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Nuer must not be complacent while their enemy is working for their detrimental

By Pel K. Chol

December 30, 2014 (SSNA) -- As the South Sudanese civil war is entering into its second year, the signs are appearing bleak for the SPLA in opposition which most of its fighters are from the Nuer ethnic group. It is not to proclaim a negative publicity that the rebels don’t have the number nor the support of the population against the genocidal regime. Rather it is an observation which compels me to admit what the majority of us have since longsighted but do not want to reveal.

If we look at the strategies on how the war has been fought, while taking away our emotions, we could certainly acquiesce that we are either lacking strategy or becoming too complacent. That itself has become an aid to the enemy which is working hard for our detrimental. You only need to look at the behaviour of its top leadership such as the President and his chief of staff as well as the remarks made by its supporters to see the facts for yourself.

Despite that, I optimistically think, it will take a great deal of time for our leaders who need to be political scientists to realise that the participation of Kiir in IGAD led peace talks is just to circumvent the conditions that could lead to sanctions and isolation of his government by the international community. It is not a commitment for a genuine peace.

Kiir is trying to appear as a good guy in the eyes of the international community by carefully buying his time while covertly conducting military operations under the guise of peace deals. How many times did one see them appearing on SSTV when they attacked our forces and negatively accused us that Riek Machar’s forces have yet again attacked our positions?

We have seen that thousands of times but done little to counter that while Kiir and his cronies are fully determined to bury justice in South Sudan.  

This time round, it would be up to us whether to let our people down particularly the families of those Kiir had murdered cold-bloodedly or bring justice and establish an adult government where everyone is equal before the law.

For the latter to happen, we should not be parsimony on peace talks not because we didn’t initiate the violence but of many defects that followed.

On January 23, 2014, when cessation of hostilities was signed, we were fully in control of the Greater Upper Nile (3 states). Despite the peace agreement, Kiir had invited the Uganda People Defense Force (UPDF) and other mercenaries such as the Sudan rebels.

All these groups attacked our positions and since then, Kiir and his collaborators have regained control of more than 80 percent of the three states while IGADD is standing idly by issuing only the rhetoric.

Worst still was that our forces in their defensive positions did not have enough weapons nor the ammunitions to confront the enemy. What they were doing to survive the onslaught was to resupply from their opponents, a form of classical insurgency which was effective only in the 1960’s. A continuation of this style would exhibit a complete lack of understanding or the strategy into how we could win this war.

From the Juba points of view, the insignia of the war is that, it will be won militarily. Yet we are putting little emphasis on the planning and organisation as well as the political will to invite others.

Kiir has turned South Sudan into a killing field for the Nuer. He had armed all the ethnic groups throughout the country to kill Nuer beside the invitation of the UPDF and the Sudan rebels to do just that.

One could ask what the stakes are for such foreign forces to get involve into an affair of another sovereign state especially when they were supporting the perpetrator and a criminal.

Well, if our leaders show a little bit of common-sense, they could not be hesitant to counteract Kiir’s strategies and turn South Sudan into a killing zone, not just for the Nuer as Kiir had aimed, but for everyone including any living nature that dwells in it.

It won’t take too long to get someone into the cabal because Museveni’ regime is as unfriendly as a fire, not only toward its neighbour but beyond its borders. The DRC, Angola, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Eritrea and Mozambique are few countries which cannot put up with him.

Museveni was the architect of the Congolese Crises which the United Nation Security Council dubbed ‘Africa’s world war’ as 11 African nations got involved in the conflict. If it wasn’t for the mighty army of southern African states which threw him out, he would still be conquering the DRC today. It wasn’t IGADD or the UNSC that shown him the exit but it was Angola, Zimbabwe and Namibia while South Africa played political role in favour of her neighbours.

For the Sudanese rebels who operate inside the South Sudan soil, there is a good reason to eliminate them, if they overlooked their course as they did, so that stability in South Sudan and Sudan can be accomplished. Despite these obvious signs of attraction, we are unable or unwilling to invite others.

About Kiir’s military strategies, he dismissed the former money lover, General Gathoth Mai and replaced him with Paul Malong Awan. Since Malong became the chief of staff, he expressed clearly that he was going to recruit one million people from his Greater Bar El Ghazel to catch Riek Machar in Nasir and end the rebellion in a month.

Malong was right in recruiting thugs from his clan as well as the control of Nasir but was erroneous in underestimating the power of the oppressed. His troops suffer miserably whenever they try to crash the rebellion.

As we see the bravery displayed by our young men in all the battle fields, the question that one would like to ask is that, for how long can we sleep and continue to be unprepared while the Dinka plus our active minority such as the likes of Buay Malek and other Nuer money lovers in Kiir’s government are determined to defeat us?

The war we are fighting has all the ingredients for a success yet we are lacking planning and organisation as well as the training of our forces. All those are detrimental to failure making this unlosable rebellion a unwinnable one.

If we would lose this war, one would see Nuer dying in vast number more than those massacred in Juba not just in the hands of the rogue regime but by anger, disbelief, frustration as well as the agony of being a Dinka slave for centuries. We better let that not to happen.

When the war started, we were so close to removing Kiir militarily and that could have been a big luck if we did dispose him because, we did not prepare or planned for it. But now that we have become aware of his evil ideology and brutality, we have done little except that our leaders have become too obsessive of either ending the war politically while Kiir is attacking our forces day in and day out or falsely believing that Nuer have never been defeated by Dinka.

We need to get our mindset out of this wilful disregard of facts. Firstly, we are not only fighting the Dinka but a group of thugs including some Nuer all of which are fighting for their wallets. Secondly, the Dinka are recruiting into the Dinka led government in their thousands.

But we have not been countering that. All the White Army we see defending towns in Upper Nile are just doing it for the love of their identity because they didn’t like what happened to Nuer in Juba. Not that there is an active encouragement for them to defend the towns. There has not been enough encouragement too for our young men and women who are now in the refugee camps.

The Nuer abroad have not been able to contribute enough money to support our people who are stranded in UNMISS compounds some of which can actually form dozens of regiments if not divisions based on their experiences.

Hence, we have allowed ourselves to become keyboard warriors who want to see the victory of our men on computer screens with little attribute.  Or we have become a passive population who will one day go by the wind depending who wins. This is as bad as ethnocentrism if we base our belief on those aspirations.

Our leaders have made enough mistakes prior to the war and now we do not need any more of those. The major one was the lack of empathy when they watched Kiir training his private army but were unable to understand neither his motivation nor the interest about what he was going to do with it.

It still appears that we have not yet learnt the lessons countenancing the history to repeat itself. Here are some of the reasons which prompted me to formulate such expressions.  Kuol Manyang has repeatedly said that the rebellion in Greater Upper Nile will be brought to an end in 2015.

Yet, we seem not to take those comments seriously. The Dinka are recruiting themselves for an all-out war in 2015 to defeat us. But we do not have any plan not only to win the war but even to defend small towns such as Nasir. Many people, prior to the recapture of Nasir by the Dinka, were saying that the Dinka could never set foot on Nasir disregarding any strategy they could have established to defend it. What I would like to say to you my friends is that it could be good if we are mindful with the fact that rebels do not win by losing towns and cities.

Now that the Dinka are gearing up to attack the Lou Nuer counties, we are still making the same statements that Lou had never been conquered by anyone who used force on them. Are we still going to continue being over confidence which allows us to get the facts wrong? Instead of being over confidence about our strength, why don’t we become over prepared so that we could instantly subdue our enemy?  

An over preparation would imply an active encouragement of our young men throughout the Nuer land and in refugee camps to join the rebellion and get trained properly before deploying them into battlefields. We also have to work conjunctively with our brothers from the Greater Equatoria to train as many young people as we can to match Kiir’s forces. The job that democratic sympathisers who live abroad could do is to facilitate funds so that we could be able to meet our goals and strategies.

Failure to plan a head would be a great upheaval for our movement. We are never going to topple this genocidal government if we do not do enough. Instead what will follow is the dissatisfaction of our forces back to the government when they see that we are not fully committed, a phrase I hate to say.

A cording to counterinsurgency principles, Kiir is ticking all the boxes that would victimise us forever if we do not take a different stand.

Worst of all are our active minority whom we call the Nuer Money Lovers who betrayed the blood of our people Kiir had lit in South Sudan. We see them collaborating with our haters, going back to the government and coming back to our areas trying to convince us that Kiir did not kill our people eventhough almost every one of them including former chief of Staff, General Gathoth Mai, had a relative or know someone Kiir had killed.

A person by the name of Yiey Puoch, from Upper Nile whose sister and his six nephews and nieces were killed by Kiir’s forces in Malakal is a perfect example. Yiey fought against Kiir’s forces in Malakal seeking justice for his family but was not resilience enough to make it to the end. He allowed greed to override sister’s life. He went back to the same government which created a deep hole on his family.

I personally don’t understand what kind of heart and brain these people have re-joining the death camp eventhough the person who has killed them has never shown any kind of remorse. For such a people to understand that they are as worse as Kiir, someone among them has to be exterminated, the same way Kiir did to our people even if it means burning them alive. No Sympathy.

The Author of this article is awaiting graduation for master Degree in Macquarie University’s Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. He could be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Protest Letter to H. E. President Salva Kiir Mayardiit

By Mark Dut Malual

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, Martin L. K. Jr., Dec. 1960

December 30, 2014 (SSNA) -- I am writing to your Excellency on behalf of my people – the Thuyic Community to protest the designed-extermination-process of our people (Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam) in Eastern Rumbek County.

This process is dated back to 2001 beginning with elimination of  our cattle youths leader Bech Dong Manguen, then late Chief Maker Mabor Riak – that continued unabated till the hour I author this letter for your attention, your H.E.

There is no community in Lakes State or South Sudan for that matter, which has been subjected to these heinous acts, and no attention drawn for their cause, but only Thuyic Community in South Sudan, who still believe that there exists a government in South Sudan, Juba, but not in Lakes state.

Our people have been exposed to the following suffering and unbearable pain:

1. Our youth leaders have been their first targets, to which the mission of their elimination has been succeeded. Bech Dong Manguen and Diengdul Maliec are just two examples of this design, because they come from Thuyic Community.

2. Our people’s chief late Maker Mabor Riak was the first chief to be murdered in cold blood in 2002 because he comes from Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam!

3. Our people’s individual youths (P.S. Turguau Makoi Ayuek) have been ambushed and killed because they come from Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam!

4. Our people as a community have been assaulted, killed, and dislodged from their villages of Agukuel, Maleng-agok, Makuac, Panbarkou, Gorok, Malual etc for more than five times; for days, months, and as I write, it is going a year having been sent off their homes!

5. Our people’s women and girls have been gang-raped since 7th August 2014, and culprits of these offenses have not been apprehended to answer their charges. Is this the South Sudan that my community could be part of?

6. Our people’s livestock have been raided, property of all forms looted, and other assets destroyed, including their housing and no one (among these wrong-doers) has ever been apprehended or even asked to account!

7. Our people’s elderly (Makur Chol Ayup, Mapuor Majur Mathet etc) and children (Akoi Wuol Mabor 14 months old girl-child-killed), all have not been spared during this last attack of 27th December 2014, just because they come from Thuyic Community! Extermination at full swing!

8. Our people’s school-going pupils caught up at homes were not spared (Deng Maker Makuer, Muorwer Mapuor Akuckuer, Maweer Mapuor Akuckuer, Mayor Bol Akuckuer & Kaman Thuch Manyang), are example of bad intent of elimination by Gony section in Aliemtooc west against our people at the watch of the state government.

9. Our Community five schools (of Maleng-agok, Panbarkou, Agukuel, Gorok, Ayen-Paciec) have been closed since 6th August 2014. Our pupils did not sit any exams beginning from class seven to nursery, when our assailants’ schools were functional and their pupils took their exams, and no one including the state education minister made any efforts to have them opened or even any word of care to signal that we are being part of this community of Lakes state.

10. Our community pregnant woman (Akuac Wuol Deng) was assaulted in her house by the daughter of Governor Maj. Gen. Matur Chut Dhuol (…), no any investigation has been launched to ascertain why did she assaulted her neighbor and killed her innocently? This is because she is the daughter of Governor Matur Chut, who both belief that Thuyic Community member are premier enemies.

11. Our community cattle youth – Mangang Manyang Deng was attacked within Maleng-agok Payam market and killed instantly. None of his attackers has been detained and no one has made query of why no justice for his life.

12. On 27th December 2014, our Thuyic Community members chattered a plane to airlift six victims of this ethnic cleansing to Juba. On hearing this information, Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Mr. Deng Malual Mathiang Ajuong ordered for a shoot down of this plane, fortunately, the Lt. who was ordered defied on the ground that he has not been serve with letter of shoot down to act on, thus the plane reached Juba late evening. One of these victims is currently being denied flight to Nairobi for better care by Governors’ brother in SPLA Juba, alleging that the victim is a culprit. Culprit in what form when he is a casualty of ethnic cleansing in pursuit by Governor and his relatives. Mr. President, send your team to investigate this order, you would be shock of how bad the leadership here is! Oh! Lord God, come to the aid of our people in Maleng-agok Payam and her surrounding villages.

13. On 26th August 2014, our Thuyic Community made every effort to arrest one of their own, who retaliated on late Paramount Chief Aparer Chut Dhuol. He is the only one now, investigated within three months period, and sentenced to death, when those other culprits remain at large!

Is there any justice here in Lakes state?

Your Excellency, we were expecting a little sense of humanity and leadership from Lakes state Governor Major General Matur Chut Dhuol in dealing with insecurities of Lakes, and especially with his own armed clan men including who assault the other side, either to use necessary force to prevent them from in assaulting their perceived enemies of Thuyic in their villages or he gives way to any other person, in tendering in his resignation letter to your high office; even when his daughter has murdered innocent pregnant women. This did not happen.

Earlier on, Matur Chut has been a suspect of igniting this sectional feud since 2001. This is now proven beyond reasonable doubt, yes indeed he is. He has never made any efforts to address to the two groups, till yesterday he went to Panbarkou to talk to victims of his design after they have been devastated in their homes. All along, he could not travel to Panbarkou, because he is accused of being behind the crises.

Your Excellency, are we not part of South Sudan that we all fought hard to the last beat of independence that we are left at the mercy of those who have taken authority as theirs – (supposedly our authority) to use against us?

With this appalling state of our people agony that we would like to hear your apt response or else we will conclude in two days that you don’t care of our people’s lives like other South Sudanese suffering elsewhere.

On 16th August 2014, three youth leaders of our Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam petitioned your government, making necessary recommendations as redemption, but there was no proper action, but rather poorly plan of disarmament during which 107 lives of our dear soldiers were lost in their battle with Pakam pastoralists.

Oh! Lord God, come to the aid of our people back home in Maleng-agok and her villages from the hands of the merciless evil men! And we pray for peace and tranquility in South Sudan!

The 27th December 2014 death toll on our people went to 17 persons dead including a 14 months old girl child – Akoi Wuol Mabor, caught up with her mother in Panbarkou village of Maleng-agok Payam. This child—unoffending, innocent and beautiful was a victim of one of the most vicious, heinous crimes ever perpetrated against humanity. I call on Wuol Mabor, the father of Akoi, that inspite of the darkness of this hour, you must not despair, you should not become bitter, nor must you harbor the desire to retaliate with violence – allows God to retaliate!

May our 14 months old girl-child Akoi Wuol Mabor’s soul rest in eternal peace!

Thank you.

I am writing on behalf of our Thuyic Community of Maleng-agok Payam, who HAVE suffered in their dignified end and for their existence!

Mark Dut Malual lives in Melbourne, Australia, and he is reachable on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Deployment of Ugandan, Rwandan, Chinese, and Ethiopian Armies to South Sudan is business and Resources Ripe-off Plan

By Gatwech Deng Wal

December 30, 2014 (SSNA) -- Deployment of other countries’ armies to South Sudan is for the primary purpose of accessing resources. This is similar to what America did to Iraq some years ago. They deployed their troops to Iraq in order to find “Mass Destruction Weapons” and later the result failed to uncover any such weapons in Iraq. However, it was just a plan to justify the invasion of Iraq to get their resources and boost their country’s economy. Now this is what is happening to South Sudan. East African countries and China are imitating American’s system; they are deploying their armies and troops to South Sudan under the guise of providing security and stability but it is business in the making.

Despite their claims of providing security and maintaining stability in South Sudan, they will make the situation worse and more fragile in that their desire to be present in South Sudan will make them compete for resources and more likely to be involved in conflict should anything go wrong in relation to their claims of providing security and stability in South Sudan.

A good example of these issues is Uganda and Rwanda armies.  These countries’ armies and troops were deployed to South Sudan in the early stages of the war. Their main aim was to provide security and contain the situation in South Sudan. Yet, there has been no improvement and stability seen by South Sudanese and other people around the globe.   Instead, they fought and are still fighting against the SPLA/M in Opposition alongside the SPLA/M Juba. Nevertheless, they committed war crimes by killing innocent South Sudanese with cluster bombs and machine guns. As Ugandan and Rwandan armies failed to provide security, I feel that other countries’ armies deployment will make no difference.

The deployment of foreign armies is business and resources ripe-off plan. This is because those countries’ armies will receive large salaries and incomes not from their countries but from South Sudan. At the same time they will import mineral resources to their countries under the guise of providing security in the war-torn country, South Sudan. Such large salaries and mineral importation to their countries will then cause South Sudan to carry large debts that may never be paid off.

It is hard to imagine that those countries can deploy their troops in the pretext of security while wanting to extract resources from South Sudan. If Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)’s leaders or mediators failed to bring peace and stability to South Sudan through negotiation, then it would be much better to leave South Sudanese alone with their affairs.

The current atrocities committed by Ugandan and Rwandan armies are enough and should cease. South Sudan is for South Sudanese not for foreigners to take advantage of. Instead of deploying foreigner troops, Ugandan and Rwandan armies have to first pull out from South Sudan in order to give peace a chance and minimise the level of injuries, fear, and threats of violence to South Sudanese. Although IGAD’s leaders or mediators are not doing enough to bring peace to South Sudanese warring parties, it is their responsibility to seek another way of bringing peace and stability. Deployment of foreign armies will not bring peace, security and stability in South Sudan.

The author of this article is a student who is studying postgraduate/Master Degree of Justice and Criminology. He studied mediation and conflict management and is waiting to be accredited to be mediator. He can be reached by email. His email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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