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IGAD has taken sides

By Dr.Peter Kopling

September 16, 2014 (SSNA) -- By her most recent move, IGAD has formally declared war on the South Sudanese people. IGAD has set in place the pretexts and justification of joining Museveni in his genocidal quest not only against the Nuer people in particular, but every single South Sudanese ethnic groups, including the Dinka people who have fallen victims to Kiir criminal machinery except for his inner clan mates.

IGAD essentially seeks to impose Kiir on South Sudanese by doing so:

A) IGAD is imposing a leader who has failed the last 10 years to unify the 64 tribes of south Sudan under his leadership making him the divider in Chief and a figure of disunity, but also he choose to lead a group of Robbers who have stolen from the nation’s treasury, he at least know 75 of them, he has their names on his desk and sat on it. IGAD wants more of the same, could it be because, these thieves invest the stolen moneys in IGAD member states such as; Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia etc., building houses and sending our stolen money for their wives and Children in these IGAD countries? It is common knowledge that the thieves favor these IGAD countries for money hideaways, thus making the IGAD countries beneficiaries of thieveries at the expenses and blood of the South Sudanese People.

B) IGAD is imposing a tribal imperialist who oversees the largest land grabbing in the history of South Sudan, by seeding his tribe all over South Sudan in other ethnic groups’ ancestral lands, with the approval of the tribally written interim constitutions design to protect his tribal interest and power at the expense of the remaining 63 tribes of south Sudan.

C) IGAD is imposing a warlord, making him the chief, war and unrest, instigator in the nation, paid by national money. Kiir recruited 15000 of his clansmen for the sole purpose of ethnic cleansing against the Nuer ethnic group with clear messages to the rest.

D) IGAD is imposing a liar on the South Sudanese people, making him the liar in Chief. Kiir desire to assassinate his political opponents chiefly Dr. Riek Machar, in the process he lied and unleashed his illegal militia, in Juba, killing by conservative estimates more than 3500 Nuer women and Children on the nights of 15-19 December 2013. Juba had never before, in her history, seen this many deaths of fellow countrymen in the hands of her own sons! Now as we know and the whole world acknowledges, including Musseveni himself, THERE WAS NO COUP ATTEMPT IN SOUTH SUDAN!! If this were the case then what was it? It was a criminal, genocidal political maneuver and ethnic cleansing by Kiir’s very own engineering, because the militia was his idea meant and put in place for this very purpose and the goals achieved in Juba for which Kiir has become criminal and should go to The Hague not remain in power.

E) IGAD is imposing a genocidal president on the South Sudanese people, making him the murderer in chief. As stated above, Kiir killed more than 20,000 fellow citizens during the course of the war in Juba, and other cities and villages across South Sudan. Kiir is using the state power and national resources and international coalitions with the blessings of IGAD to wage a tribal genocidal war against the Nuer, we must not loose sight of this fact; at the other end of Kiir’s and his coalition’s gun is a single tribe, the Nuer tribe, and the traditional thorn in the side of Kiir’s tribesmen. Kiir’s is carrying out ethnic cleansing in the cover of fighting rebels. It is Rwanda in actions in 2014, with IGAD’s and Troik nations’ blessings! Let us look at this critically; if you agreed, Kiir armed 15000 militiamen from his clans to later commit crime against the citizens, and if you agreed Kiir lied and fabricated unfounded coup attempt by Riek and later it is proven there was no Coup attempt against him, and if you agreed that Kiir’s Militia initiated the current genocide and killed more than 3500 innocent Nuer civilian in Juba in the nights of 15-19 December 2013, while in fact those he accused initially of Coup came from many tribes, then you must agree that this war is Rwanda in action and it is an ethnic cleansing of a single tribe the Nuer people and IGAD is helping him achieve it! 

Kiir has defied the call for just peace despite rampage death of fellow citizens, could this be because of, how can we forget when he declared, “This power I have belongs to you and they want to take it away, will you allow them?” and now we know it was Nuer he was referring to and how he is keeping the Dinka power by killing off the Nuer in pretext of fighting rebellions which was of his making because of his lies and desire to cling to power.

It must be highlighted that the Nuer never rebelled in the first place; the Nuer fought back and are fighting back an attempt of annihilations! The national and international army has been unleashed on them by Kiir. Without their abilities to fight back, they could have been wiped out! If there was anything that prevents further and greater genocide through out the Nuer land than in Juba, it was not Museveni’s UPDF which only made matters easy for Kiir and UPDF was and is partakers of his crime, but rather the Nuer's ability to fight back in self-defense!

The fact that the white army, a civil defense forces, carried out revenge killings is to be blame on Kiir! Had Kiir not unleashed death but rather exercise the power bestowed on him by the people of south Sudan, including the Nuer people, to protect them as the leader of the nation, Then there was going to be no need for a civil defense forces to take up arms, but he Kiir sought to achieved his evil plans by killing the Nuer people who never revolted against him to begin with, the quarrel was within SPLA ruling party, this has nothing to do with Nuer as it has got nothing to do with the other 63 tribes of south Sudan. This being the case, how can the Nuer achieve peace and healing as long as Kiir remains in Power? 

IGAD has added insult to this wound by imposing Kiir on South Sudan.

Kiir’s government has used and is still using the state and national resources to Lobby the world and buy out some of these IGAD leaders to keep him in power. He uses the argument that Dr. Riek Machar is unstable and unreliable because of his fights against Garang’s Dictatorship in favor of a separate South Sudan and a crime committed by the white army not Riek’s forces, in 1991.

Riek apologized for this crime not because he gave the order for the killings against Dinka Bor, but rather as the head of those in armed conflict against Garang, for the sake of peace, unity and healing.  Riek never was the head of the civil defense the so-called white army. The White army has always been a headless civil defense forces that come together whenever there is a threat to the Existence of the Nuer people, where absolute governmental security vacuum exist or failed to protect them. Due to this, Kiir’s worshipers argue that if Machar comes to power he will commit genocide like in 1991; this is how they garnered the American Support as well as Uganda’s boots on the ground. This is their selling point! IGAD now swallowed it! This yet is another lie well sold, contrary to the coup; most world bodies have bought into this one! Thus the only thing that function well in Juba is the propaganda machinery!

If we found it easy to accept Juba’s selling points regarding Riek Machar, How about Kiir and his Presidential guards, assembled by him, killing >3500 Nuer at onset of this conflict and Juba say was without the presidents order how comes we found it hard to believe the Nuer civil defense forces takes no order from anyone but themselves for the 1991 Bor Killings!  What a double standards!

Well IGAD, your man Mr. Kiir by this same argument he uses against Dr Riek Machar, he Kiir is not fit to remain in the presidency! He is minimally educated, inept leader, a thieve, a warlord, a tribalist, habitual liar, power hungry and a criminal ethnic cleanser, he has innocent blood in his hands! His sin is worse than any of Dr.Riek Machar’s, which the Dinka people only know!

In 1991, Machar held no elected position, neither the constitutional obligations, nor control over the White army to protect fellow citizen as Kiir now has!  Kiir beyond doubt has committed untold crimes against the people who brought him to power, no match to any crime committed by Machar in 1991. Kiir, therefore is a criminal who has lied and his lie has caused the death of thousands of his fellowmen, of all tribes not just Nuer. He unleashed unnecessary death, by his lies and power hunger on our Soldiers from both sides of the conflict; he is the author of this war and death! I do not recall the last time Machar ran havocked all over south Sudan causing death from Nassir to Nimule and from Kapoeta to Wau. there are tombs and skeletal remains all over South Sudan from Kirr’s actions something Riek Machar has not done! And now IGAD wants to impose this criminal on us?

I urge all South Sudanese to boycott IGAD and look somewhere else for salvation but at the same time get ready to fight IGAD should they join Museveni to deploy their forces of death in our sovereign land simply to keep their co- dictator and criminal Kiir in power to solely benefit them not us.

IGAD may be able to force the guns to fall silent, which I doubt, if the history of South Sudan is my witness and even if they miraculously caused the guns to be silent, they will never achieve peace in South Sudan as long as they keep Kiir in Juba presiding over the survivors and relatives of his ethnic cleansing. What South Sudanese needs more than gun silence and more even than peace is healing and healing is not possible as long as Kiir remains in power and at large.

Without Justice there is neither Peace nor healing! Healing which we need most shall never take place in South Sudan as long as the one who inflicted the injuries remain sited on the people’s neck. It is like asking a rape victim to remain married to her tormentor else shall face force! That is the message IGAD is sending and by asking the impossible from us, the South Sudanese people, IGAD has declared war on us, has taken sides and fellow Countrymen, we are on our own, be prepared for another long ride to liberations!

"He who maintains silence in the face of massacre is a murderer himself."

Dr Peter Kopling Josep, MD, lives in the Republic of South Sudan. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

IGAD is unfit to mediate in the South Sudan’s conflict

By Elhag Paul

September 12, 2014 (SSNA) -- Since the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) assembly of heads of states and governments held in Nairobi on 27th December 2013 arrogated to itself the mediation role in the conflict in South Sudan it was clear that it would be difficult for it to perform this self ascribed role with impartially. Collins English Dictionary defines the word impartial as “not favouring one or the other”. In other words it means being neutral; that is not taking sides with any of those in dispute. The literature on the concept of mediation places impartiality at its heart and makes it abundantly clear that mediators must be impartial if any success is to be achieved.

The glaring and overwhelming reasons for disqualifying IGAD’s mediation were surprisingly overlooked by Mr Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nation who lent his support to IGAD as suitable body for the task. This was then followed by the Troika and others.  

Contradictingly, the Troika has a firm policy not to deal with indictees of the International Criminal Court (ICC) like President Omer Bashir of the Sudan. With this policy the Troika should have known that they would indirectly be endorsing President Bashir, contrary to their policy, in his role as an IGAD head of state through their support of the regional body. They seem to have forgotten about this policy by lending open support to IGAD as a mediator where President Bashir plays an influential role.

With the blessing of the international community IGAD was set to fail in its task and thus the people of South Sudan. Had the international community paused to scrutinize IGAD’S self appointment to the mediation role, they might have realised that due to several conflicts of interest IGAD would not be fit for the job and hence a different option might have been sought out.

However, at the time the international community appeared anxious and wanted a quick fix or an immediate solution. This oversight was likely due to the international community’s lack of in-depth knowledge about IGAD itself.

A number of reasons disqualify IGAD from the role of mediation it arrogated to itself as a regional body. The first is the history of IGAD’s involvement as a mediator in the Sudan conflict which erupted in 1983 and ended in 2005 with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). For over a decade and half IGAD was completely ineffective in coming forward with a solution. The talks drifted from one year to the other endlessly until President George W.  Bush of the United Stated intervened in 2002, when the CPA was brokered. So it was clear that IGAD’s record of mediation and peace making is decimally poor. 

Secondly, when IGAD arrogated to itself the right to mediate in the conflict in South Sudan, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda already had intervened in the conflict in support of President Salva Kiir‘s genocidal operations against the Nuer people. Ugandan forces at the time were already heavily involved in military operations in Jonglei state with President Museveni threatening Dr Riek Machar with defeat within 4 days. President Museveni had declared during his visit to Juba that all of them (IGAD member states) would go after Dr Machar and his group: 

This was unfortunate because President Museveni made this statement out of ignorance of South Sudanese culture. He should have known that South Sudanese do not take kindly to threats. The Khartoum establishment tried it and backed it up with violence ceaselessly in vain during their occupation of South Sudan from 1955 to 2005. Threatening South Sudanese is an invitation for trouble. 

Uganda’s involvement was deep. Not only did it provide political and moral support, but it rained banned cluster bombs on South Sudanese civilians as well as the resistance fighters. With such a level of intervention, Uganda had already ruled itself out as a neutral country to qualify as a mediator for the conflict.

Thirdly, there was the issue of the relationship between the member states of IGAD. The Sudan and Uganda are not in good terms. Sudan is alleged to support Lord Resistance Army (LRA) while Uganda similarly is alleged to support some of the Darfuri liberation movements. The intervention of Uganda in support of President Kiir was thus seen suspiciously by some of the IGAD member states raising alarms. This opened up the ugly possibility of South Sudan being turned into a battle field. This may already be happening subtly if one thinks about the regional dynamics and the poor relationships among the member states of IGAD. For example, Ethiopia and Eritrea do not see eye to eye, Uganda and Sudan do not see eye to eye, and Eritrea and Sudan are allies and so on. The poor ties between the member’s states of IGAD thus show IGAD is unsuitable for the task of mediation in South Sudan.

Fourthly, there was the issue of interest of the individual members of IGAD in South Sudan. Please see, ‘IGAD’s inadequate strategy in South Sudan’.

Fifthly, the role of President Salva Kiir himself creates a serious conflict of interest. Kiir wears three hats at the same time:

1) By virtue of being President of South Sudan and South Sudan being a member of IGAD, he automatically sits with the Heads of States (of IGAD). Therefore, as a result this puts Dr Machar and other stakeholders at a huge disadvantage because President Kiir would have already formed favourable relationships with many of IGAD’s heads of state; 

2) By President Kiir’s ongoing position, by default he automatically wears a hat of a mediator invisibly. This accords him huge advantage to influence things in his favour against his adversary/rival and; 

3) Abominably President Kiir wears the hat of the accused head of state who has taken genocidal actions which triggered the crisis. He is a major party to the conflict.

Sixthly and finally, there was the problem of varied political cultures in the region. Uganda, Eritrea, South Sudan and the Sudan are dictatorships with Ethiopia and Kenya to a certain extent being subtly repressive. Some leaders of the IGAD countries have open cases where they are accused of grave crimes against humanity at the ICC which they are vigorously attempting to dismiss by all sorts of obstructions and intrigues.

These vital factors should have raised alarm bells sufficiently enough at the beginning to rule out IGAD’S self appointment as a mediator. After all, the business of mediation is a voluntary one where the warring or disputing parties agree to be helped in reaching a settlement. SPLM-IO should have been the party to distance itself from the IGAD sham because it is the aggrieved party. How did it sleep walk into this morass is anybody’s guess. Its lapse in foresight and thinking has now allowed it to be portrayed wrongly and unfairly as an intransigent party. But for anybody who knows the lacklustre style of Dr Machar’s leadership this is not a surprise. It is expected since he is not known as a man of diligence and a thorough thinker. His performance on the crucial case of Abyei and Panthou in yesteryears at The Hague speaks for itself. Nevertheless, this still can be corrected if only they can take the right decision now with full explanation to the people of South Sudan.

IGAD’S role as a mediator can not stand and it will not resolve the conflict in South Sudan due to its overt prejudice emanating from the factors mentioned above. If IGAD were truly neutral and an impartial body then it would have been able to facilitate the resolution of the conflict satisfactorily. The proof that IGAD is totally unsuitable can be seen from its latest protocol which has correctly been described as “biased” by Dr Machar with the SPLM-G10 calling it “unfair, biased, and unjust”. Please see, ‘Rebels accuse IGAD mediators of bias as talks adjourned.’ and ‘Former South Sudan detainees say IGAD proposal “unjust”.’

The rules of mediation make it abundantly clear that a mediator must be neutral and their language too must be neutral, both spoken and written. Mediators as neutral can not impose their decision on the parties. The decisions must flow from the positions and wishes of the disputing or warring parties. This makes the recently signed protocol by the heads of states of governments of IGAD a total nonsense (Protocol on Agreed Principles on Transitional Arrangement Towards Resolution of the Crisis in South Sudan 25th August 2014. file:///C:/Users/Rosemary/Downloads/Protocol_signed_25_Aug.pdf). 

IGAD in this protocol is not helpful at all. It does not work to bring peace. It prescribes and imposes President Kiir (an ethnic cleanser) to continue as the president of the interim period. In a nut shell IGAD is trying to impose more of the same: Dinkocracy, promotion of corruption, ethnic cleansing, and lawlessness. No wonder the editor of African Arguments has been scathing in his commentary about the IGAD mediated peace talks:

Because IGAD is not neutral it ignores all the rules of mediation. It does not listen to the people of South Sudan; it does not use material agreed in the course of mediation; it does not play an impartial role; it does not use neutral language; it threatens; dictates and imposes its will contrary to its role. This should not astonish because essentially IGAD is a club of dictators and what dictators know best is to threaten, bully and impose their will regardless of the views of the aggrieved or rather the warring parties. 

In other words, the sham mediation now indirectly exposes the corrupt and oppressive nature of IGAD itself and the type of leaders it has rather than truly solving the problem of South Sudan. The real problem in South Sudan is SPLM’s dysfunction and the genocidal actions of President Kiir that fades away in the mediation process of IGAD.  With the seriousness of South Sudan’s situation being reduced to a quarrel over positions in government.   How can the killing of over twenty thousand people in Juba alone in December 2013, the imprisonment of over a hundred and fifty thousand people in the UN Protection camps, and the displacement of over one million seven hundred thousand people internally within South Sudan, and externally to the neighbouring countries be down played is beyond any reasonable person’s understanding.   Where is the justice for those criminally killed en masse in Juba? Even the controversial governor of Lakes state General Matur Chut Dhoul acknowledged President Kiir’s crimes. Please see, ‘Lakes governor hits back at over no confidence vote.’

What gives the SPLM factions the right to cause such an upheaval and yet IGAD sees patching them up and handing them power on a golden platter as a solution for the country. Let us not forget that this has since the beginning of the mediation been the plan of IGAD. Please see, ‘IGAD’s inadequate strategy in South Sudan’. The link to this piece is already provided above. If the international community truly are desirous of peace in South Sudan then IGAD must throw away their hopeless objectives and plans, better still if the mediation is transferred to one or more of the eminent persons like Archbishop Desmond Tutu. SPLM is the problem in South Sudan and it needs to be confronted on the table and held to account.

The Netherlands has taken the right step to distance itself from associating with human rights abusers. Ms Lillianne Plouman, the Dutch minister for foreign trade and development announced on 4th September 2014 in Juba, “We have decided to stop cooperation with the government (SPLM) at this point.” “One of the reasons that (we) have been very worried about is about what happened on December and after that. For example in Malakal in April has to do with violation of human rights. There is no reason at all why innocent women who were in a hospital had to suffer the way that the(y) suffered.” This is an honourable and ethical stance that must be praised and commended. It is hoped that many other countries especially the Troika will follow suit. Please see, ‘Netherland cuts aid to South Sudan.’

IGAD has whole heartedly bought President Salva Kiir’s nonsense of “democratically elected president” “elected institutions” capped with “red line(s)” as credible. These are shouts of shameless liars. President Kiir and the SPLM usurped power from the people on the eve of independence. Their election in April 2010 lost validity on 9th July 2011 with the break of South Sudan away from the Sudan. But even if President Kiir and the SPLM were elected by the people in the right way, he and they have forfeited their right to rule by committing grave crimes against the very people who allegedly voted him and the SPLM into power. This serious crime overrides their empty songs of “democratically elected”. South Sudan can not afford to have a person who conclusively is a danger to himself, the people of South Sudan and the region to continue as the interim president.

The club of dictators is trying to save one of their own through their dirty protocol at the expense of the people of South Sudan. Neither President Kiir, nor Dr Machar, nor any of the infamous SPLM-G10 should be president of the interim period. They have disqualified themselves by the sordid criminal behaviours of the last 9 years. Therefore given the above, IGAD’s partiality and its biased strategies should spur the Secretary General of the UN and the United Nations Security Council to transfer the peace talks to one or some of the eminent persons. IGAD has on its own discredited itself. After all it’s self-appointment was to protect one of its own, whose hands are dripping with the blood of innocent South Sudanese

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

The author lives in the Republic of South Sudan. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The South Sudan we don’t want

By: Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

September 7, 2014 (SSNA) -- It is my hope and I think the hope of many the constitution that will guide the future of this country will not create for us a South Sudan we don’t want.

We don’t want a South Sudan with a dominant political party whose members are immune from justice; members of a political party who plunder and murder and who smash and grab other people’s property with impunity.

We don’t want a south Sudan with leaders who steal peoples votes; leaders who force themselves on the majority when their sell-by date has expired.

We don’t want a south Sudan with security forces that do not protect the country’s citizens; security forces that terrorize ordinary men, women and children on behalf of a political party and greedy leaders.

A South Sudan where the law is selectively applied for the benefit of an oligarchy that specializes in looting their country’s resources.

We don’t want a south Sudan whose leaders unnecessarily create enemies beyond its borders, leaders who do not want their neighbours to point out their mistakes.

A South Sudan where laws are crafted to bar even the barest minimum of criticism against the leader(s), a south Sudan where the majority are forced to view the leader as an infallible demi-god.

We don’t want a south Sudan where soldiers are made to believe they are politicians, where soldiers deviate from protecting the country to delve into partisan politics.

A South Sudan where a few pretend to have fought for the country alone, as if the majority were asleep at that time only to wake up at Independence.

We don’t want a south Sudan with a corrupt police force that harasses innocent civilians and motorists; a police force that does not adhere to the service charter in pursuit of ill-gotten wealth; a police force that is indoctrinated to be blindly partisan.

We don’t want a south Sudan with a public broadcaster and State-controlled media that are turned into partisan and hate-mongering entities; media that spew hate speech day in day out.

We don’t want a south Sudan that is polarized, a south Sudan that encourages tribalism, regionalism, racism and other ills of that nature.

A south Sudan that deliberately creates two posts of vice-president to ensure people from a particular region can only become deputies.

We don’t want a south Sudan that derails its economy to the extent of destroying its own currency; a south Sudan that uses other peoples currency; a south Sudan that mortgages its mineral wealth for the benefit of a few.

We don’t want a south Sudan with a disgruntled public service workforce; a workforce that works against development.

We don’t want a south Sudan that fails to develop because it lives in the past; a south Sudan that fails to embrace global trends by singing old tunes that are out of sync with global realities.

We don’t want a south Sudan that tramples on people’s rights; a south Sudan where security forces trigger fear in its citizens.

We don’t want a south Sudan where losers in elections refuse to hand over power, as if the country was their personal property. We don’t want a south Sudan with a Cabinet full of deadwood which is recycled for political expedience at the expense of development.

We don’t want a South Sudan that is enjoyed by a few for South Sudan is not someone’s personal property.

A South Sudan that forces its sons and daughters to flee to other nations where they are treated as scum!

The author is the current acting chairman of SPLM Youths in Egypt. He can be reached ta This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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