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Sabrino Majok Majok is another Judas Iscariot, who became a Traitor

By: Deng Mading Gatwech

“Judas Iscariot is remembered for one thing: his betrayal of Jesus Christ. Even though Judas showed remorse later, his name became a symbol for traitors and turncoats throughout history. His motive seemed to be greed, but some scholars speculate political desires lurked beneath his treachery” quoted from the BIBLE.

March 27, 2014 (SSNA) -- The author is very much interested in what is called “greed” and “political desires lurked beneath treachery” as stated by the scholars come the second as matter of priority. To have a glim of Sabrino Majok Majok, the so called Judas Iscariot, the author of the article would like to take the readers back a little further of historical accounts of Judas.

Majok as he put it in one of his article as member of Anya II, a lot of connection of the dots on how the writer lives up to this time on whose account is of relevancy in the document. Sabrino Majok from his youth grew up with Nuer and he can fairly speaks Nuer. In the mid eighties Sabrino Majok deserted the SPLM/A after being integrated into the files and ranks of the SPLM/A recruits. After desertion, he joined Gambella Senior Secondary School at the time. He (Judas) bread and breast by Nuer in those days as young recruit and school going boy. Being together with Nuer has opened him another venue of opportunities that granted him scholarship from UNHCR Gambella Head Office to finish high school in one of the best schools in Ethiopian Highland a school that many Nuer never had chance to attend.

The author question authentication of the career from high school that never qualified him Certified Public Accountant (CPA), an authenticated certificate in Canada and elsewhere in the world that earned him lucrative position of Director General for Administration and Finance in the state Ministry of Finance in Northern Bahr El Ghazal of South Sudan. But only nepotism in this case plays in. Indeed, Judas who on many occasions uses Nuer as leverage would have appreciated them and the Ethiopian authorities that grant him so many opportunities. Nuer blessings put Judas into brighter future perspectives, which he later on spoiled as a result of bad practices that left him behind bars up to date.

Sabrino Majok published series of articles from August 3, 2013 until the last minute he was apprehended and put to jail on corruption charges of repatriating 9.8 million South Sudanese Pounds (SSP), an amount equivalent to 3.1 million dollar to either East Africa or Canada where he (Judas) resettled. The writer was so critical on the fabricated coup attempt allegedly carried out by the SPLM/A in Opposition suggesting that Nuer in particular instigated the Juba incident while in the making blown up his cover of being a thief.

The writer preached a lot about constitutional rights of the president Salva Kiir to arrest, fire and kill people at will. What a constitutional rights the president has that no one in the Republic of South Sudan has, an argument that holds no water. The Transitional Constitution of 2011 states that “All persons are equal before the law and are entitled to the equal protection of the law without discrimination as to race, ethnic origin, color, sex, language, religious creed, political opinion, birth, locality or social status”.  The writer was so naïve to take no notice of what the Transitional Constitution stated and blindly supported the move of the president due to ethnic affiliation violating the fundamental freedoms of human kinds enshrined in the Constitution.

The writer in some of his article where he critics Nuer, was also adamant not to made mention on how he was critical on the performance of the SPLM/A and the government of the Republic of South Sudan. The manifestation of greed theories became apparent when an assertion was made by Sabrino Majok in one of the article in 2011 here I quoted “if this imbalance of distribution of national wealth and power continues, those affected may feel excluded and marginalized: a sad replay of fundamental reasons why people of South Sudan took up arms in the first place against successive regimes in Khartoum”.

Upon Judas assertion of lack of inclusiveness in the government and wealth sharing, there is so much contradiction. Where on earth do former ministers (Arthur Akuien Chol and Kuol Athian) of Finance and Economic Planning come from in the ten states of South Sudan? It is a naked fact that the powerful corrupt ministers were from Northen Bahr El Ghazal state and these ministers tapped a lot of resources to Aweil people where Judas (Sabrino Majok Majok) hailed from and their allies. For instance, the issue of sixty million US dollar ($60,000,000) that got lost in the government coffers during Arthur Akuein Chol reign and the DURA saga during Mr. Kuol Athian, the man who knew nothing but just a village chief who made his way to the cabinet through lobbying of Aweil people. Nonetheless, the appointment of minister of Finance and Economic Planning never stopped from Bahr El Ghazal given the heinous crime committed against people of South Sudan. The removal of these prominent figures give birth to the appointment of Mr. David Deng Athorbei from the same who appended his signature and name on South Sudanese Pounds with a lot of missing features but boldly awarded the contract of million dollars project for printing South Sudanese Pounds to his Daughter’s brief case company, a shame nobody would dare to do but Dinka man.

The above statement alone carrying a lot of weights and apparently became the recipe for the contemporary South Sudan current conflict. A simple question one would ask is was Judas out of his mind having two opposing views over how the state affairs are run with respect to the power and the wealth distribution? Why would the inept critics the Nuer of the coup attempt planned by none other person than the president himself due to incapability in terms of delivery of services needed and the democracy South Sudanese yearned for a very long time?

The big slap on the face of Judas Iscariot (Sabrino Majok Majok) that put him behind bars was an accusation on misappropriation of the public funds. The squandering of the public funds did not only bring forth the names of public officials but also touched on the name of the top man Paul Malong Awan who is known for his brutality in the Northern Bahr El Ghazal state. The case has reached highest boiling point where the governor came out openly in retaliation of his accusation of involvement of misappropriation of two million South Sudanese Pounds (2, 000,000) in support of South Sudanese army operation in Jonglei state. King Paul, the governor of Northen Bahr El Ghazal has, however, flatly denied these allegations and vowed to deal with officials who claimed he pocketed public funds in the name of supporting the military activities. However, Paul Malong, the governor of Northern Bahr El Ghazal though he denied the accusation his heavy hands might have landed on the misappropriated funds in as much as he is known also for his brutality and corruption practices.

Sabrino Majok Majok was very much the man drawing up 105,000SSP monthly amounting to 9.8 million South Sudanese Pounds from the government coffers for his interest and the group. Judas used his post of Director General for Administration and Finance in the state Ministry of Finance to withdraw money without queries from the higher authority. Having realized he was implicated Judas had attempted to escape from the state prompting his arrest before necessary investigations were done. Source indicated that the suspect had sought refuge in the UNMISS compound in Aweil on the ground that he hold Canadian passport as away of him not to account for what he is suspected to have played a role in.

In all accounts Judas was found to have manifested the greed theories in practice than political desires. He is more harmful than real Judas who betrayed Jesus Christ supporting the president Salva Kiir whose hand is full of blood of innocent Nuer who have nothing to do with politics and have no single coins in their pockets from the peace dividends. The Nuer became the soft targets whose President Kiir’s mercenaries killed at will using oil money extracted from their motherland.

Last but not least, the God of Nuer was very much disappointed with the acts of Judas and put him to jail at long last. This is because the same Judas who tarnished the Nuer image is the one looting the oil money extracted from Nuerland without fear from God. Enough is enough and Judas will be put to rest in due days to come bearing the banner of a traitor with greed synthesis.

Deng Mading is a South Sudanese exiled in East Africa and researcher in the area of “Democracy & Good Governance, Local & International Politics and Strategic Security Studies”. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Equatoria; rise and defend your rights and freedoms

By Col. (Rtd). Wani Tombe Lako Lokitari

March 25, 2014 (SSNA) -- This is a formal general call to all men, women and youth of Greater Equatoria. All of you in Diaspora and inside the Sovereign Republic of South Sudan (SRSS), all of you, rise and take the lead, in the defense of the motherland, which is the defense of your comprehensive rights and freedoms. No one shall do this for all of you, in the Sovereign SRSS.

This is a just cause. Do not listen to the accusations that you are war mongers. You are the only peace and love mongers in the SRSS. You have endured excruciating hurts, agonies, humiliations, deprivations, exclusions, processes of pauperisation and diminutions; from 2005 to 2014, for the sake of an elusive and frustrated unity of the peoples of the SRSS.

The ongoing semblances of a civil in the SRSS have been triggered by the genocide committed in Juba during the month of December 2013, against the Nuer Nation and people, by the negligent and culpable government of the SRSS. The government of the SRSS has demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that, it is capable with impunity, to destroy in part, or in whole, any human groups or tribes in the SRSS.

Therefore; if the government of the SRSS, can use our own public war assets, bought by our own money, to kill; murder; and slaughter our Nuer brothers; sisters, sons; daughters; grandmothers; and grandfathers; in chilling cold blood; then, this same government, of the SRSS, can also do it to all of you.

Therefore, before the murderous and blood stained hands; in the current government of the SRSS, can find time to turn on you in Greater Equatoria, assisted by the hired mercenaries operating in the SRSS, it is your natural right and duty, to come together, in unison, with all our Nuer brothers and sisters, and many other brothers and sisters; in Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazal, to stop these blood stained hands in Juba, from destroying the SRSS.

You the peoples of Greater Equatoria, must not, and shall not commit another mistake of standing by, while history is being rewritten in the SRSS. You must not, and shall not allow the history of our motherland to be rewritten in your absolute absence. If you allow this history; to be rewritten; in your absolute absence, you will be doing a grave disservice, to all posterities of the SRSS. Therefore, we are not going to allow, and shall not allow, this rewriting of the history of the SRSS, without us being privy to the authorship and ownership of our collective history in the SRSS.

You the peoples of Greater Equatoria have already written the historical template of South Sudan with your precious blood since 1947 through 1955 to date. Therefore, do not allow others to distort this history while you standby unconcerned. If you do that, you shall be written-off the history books in the SRSS. Do you want that to happen to you? The answer is a big No. Therefore, wake up and take action now.

All of you men, women and youth of Greater Equatoria, wherever you are, you must contribute to the processes of constituting an Interim Federal Government (IFG) in Juba. All of you must make sure that, all blood stained hands; and their accomplices, whether by intent or negligence, must not participate in the next IFG in the SRSS.

Therefore, in order to be able to be part and parcel of the next IFG in the SRSS, you must all make your presence felt. It is the culture in the SRSS that, all the ruling groups are backed up by force of arms. Do we need arms in Equatoria? The answer is a big Yes? Why do we need these arms in Equatoria? We need these arms in Equatoria, to protect the SRSS from those others; who have already privatised our public sovereign war assets, in order to murder and slaughter the rest of us. Is this an incitement to violence at law? No; this is not an incitement to violence at law. This is called sovereign and national self defense.

The government in Juba is no longer the sovereign that we can continue to obey. We are withdrawing our hitherto surrendered sovereignties. This was a privilege which the government in Juba has abused and misused, therefore, we are withdrawing these collective sovereignties.

The government in Juba is now murdering us, and therefore, we have the right to defend ourselves. The government in Juba is using the force of fire arms to plunder our national economic and financial assets, and therefore, we have the legal right to protect our collective public assets from being looted by individuals, by all means including the use of force.

You the peoples of Equatoria cannot carry on existing in the SRSS as comprehensive underdogs. You have to consciously, from now onwards, begin the process of moulding a New South Sudan (NSS). This NSS must be free from tribalism, nepotism, and all various instances of discrimination. It is time you told those others; who think that, they are born to rule, that, their assumptions are unfounded; and fundamentally vacuous.

You the peoples of Greater Equatoria must recover your stolen lands and other property. There are others in the SRSS, who have stolen villages and other parcels of land. These people argue that, if we in Greater Equatoria, want back our villages and these parcels of land, we must provide buckets of human blood. This is being told our people in Greater Equatoria day and night.

Our people are bluntly told that, these villages and parcels of land were liberated from the Jallabas. Therefore, these settlers and grabbers of the said villages and land; want buckets of human blood in exchange for our ancestral land. Fair enough, buckets of human blood they will get, but, it will be their own human blood, that we shall fill these empty buckets with, and then, give them to their surviving relatives.

You the people of Greater Equatoria, you must put a stop to the kind of governance that has been started in South Sudan from 2005 to date. This is the time that you must all act together. If you failed to heed to my cries and many other cries for action, you will be committing a historical fatal mistake from which you will never recover.

Our reasonableness has been grossly mistaken for cowardice. We are not cowards. History has recorded that we are not cowards. What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for some people to come from Upper Nile or from Bahr El Ghazal to hand you; your rights and freedoms in golden plates?

You have to claw back your stolen rights and freedoms now; and you have to arm yourselves to protect your future rights and freedoms. We shall all put down our arms when we have reformed the SRSS. Until that happens, it is time you took up arms to defend the SRSS and yourselves from the murderous, looting and negligent government in Juba; meanwhile, you work towards the formation of the Interim Federal government in the SRSS.

The author is the Chairman of Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR).

Look out Salva Kiir has gone the Egyptian way!

Kiir's government signs a military cooperation agreement with Egypt!

By: Justin Ambago Ramba

March 24, 2014 (SSNA) -- As funny as it looks, no one can under rate Egyptians' role in the historical suppression of our people's aspirations throughout the past couple of centuries.

But the crucial question that begs for an answer is:

“Can the pharaohs possibly come to the aid of this collapsing "Dinkocracy"? And why?

What I don't quite understand is, why is it acceptable for any Dinka led group, organisation or even a bunch of self-seeking individuals to have open deals with the outside world and especially so with the Arabs of Sudan, Egypt, and the Gulf countries and yet the same would have been nationally condemned if it were to be done from non Dinka?

Do not misunderstand me and I am not in any way scared of the Egyptians.

However having a military cooperation with Egypt is a double-edged weapon.

Any Egyptian educated South Sudanese like myself and there are a lot of them, should be worried about any military involvement with this country, to say the least.

When they said president Kiir is vision-less and direction -less, it wasn't a pack of propaganda as the diehard dinkocrats would want it to look like.

I can't help myself laughing to tears when I imagine the kind of jokes these Egyptians could have cracked after those of Kuol Manyang (minister of defense) and Obate Mamur (minister of national security) left, leaving the cheeky and cunning Egyptians to themselves.

“La muaa khaza! eeeh doal"

"walnebi fi hadi shaf haagah"?

“La a ya akhuya. Da ana feiylan kutu shaahed"

“ besi eeh, alnaharda alshaheed ma shafshi haga".

"ya gadaan huma dol kanu alhakuma wala almutamerideen"?

"ya amu wa inta zaalaan leh"

"dol huma huma"

“de ana iftakatahum kulahum mutafmeen”

“mutahmen eeh ya gadaa , de ana leash beulaak del huma huma”

“walla hatah mala alaehum fi al asaa elleyladi mush haeftekir meen feehum ditoo defaa , wa meen ffefum bitoo aamn!”

“dee hagah ghareabah awe”

"aslu elyagilak fi wafd elhakuma elnardah , huwa nafsu yegeelak mutamarid baad shahr"

"Busee baa ah aslu dol endahum aadam istighraar gaamda aawi".

"waanebi dah tab-ah museeba"

"wa Masr zambah eeh"

"huma dol mush lesha aileen huma mush araab. Tayeb ma rahush bitua Ifrikiya leh"?

“ya aamu balash wagaa demaag alfaadhi. Aslu al yagilna dahsh naragaho humaar".

Thank you bank masr.

Dr Justin Ramba is a graduate of Egypt’s most prestigious medical institution – Kasr Alainy School of Human Medicine (in early 1984).

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