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An Open Letter To Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer Panyang

By Jok Mayom

January 6, 2016 (SSNA) -- First and foremost, Your Excellency Philip Aguer Panyang, allow me to congratulate you for the selection made by the people of Twic Community and Greater Bor at large not forgetting His Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit, the President of the Republic of South Sudan for his trust bestowed upon the selection owing to your new job as Governor of new Jonglei State.

Little did the people of the Republic of South Sudan know that H.E President Kiir Mayardit was ever going to make such a decision for creating the 28 States in the Republic of South Sudan, in most needed time you finally came to what people said your once a dream.

Following the Presidential Order on October 02nd 2015 cited as “Establishment Order No. 36/2015 for the creation of 28 states” in the decentralized Governance System, you become the governor of Jonglei State under Order 4 subsection 4.23 alongside 9 governors of the Upper Nile Based which Jonglei falls in the formally regional base.

Law makers said the powers vested upon him [President Kiir], under article 101 (k) and (u) mandates the president to establish independent institutions and perform any other function as prescribed by the law. That make the order sounds paramount.

Thousands of South Sudanese in the capital Juba and across the former ten states of South Sudan joyously celebrated the Establishment Order No. 36/2015 as well as the appointment of the governors making the Christmas different from other Christmas festive celebrated in the Country.

As I begin the flow of my open letter Your Excellency, the creation of 28 States in the decentralized Republic of South Sudan will be seen as the long overdue “Implementation of Dr. John Garang Vision of taking town to the people” and therefore, concern citizens need to air their views out for that matter on how services can be reached to them this time –I mean this time – of special need.

Your Excellency, I write this letter from the deepest concern of my sole heart, how I look at the sufferings and great gaps the people of Jonglei State have had. Our people have really been behind in terms of development, no good schools, health centers, roads, amongst others which I thought it is the time for services to reach them now since the powers have been downsize from the original state size to only now three counties of Greater Bor.

My article was to get directly to the nerves of the 28 states governors but because of the saying that charity begins at home, I proudly begins here with you for I have much corners I know in Jonglei unlike other states and because you are going to be my governor.

Your Excellency, your turn is number four among those who led Jonglei State with Philip Thon Leek (2005-2010), Kuol Manyang Juuk (2010-2013) and John Kong Nyuon (2013-2015) it was good for those governors during their time but little light was seen in the far ends of Cuei-Keer to Cuei-Thon in term of services delivery though some efforts were reached.

Your Excellency, as you prepare for your next cabinet, I would like to humbly bring to your attention and stress that you change the system, by bringing in youths to work with you in your new government. Records and history speaks better about Jonglei and Greater Bor in particular, as a matter of facts, Buor are amongst those in the Country who have reach nearly the last ladder of academic and so there would be no reason of recycling the former government officials when other fresh minds with fresh ideas are abundantly in big supply.

As if it is not enough, be reminded that nearly all those who have been in the state government have perform little to the people of Greater Bor from Cuei-keer to cuei-thon being their ministers of government officials and for that matter you need to bring in new faces this time to your government whose capability shall be to develop the state and deliver services most needed.

Furthermore, from your few priorities reported as you saying, amongst them the unity of the people, state building, peace and security. These are truly what the people yearn for in this dire situation and I must appreciate and applauds you for that but be reminded my governor that for services to be delivered well it needs tough people who can be able to put them in pipeline.

Your Excellency, you may recall that the people of Greater Bor were majorly affected by the crisis of December 2013 similarly to those in Greater Upper Nile, amongst your priorities should also include the home return of the people to their original land as well as making sure the security is hundred percent maintain.

Your Excellency, many people in Awerial or Minkaman internally displaced camp (IDPs) are majorly from Bor with more others that flock to Uganda and Kenya. you have a tough challenge ahead of you that is to either make our people of Greater Bor remain in the IDPs camps and Refugees Camps or bring them back, with that it will add your weight in your leadership and you shall hold record of Greater Bor.

Your Excellency, I know your capability when you were the SPLM/A spokesperson and for that I know you will surely make all successes possible to the people of Greater Bor communities.

In expenses of getting job by opportunist, Your Excellency, be humbly reminded to take keen look on those approaching you, it’s unfortunate and of course am forced to say this that some are gossipmongers who want to be your drivers to pull you to their individual interest which will not just end there but will tear the Unity of Greater Bor. My dear governor, please set your eyes on whoever is approaching you for any position in your government.

For the old faces who are struggling to be retained in their positions, they should come out in the broad day light and speak out what they have done to the people of Bor not just for the sake of getting position and solve one stomach.

I hearsay that the states cabinet ministers will be based on the Payams; Your Excellency, should that be true I bet it will not hold water in terms of services delivery as well as the inclusivity of gender equity unless we want to encourage clanism system which will later degrade the unity of Buor.

On that note, I would kindly suggest that you appoint people on merit of qualifications and capabilities noting that they come from all parts of the Greater Bor communities from Cuei-Keer to Cuei-Thon with that, the government will be strong and service delvery government that will make its people satisfied with the needs. Success and maburuk in your new job, happy New Year 2016 and may you work to deliver services, kill clanism, nepotism and the likes.

In a nutshells, as the saying goes “new brooms sweeps better” yes others may counter react that old brooms knows all the corners, but if I may ask “What corner and what have they done in those corners they know?” hence for those who are lobbying to retain their positions it is time to ask each and everyone to give you what he or she has done in Greater Bor in the past years. Civilians with open eyes are watching and will account for those who will claim to have done enough during their time.

Long Live Unity of Greater Bor! Long Live 28 States! Long Live South Sudan!

The writer is a South Sudanese living in Juba. He can be reached: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Will 2016 be a year of peace?

By: Bol Khan

January 6, 2016 (SSNA) -- As all eyes, all over the world, are on South Sudan; the New Year, 2016 is expected to be a year of peace for South Sudanese people. If and only if: Implementations of the Peace Agreement signed last year but brokered by the regional bloc, IGAD can go smoothly. However, will the IGAD-PLUS Compromise peace agreement entirely, be implemented as very much being expected? This is one of the pressing questions one needs to ask in this piece! As we all know, that fragile peace document was regionally designed so that it must twist 2016 to be a year of peace for South Sudanese people. But the practical implementation of the peace agreement is now standing before a BIG question mark! To be or not to be; implemented!! I know, while it is precisely clear to many including the author, it is also equally unclear enough to many other whether or not the South Sudan’s current rulers not leaders will live up (all) to the agreement they signed in August last year.

Perhaps, it is really unclear, especially for those who aren’t yet familiar with the SPLM’s ruling styles. For they may not know that; SPLM’s rulers always every year utter one thing in words and put other different thing into action. To be specific, the rulers of course that I am referring to are those from the SPLM-Juba or SPLM-in-the Government. The SPLM-I-G is still up to now tossing dices or playing a waiting game as usual. Look; in an agreement the SPLM-I-G signed in August last year says: “There shall be only ten states in South Sudan during the transitional period of thirty (30) months”. But, contrary to this fact, the SPLM-I-G now has unilaterally decreed in, twenty-eight (28) unconstitutional states. This unilateral decree has already invited more tribal, national problems and shall let the war to continue for other additional two or even more years. So as we speak, there is a flimsy reason to hope for peace and reconciliation in 2016. Take it or leave as my sick/healthy analysis!

In fact, if issues at hand can go, implemented as expected, and in accordance with IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Agreement; one would hopefully say that this new year; 2016 will be a year of stability, Peace and Reconciliation. But, just from its look now or its smell, the year 2016 shall be as unhappy (more or less) as previous late 2013, 2014 and 2015 that had already passed. Unless there is a drastic, surprised change or miracle which may be on the way coming, otherwise my analysis is so healthy. I am bringing it up this way; because of the following statements and reasons, issued by the country’s rulers themselves. You can read for yourself and I think you will agree with me that there are some people within the nation who are not preparing for peace but for opposite in South Sudan.

“As we begin a New Year, Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) would like to remind the International Community, the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) and all parties to the IGAD-PLUS peace agreement to cautiously tread the path to implementation of “ACRISS” due to the fact that certain clauses in the agreement undermine the sovereignty of our beloved Republic”.

This very statement was from the tribal powerful Jieng Council of Elders, it is so strong and should not be considered as simple as such. If I can repeat: “to cautiously tread the path to implementation of “ACRISS” due to the fact that certain clauses in the agreement undermine the sovereignty of our beloved Republic”. 

This statement alone signifies that the Council has already planned something; indirectly using threat and on behalf of the government. I have one question here or two; what is a correlation between the two institutions, JCE and JMEC? Does it mean that the Jieng Council of Elders is a legislative body of South Sudan’s Government?  I think you can even remember, when the council noted down the reservations in regards to IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Agreement the same reservations were also brought up by the Government on the following day (s).

“The areas which brought names of women are conflict areas. But the women are weak and could not defend their states, in war zones, like men. So we don’t want our governor to be kidnapped and that is why we don’t bring women,” said president Kiir during the swearing in ceremony of 28 newly appointed governors on 29th Dec 2015.

If the nation, the President and the people are indeed preparing for peace the above statement would have not been stated by the President. At best, women are even better than men in translating and restoring peace to the levels men destroyed.  I am not betraying us; we the men, instead this is the truth itself I am stating! They women, without dispute, are the real peacemakers compared to almost ninety percent of men who may be war-liked ones. In short, if the President Salva Kiir is for peace he would have appointed women to the governorship positions of his unilateral twenty-eight (28) imposed states. In another words, Salva Kiir’s action which apparently appeared in the above statement means that he is not ready for peace. And those twenty-eight men he appointed governors will continue with the war as they go to their respective states’ capitals in this very New Year; 2016. So, the New Year; 2016 may not be a year of peace as expected or if the IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Agreement is not implemented accordingly.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese. He can be reached at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

South Sudan’s government is at the verge of anarchism

December 28, 2015 (SSNA) -- The Government of South Sudan is falling to the verge of anarchy. The aftermath of Juba Nuer killing, creation and amendment of 28 (twenty-eight) states are the signs leading South Sudan to the verge of anarchy.

Conversely, the government of South Sudan becomes a tribal government which rejects all conventional forms of government on the basis that it imposes restraints on individuals without their express consent having given. One tribe’s army, that is, Dinka has been recruited, armed and appears to be the most effective violence army ever invented on earth.

More importantly, Salva Kiir Mayardit urged the abolition of constitution, law and order of the country, using veto without objection from parliament and ordinary South Sudanese. South Sudan has no central government at all, thus, in truth, it is at the verge of anarchy and will soon remain a country without rule, structure and tribes will revert to a local form of conflicts.

In essence, everyone knows that South Sudan is falling to the verge of anarchy government system. This is due to the reason that judicial system is destroyed and legal structure is no longer a country’s legal structure, however, owned by one tribe, that is, Dinka. Country’s policies are designed and implemented by Dinka without objection. Any objection of wrong policy may lead to killing and torture. Dinka tribe controlled law and order of the country and that comes to a creation of 28 states.

Creation of 28 states is not a call from all South Sudanese, however, a call from Jieng Council of Elders (JCE). They are creating and amending 28 states under the guise of country’s development in which that is not true. Instead, they are creating, amending them to establish Dinka’s nation, and with an intention to have control over other tribes under their empire. An empire which is shockingly has the high rate of homicides of children, women and men every day without trace or an investigation of some sorts. To me, Dinka’s empire is destructive and should not be followed as it has no sense of unity and harmony with other tribes in the country. Also, it is an empire which works with the aim of causing harm to other tribes and support terrible decisions which will never bring the change South Sudanese wanted to see.

Surprisingly, although some people are criticising the government and Dinka’s empire as criminal syndicates which cannot or will never lead to any progress of the country, other think that they are the best institutions have had ever invented. Among those supporting Dinka’s empire to grow are Nuer generals, politicians and elders. Nuer generals, politician and elders are now die-hearted supporters of Dinka’s empire. They forgot that their loved ones were killed and subjected to a wide ranges or forms of torture, including the gouging of eyes, rapes, severe beating plus many more.

Instead of making a strong unity in order to face the enemy, they are busy employing conflicts between themselves. They become too weak and dysfunctional to perform basic tasks, like securing the property of their community. Now it happens that Dinka’s empire controlled the constitution, law and order of the country. It is growing, getting bigger and the one making decisions and pass them off as some sort of reforms. In those decisions, they make, including killing or intentional torts to anyone who is not from Dinka’s tribe. Where Nuer generals, politicians and elders will fit in a system like this, a system that does not need anybody else from Nuer or other tribes?

It is not too little too late for Nuer come together. In doing that, dividend syndrome has to come to an end and have to remember that there will always be problems if they are not walking, talking and thinking together for the better of Nuer community. Challenges are everywhere and even Dinka have challenges but are sticking together in unity. Why not us? My fellow Nuer, let us remember this, it is not  the lack of challenges that will make us successful; what will make us successful is continuing to take the steps that get us a few inches higher, despite how challenging it is.

The author lives in Australia; he can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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