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Why South Sudan should be under United Nations trusteeship?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

January 14, 2015 (SSNA) -- Absolutely, South Sudan as the nation has lost legitimacy in governance, transparency and accountability, respect of the rule of law and human rights worldwide. Surely, Government of South Sudan under the leadership of President Kiir Mayardit, Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar and the G11/10 have all failed to bring peace to the South Sudanese since crisis within the party emerged in 2013.  The question is; if all the parties failed to resolve the issue; what mechanism should be use to restore peace and harmony in the Country?  Is it bad for the United Nations to take leadership for ten (10) years since South Sudanese people have failed to lead themselves democratically?

More so, since the current crisis of the Republic of South Sudan emerged on the 15th of December 2013 in Juba, most of the people thought there might be hope for peaceful resolution of the conflict that has displaced civilians’ population and killed thousands on both sides of the conflict.

Hence, the numbers of the people that got killed in the conflict since 2013 December to date has gone beyond description from both sides of the conflict and parties involve do not compromise among each other. In fact who to blame now since most of the people have low opinion about South Sudan issue?

Furthermore, the two warring parties of the conflict are not agreeing on the peaceful resolution. The current leadership is being control by myopic individuals who emanated from one category of people that are working day and night for the collapse of the government and the State. On the other hand, the Country is now levelled as number one in the whole world as the corrupt, failed and collapse State according to one of the United Kingdom organisation who carryout research about South Sudan in 2014.

Interestingly, South Sudan issue/crisis is being seen by other people in the world as the only way of getting employment opportunity. Some of the international Community like United States of America (USA) is having a big interest in South Sudan problem that is why warring parties of South Sudan conflict are not agreeing on solving the issue.  More so, United States is making its own business by not taking a unanimous decision of resolving the conflict. Some group are supporting the government under the leadership of Salva Kiir Mayardit and other groups are supporting Dr Riek Machar insurgencies.  Which one is which now in South Sudan context? What is wrong with International Community and Obama Leadership?

Why South Sudan should be under United Nations Control?

Truly speaking, South Sudan as Nation has failed to do the needful to protect the interest of its citizen and integrity of the community at large as well justice, liberty and prosperity. There is no rule of law in place in the Country; which has lead to the current mess going on in the newest state. In summary the current leadership in the Country is being managed by lumpens (thieves) and extractives leaders whose their ideologies is to loot , kill and destroy the destiny of the people of South Sudan in one way or the other.

First of all, the issue of tribalism that is being put in practice by the political sycophants in the Country need good monitoring and evaluation mechanism. Most of the leaders in South Sudan only have ideology of preaching tribalism and nepotism. Each and every one is focusing on stomach not national issues. What a disgrace? All offices in the government of juba are under the control of some tribes and other people in the Country are marginalised due to what is not known to the people in the entire nation.  How can South Sudan as the Country prosper when people/citizens are categorized on ethnicity?  What can Dinka alone do in South Sudan when Nuer and other tribes are not there? What can Nuer, Murle, Chollo and Anyuak do without Dinka? The answer is no, all the sixty four (64) tribes MUST co-exist together and work for peaceful co-existence of society.

Secondly, politics is being practice based on the geo-political set up of the Republic of South Sudan, which is not absolute enough to be encouraged if people are nationalists.  The current mess in the Country is being caused by geo-politics and lack of intellectual dynamism within most of those who claims to be politicians in Juba. The three greater Regions of Upper Nile, Equotoria and Bahr-elgazal region respectively should have not been the dividing factor of the people of South Sudan but rather should be uniting factor. All people in the Country presumed to be politicians in one way or the other which can never happen. Not all people can be politicians accept in a disorganised and failed state like South Sudan. Oh my God help South Sudan!

Thirdly, Country resources are being mismanaged in the hand of very few people /individuals. How can the Country prosper in one way or the other? Is South Sudan as the Country for individuals or it is for sixty four tribes (64)?  Resources are taken to other countries for buying houses, buying ladies for sexual intercourse and cars that do not help the people of the newest nation in one way or the other. What a shame? God of heaven must see the evil acts going on in South Sudan!

Fourthly, judicial procedures are not following in the Country. It is the rule of the man verse the rule of law. What a disgrace? Judiciary is run by some primitives and myopic individuals who only focus on their own interests not the national interest. From the top to the bottom, you find only one section of individuals in the judiciary.  What kind of Judiciary is that in the all world? World Must see the ongoing mess in Juba by putting hot measures and regulations in place.

More so, Central Bank of South Sudan (CBOSS) is being managed by one group of the people as i speak. From the Governor of the Bank up to cleaners, all are the villages working, that is why nothing is moving well in the Bank.  70% of the Central Bank employees are semi-literate/illiterate. Is South Sudan belonging to only one faction of individuals? All Country resources are in the hand of family  members. The allocation of resources and revenues is stagnant based on the individualism, sectarianism, nepotism, corruption and primitives’ ideology. God of heaven must see what is going on in South Sudan!

On the other hand, Immigration Department in the Republic of South Sudan is being managed by people from cattle camps. Most of the staff of immigration don’t do the work professionally but rather do the work based on, what should one get at that particular period of time. All the revenues that are supposed to be collected from all borders and Juba International Air Port (JIAP) are going to the pocket of individuals not to the government.  Approximately, each and every one from the Immigration department is having his/her own methodology of doing the work. There is no accountability and transparency put in place. What progress can South Sudan get from such a leadership or regime?

Absolutely, National Security services is being managed by one group in Juba, that is why people always disappeared day and night without proper reason and justification. Most of the intellectuals in South Sudan are being displaced due to the issue of Security threats from within the corridors in Juba the Capital. Last week, there was disappearance of some three intellectuals that, I know and eventually they were killed without any proper reason but to my own investigation as investigative Journalist, I got the information that, their bodies were thrown in to River Nile which is unfortunate.

Justification of facts!

Most people in South Sudan always opposed the idea of United Nations taking the leadership of South Sudan when, people know that, South Sudanese have failed to rule themselves due to tribalism and corruption cases that have become the only principle and mandate of the current regime in the leadership. Due to that fact that, our government have failed, most of the South Sudanese always said, South Sudan as the nation should not be subjected to United Nations trusteeship and people are forgetting that, South Sudanese have been failed by the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM), a party that really need to be dismantle for good.

Surely, this is the right time for International Community to  come in and do the needful for ten (10) years and afterward, may be South Sudanese people will come to their senses and begin advocating for peace and reconciliation processes afterward in the Country.

In conclusion, South Sudanese must admit that they have failed to solve their own problem. Despite the commitment of some people in different parts of the world. It is not good for the fighting to continue at this particular period of time since there is no side that is being defeated in the fighting. The Country has lost thousands and thousands of human beings and resources as well in buying weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons. If the war will still continue then, most of the youth that are suppose to build the nation will get finish in this senseless war motivated by fools and thieves who are part and parcel of seventy five (75) corrupt officials in South Sudan.

The author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on the issues of Democratisation and Human Rights in South Sudan. He is a Former Senior Information and Communications Specialist of South Sudan Law Society. He can be contact on or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

South Sudan Tribal Conspiracy Politics: The cause of the senseless Civil War

By Bel Deng

January 5, 2015 (SSNA) -- South Sudanese struggled, suffered, died in thick and thin together when the liberation for the mother land (South Sudan) kicked off on 18th August 1955 in Torit. The search and quest for freedom was ensured eventually on 11thJuly 2011 after 56 years of struggle. Almost each and every tribe of the 60+ contributed in one way or another. For example by feeding the then freedom fighters or sacrificed lives for the land and its people. Over three million lives were lost during those two phases of war so that we arrive where we are. A single tribe cannot withstand this huge sacrifice. Unfortunately, this collective effort is under threat from Dinka fanatics. These Dinka fanatics act as if the liberation struggle for South Sudan started in 1983. This article will examine the strings of conspiracies against the liberation of South Sudan by the Dinka elements. These conspiracies are: returning of William Deng Nhial to Sudan, the hijacking of people movement by Abel Alier, Abel Kon conspiracy 1975 in Akobo, the dislodgement of Anya Nya II from Bilpam by SPLA back by Mengisto Haile Mariam and Kiir conspiracy of 2013. The accumulated of these conspiracies are the cause of this civil war.

In 1964 then William Deng Nhial broke rank with the leadership of Sudan African National Union and return back to Sudan from exile. The split created two SANU: outside one was under Aggrey Jaden and inside Sudan was led by him (Deng). Deng was for autonomy within federated structure Sudan. Meanwhile Aggrey and his team wanted Self-determination for South Sudanese. William was against the liberation of South Sudan from the rest of Sudan but preferred autonomy and federal system within united Sudan. Deng was the source of late Garang philosophy. His returning to Khartoum when the war at its peak hurt the spirit of struggle in Bharelgazale and other Dinka dominated areas. The motive was hunger for power and desire to lead at all cost. What was that conspiracy for? Eventually lost his life in the hands of those he wanted to appease. Dinka as a community never acknowledges the complication of this against the struggle for South Sudan instead they adore him as a liberator. This is a problem when a community is founded on lies and arrogant behavior. Now what is different between Riek who went to Khartoum in 1997 and Deng Nhial in 1964? Riek is focusing all his energy for South Sudan cause and he fought for it.

Another Dinka fanatic hijacked the total liberation of South Sudan in 1972 by negotiated a fake peace with South Sudan Liberation Movement leadership. Abel Alier wrote the peace proposal himself and that proposal became the basis of Addis Ababa Agreement. The Government of JafarNimery knew that the Anya Nya was acquiring weapons from Israel and so they had to do something. Nimeri used selfishness of Dinka people to destroy people’s dream. The circumstance to which that peace was signed was fishy. Due to that, a senior Anya Nya officer named Joseph Akuon (from Anyuak tribe) was murdered at Nyinthar/Tharyier-Malual battle month earlier before the peace deal. The officer died in the hand of Dinka elements under the influence of Abel Alier. Joseph was opposed to Addis Ababa Agreement and instead he wanted the Anya Nya fighters to continue the fight till the mother land is liberated. Late Elijah Malok in his book he was blaming Anya Nya soldier from Shilluk for Joseph’s unfortunate death. The truth is that it was a Dinka plan. Unfortunate thing was that Nuer failed to act but instead some refused to sign up for Addis Ababa Agreement particularly in Fangak and Easter Nuer. Gai Tut who was senior Anya Nya officer then failed the Nuer and the South Sudanese. Addis Ababa Agreement was another Dinka conspiracy against the South Sudanese aspiration.

Within three years after the peace agreement many former Anya Nya soldiers sensed deception by the Arab north. The Arab dominated government wanted to relocate former Anya Nya from the South to the North. This transfers was viewed as dismantling of Southern dream. In 1975, many discontented former Anya Nya soldiers took up arms again in Eastern town of Akobo in Upper Nile region. Nimieri swiftly sent a Colonel named Abel Kon to quell down the mutiny in the area. However, that was too late, the Colonel was killed by the dissident soldiers under the leadership of Vincent KuanyLatjor and fledged the area for Ethiopia border where they established their camp at Bilpam. The non-commissioned officer (Corporal Bol Kur) who pulled the trigger that shot and killed Colonel Abel Kon was mysteriously killed by the SPLA under late John Garang in 1988. There was no reason he should have been put to death in that year because the issue of Anya Nya II and SPLA was solved. The SPLA leadership killed Bol Kur probably to avenge the death of Arab’s agent Colonel Abel Kon, a Dinka by tribe.

In 1983 late John Garang conspired with Ethiopian dictator against the Anya Nya II elements in Bilpam. This conspiracy resulted in forceful dislodgement of Anya Nya II from Bilpam. The motive was power struggle and differences over the objective of the movement. The Anya Nya II dominated by Nuer favor the liberation of South Sudan meanwhile the John Garang group sanctioned a liberation for united Sudan on the new basis. Garang used foreign forces (Ethiopians) to insert himself on the movement leadership. Dinka cunning behavior yet again betrayed the people cause. John Garang ambition was to continue the Dinka dreams championed by late William Deng Nhial in 1960s but aspiration founded on lies and unstable ground could not be sustained or achieved.

On 14th December 2013, kiirKuethpiny publicly on the nation TV stated that he will not allowed the event of 1991 to repeat itself. He said this after being assured backing by Ugandan dictator, YuweriKagutamseveni. Kiir intended to get rid of all opposition figures particularlyRiekMachar and Nuer tribe who they see as threat to Dinka hegemony. Kiir did not believe Riek will leave Juba unhurt. Killing Riek was the ultimate goal for Kiir but great God has other plan and hence Riek survived from the evil hands. God spared Riek’s life because He wants him not to be another Gai Tut, Chuol Deng and BuahKoang whom the Nuer themselves killed through Dinka conspiracy. The December 2013 was a well planned massacred against the Nuer by the Dinka leadership. If indeed, Nuer did not react Dinka won’t have learnt. The training of Dinka militia and the invitation of Ugandans into internal conflict are case in point. I noticed the present of Ugandan servicemen with their tanks on 22nd December 2013 a day after my arrival in Juba from Bharelgazale. I, then warned my Dinka colleagues who were happy with Ugandans involvement in internal conflict about the complications this may bring to South Sudanese people and the country at large. Many of those have already incurred numerous loses as a result of this war apart from economic burden the war created. This war will be the last Dinka conspiracy against the Nuer and the rest of South Sudanese communities.

Finally, the Dinka greed for leadership, looting, tribalism, robbery, mismanagement, ruthlessness and domination of others are the cause of this civil war and hence the reason of Dinka consistent conspiracies since the 1964 till today.

Bel Deng is a concern South Sudanese citizen and he can be reached through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

South Sudan Peace Talks and Interests behind the Process!

By Peter Gai Manyuon

January 4, 2015 (SSNA) -- The complexity of the South Sudan conflict has gone to another level that needs emergency response from the world and the African continent respectively. There have been many discussions here and there in the Ethiopians Capital Addis-Ababa between the Government of South Sudan and the Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM/IO) under the Leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny. Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) have tried and still trying to bring together both parties of South Sudan conflict and nothing is being achieve up to now due to the fact that, most of the African Leaders and International Community have taken the issue as the ground for employment opportunity to the jobless people in the develop countries, instead they should advocate for the peaceful resolution and reconciliation among the South Sudanese people. What a shame?

In other ward, some people (Clicks) within the government officials in Juba do not want peace to come to South Sudan as well some elements in the Opposition are trying to advocate for an interest which is individualistic in nature. Those in the government under President Kiir leadership are too allergic to the peaceful resolution to the conflict. Both parties are just aiming for their interests not the interest for South Sudanese people. The question is; what do we do as the indigenous citizens of South Sudan?

Despite the huge numbers of the people who got killed in Juba, Malakal, Bor and Bentiu respectively both parties of the conflict do not think of the future of the people of South Sudan rather the focus is only who should get what at the end of the day between the supporters of President Kiir Mayardit and Dr Riek Machar supporters respectively.

However, since the crisis emerged in the Country, most of the projects money are channeled to the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and nothing is being possible up to date. Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) is becoming a business organization that is being run by all political sycophants, lumpens and extractive leaders who are too corrupts and criminals in nature. The legitimacy of IGAD to address conflicts in the greater Lakes Region has been twisted to commercialization.

Hence, each and every month, there are roundtable discussions and nothing is resolve due to the selfish interest of the other Communities in the world and most of the South Sudanese people do not realize what is being boiled and accelerated by the group of opportunists in the globe regarding the South Sudan issue. It has taken year and some days now, since the crisis started in the Republic of South Sudan and no good mechanism is put in place by the International Community to resolve the crisis. Countries like China and Russia are the one trying to complicate South Sudan problem by exporting/selling arms of mass destruction to the two warring parties of conflict.

Obviously, there is hidden agenda by some of International Community and it could be good for other to do the needful for the peaceful resolution of South Sudan conflict whereby at the end accountability and indictment of the criminals who committed crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide should commence or start immediately.

The opportunists have the view that, if the South Sudan conflict is resolve then there will be no way for them to benefits from the resources within the Country. Furthermore, different foreign companies that deal in oil sector in South Sudan are giving support to the both parties of the conflicts that are the opposition group and the government group. Chinese government as well, have declared/continue supporting the two groups in transporting arms that consists of ; arms of mass destruction, nuclear weapons and chemical weapons that were used in the fight between Jonglei/Bor and Juba early 2014.

More interestingly, Government of the Republic of Uganda is always supporting the government of South Sudan in term of human and materialistic support since the crisis emerged in the Republic of South Sudan on December 15th 2013. Egyptians, Sudanese rebels and M27 of Congo have been fighting alongside the South Sudan Government forces. The all scenario about these groups of troops in South Sudan are only looking for the resources of the newest nation and the people of South Sudan within the government do not see the impact but rather focusing on the individualistic earning of the wealth.

Key Recommendations

  • International Community should come up with another mechanism to resolve the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan through giving ultimatum to the warring parties.
  • Europeans Union, USA should withdraw their financial support from Inter-governmental Authority on the Development (IGAD) since the mandate of the Organization has been change to be for benefits purposes. All the money from International Community can be allocated to different body that can bring peace to the newest nation. IGAD is becoming like a business company formed for the purpose to accomplish corruption cases and dictatorial tendencies.

In conclusion, for the crisis of South Sudanese to come to an end unless the Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) mandate should be reverse or the position of the peace talks should be either taken to Khartoum or Eritrea and if the parties will not accept then, some leaders within East African are the part of the problem.

The author is an Independent Journalist and Columnist who has written extensively on the issues of Democratization processes and Human Rights in South Sudan. He can be contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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