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Why rejecting the creation of more states in South Sudan?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

October 5, 2015 (SSNA) -- South Sudanese president Salva Kiir has unilaterally decreed expansion of the current Ten (10) states to 28 federal states in the country in an unexpected move announced on South Sudan Television (SSTV) Friday evening, prompting reaction from the armed opposition leader, Riek Machar that the unilateral move was a serious violation of the peace agreement.

There has been serious debates going on and going on, based on the unexpected move which most of the people claimed to culminate from (Jieng Coulcil of Elders) who act as the decision making body since materialistic politics combined with ethnicity broke out in South Sudan 2013.

Based on ramifications and polarization of South Sudanese politics, still policies and implementation processes will not be effective unless otherwise miracle of God almighty and his brother Ngundeng come in to force.

But the creation was supposed to be based on the former colonies not Council of Dinka ideas where they have separated powers based on ethnicities. Mechanism was not right and therefore I call for nullification of the decree in order not to take South Sudan to another civil war again.  

Creation of 28States by President Kiir Mayardit, is apolitical Plagiarism that will still kills civilians and prolonging of the civil war in the Republic. SPLM in opposition created 21 states which were nullified due to the implementation of the current peace deal. Why creating States which were refused in recent peace talks? Is that ideology refusal of implementation of Compromise Peace Agreement?

Based on the current reactions on social media, most of the South Sudanese globally are condemning the creation of more states in South Sudan, accept the few idiots and fools who don’t see the effect of the decree. The problem of Former Unity State that is divided in to Northern Lich State, Southern Lich State and Ruweng State will derailed the implementation of the all peace process. And Malakal issue between Chollo Kingdom, Dinka and taking a section of a community from greater Fangak to other side because of Jiengism is another myopic decision that will attract the violence.

The issue of saying the idea is taken by other party should not be the subject of debate on social media. If the creation of more States was agreeable by both warring parties, things could have gone well without digressing but the all issue is polarization of the conflicts to escalate more and more.

The time I read the news, I got myself going to be a Citizen of Southern Lich State but the only complains I observed is the mechanism put in place to resolve the current civil war. What is the reason of taking Koch County to Northern Lich while it is always on Southern part of the State?

And combination of Abiemnom and Parieng County is not absolute. Are they going to use helicopters to go to Parieng or which routes will they use?  The two have no connection or border unless “dinkanisation or Jiengism” influence the idea of creation of States.  How could South Sudanese move forward in this tribalistic Leadership characterized by primitiveness, nepotism and political materialism?

Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) should still push for the implementation of the Compromised Peace Agreement (CPA) and the proposal should be revised based on the appointment of the state’s governors.

Therefore; if things are not reversible by President Kiir and his Council of Elders ,I recommend that, the former Unity States now known as Southern Lich State, Northern Lich State and Ruweng States, the three governors should be appoints by the SPLM in Opposition and their deputies should go to the SPLM in the government. The former Upper Nile State known as Lajor State, Western Nile State, Eastern Nile State, the Governors should be appoints by the SPLM in Opposition and the deputies should goes to the SPLM in the government. And for the case of the former Jonglei State , the governors of Eastern Bieh State and Western Bieh State should be appoints by the SPLM in Opposition and deputies goes to the government and percentages goes as it is agreed on the document signed. The Jonglei State governor should be appoints by government and the deputy goes to SPLM in opposition. That is only issue that should bring the both warring parties together; otherwise another war escalating in South Sudan is high unless those who lack reasoning capacity could not contextualize what will happen in the nearer future.

For the National level and other regions should remain the same based on the 33% in National level and 15% in others State from greater Bhar-elgazal and Equatoria respectively.

I hope IGAD  adopt that methodology immediately, than the all crisis is solve and address, because the issue am seeing from SPLM in opposition is not about rejecting the creation of States but how will they get their percentages rights and what mechanism will be use to implement the all process when peace agreement is already signed.

The only solution is for SPLM in opposition to look for another controversial decree that might silence the decision of President Kiir Mayardit and the only option is to demand the governors of Ruweng State, Northern Lich State, Southern Lich State, Lajor State, Eastern Nile State, Western Nile State, Western Bieh State, Eastern Bieh State, and the rests of power sharing remain as it is. And that is where world will be on your side otherwise rejection alone without justification will not be understood by the rests of the world and Mayardit government in Juba.

The Author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on issues of Human Rights and Democratization. He holds BA. In Journalism and Communications from St: Lawrence University. Master in International Politics and Diplomacy from Cavendish University and Master of Public Relations and Media Management from St: Lawrence University. He could be reach on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Failed State, Incompetence tribal elites, Dictatorship, and Murderous Military Junta tribal Government are not Myths in South Sudan

The True Words of Mr. Nhial Bol Aken

By J. Nguen

October 5, 2015 (SSNA) -- For the last 4 years, South Sudanese advocates time and time again came out openly and criticised Salva Kiir’s mismanagement of South Sudan state of affairs and rightfully called his government a tribal Government that only benefiting few crooks from Salva Kiir’s home State of Warrap.

At times, these few Dinka comforts themselves with blinded false dismissal and their line of defense is tribal rhetoric of African political discourse statement as if Africa is a tribe runs by clannist chiefs.

The true is, some few Dinka open – minded youth and nationalist figures like Mabior John Garang and Dr. Dhieu Mathok and many others have joined this noble call and placed Salva Kiir’s government where it justly belongs, as a tribal enclave establishment for only few incompetent Dinka.

The justification of the claims is the Juba Nuer Massacre on the 15th of December 2013 by illiterate armed Dinka militias, trained and ordered to kill innocent Nuer civilians. The order to kill was directly from by President Salva Kiir himself.

Some have claimed that the strategy was meant to swiftly install Dinka’s government rule for life in South Sudan, which I cautiously agreed in part. The strategy’s must do list is to first clear misconceived imminent threat and this has failed considering the resistance and outcry in the country after the fact.

Another evidence of this die-tried tribal informed episode is the recent the partition of South Sudan’s 10 States to 28 States. Sad but I reserved this issue of “scramble and partition” of South Sudan to 28 States to my next piece. For now, I must remained focus to Mr. Nhial Bol Aken’s media outburst against the die-tried Dinka government establishment.

Below is the transcription of Mr. Nhial Bol Aken’s own words on the SBS Radio originally and orally spoken in Dinka dialect? The benefit of transcribing this important broadcast is for the world to understand and remains informed about South Sudan’ state of affairs in the eye of a left out Dinka man from looted national’s cake by none other than his own tribesmen.

As such, I must say,  I’ m not a savvy linguistic but rather a political advocate dedicated to unearth the truth, so as to nothing but true can be reveals about current South Sudan’s state of affairs.

On Sept 11, 2015, Nhial Bol Aken went on air alleging that his newspaper, “The Citizen,” was shut down simple because he, Mr. Nhial Bol Aken did not support and stood with the Dinka government sponsored mission. I say Dinka government if you will, because his newspaper was closed down by government’s security apparatus directed by the men from the top who happened be Dinka by choice and coerce Dinka and non-Dinka alike to support Dinka’s mission of domination.

For example, the Minister of Information in the Government of South Sudan Mr. Makuei Lueth and some security apparatus informed Mr. Aken that he has not committed wrongdoing but his only mistake was that he “failed to stands with Dinka.”

Further, Mr. Aken alleged to have questioned the logic behind this beat up tribal rhetoric by asking honest questions: “Where do Dinka Stands? And what is the Dinka mission? If it’s a question of peace, it is already signed; and nobody would refuse peace and even Satan will not.”

Mr. Aken went on to say, “I find it logical that when someone asks anyone to stand with them at any point in any political discourse or otherwise is it naturally sound to ask what these people stand for in scheme of things, bad or worse and why such support is necessary? I believed our people, the Dinka in the government are confused.”

Is there a Dinka government or nation being fought purely for Dinka?

I, myself, I’ m confused because I don’t understand what our Jeng (Dinka) people in the government are doing.

There are threatening and killing people in the name of Dinka. I had a TV channel and the government used to take people from here to video tape on their behalf and broadcast it but at the end I decided I don’t want to be associated with hate speech.

What I don’t understand is what we the Dinka are doing? If it’s a question of food, we the Dinka are fighting for, then, I, Nhial Bol Aken cannot be party to that. Even, God said, human beings can find food anywhere so long there are healthy and working. Besides, during referendum, it was not Dinka community that voted for our independence but all South Sudanese have voted for this nation to exist today.

So, I repeat, if the question of tribe and food are what the Dinka (Jeng) are fighting for, then I’ m certainly not a party to that whatsoever.

Our people are confused and it’s only the question of food in their thinking. It’s not how to build this nation and have a prosperous South Sudan for all South Sudanese.

Is there a threat on your life?

Yes, my life is under threats. However, I comes from a large family and if the government choose to kill me, and then let them do so.  The most important thing that the Jeng community want to do right now is to unite in order to uproot those bad people who came into our midst.

These people are incompetency and incapable of running this country. They failed politically and as well as Dinka running the nation. Their sole goal is to die in power running a collapsed State. They have failed but they do not have the guts and courage of accepting failure.

You were supposedly investigated by South Sudan’s National Security apparatus, so at what point did these National Security personnel become a Jeng’s National Security, where they would coerce you to support Jeng’ interests? Were they trained as Jeng?

The National Security here in South Sudan is for Jeng and by Jeng. It’s like the way we used to run our affairs as Dinka in Dinka’s ancestry lands. This is how it is. I have been questioned by these security numerous times but there has never been a time I have been investigated or questioned by any other person from other tribes in South Sudan than Dinka. Therefore, this is the stark evidence of Dinka’ rule.

The Dinka are the ones running South Sudan Government. They occupied all positions in the government and yet the country is in the verge of total collapse. So, if they have failed like it has been the case here, why can’t they invite other Dinka to help them (Aken lamented).

What is Mr. Makuei Lueth saying to you as a Minister of Information in the Government after your newspaper was shut down?

Well, I do not blame Mr. Makuei Lueth. It’s only the security personnel running the affairs of South Sudan. There are above the law and listens to no one. I personally asked Makuei to why newspapers in this country are being shut down? Mr. Makuei said, the security personnel told me that because you, Nhial Bol Aken didn’t pay taxations. Then, I represented to him the receipt of payment and he suddenly changed the question.  Well, “the security also said you insulted the government.” I subsequently answered Makuei in form of question, how I did insult the government. There was no proper answer provided.

Before, you fully answer this question, is the taxation issue a national security matter or ministry of finance?

Like I told you before, these people are completely confused. Makuei Lueth is working with those from Bhar El Ghazal Dinka (where President Salva Kiir come from) and these people, they do not listen to no one, and this is the problem. Even I told Makuei that when we were in Khartoum, Sudan, things like these were not daily occurrences. And all I would say, it’s only those who refused thievery that are being targeted and isolated in South Sudan.

When Sudan was one, we were complaining of humiliations, suffering and marginalization, what happened and why did we fought for the last 21 years then?

We allowed bad people to run the affairs of this nation. Did you guys ever heard of President Kiir visiting Gogrial where he was born and Bor to see suffering people, let alone other places? No. So, if the head of the State is afraid visiting States for security reasons, then, the question become how he is going to govern the nation?

For example, Abel Alier used to visit affected areas, those affected by natural disasters but Kiir never did. This is how things are in South Sudan. However, if they think luck and miracle will save them, there are lying.

Now, you are being targeted because you write about corruption and thievery in the office of the President and people were jailed and even dismissed are these ones things you are being targeted about?

This issue of corruption and thievery, it was the President himself who brought it up and wrote to 75 persons about corruption and thievery of 4.5 million dollars. When did it happen that it was me? It was not me. The mission of the media is dissemination of correct information; I don’t know why we should be targeted.

People say the reason you are still alive is because you come from Bhar El Ghazal and if you were from other community, you would be dead by now. Do you accept this as a correct statement?

No. What kept me alive to this day is my strong heart, not because I am from Bhar El Ghazal. People from Bhar El Ghazal are dying here daily. When you have strong heart, you will survive even though people have malicious plans against you. Sometime, people who have these malicious thinking about others people often find something that kills them.

I never killed anyone. Even, I never killed an insect. Why should I be killed and what did I do wrong that warranted my killing? What I was telling them is that my people stop looting and thievery. It’s a shame considering the greatness of Dinka community good name, to stoop this low, by stealing other people money. This is not a good thing and it has tarnished Dinka’s name for good.

Considering our good name as Dinka, it’s indeed humiliating that we the Dinka are now the ones stealing and being called thieves by other and even involved in these practices. We should be the one setting good examples and not stealing. As we have failed to run this country, then, we should openly admit it and give this noble task to those who can do it better than us.

Did any Minister in Government called you about this issue?

Yes the minister of public services and minister of higher education did call. A person who work for Public Services called me and said we would like to buy your newspaper, “The Citizen” to conduct our SPLM’ elections. I told him what is “The Citizen” is going to help you with?

First, the central bank has collapsed and security sectors are in a mess. Second, you have the entire nation’s wealth, what is this Citizen newspaper going to help you with? However, if you insist, you can come and we will sit down and negotiate the sale. But, if you want to buy me off, I have my own time, not now.

And I also talked to Makuei Lueth and told him that it’s true that a foot soldier from Warrap State, where President Kiir comes from is more powerful in this country than a military General from other tribes, including generals from other Dinka sections and so you should stop fooling yourself.

Is it true that there is no Judiciary processes in South Sudan because there no court cases being preside over by independent judge?

It is not the question that judiciary has no functions rather than the fact that people took the law into their own hands. They intentionally identified who should be discipline by torture and who should be killed. However, in this case, if a man keeps torturing a woman on a daily basis, there will be a time that woman will run away and leave that man, food and everything in the house. So, our problem as Dinka right now is everyone in South Sudan will desert us. We the Dinka as a community have reached a melting point.

So, what is the next step for you and what message would like to share with those who are going to listen to this recording?

I have decided and I am not returning to media, particularly The Citizen as an editor. I am no longer a neutral. My message to our people is that let us unite and uproot these bad apples. From now on, I will speak openly.

You used to be a good reporter back in the days, are people not going to start laughing at you because you quit reporting and closed down your TV channel and now newspaper?

You know, in Khartoum, we were fighting the war of freedom and nation’ independence but now, what are we fighting for? I’ m not aware of the reasons we are fighting for and I cannot support failures.

I’ m sure I’ m not the only one taken aback by the problem we have in this country. Those of you who are in foreign countries are not happy as well. Our children go to foreign countries’ for schools because we do not have schools of our own.

Why do our people have to wander around like craziest in foreign lands yet we are wealthy? South Sudan is one of the richest countries in Africa because we are indulged with untapped massive natural resources. So, what we need is unity. We Dinka must sit down and decide our fate and we can do that collectively.

Now, if you are going to speak out, are you not going to be jail because former Governor of West Equatoria was jail and release?

Well, these people of ours are not afraid of anything. Even God, there are not afraid of God. If they were afraid of God, can they not save the lives dying ones in the raged hospitals in Juba? If they decided to jail me because of our nation affairs, be it, because I am not afraid.

The former Governor of West Equatoria was jailed and released there are no laws followed. Why can they take him to the judge to be trial?

The last time I met Makuei Lueth, he told me the reason another newspaper was shut down was because it was for Nuer. It was supporting Riek Machar’s rebellion with money.

I told him openly that you were one in the rebellion, if you had money or someone has money for you at the time, would that money not be used to buy bullets? For example, would that newspaper, the one you closed down not use that money to buy bullets if they indeed have the money?

Makuei looked at me in the eye, but surprised because I asked that question. I told him yes, you were once in the rebellion and this is what you should do with money if you had the money at the time.

Besides, I told him, if the newspaper was mistaken why can’t you take them to court to be judge by a legal judge? Why do we have to humiliate ourselves this way went in fact we are from one nation? These people (Nuer) that you are treating like this will one day lead the ministry of information that you are leading and you will see.

J. Nguen is a concerned South Sudanese living in Canada. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Why Presidential Order Establishing 28 States should be nullified

By Dr. James Okuk, PhD

October 4, 2015 (SSNA) -- On Friday 2nd October 2015 in Juba and quoting as usual Article 101 of Transitional Constitution of South Sudan (2011), President Salva Kiir Mayardit issued “Establishment Order Number 36/2015 for the Creation of 28 States in the Decentralized Governance System in the Republic of South Sudan.” 

The Order is supposed to come into force in 30 working days (i.e., by 4thNovember 2015) from the date of signature and in accordance with the attached delimitation map to the Order (8 States for Equatoria and 10 states for Upper Nile and Bahnr el Ghazal each). 

The President shall appoint gender-balanced (i.e., 25% women) governors and legislative assembly members for these new states with powers of making and promulgating states’ constitutions as well as electing speakers and their deputies respectively. 

The President shall also establish States Border Dispute Resolution Committee (SBDRC) to attend to the arising or connected conflicts between the new states. 

The core purpose of the Order is implementation of Articles 36 (1) of the Transitional Constitution, which requires promotion of decentralization and devolution of power to the people through the appropriate levels government where they can best manage and direct their affairs. 

The President can also issue further operational Orders for the new states if deemed necessary. The Order will create new constituencies for the incumbent members of the previous States Legislative Assemblies on whom additional members shall be appointed by the President but with a total not exceeding 21 MPs for each new state. 

The Order shall remain effective unless amended by another Presidential Order. 

Now, looking critically at the scanned Text of the Presidential Order, it is observation that it bears no signature and sealed of H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardi; neither is it printed on an official headed paper though it was read over the SSTV. 

The Article 166(6) (a) and (b) in the Order was a wrong quote because it is supposed to be about local government and not states’ government. The correct article would have been Article 162(1) and (3), which defines the territory of South Sudan as composed of 10 states governed on the basis of decentralization and with prohibition of altering the name of any state or its capital town except by a resolution of the Council of States approved by a simple majority of all members on the recommendation of the relevant State Assembly. 

Further, the quoted Article 101 (b), (f), (k) and (u) was also flawed in relation to the substance of the Order because it has no supplementary read of another legal prescription apart from the Transitional Constitution, and also because it only empowers the President of the Republic to supervise executive institutions and initiate constitutional amendment through the National Legislature mechanisms (see Article 86(5). The President is not allowed to temper with matters affecting the Bill of Rights, the Decentralized System of Government or alteration of Administrative Boundaries of the States. 

Further more, some of the names of the counties that were mentioned in the Order have no legal existence (for example, there is no Kodok or Malakal Counties; what is there is called Fashoda and Makal Counties). Some states have only one county and you wonder why call them states. 

Above all, the Order is a violation of the IGAD-Plus’ mediated Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan, which was signed by President Kiir himself in Juba on 26th August 2015 and ratified later by the National Legislature so that it becomes supreme over the Transitional Constitution (2011 and amendments). 

The Establishment Order may be suspected as rejuvenation of ‘Kokora’ but on tribal enclaves where the lucky ones get their GPAA as David Yayau got it, though now baptized (except Abyei Area) in the names of 28 states. 

By choosing unconstitutionality, President Kiir could be seen as equivalent to Chief rebel Dr. Riek who is not bound by any constitution or law in his decisions. 

To save the nation from constitutional and peace setbacks and also from more negative economic implications and social strife, I urge President Kiir to nullify the Order with clarification that it is a position of his ruling SPLM-J intended for influencing the direction of the permanent constitutional making process later. 

Prof. John Young had previously warned of attempts to adopt the complicated and complex situation of Ethiopian-like ethnic federalism, because it is dangerous for survival of South Sudan at this particular moment.

Dr. James Okuk is lecturer and analyst in the area of politics. He can be reached  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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