and what we should ask ourselves is whether we are prepared for it?

John P Kotter in the book Leader to Leader says: “No organization today — large or small, local or global — is immune to change.

To cope with new technological, competitive, and demographic forces, leaders in every sector have sought to alter fundamentally the way their organizations do business.

These change efforts have been paraded under many banners — total quality management, reengineering, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, turnarounds.”

The best we can do as humanity is to brace-up for change and use it to our best advantage.

The worst mistake we can make for ourselves is to think that change will never come. By so doing, we could be hindering growth and crippling the future.

In any year, one thing that we are assured of is that winter will come and our unpreparedness does not stop it from coming. So is any other season.

This is true of every leadership position. We aspire, especially the young people, to go up the ladders of leadership, but one thing that does not cross our mind is that there is need for change in the modus operandi, perception and even the person himself. At the top, it can be so cozy and quite that we might end up forgetting that there is change brewing down stairs.

We might realize that when we come down, we are left only with a position as the “boss”, but no longer the leader because we have been overtaken by streams of events.

A harsh statement I usually say to people that have just assumed a leadership position is that they should start preparing for their exit strategy.

This makes them not to feel permanent and know that they can be substituted. This also makes them to have an obligation to develop someone to take over.

In reality, as Myles Monroe would have said it: every leader should make themselves unnecessary in an organization or position by grooming and growing other leaders to take over before they are over taken. Every leader should never over stay their tenure.

Generally, if we do not want to change we could be depending on old ideas to confront new challenges.

It would be close to insanity to try and cure new sickness with old medication. This is what some institutions have done, only to their detriment, but to their dormancy.

Most of the problems we see in our country and companies were caused by change and we were not prepared for that change.

Lack of leadership change comes at a great cost. The momentum is lost as we slip into a redundancy mode.

There was once a time when typewriters were famous, but when computers came on stage, typewriters became obsolete. The best life lesson is that if we don’t want to embrace change we become obsolete and irrelevant.

On the other hand those who welcome change and be fortunate enough to be the pioneers of change, find themselves greatly rewarded.

It is when preparation meets opportunity that success is certain! Eric Hoffer once said, “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists”.

Enemies of leadership change!

“Resisting change is as futile as resisting weather. Leadership that is stuck to tradition has led some institutions to bankruptcy.

Some leaders fear to give up power, take risk, to be challenged and even inquire from those who could know better, but at a lower rank.

Growing and grooming other people into leadership: The sure way of leaving a legacy and increased results is to inspire, train and grow more leaders.

Planning the exit strategy: Passing the baton is important if the organization is to survive after your death. Vision should not be limited to your own lifetime and to perpetuate it, you have to impart it to others.

Lack of enthusiasm and curiosity: You should be enthused to see change not only in you, but in others you lead. Appreciate and reward those that are instrumental in the change of the organization.

Stopping to learn: A best leader is an avid reader. To stop learning is simply to stop growing.

Knowing it all: There are some leaders who “know-it-all”. It’s like there is nothing new to them. At times you need to seek for help and seek advice from others.

Harold Wilson once said “He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery”. Life without change, specifically in leadership, is boring. The crown can never be given to those who stick with the crowd, but those who are willing to change and lead others into a fruitful and fulfilling future ahead!

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is the Chaiurperson of the SPLM-Youth League Chapter in Egypt.

Do you know Garang Boys are problematic in South Sudan’s Politics?

By Peter Gai Manyuon 

July 14, 2015 (SSNA) -- Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011 was manipulated by Garang Boys. South Sudan resources looted by the boys and the current crisis was a strategic work plans for five years by (Yaal Garang) with their mother.

Are you aware that these boys are the problem to South Sudanese communities? Are you aware that, they are looking for South Sudan leadership only that their mechanism is not effective?  Are you informed that, out of 75 corrupts officials, 50 are within them? Are you informed that, they bought houses in East Africa region using Country resources? Are you informed that, they try by all means to lead the interim government but they failed politically?  Did you discover that, half of them never when to any formal school? Do you know that most of them studied through distance education from South Africa? Did you know that, some of them are not yet acknowledge as South Sudanese nationals?  Did you know that President Kiir will appoint Speaker of South Sudan Legislative Assembly from the former detainees? Are you informed that, Minister of Interior will be given to one of them?  Did you learn that Comrade Telar Ring and Aleu were pushed out from Cabinet due to request from former detainees? Do you know that Taban Deang Gai and Malong Awan are having underground coup to remove Kiir from power for them to lead South Sudanese, where Malong will be President for six months and Taban vice President for six months and there after elections?  Have you heard of Comrade Taban lobbying for over throw of Dr Machar from SPLM in opposition leadership? And are you aware that Comrade Pagan Amum was misinformed that Kiir will die in the next three months according to special doctor report, so that he can take the leadership using SPLM protocol since Comrade Wani Igga is a Liability and Dr Machar is in rebellion side?

Apparently, it’s well understood that most of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) members are all thieves. Those in the government, opposition and the remaining three within the former detainees group, they are all liabilities to South Sudanese communities.  South Sudanese must think of how to isolate them all for the peaceful co-existence of South Sudanese masses to be achieved or put in to place. Isolation of the seventy five (75) corrupts individuals who have incited South Sudanese people to killed themselves on ethnic basis is what most people should be advocating for.

It should be from each community to isolate their person from participating in the politics of the nation. Don’t ask me why?

Nevertheless, since the inception of Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) in 2005, Referendum and the declaration of the Independence of South Sudan as the Sovereign State on the 9th of July 2011, most of the “Garang Boys” were the one stealing the resources of the Country where they eventually took billions of dollars to foreign Countries for their own investments and benefits.

Absolutely, according to the research I carried out with the help of International experts in East Africa, most of the 75 corrupts political sycophants, 60% out of 75 officials are all Garang Boys. They have built/bought houses in the entire East Africa region due to the resources of the Country that they have looted.  Very disgraceful indeed, South Sudanese are now known internationally, regionally as thieves of their own properties!

The dissolution of the entire cabinet by  President Kiir Mayardit in July 2013, most of the Garang boys/ orphans ganged themselves and blindfold Dr Riek Machar for the support that was not accomplish for (Dr. Machar)  to be the flag bearer of the SPLM in 2015 general elections that was supposed to take place early this year.  Dr Riek was not aware that the “boys” he is dealing with are all thieves who are experts in destroying his ideology of becoming the President of South Sudan. Machar was not informed about the vision and the mission of the group. Very interesting politics of 21th century in South Sudan!

Suddenly, after they realized that Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar were not of the view to have a common goal of signing a Transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU) where (Garang Boys) presumed to be part and parcel of the peace initiatives, they eventually formed a collusion called “former G10” that is integrated in to the SPLM-in Government and other three (3) remained isolated and now are very confused of where to go. 

Apparently, these great thieves of late Dr. John Garang are the problem to South Sudanese people. It is the time for South Sudanese communities to re-think what mechanism to isolate them politically.

Obviously, the combination of these crass individuals known as “Garang Boys” has led to the loss of lives and properties among the great communities of Upper Nile region likewise to South Sudanese in general.

The methodology of manipulation is the ideology of Garang Boys and their mother Rebecca Nyadeang De Mabior. Rebecca Nyadeang should know that, the legacy of Late Dr. John is spoiled already by her children which consists of John Luke, Majak De Agok, Taban Deang Gai, Gier Chuong, Deng Alor, Oyai Deng, Gathoth Mai, Pieng Deng, Kuol Manyang, and the South Sudanese who is leading in corruption Comrade Pagan Amum as well nickname as Elder Son of Late Dr. John.

Practically, the current crisis was initiated by the comrades within the SPLM as the ruling party of South Sudan in this 21th century.  Taking the people of South Sudan to zero level was a strategy from these bums of hooligans known by the name former G10 or detainees. It is well acknowledged that all Late Garang Children known as” Yaal Garang or Nyadeang” are the one that created the confusion between General Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar.

It is well understood that, most of these politicians were the one behind the scene in the newest nation. After they failed from lobbying for the positions from International Community to lead South Sudanese in the Interim period, they ended up divided themselves and some joined SPLM in the government and some ended up in the middle and now they don’t know where to go. What a disgrace?

More so, in 2012 May, most of “Yaal Garang” plot a coup against President Kiir and Machar as well in 2013 June where they finally disagreed among themselves on who to lead the people of South Sudan in case they succeed in their plot. What lead to their disagreement was the issue of who to lead if they accomplish their mission of killings the two gentlemen.

Even God almighty have realized that, the combination of Pagan Amum, Taban Deang Gai, Deng Alor, John Luke, Majak De Agot and their mother Nyadeang Garang is a big shame to South Sudanese people globally.  

God almighty who created these useless politicians in South Sudan territory should re-think of what could reconcile most of the civil population at this particular period of time.

These categories of people were the one who manipulated the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011 and billions of dollars got disappeared in their hands. 

These boys have one ideology of ruling the people of South Sudan but the only issue is that most of them lack support from their communities across the Country. Due to  disagreement between Dr Majak Agot and Comrade Taban Deang Gai lead to their movement separately up to this movement , where they divided themselves in to  SPLM in government, SPLM in opposition and SPLM former Detainees that eventually joined genocidal government in Juba.

Hence, the orphans of Late Dr John Garang are seriously looking for leadership day and night in South Sudan. The problem is that no one is supporting them from the citizen of South Sudan, due to their background of corruption cases, chronic tribalism and illiteracy. Even though they managed to confused Dr Riek Machar and General Salva Kiir Mayardit to clash among themselves in 2013, this time around they will never manipulate any one again in the Country because most of the citizens have eventually known them properly.

None of the former G10 or detainees does not deserve leadership in South Sudan due to their background from their respective constituencies across the Country.

The Author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan. He could be reach on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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