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Kiir's Success in Pulling the Wool in the Eyes of The White House

By Dr. Peter Kopling

April 25, 2014 (SSNA) -- The Juba government has been pulling wool over the eyes of its subjects the South Sudanese as well as the international communities but the US government in particular which tend to fall for the deceptions coming from Juba each times.It is thus very thinkable that the US did not see this conflict coming and if they did then they have led down the suffering people of South Sudan.

Partly it seems this is stemming from The White House’s shock due to the horror news coming out of their brainchild new nation and wanting to believe the baby they hatched, finding it hard it could commit such abominable atrocities.

The US find itself with the syndrome of a mother who will condemn vigorously a crime committed by someone else’s son but speaking only timidly when the very crime is committed by her very own son the very one that comes from her bosoms.

Thus it is no wonder so far the US has fallen for each of Juba’s lies and deceptions because of this Mother-Son Syndrome. When will she learn that this son has now turned criminal thus not all that he says and does must not be taken at face value?

We have learned today that the remaining four political detainees are pardoned for their alleged coup. They have been dragged through dirt, their lives threatened; family members murdered and humiliated and they endured a kangaroo court and the revelations in court carried no water.

Rather than the court ruling there is no evidence to say the four attempted coup, by default this will also imply Riek did not attempt coup, however in keeping with their signature politics of deceptions, they pulled the pardon card. What it really means in their twisted minds is, that yes it remained shield forever that there was a coup but the “generous peace-loving president pardoned these coup plotters.

This is a huge lie, It has been leaked that the court was prepared to rule, there was no evidence of coup produced during the trial if it where left to act independently. Kiir government have been informed of the Courts findings and their intended ruling, Instead of facing embarrassments, and appologizing to the nation for taking us in this path of bloodshed on false pretents,they instead pulled the Pardon card, by doing so, they have in essence still insist there was a coup but they have pardoned it.

What are the implications of these political move by Kiir? Well in essence now these are pardoned criminals rather than falsely accused and exonerated patriots Vs Kiir the benevolent peace lover.

Now these our great patriots are tainted as criminals simply for being Kiir’s political opponents, thus their political carriers are killed. What a shrewd dictator.

I hope here that the international bodies see that, this government trigger this war on false pretents and has caused the lives of our fellow citizens simply for trying to rid himself of political opponents.

The sad thing and the real tragedy for South Sudanese people is, this deceptions which should have received wide condemnations specially from our Mentor country the USA felt in tight lips among its politicians and the Whitehouse could have made a difference by telling Kiir as it is.

When the coup was announced the US came out hurriedly condemning what it called individuals trying to “take power by force,” instead blaming the victim of this con artist failing to see they have been lied to and consequently missed to see the problem was and still is one who is trying to remained in power indefinitely by force, and that tyranny is fully born in South Sudan.

It is and should be very evident that the Oppositions did not choose to fight but rather they were forced to fight for their lives and that of their tribesmen by extension the nation. This war was not made into ethnical by the oppositions but rather Kiir himself when he massacred Nuer women and children in Juba at the onset of this conflict but there was no outrage from the Whitehouse about this horror out of Juba, rather than a timid mentions of "atrocities from both sides".

The US was dubbed into these hurried judgments by again another lies told to them about Riek that he is a murderer and would come to massacre people in Juba if left unchecked thus it was the US, according Museveni’s version that asked Uganda to intervene in South Sudan to prevent revenge massacre but yet a massacre and a genocide of a People have been carried in the capital city at the doorsteps of the US embassy in Juba, in their erroneous preconceived ideas about Riek, they, the US protected a genocidal President Kiir and did not up to now come out with a strong language of condemnations about Juba massacre as we see of the languages being used concerning the alleged Bentui killings by the oppositions.

Again the Mother-Son Syndrome, what the son says is believed easily without hard questions only to be embarrassed later as the truth comes out but still remaining mute. The “others” Alleged crimes are condemned loudly while mute about the sons very same known crime leave alone alleged. This is where the Whitehouse find itself.

The Government of Kiir has to date made criminal moves and waged propaganda war of lies from the start of this war. They initiated political purging, took lives and caused loss of our fellow Citizens on the premises of lies.

The highlights below should bring to bare the modus operandi of this Kirr government. We got here; they took our country to the precipice because of:

1)   The illegal Militia recruited majorly from Kiir’s tribal men in target of Dr. Machar and Nuer people.
2)   The twisted report of the in fight among these militia triggered by government discriminated disarmament of Nuer members of the Militia as he planed to unleashed his criminal intent of silencing his political opponents and eliminating Riek.
3)   The declarations of the now, known false and none existent coup. He silenced the oppositions.
4)   The massacre of Nuer women and children in Juba, with or without Riek the Nuer would have fought back because of this massacre of their women and Children. This is the genesis of the war for the Nuer, for them it is a war of survival; Kiir gave them no other options. this point must not be missed. There were close to 15 other people with Riek in his oppositions to Kiir from numerous tribes to include Kiir’s very own, how comes it was only Nuer targeted in Juba? He started the ethnical element of the conflict.
5)   The bringing of Ugandan Mercenaries in the Conflict, he regionalized the conflict.
6)   The initial denials that the Ugandans are involved. Habitual liar.
7)   The use of Ugandan jetfighters and cluster bombs. Practicing unconventional war.
8)   The massacre of Nuer Civilians in recaptured towns of Bor, Malakal etc. Gross human right abuses.
9)   The false accusations labeled against The UN that it was smuggling arms for the Rebels. He globalized the conflict. This is not a peacemaker.
10)  The mobilizations of government supporter, mostly its paramilitary in "sheep clothes" of civilian Youth, to protest against the UN.
11)  The presence of SPLM north fighting alongside the Kiir men.
12)  The UNMISS camp attack and killing of Nuer IDP in UN camp in Bor. He crossed every line.

The above are some of the few deceptive and criminal acts through which the Kiir government has been waging this war. They have lied in all of these cases, as the above points now are very evident. The oppositions first called them out on this and each an every single time the opposition turn to be correct.

Now consider the Bentiu Saga, Bentiu has fallen to the Rebels at onset of the war, the government took it back, then the Rebels came and took it over a matter of few months. Essentially Bor, Malakal and Bentiu have constantly been a war zone, changing hands to and from since the onset of this war not like Juba.

Even Juba where the war started, in the beginning most foreigners left Juba and even now not fully returned. Why is Bentiu very different, and now we are told was flourishing with foreigners although being a war zone with constant change of hands, we are now lead to believe that there were vibrant such large number of foreign civilians trading in Bentiu, trading to and with who if most locals are displaced and war ravaged?

Why is the world so ready to swallow the lies of Kiir yet again that these Darfurians killed in Bentiu are Civilians rather than the very same ones, the like of the Ugandan forces that have been fighting and killing the oppositions along side Kiir’s army all these times as the towns of Bor, Malakal Bentiu changes hands to and fro?

The war was looming for days and active fires went on more than two days, Civilians fled and to the UN camps, These Darfurians who claimed to have fled from war from Darfur would be the first to run to safety but the truth is they are there in combats and died in combat. 

Today in the protest arranged by Darfurians in Juba, High government officials in the likes of Kuol Manyong, the Defence minister came to give condolence. Have we ever before heard a single condolence from Kiirs government to the communities massacre in Juba, Bor, Malakal as is to this purported Civilian Bentiu massacre? Something is fishy.  Consider the timing of the release of the four detainee perfectly to ride this wave of success of public opinion against the oppositions, essentially the success of their lies, I can only see in close doors they are grinning and tossing to it!

How on earth does this young country learn the evil art so well and so very quickly?

This should be clear by now that those dead were SPLA North who died in the battle field in support of Kiir thus his hinge men came out to condemn this loud while remaining mute about the rest.

The UN and the world and the US in particular fell again for Kiir lies and came condemning the opposition loud and clear, the kind of voice and clarity we haven’t seen before, simply because what they heard and saw is in keeping with the view sold to them by the Kiir’s government about Riek Machar, confirming in their minds the very reason they asked Ugandan to join the slaughter, rather than restraining Kiir, again they the US government is by this selected outrage helping a known genocidal president Kiir in expense of his victims, the South Sudanese people.

When will they realize this horror is born by Kiir and will end with Kiir?

It is said you can fool some of the people some of the time however Kiir’s has succeeded to fool the international community all the times.

However as our African saying goes  “You can f**t under the water, but it shall eventually come to the surface” the tragedy for our nation is the world has refused to see the bubbles of Kiir’s repeated large and loud farts in peril of his victims, we the people.

Dr Peter Kopling lives in the Republic of South Sudan. He can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

An indisputably Failed State: Savagery, Genocidal Attitude and the Soulless Leaders

By Kuir ë Garang

April 25, 2014 (SSNA) -- Pathetic and excruciatingly sad! That’s what I’d say about what is happening in South Sudan. I’m sorry for only a small number of South Sudanese will like this article.

No one in South Sudan can assume a moral pedestal. While some people/tribes may carry more blame than others, it’s not presumptuous or erroneous to say that we are all to blame; one way or another! And I’m going to be unprecedentedly harsh to everyone in South Sudan. I’m going to offend people I shouldn’t, perhaps, offend. However, I’d want every South Sudanese to know that this is now our problem. Initiated by the weak and incompetent leadership of President Kiir and exacerbated by Riek Machar’s ambition for power, the problem has now become an inconvenience or a fatal danger for everyone.

Some Jonglei State residents are now in the Equatorias and causing inconveniences to the local residents; Nuer people feel insecure in areas controlled by their own government; rebels are slaughtering civilians like chickens, and the government has absolutely no interest in either ending the war or protecting civilians.

Those who know a little about South Sudan, its historical struggles and inter-tribal relations will agree with me that almost all tribes in South Sudan are wretched tribalists. All tribes in South Sudan have this strong sense of cultic significance of one’s own tribe. Opinion writers from all tribes exemplify this. And I bet you the response to this article will prove that to you.

Physical Savagery

The Jieeng and Nuer people have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are capable of unspeakable savagery. With indisputable facts, they’ve slaughtered women, children, men, elderly and the sick in cold-blood.

Yes, the Jieeng proved their savagery in Juba after December 15, 2013 mutiny where they slaughtered innocent, and unsuspecting Nuer civilians in their hundreds. Only the closed-minded, destructive tribal die-hards among the Jieeng would deny that such a savagery took place. And the recent incident in the Jonglei State capital, Bor (April 17, 2014), proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Jieeng people are capable of savagery of unspeakable proportions. Admittedly, the storming of UNMISS compound and the cold-blooded murder of unarmed civilians is a savage and cowardly act we should all condemn. Well, a few who’ve shelved their brains would see this otherwise. And we can’t blame them! That’s the mentality of the savage!

In which country on earth do you see ‘peaceful demonstrators’ carrying guns? Why couldn’t the youth know that those in UNMISS compound are there for safety and any angry crowd approaching the compound is regarded as hostile? Those in the compound are being protected; what part of protection is difficult to understand? Memos are delivered to decision-makers in the UNMISS leadership not to the ‘safe-hub’ shelters!

And Nuer people are not to be outdone when it comes to savagery. In the same manner, they’ve proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they are also capable of savagery of equal proportions. With no doubt, the Nuer people have proven in Bor, Akobo, Bentiu and Malakal that they can be skilled savages like their cousins, the Jieeng!

The Jesh Meboor (White Army) obliterated towns and massacred innocent Nuer (they believe support the government), Shilluk civilians and Jieeng civilians. Chief among all the savagery executed by Nuer was in Bor and Bentiu where elderly women were burnt inside the churches; the sick raped and murdered in cold-blood on their hospital beds. What human being would rape and murder patients on their hospital beds? And these patients were not just ordinary patients but elderly patients who couldn’t escape. Only a savage mind would do such an unspeakable act!

And some Nuer people are quick to argue that the killing of Jieeng people couldn’t have happened had the government armed mercenaries not massacred Nuer civilians in Juba! That sounds like a reasonable argument! But why kill innocent civilians instead of the soldiers who carried out the heinous act in Juba? Whatever the motivation, the act was still outright savagery.

Psychological and Attitudinal Savagery

While other tribes in South Sudan want to claim a Moral Pedestal, it’s prudent to remember that they are not any better. I admit these tribes have not fallen into the Jieeng-Nuer kind of savagery. However, the opinions, comments on social media and the general sentiment on the ground among these tribes in South Sudan is nothing but authentically psychological and attitudinal savagery.

What’s the conceptual difference between the Nuer and Jieeng who want to butcher themselves to a finish and someone else who wish these two tribes do exactly the same? A person who’d want to see the two tribes kill themselves is as savage as the ones killing themselves. Given an opportunity this person would do exactly the same thing. Spare me moral self-righteousness!

South Sudan is composed of more than 60 tribes and what are these tribes doing to help save the nation? Are these tribes so helpless that they can’t do anything to help ease the tension? If these tribes are tired of Nuer and Jieeng and want to stand by and watch as the two finish themselves, then they shouldn’t assume any Moral Pedestal. They are, to a good extent, as culpably savage as the murderous and genocidal Nuer and Jieeng people.

Many tribes in the three southern states of South Sudan always assume being civil, amiable and more peaceful than Jieng and Nuer. Some even use the word ‘civilized’ to describe themselves. What’s ‘civilized’ in standing by and letting your fellow South Sudanese kill themselves? What’s ‘civilized’ in wishing that two major tribes massacre themselves to a finish? What’s ‘civilized’ in being unable to act as a mediating voice in drafting ‘peace models’ to bring the two tribes together?

Where are the esteemed tribal chiefs among the ‘civilized’ tribes of the southern states? Why can’t they be vocal and exude their civilization in bringing in the two ‘savage tribes’ to peace? Stopping the war might be difficult but saving innocent lives is something the chiefs can initiate.

The sooner South Sudanese realize that savagery has gripped us like a viral malady, the better things would be for us. You might not be savage in your actional processes, but your thoughts, opinions and wishes, can just be as savage.

Jieeng and Nuer have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that their savagery can bring about an end to this nation. It’s high time the other tribes initiate grassroots level peace initiatives through chiefs and local members of parliament. Among the proven ‘savages’, there are eared and souled saints.

The Soulless Leaders

Conscientious South Sudanese would agree with me that Dr. Riek Machar didn’t start the crisis. And I‘d assume too that some of you would agree with me that this crisis was exacerbated by Dr. Riek’s rebellion and his alliance with the white army. One can assume he ran to save his life but one can’t comprehend the obliteration of towns and the senseless massacres of innocent civilians by Riek’s forces. And Riek has no decency to express regret for the lives lost. He has pledged to continue fighting even as civilians continue to die. That’s soullessness!

We all know that President Kiir’s refusal to convene the Political Bureau meeting, his attempt to manipulate the election of the party chairman and all he did to sleep on the demands of the members of the Political Bureau caused the current crisis. That still gives Riek no excuse to pay no attention to the death and suffering of South Sudanese and to take us back ten years.

And the government of President Kiir is as equally soulless as the leadership of Riek Machar. Displaced Nuer civilians are living in squalid conditions in the same town the president lives in. They are insecure in their own National Capital from their own government. It’s hard to imagine a credible government that can’t protect its own citizens; a government that isn’t initiating credible modalities to end the war.

The government

  • Is only interested in the protection of oil installations to fuel the luxurious lifestyle
  • Has no interest in protecting the civil population as they continue to die
  • Is unable to assure the security of the Nuer civilians in Juba, the very National Capital
  • Has no internal, strategic plan to end the war and create inter-tribal understanding and trust-building
  • Believes, like the rebels, it will win militarily as exemplified by the appointment of Malong Awan as the Chief of General Staff of the SPLA
  • Is not serious about ‘Peace Talks’ while it continues to pay lips service to being ‘serious’ as shown by their reluctance to go to Ethiopia for the next round of ‘Talks.’
  • Continues to air inflammatory statements while calling for ‘peace!’

Until leaders who care about lives of South Sudanese; leaders who can actually express condolences and speak directly to the bereft, come up, the current soulless leaders (government and rebels) will continue to endanger civilian lives, fuel genocidal attitude and savagery, and bring the country to complete failure.

The sooner we see it as ‘our’ problem rather than ‘their’ problem, the better things will be for us.

Kuir ë Garang is the author of “South Sudan Ideologically” and “Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful?” For contact visit

None of the IGAD Member Countries Qualifies to Mediate South Sudan Peace Talks

By: Tut Daub Jiah

April 25, 2014 (SSNA) -- It may sound outlandish for some, but the truth of the matter is that all Eastern African Countries are sharing one thing in common with the current genocidal regime in Juba. And that is the rule by one-party under the absolute control of one tribe.

Many circles with some direct or indirect interest in South Sudan politics would agree with this writer, in some point, that participatory democracy is hard for many African Countries to adapt. As such, all South Sudan’s neighboring countries are anxious to see the rapid transformation of the yesteryears’ movement (SPLM) into a pure political party which may cuddle the participatory democratic system of governance as its culture. This had manifested itself well during the CPA negotiations in Kenya under auspices of the same organization (IGAD), which is currently trying to bring together South Sudan two warring tribes. The first mistake the IGAD and friends of IGAD committed was allowing the SPLM to negotiate the peace talks on behalf of all South Sudanese key stakeholders; and knowing that SPLM was the organization dominated by one tribe, who would never think of ethnic groups’ interest, but its own. The current crisis is the result of that mistake, which must not be allowed to repeat itself in the watch of all rightful owners of this piece of land calls South Sudan.

Our brothers and sisters in most of African Countries had helped the Dinkass to control the movement since its inception in 1983, beginning with Derge Regime of Col. Mangistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia, Daniel Arop Moi of Kenya, Gabriel Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

The current conflict in South Sudan must be viewed in its true nature and not the way Salva Kiir and his friends want the outside world to believe. For this author, South Sudan conflict is purely tribalistic coated with political wrangling to divert the intentions of South Sudanese and the world at large. In many cultures, when a woman commits some embarrassing act, like adultery, she always gives a convincing reason to the public. One of the causes for her to engage in love outside wedlock is to say “the man is not sexually active, in other word, unproductive”. This argument is always receiving overwhelming reaction, in favor of the woman from the public, including the family of the man whose wife has been accused of wrongful doing. In our case, Dinkas have been oppressing other South Sudanese tribes all along and they go around accusing them of Arabs Collaborators, Militias, Traitors, Nyagats, Unconfirmed, you name it. However, our brothers and sisters from other African countries never bother themselves enquiring and finding out why the 63 + tribes should be complaining against one tribe always. Today they came up with another salable, but unmanufactured commodity (coup d’état), hopping to confuse the democratic world with their loud noises and get assistance to clear out all Nuer tribes out of South Sudan. Unfortunately, the would-be customers insisted on seeing the product before paying a Dime. To justify the above points, one would want to refer the readers to the following circumstances that look alike and share a whole lot of characteristics with current political upheaval:

Destruction of Anya Nya II’s Headquarters (Bilpam) in 1983 by John Garang

To cut the long story short, it was under ambiguous circumstances when Bilpam came under vicious destruction of lives and properties by the combined forces of John Garang and Mengistu Haile Mariam, after Gai Tut’s group narrowly escaped assassination in Itang and Garang became the overall leader of SPLM/A. It was not clear because the leaders of Anya Nya Two at that time were in full support of John Garang’s leadership, especially Gordon Koang Chol, who had personally, wrote to Garang, pledging his unwavering support to him, after those of Gai and Akuot Atem left for Sudanese territories. Can somebody tell me in details why did Garang decided to bomb and destroy Bilpam, in which the entire leadership was in his side? The reason was obvious. I simply don’t need to be redundant here; otherwise I would have given more explanations to what is in my recollections on the subject matter.

The above mentioned incident was the starting point of the ugly history of the SPLM/A, which John Garang came to revealed few months later as a “War against separatists” in his Manifesto. Again, that was to coat the main aim of his war against Nuer and made it looked something worth buying, by anyone including the Nuers themselves. The Gajaak Nuer ethnic massacre in Ethiopian territories all the way to all the Nuer lands from 1983 to 1991 was the explicit reason of the overwhelming response from all four corners of the Nuer lands, when Dr. Riek announced his coup on August 28, 1991. Throughout those years SPLA had been a symbol of “Red Terror” to Nuer, without exception. Whether you are in the movement or outside it, one being a Nuer alone automatically put him in the Nyagats side. 1983 marked the first time when Dinkas painted an ugly picture, which our brothers and sisters from other African countries don’t want to see; while calling themselves as “Dinkass the Warriors, the Liberators, Unbeatable, True Nationalists, and Men of Men”.

Uninvestigated so-called Bor Massacre of 1991: Did it happen, how did it happen, and why did it happen?

There is every reason for well-informed individuals not to believe what has been the most delusive event of the 21st Century, the so-called “Bor Massacre”. Some clues may help the readers get into the bottom of what I meant by calling that highly publicized event as “elusive”.

Before, the Nasir Declaration of 28th of August, 1991, the following SPLA senior Commanders were deployed in and around Greater Akobo, Greater Fangak, Greater Bor, and Greater Piboor:

1. Greater Piboor and Eastern Equatoria: overall command of Salva Kiir Mayardit
2. Greater Bor, Fangak, Akobo: Under overall command of Kuol Manyang Juk with Kuol Deng Abot,

Machaar Akew, Chegai Atem, Biar Atem, Kuol Deng Kuol, and George Athor in charge in all Nuer areas.

Within few days after the declaration, those forces in all the Nuer lands decided to leave and moved directly to greater Bor, taking with them lots of cattle. Following their arrivals, Kuol Manyang had issued a stern warning to Riek Machaar, similar to what M7 has given Riek following the genocide in Juba and subsequent scape of Riek to Junglei Bushes. Immediately the persecutions of Nuer officers and men in the Dinkas territories and most of the Equatoria region started. It was when the news reached the Nuer land that Nuer people were being targeted and killed in the areas under John Garang that the Nuer of greater Fangak and greater Akobo began to mobilize and moved toward Greater Bor for rescue. For good three months Nuer had faced an intense resistance and lots of Nuer armed civilians had lost their lives , given the ill-prepared and ill-equipped nature of the White army compare to the well-trained and equipped SPLA army in the greater Bor, which was at the same time the center of the logistics for the whole war Zone 1 (Southern Sudan).

In the light of the above, one wonder how comes the white Army managed to kill the reported number of Dinkas civilians, after three months of fierce fighting between the Riek’s forces and the SPLA? Were those reported civilians killed during the fight as a cross-fire, before the fight or after the white Army defeated the SPLA three months later? If it was before the fight between two factions, were the civilians used by the SPLA as human shields? And if it was after SPLA tactical withdrawal, as they may like to call it, how come they didn’t inform and advice the local civil population to leave the area before they withdrew?  What was in the mind of Kuol Manyang, when he warned Riek that “Riek, you must revise your position and surrender before I come for you, or keep the water level as high as it’s now” (Radio message from Kuol to Riek). Militarily speaking, this is a provocative language. Therefore, if the other side takes a pre-emptive action, would it be surprising?

To this writer, the reported civilians in greater Bor that were allegedly massacred by Riek Machaar’s Army in 1991 were, in fact, the opposite. All greater Bor Civil population had been evacuated from their homelands two months before the end of the war, leaving behind most of their belonging, including cattle. The bodies of civilians video-taped and reported by media were those of white army bodies and not Dinkas Bor’s. This is what happened again this year. The white army bodies were introduced to the outside world, including Enough Project, as those of Dinkas Bor’s, when the Bor South population had crossed the river to Aweirial, Lakes state on December 17 and 18, 2013 when Kuol Manyang and Makuei Lueth ordered them to do so because they were fully aware of what was unfolding in Juba. Dukes and Twi East Counties populations were in their peaceful areas because they believed they have nothing to do with it.  

Truly speaking though, one would admit the fact that few Dinkas intellectuals have, of late, realized that Dinkas domination of power wouldn’t work. As a result, we are witnessing few of them are mentally being tortured (Dr. Majak de Agoot, Gen.Madut Biar Yiel, Eng. Chol Tong Mayai plus many more underground personalities), and some have physically been eliminated (Late Isaiah Abraham being one of them).

With all these, one would concluded that our problem is not the Power struggle between Riek Machaar and Salva Kiir, is not a question of political reform of the SPLM party, is rather a struggle of all none Dinkas tribes of South Sudan to find their rightful places within the big picture, which the Dinkass had been trying to hide from them. Nuers, being unselfish society and socio-democratic people who always want to see the rights of minorities are being protected, as they do in their own culture,  they become the first target to be hit hard before the rest, so that the road to political and economic domineering of Dinkas be nothing but a piece of cake. It must be within this context that the current crisis be brought to an end. Defining it differently will definitely means finding a wrongful and temporary solution, which will not last before it ignites into something, perhaps, more decapitating than the current one.

For the rightful solution to be realized, all ethnic groups must come up and define their own destiny, like what the Equatoria region Elites began to do. Dinkass themselves, who may see a need to change in their attitude, should start consulting with one another and give their version of what they see fit into building a unifying peaceful nation. Keeping the status quo which is fragmenting the nation apart would not serve any purpose, at all. It’s with this notion of status quo keeping which has been misleading and will continue to misguide the IGAD and other International Friends of south Sudan in finding the suitable solution to our problems.

One would therefore recommend that the mediation role be taken away from IGAD’s auspices to the European Union countries. Norway, British, Netherlands, Sweden and Canada must lead the negotiations and provide trusted solutions to our conflict. U.S.A, China and AU will participate as facilitators and observers. The divided IGAD must be done away with because whatever they will come up with must be received with mixed reaction due to their suspicious behaviors. Kiir and his henchmen and women must be made to accepting that the lunatic coup story they have been talking about all the times is the main source of their embarrassment and putting lots of their friends away from them. Therefore, they must bring up a different convincing argument, if they want to see themselves worthy of anything, aside from their leadership which they have just lost.

Tut Daub Jiah can be reached through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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