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Why South Sudan is regarded as a failed State?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

July 22, 2013 (SSNA) -- First and foremost ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know my people about the fact behind the reason why South Sudan as the Country was regarded as the fourth State in the all world. It might not be surprise to the people specifically the current government of the Republic of South Sudan in particular; it was something obvious and factual to be disclosed because there are a lot of things ahead of us as the people of South Sudan as new the Nation. Basically I have only identified four out of the many points that make South Sudan to be world number four failed State.  The question might come, why South Sudan is put in that number when it’s only two years old after getting the Independence?  My dear people, there are a lots of weakness, failures within the system of governance , respect for the rule of law and human rights in South Sudan context. There are lots of citations and recommendations that were given to our government in order for the Country like South Sudan to be removed out from the list but all these can be achieved when we have identified what to do next after we have got the wrong title in the world context.

People in South Sudan always talks all the days wasting a lot of time discussing what the all world regarded Republic of South Sudan as the failed state number four like, if they are not viewing the current situation psychologically. According to my view and observations as the person, we have been regarded as the failed State due to the facts that we have failed to do the four main things that should have been done by the government of South Sudan under the Leadership General Salva Kiir Mayardit but all in all, nothing have been achieved since the Country is in political crisis and I think all of us are seeing with our own necked eyes.

First of all, the issue of insecurity that have been in the country for the last seven years is most difficult point that, have affected most of the Journalists especially the prominent writers that are supposed to liberate our Country by writing articles that are educative and informative that can transform the new country to be better and can respect the rights of the citizen without hindrance and disturbances. Many writers have been harassed, arrested like the Editor –In _Chief of the Juba Monitor Alfred Taban who was arrested most of the time and also the Juba Monitor Managing Editor Michael Koma who was detained in the Northern police due to the article that was published in April edition by the newspaper that was explaining the person who was behind the killing of the late Traffic police officer that was identified as the Nuer from Mayom County in the Unity state and nothing have been done up to date, that justified that our government is very weak and weak in term of security provision. And the issue of the Jonglei state, is becoming so complex and complicated this time around, many people from the Sudan People Liberation Army have lost their lives and they are also in that crisis up to now and the world is not happy with the way things are handle in our Country as South Sudanese.

Secondly the issue of too much corruption within the system have gave the South Sudanese shame in the world context and that is why we are regarded as the failed state number four, and I hope no one from the government will said that point is not correct, because even the President of the Republic of South Sudan promised that, he will deal with the corruption issue which is becoming one of the critical issue that has been regarded as the problematic in this Country “ that was the time his excellency President General Salva Kiir Mayardit was addressing the huge number of audiences during the second Independence Celebration of the South Sudan 9th July 2013”. In the year 2012, the list of the seventy five (75) members from the government of the South Sudan were identified but all in all, nothing have been done by the legitimate leadership in this country, that is why people like me begin analyzing the government as the failed one, I have really agree with the world in this regard, because a truth must be said no matter what other people think about my view. There is no prosecution of the corrupts officials being carried out in South Sudan ,and the government know the people who are involved in all these corruptions scandals that are going on daily in South Sudan. Believe me my dear comrades; let me use the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) word, all these seventy five within the system, it is the failure with the parliament of the Republic of South Sudan, National Assembly and Council of States are really failed to implement laws and orders that are supposed to help the new Country to progress from one point to another , therefore it is good for our President to announce the state of emergency and dissolve the Parliament and stay appointing the excellent people who are intellectuals, because what is causing most of the issue even for the country to be regarded as the failed state is because of the lack of proper parliamentarians that are representing the citizen issues in South Sudan. The role of the parliamentarians was supposed to summon the office of the Presidency to give the name of the seventy five (75) to the public and the Members of the two Assemblies should start prosecuting the corrupt officials and progress with developmental issues that might help the people of the Republic of South Sudan.

Thirdly, there is lack of Implementation of the Transitional Constitution of the South Sudan 2011 that was signed by our beloved President General Salva Kiir Mayardit  , all in all people are in serious mess both from State level up to the National Level which is Juba. Laws have been put a side and people have started using traditional way of  leading people like if we are not having good laws, I always tell people that, we have good laws but the problem people are not reading the document which is supposed to be read by everybody in this Country that is why most of the Parliamentarians do not even  keep one article in their minds, and I can blame our government because the Ministry of Justice was supposed to be translate the Constitution from the English Language to all the South Sudanese local Languages because most of those who are in the Assemblies knows only their specific languages that is why most of the times only ten to twenty members of the Parliament can rise a good motions and other are just dossing on the Chairs in the Assembly . How can we have development in this country? People always blame President Kiir and his Deputy Dr Machar for nothing and the problem is because we are having weak and weak Parliament that is supposed to oversee the ongoing of the Country movement in term of coming up with good ideas that can transform this beautiful nation that is so unique world wide

Fourthly no Democracy in place, everything is the same as usual in this Country, politic is not practice in good faith, people are using traditional way of making politics in villages that have forgotten that we are in the World of dotcom, the world is interconnected to each other, people dislike each other due to the too much tribalism, nepotism and sectarianism that is existing in almost the ten sates of the Republic of South Sudan. There are a lot of intimidations in the politics nothing is free like the other Countries, everyone is trying very hard to under look the rests of other people. There is need for good orientation on how should the people of South Sudan should promote good governance, respect for the rule of law and Human rights in this Country.

The author is Independent Journalist who writes for Juba Monitor Newspaper; you can contact him through, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Key Advice to Those Who are Trying to Spoil the Good Name of Naath Community Through the Media

By Peter Gai Manyuon

July 20, 2013 (SSNA) -- I was very shocked and disorganized when I read the Thursday 18th The Citizen Newspaper publication that contain some names from Nuer that have been forged by individuals group of people calling for the removal of the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan Dr Machar. I don’t thinks Nuer Community elders and intellectuals all over the world can write such nonsense that’s try to spoil the good name of the Nuer people in South Sudan, I hope it is just a clicks of useless people that have sat down under the tree and begin to come up with some fictitious names that do not exist and other names were put when the owners were not aware. We all know that, the issue of the ethnicity, clans, nepotism and self-interest is becoming common in this Country, people are trying to spoil the names of other communities due to their self-interest, which will not take us anywhere in this great Nation.    The issue of the ethnicity and self-interest is becoming the first critical issues in the Republic of South Sudan beginning from the regime of the late Dr John Garang de Mabior up to the President Kiir Mayardit regime with his brother Dr Machar.

People have been divided base on the tribal line ,clan line and secondly to the Regionalism which is becoming so problematic to the South Sudanese politics ,and I can assure you that, it was because of the regional politic that have led to the disintegrations of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) because the top officials within the party are having parallel words that are different from each other in the current politic agenda of the state. If we don’t look in to this properly then South Sudan will always be in crisis dear Citizen of this great nation.

The interest that is trying to spoiled the name of the great people through the Media is what really disorganizing the South Sudanese all over and the Community of Naath in particular, it was not a surprise for me to see that issue happening in the name of the people who wrote a letter last month about the Dr Machar position to contest for the leading party leadership in the time to come, and one person claimed to be from Ngundeng family and also a Nuer youth Union organization. To me I have seen it as the self-interest and fabrication of lies that need no attention from the President of the Republic of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit, if he really needs a peaceful co-existence within the communities in South Sudan. Those eighty people who wrote the letter asking President Kiir to remove Dr Machar in his position as the vice President are not really friend of  President Kiir but his worse enemies in South Sudan unless he does not want to listen from the people who are analyzing the current situation in the Country.

Logically and realistically, President Kiir should work hand in hand with his Deputy until the election in 2015, when the President shall have his own political group and Dr Machar with his political groups as well as Pagan Amum or anybody who wish to contest for the leadership of this nation, or anyone who will win the election should led the Republic of South Sudan and set up his/her government without any hidden issues that might take back the South Sudanese. Sitting under a tree and beginning writing fictitious names that are so irrelevant will not help the people of South Sudan but rather, increase the speed of war that might take away some lives in this Country. Issue of food is becoming more critical in South Sudan these days, every one want to be something’s when he/she is not qualified to do the needful to our citizen in this great nation. What people should know is that during the time for the election in 2010 President Kiir and his deputy Dr Machar were moving from one state to another looking for some votes from the citizen when they were competing with Dr Lam Akol who is known as the serious opposition man in the Republic of South Sudan and eventually President Salva Kiir and Dr Machar achieved what they were looking for and up to now they are moving hand in hand and ruling people of South Sudan without problems. That mean if President Kiir might not change the agreement that was signed among them by then, that can cause political disintegrations within the party itself and Kiir is in the position because of Riak and Riak is in power because of Kiir versa-versa to the speaker also.

I think base on my observations and analysis in this Country, nothing will divide our top leadership unless the Presidential advisors are not doing their mandates and principles of advice in this country, and if they are trying to disorganize this Republic intentionally, God of this land should look at them critically and punished them base on their wrong advices.

What I know in every Country worldwide, leadership is just a contract between the individuals , if you and i come as one, we can push for the success of one person and thereafter, other person follow us that is why there is the position for the Vice President in every government , that is how politic is carried out. If some groups of people sat randomly under trees and begin coming up with the letter calling for the dismissal of the Vice President, I think they are not wise intellectually, I think their psychological black boards need good transformation and modeling that can direct them about the good directions in lives then writing nonsense that will only benefits them not South Sudanese.

President of this Nation was elected Democratically as well as his vice President ,likewise to the Speaker, let me bring this in to your attention if you are not aware of this , any decree might cause problem in this country because all of them were elected Democratically by the people. I think those who wrote the letter did not know that, all these guys were unanimously elected by the community of this great nation and were given the mandate. If anyone has opinion about any one he/she should not generalized the people especially the Nuer Community “that all Nuer agree that Dr Machar should be removed from the position of the Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan” is not realistic and logically enough to be aired out. Only mad people can speak like that, and may be those are the people whose their intelligentsia is too low and are the one who are talking about this.

Nuer people have been known of their goodness all over the world; even in South Sudan they are respected due to the way they are handling issues that are relevant for the development, peace and protection of Democracy and the respect for the rule of law worldwide. If you have any personal interest, good for you to write something on your own behave as a person and not generalizing all tribe for the personal gain. What all South Sudanese should know is that, in every tribes, clans ,sub-clans and family there are useless people whose their job is just looking for something to eat at the end but does not listen to people advice and aspirations, and at the end die miserably.

Spoiling the name of Nuer as the community for personal gain does not come this way, otherwise those very people who reached up to this level should be look critically and seriously and the God who created all the Nuer in this Republic of South Sudan should take note, am not commanding but word of humor.

It was on Wednesday night that, something came to my mind about ethnicity and self-interest that is trying to divide the people of South Sudan at this particular period of time. Logically and contextually, people of this nation have been known worldwide of being good to each other during the struggle that gave the legitimacy of the recognition of the South Sudanese by other people globally but now since the beginning of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), people have started hating each other due to low intellect within the people. People have become very wild to each other in term of political perceptions which is taking place in this country that had started early this year.

When you try to look at the people in the capital city of South Sudan (Juba), you find that people have divided themselves base on their tribes to clans and sub-clans, just sitting under trees talking nonsenses, useless things about President Kiir Mayardit and his Counterpart Dr Machar , there is nothing wrong among our two leaders in this Country. They have been leading us from the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) period, the referendum and subsequently to the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan that was declared in July 9th 2011 and with the help of the two, we got recognized worldwide. What am viewing right now in south Sudan is that, some people have become desperate of what to eat,  people have come between the two and began talking  evils things about each other, and that is why the two are having  small misconceptions ending  up with no good understanding  among themselves , as a result of wrong advice that both of them got from their friends and spy within the system ,they are pulling rope that might lead to the displacement of the innocents citizen which is not logical to be encourage if we really need a peaceful co-existence of the people of South Sudan.

The author is the Independent Journalist who writes for the Juba Monitor as the columnist and lives in South Sudan.  You can him through; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

People need to acknowledge failures, to succeed

By: Justin Ambago Ramba

July 19, 2013 (SSNA) -- It is a universal fact that people do not celebrate failure. And one is considered a pervert should they roll out drums, and slaughter fine bulls in honour of failure. What people normally do is not only to bury failure, but also consciously work hard to deny it.

In an attempt to remain optimistic, people don’t eulogize failure. It is not given a funeral, for funeral celebrates a life, to immortalize a memory.  But failure has to be forgotten through a burial. This was exactly the official reaction all across South Sudan, since the US based Fund for Peace rated the country fourth amongst the Failed States.  

During the recently held 6th speakers’ forum held at the National Legislative Assembly in Juba this issue of South Sudan being categorized as a failed state, was terribly rebuffed by the senior SPLM officials. The Hon Wani Igga refuted this classification and went on to say, and I quote:

"We are not [a] failed state comrades. How can we be a failed state and we just became an independent country. We are just two years from independence. How do you expect a two-year-old child to do what [an] adult does? [Do you] Expect a child to start walking and run simultaneously? Igga asked, amid applause from audience.

"No. It is not possible, unless you want us to perform miracles", he added.

Well, we cannot blame the Hon. Speaker and the rest of the SPLM apologists, for Man naturally hasten to forget failure and its bitter pills. But he glories in success. It is normal. He is primed that way by default. Only a perverse appreciation of existence, celebrates failure amidst pomp and pageantry.

Is it not what we see, at least on superficial level and yet underneath our disguises lies an insurmountable paradox; namely: that success is predicated always on deeper appreciation of failed attempts, and its festival of lessons?

Ironically Vice President Dr. Riek Machar wasted no time in joining his colleagues in denying the country’s deservedly 4th position amongst the Failed States, given the multiple failures of SPLM’s governance style that came along with their rule, and rightly predates the country’s independence from Khartoum, he too could have simply acknowledged this failure without having to give some unnecessary excuses.

Machar said that he was not acquainted with the criteria used to reach to this conclusion, but thank God, he suggested that the ranking was a challenge brought about by the weak institutions of governance. Let him be advised that, the country that he dreams of turning into the ‘African Tiger’ can only be so when its top leadership becomes well versed with what makes a state fail. Otherwise it will all become just like sailing in unchartered waters.

But by later acknowledging that corruption is rampant in South Sudan’s government contracts, tax collections, land sale and misuse of money meant for provision of services to the various institutions, one cannot understand why this “new president in the making”, finds it difficult to swallow the bitter taste of reality, and accept that the country under their presidency with his boss president Salva Kiir is indeed a failed State.

Is what he said below not characteristic of failed states? If not, then what is?

"Our tax revenue collection basket has been leaking", he said, adding that he believed only one-tenth of the revenues collected from the country’s borders and internal trade reaches the government’s chest,  while the rest is pocketed by individuals”.

Insecurity, he said, was also responsible for taking the chunk of the nation’s budget as provision of security takes priority in the budget allocations every year for the last eight years. [Machar, 6th Speakers Conference, Juba – Sudan Tribune July 18, 2013]

We should not underestimate that the appraisal of failure reveals its peculiar ability of spawning a chain reaction, which forcefully compels its cognizance. It shocks the mind back to a rethink of its shallow assumptions, in a way that success cannot.

It is a known fact that one failure can have such concentric effect for all other endeavors in its environment, as to forcefully warrant its imprisonment of our attention. In this situation, failure then rises to be appraised; in order to serve as a critique of the present, and a launching pad for future success. Here, then, failure becomes a catalyst to success.

And it is only in this light, that we should look backwards on the battlefields of our history which is littered with the fractured and fragmented pieces of our peoples’ dreams.  Hence there is an urgent need for us to appreciate the history of our failures, to explore the lessons that are imperative if we are ever to escape this present predicament, and bequeath a future to our posterity.

Some may find relief in that the African continent is littered with our types – the failed states. Most of these states are economic backwaters, social apologies and political ruins. This landscape runs from the Casablanca to the Cape Town and from The Horn of Africa in the East to the Island of No Return in the West Atlantic.

Looking critically at the African states, South Sudan included, most of these states true to type were the creatures of imperial convenience. To that end, and in the absence of any visionary leadership, they were meant to serve a purpose after which their ontological legitimacy or raison d' etre would then expire.

On their expiration dates, these states, naturally not designed for self-propulsion; were condemned to tether on the brink, and finally implode upon the inglorious weight of their inherent contradictions.

Of course colonialism designed and inspired all the needed problems to make sure that, except for the few  infrastructures they have left behind, these states remain what their were when first drawn on paper, if not worse.

Maybe we should……………maybe we shouldn’t, blame the colonialist for everything bad that is currently being inflicted in Africa, by Africans and on Africans.  Sincerely speaking the real decadence of each African country is since then driven by a horde of native pirates; trained in the fine art of piracy.

These set of political actors are rogues personalities, weaned on selfishness. They are brilliant students of klepocracy and political perversity.

In South Sudan, in about less than a decade these former freedom fighters and their local area boys have completely outclassed colonial perfidy and bested them in thievery. 

Who amongst our poor downtrodden people can look around themselves and not say that, the “liberators” have indeed inflicted a huge damage and probably an irreversible one, especially so on the values and the social fabrics of our societies and communities.

They have done an inglorious job of mismanaging our country, so much so that she is today the laughing stock of the world.

So instead of these comrades holding meetings after meetings, and yet are unable to see for themselves what damages they have so far inflicted on the country, they need to learn one thing or two. And I ask to myself why they don’t use the SMART criteria to guide them if their adventures are to make any sense at all?

SMART is a mnemonic, giving criteria to guide in the setting of objectives, for example in project management, employee performance management and personal development. The letters broadly conform to the words specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

The first known use of the term occurred in the November 1981 issue of Management Review by George T. Doran.

SMARTER gives two additional criteria evaluate and reevaluate, intended to ensure that targets are not forgotten.

If they do this, then President Kiir will either choose to finish his remaining months in office either busy packing to ‘quit without return’ or talk and promise things which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound, and must also be evaluated and reevaluated.

Besides all these maybe the least this government should learn to do, is to have a huge billboard with boxes in front of real projects that it intends to achieve e.g. roads, clean drinking water, electricity, schools, hospitals, money recovered from the stolen $4 b dollars, ….etc and tick them whenever a project is achieved.

When many boxes remain un-ticked, then even a grandmother in the remotest parts of the country knows how to vote come the elections. And for our friends in “coats and ties”, they do not have to tell us that they have failed as a government, nor wait until someone across the Atlantic tells us. Does this seem any humiliating to the proud corrupters?

Dr. Justin Ambago Ramba can be reached at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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